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  1. Bob Beary

    F-15 ACES II Seats

    He's off to a great start here!!
  2. Bob Beary

    Rant - Food for thought?

    When you are doing that very precise airbrushing (with a wonderful H & S airbrush) do you use the quick fix adjustment knob or just use you finger on the trigger to control paint flow? You have given some very polite and thoughtful responses. I commend you for that. Thanks Bob
  3. Bob Beary

    F-15 ACES II Seats

    What you said!! :)
  4. Bob Beary

    Rant - Food for thought?

    I think a lot has to do with the quality of the videos. There are some that I wouldn't watch more than a minute they are so bad. Yours are very well done. I especially like the ones on how various modelers do the airbrushing. That really can't be shown in just photos. Photos may show the steps, but not the process to arrive at the final result. I also like the way you note what paint, thinning ratio, needle size etc.. As Yogi Berra famously said...you can observe a lot just by watching :) Photos and videos are both valuable. Use whatever appeals to you...you can't learn less! He also responded to a question of mine in very short order. Bob
  5. Bob Beary

    1/32 Tamiya F-4E Kurnass 2000

    You have great skill and control with an airbrush! Question...what is your dilution ratio with the Tamiya X-22 clear? Thanks, Bob
  6. Bob Beary

    Masking over decals

    Depending on the situation you have, you might try laying wet paper towels over the decals. Bob
  7. Bob Beary

    Black Basing

    I use Mr. Finishing Surfacer Black 1500 cut 50/50 with Mr.Color Leveling thinner. It lays down to a very smooth surface. Bob
  8. Bob Beary

    Airbrushes Question

    I would have purchased an airbrush from Coastal except for their shipping prices. They are based on dollar amount vs actual costs. It is a flat $9 for up to the first $100. So if I needed a few O rings...$9 to ship! The airbrush I would have purchased would have incurred a $27 shipping charge. I bought elsewhere and got....free shipping and very good service. Bob
  9. Bob Beary

    Airbrushes Question

    I would heartily recommend that you check out. http://precisiongermanairbrush.com for airbrushes I bought an H and S airbrush from them and their service was excellent. Bob
  10. Bob Beary

    Painting a stripe on Nose cone 1/48 scale

    I've found that if you cut an arc about 3 times the diameter (in this case your spinner) you'll be in the ballpark.
  11. Bob Beary

    Anyone Have Experience with DXM Decals?

    I used a sheet for a Kai Phantom recently. In general they performed very well with Microset/Microlsol. However, there was a double banded gold stripe on the centerline tank and the the angle was totally off and they were much too short so I had to mask those. Better that than too short I guess. On the other hand, the double banded gold stripes that encircled the nose were perfect And a warning stripe on the aft fuselage was about an inch too long. Bottom line....they handled very well, but if it looks like a critical decal in area or placement check it out first. I made a copy of the decal sheet and used that. HTH Bob
  12. Bob Beary

    Question about Re-scribing Panel Lines

    I don't know where I came across this, but one modeler used Tamiya tape and put vinyl electrical tape on top of it and cut strips of that combo to scribe against. The vinyl tape gave it more of a raised edge. And the bottom layer of the Tamiya tape kept things a bit cleaner. HTH bob
  13. Bob Beary

    Austin, TX airbrushing

    I believe that Matt from doogs models is in Austin. Maybe he cam give you a lead. Bob
  14. Bob Beary

    1/48 Academy F-4B

    You can actually leave the nose gear and associated parts off until the very end. You just have to remove (or reduce their size ) two small tabs where the nose gear strut slots in to place. That fragile link can be left off as well. With a bit of finagling it can be fit to place at the very end. I did it on mine with no problem. HTH Bob
  15. Bob Beary

    Acrylic Clear Coats

    1. Gloss coats.... Tamiya x-22 thinned with Mr color Leveling Thinner about 50-50. Can't be beat! 2. Flat coats ....Model Master Acryl Flat Clear thinned with their thinner. 3. Satin coats....Model Master Acryl Semi Gloss thinned with their thinner.