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  1. Is Mr Color leveling thinner compatible with decanted Tamiya spray can paint? Is regular lacquer thinner a better option? Thanks, Bob
  2. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/317952-how-to-airbrush-vallejo-model-air-painti-turned-it-into-a-video/&tab=comments#comment-3051696 He also had a thread on the same topic on ARC Bob
  3. Try rubbing it down with a rough paper towel or coffee filter to smooth it out and put more Future on it.. Flat paint usually takes more than one coat of Future. Bob
  4. That is a mystery. Are you using the same color cup/bottle in your tests? And the same side feed. I'm thinking about clogged side feeds here. Very unlikely, but is the needle locking nut in all your tests fully tightened? And does the needle move in and out when the trigger is pulled? Pressure changes between test? Have you run a very fine wire through the tip)s) that don't work. Will plain water go through the 0.35mm tip? I don't have an answer...I'm just giving you some ideas to explore. If no others have the solution, maybe e mail
  5. Thank you Skuki !! Great, comprehensive reply. Much appreciated. Thanks again, Bob
  6. I'd really like to hear about that as well. Thanks Bob
  7. Everything about that model is perfect. Impressive. And the photography is incredible!! It really showcases the model. Well done!!! Bob
  8. Sounds to me like you did not mask enough or seal the white surrounding area tightly enough and just got over spray. Bob
  9. If you added a "little" Mr Color thinner, then you probably didn't thin it enough. With Tamiya clear (X-22) it's about 50/50. Bob
  10. This. Any type of cutting pliers will leave a jagged or pointed tip. Your best choice is a cut-off disk in a Dremel type arrangement. Even then you will need to use a file to remove any burrs. Bob
  11. Shaking the paint bottle does not really do a good job of mixing the paint. Stir the paint instead. Bob
  12. What kits is this sheet designed for? Thanks Bob
  13. if you just Google...1/12 scale ignition coil and lines...you will find several helpful links.
  14. The only option I can think of is to paint the red ones silver and put clear yellow over that. Bob
  15. The only option I can think of is to paint the red ones silver and put clear yellow over that. Bob
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