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Airbrush Troubleshooting

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On the Eclipse air can bubble back to the cup if the nozzle is not centred properly before the air cap/head is screwed into place.

As it's a compression fit, any gaps at the base of the nozzle means that air will bubble back into the paint cup.

I have seen this once on new brush, the paint nozzle was jammed solid in the front of the brush.

Or it could be a split in the pointy end of the nozzle.

or that the air cap/head isn't screwed on tight enough.

This can also happen if the rubber has had a good soaking with an agresive airbrush cleaner.

The o ring swells up and the head feels like it's on tight but isn't as the o ring is stopping it fitting properly.

If you take it apart, check there isn't any damage on the front of the body of the airbrush or on the nozzle.

If it is new, and isn't working correctly, contact the dealer that sold you the brush.



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It's still sputtering no matter what goes through it, whether it be the paint that came with the airbrush or the cleaner. I've lubed the needle and have tried adjusting it but still no luck. The needle and nozzle look fine under a magnifying glass and the o-ring seal seems to be fine.

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