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  1. Does the needle move backwards when you pull the trigger back? Look at the tip. If not, check the needle chucking nut to make sure it is tight. I would take the A/B apart and clean it thoroughly. Cleaning just the tip of the needle doesn't do much in the way of cleaning. Soak the parts (NOT the airbrush) in ordinary lacquer thinner. Make sure you can see through the nozzle tip. There could be dried paint from previous attempts in there. Bob
  2. Mere words cannot do justice to this build!! Those first 6 photos could easily be mistaken for the real plane. This is modeling at a whole other level. Bob
  3. If you are near any hobby shops, possibly you can arrange something with them. You could have them sell the kits for you and have some sort of percentage basis set up. They would get quality kits on the shelves at no cost to them and you would both reap the benefits. Bob
  4. Get a cardboard box of whatever size you need. Look in supermarkets etc.....can't beat free! Tip it upside down and cut a slot that the wing will fit through. You can pad around the model side with towels etc.. They also serve as a means to keep the model in the correct position. It's free and works very well. It sure beats propping it between my knees as I used to do :) Bob
  5. It works with no issues for me on 3 different browsers and iMac.
  6. Have you tried a dip in Future? Or cleaning with Simple Green or Goo Gone? Or polishing with any of various polishing compounds?
  7. You have this posted under "archived topics", not under "general topics"
  8. Try thinning your paint 50% rather than 5%. I am not sure what you mean by the paint coming out only when you release the trigger.
  9. Can you spray water through it? Is the needle chucking nut tight? If water won't go through it....clean it. A thorough cleaning will solve almost all A/B problems. Plenty of Youtube videos. Could also be paint dilution ratio....paint should be thin. Bob
  10. Manual vs auto-focus depends on your eyes. And mine being what they are...auto-focus every time :) Auto focus systems are very accurate now.. Do yourself a favor...drop over to Lowes and get a 4 pack of 100W equivalent LED daylight balanced (5000K) bulbs. I think I paid about $12.00. They throw a ton of light. There is a well known landscape photographer around here and he said the first thing he puts on in the morning is....a tripod! Also...if you are using a tripod...turn OFF image stabilization. If you don't, the system will be searching for movement/vib
  11. Several factors play into this. 1. The lens you are using to some extent. 2. How far away from the model you are. The further away the more will be in focus. 3. Where you focus on the model. Use one focus point setting and maybe focus 1/3 of the way in to the model. 4. The position (angle) of the model. A side view will most likely be in focus all the way. A 3/4 view will be problematic. 5. You have a very small zone of clear focus. 6. A tripod is a must, as is a lot of light. 7. If you want tack sharp focus along the 3/4 view of a model, it will most
  12. This depends a lot more in HOW you paint than the size of the project. I have an Iwata HP-CS with a 0.35 needle and I could paint that rocket with NO problems. There are many videos of modelers airbrushing 1/32 scale planes with MUCH more surface area than your rocket....and using a 0.2 needle. Bob
  13. I clean mine with lacquer thinner all the time. No problem. Bob
  14. There are a couple of things you could try... 1. Those polishing cloths that go to 12,000. I would start at maybe 6000 and go to 12,000 and see how that works out. 2. If you have Tamiya polishing paste that would be another option. I would not start with the coarse polish though. 3. Novus polish...again start with the middle grade. Be very careful that you don't go too far and create a bigger problem. The key here is a very light touch and check often to see what's happening. "plasmo" on youtube has some videos where he polishes out clear coat
  15. I ordered one of these (Dspiae circle cutter) from the Amazon link above. It came from Beijing,China and Modeltime Storefront. I was a bit leery considering all the shipment and supply problems these days. The predicted time of arrival of the item was Jan. 18th to Feb. 5th...it came today (Jan.11th) and was amazingly well packed. Box and contents were in mint condition. It was also assembled...I had read that it had to be assembled and that the directions were rather vague. Happy camper here!! Bob
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