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  1. Hi Bob I am considering a Iwata Eclipse CS Black Ops Commando Signature Series HP CS I saw your comments on the Iwata you have. Have you ever done a acrylic to enamel change on the fly if so how did the brush react?What type of compressor do you use with it for successful brushing?






  2. Wet your finger with saliva and dab some on the area. Sounds gross, but it does work. Or use lots of water. Or put a very small drop of dish soap into the water that you put on the area. When faced with decals like this, I never put any decal setting solutions under the decals as you normally might do. I use just water. Bob
  3. Once you get it stripped, use Tamiya Fine White Primer in the rattle can. Then shoot the rattle can Silver Leaf over that....carefully!! You do not need a polished black base for that color. Considering that it is a rattle can application, there will be so much Silver Leaf over the black that it will negate any benefit from the black. Bob
  4. I'm thinking that the Rust-Oleum is an enamel based paint and the Tamiya is a lacquer based paint. If you spray the latter out of the aerosol can, it is way too much lacquer over the enamel. Bob
  5. Thanks. 3D printing you say? Plan B for me :) Bob
  6. Did you make that holder for the Tamiya cement bottles? If so, what did you use? It looks like some sort of styrofoam material. Also looks very secure around the bottles. Bob
  7. Maybe wrap tape, paper or very thin plastic sheet material around the area! Bob
  8. You will probably be more successful just buying aftermarket decals from any number of sites
  9. I'm not sure now if this is the link he referred to, but there is very little of his build on it. Skip to page 19 for the build. If anyone can find a better build, please let us know with the link. Here's what I found... Hope that worked, Bob
  10. I thought it was on this site. Just found it. Thanks, Bob
  11. Can you, or anyone else, provide a link to that pure plastic online build? Despite searching, I could not find a anything. Thanks, Bob
  12. That time trial was one for the ages!!! The entire Tour was great! Some of those climbs were epic! I can't imagine a 25% gradient. Kudos to anyone who can get a bike up that. Another thing I found interesting was that Phil Liggett was in London and Bob Roll was somewhere in the states and it was like they were sitting next to one another. No breaks in the conversations. I do miss Paul Sherwin though. One of the best. And spectacular architecture that goes back centuries. Bob
  13. This is the only way to fix the problem. No glue by itself will ever work. Not sure where it is broken, but depending on location, possibly replace the plastic piece with a brass rod or the like. Bob
  14. I spray various clear coats all the time with the 0.35 tip. Check out Peri's models on Youtube. He seems to shoot everything through a 0.2 tip and 15 psi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGbS5GGhxRo He usually dilutes 40/60 paint to solvent. Bob
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