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  1. Put some old towels down and mist them with water. You can also tape some newspaper up on the sides and mist them as well. Use the airbrush to blow any dust off the model just prior to spraying. I do it all the time.Bob
  2. If you put it in the refrigerator, put it in an air tight container or baggie with a desiccant packet. That way, when you take it out, the condensation will form on the outside of the container and not on the CA bottle. Bob
  3. Sprue Brothers have them in stock. Probably other shops as well.
  4. Or you could just chuck a sewing needle in a pinvise. Or visit the big box DIY stores and get a sheet plastic and laminate cutter. Bob
  5. You can also fold a piece of cardboard over the tail and tape it in place to protect it.
  6. You should remove the needle out the front, otherwise you can drag paint back into the internal parts of the airbrush.
  7. I would use a metal rod. such as a straight pin or music wire, and place it as late in the build as practical. Yeah, pewter will bend, but only so many times before it too fails because of stress fracture occurring. Bob
  8. Quite a few years ago I sent a request in for replacement wings for their BAE Hawk !/48. The wings in the kit were severely warped. A month or two later they sent me not one but TWO sets of wings....both more warped than the original ones!! Guess whose kits I am NEVER buying again!! They are their own words enemy.
  9. Listed on Sprue Brothers... Bulls Eye decal sheet BMA48925
  10. Do not tightly cap the bottle with the decanted paint immediately. Leave it loose until the paint degasses.
  11. No, you just have to invest in one can of Tamiya Fine White Primer. Warm up the can in warm water and use it right out of the can. I do it all the time and it works great. Bob
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