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  1. Prime with flat white first for coverage, then go gloss or semigloss. Tamiya fine white surface primer right out of the can will work with care. Bob
  2. My first thought is that if you make that out of 3/4" melamine it is going to weigh a ton. I would frame it out of 1" by 3" pine and line it with some white surfaced material. I got some at Lowes. Secondly, since it is a square box I would put some kind of a panel in it to direct the airflow to the fan if you are going to mount it to the top. I just put a piece of foam board in it angled against the back. I clip some newspaper to it to keep it clean. Bob
  3. I was thinking of possible sanding/handling and surface contamination. You seem to be doing all the right things. If the paint AND primer are lifting off, that could be due to surface contamination. Bob
  4. You need a gloss finish for a wash to work as desired. If your finish was flat, that may have been the problem.
  5. One more thing to try...run the compressor with the air line (hose) attached, but without the airbrush. Just let it run for a few minutes to blow any moisture out of the line. Hold the end of the hose to see if any water comes out. Bob
  6. You should be able to push up on the fitting at the bottom of the moisture trap to drain it Possibly the trap ca be unscrewed. I drain my compressor after every use. Bob
  7. Is there visible water in the moisture trap on the compressor? Have you drained that? When was the last time you drained the tank? Bob
  8. Hi Bob I am considering a Iwata Eclipse CS Black Ops Commando Signature Series HP CS I saw your comments on the Iwata you have. Have you ever done a acrylic to enamel change on the fly if so how did the brush react?What type of compressor do you use with it for successful brushing?






  9. Wet your finger with saliva and dab some on the area. Sounds gross, but it does work. Or use lots of water. Or put a very small drop of dish soap into the water that you put on the area. When faced with decals like this, I never put any decal setting solutions under the decals as you normally might do. I use just water. Bob
  10. Once you get it stripped, use Tamiya Fine White Primer in the rattle can. Then shoot the rattle can Silver Leaf over that....carefully!! You do not need a polished black base for that color. Considering that it is a rattle can application, there will be so much Silver Leaf over the black that it will negate any benefit from the black. Bob
  11. I'm thinking that the Rust-Oleum is an enamel based paint and the Tamiya is a lacquer based paint. If you spray the latter out of the aerosol can, it is way too much lacquer over the enamel. Bob
  12. Thanks. 3D printing you say? Plan B for me :) Bob
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