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  1. The amount of knowledge on this site on such esoteric subjects simply amazes me!!
  2. Bob Beary

    Dual Build 906th TFG F-4D and F-16A DONE!

    Thanks, Geoff That really is a great base. If you could photoshop that first photo into a sky, you would not be able to tell it from the real deal. Bob
  3. Bob Beary

    Dual Build 906th TFG F-4D and F-16A DONE!

    Great models and a great way to display them! Can you share how you did that base and support rods? Thanks, Bob
  4. Thank you Chuck!! That wasn't a short tutorial...that was a master class!! :) The photos of your desk top set up and the photo booth set up is just what I was looking for!! It's given me some ideas on how to proceed. I used to have that same print...until my wife decided that I didn't need it anymore!! It's a classic. Thanks for the fast and excellent reply!! Bob
  5. Hi Chuck, You are off to another winning model. Your tutorials are very helpful to the rest of us and I have certainly profited from them. Could you possibly post a photo or two of your photo set up? I have a photo set up, but I find it very cumbersome to set up and tear down and it interferes with getting at other things in the basement. I'm looking at a more efficient way to do things. I know you have a photo booth/tent, but I would like to see how you position your lights around it and what the base may be. Your photo work is excellent. Any photos, help, suggestions would help a lot. Thanks, Bob
  6. Bob Beary

    Best Matt (or flat) coating for my BUFF-H

    Model Master Acryl. I use their thinner to thin it just a bit. Works very well. Very easy to airbrush at about 15 PSI. Bob
  7. Bob Beary

    Tips for white decals over red paint

    Double up on the decals...if needed. Depending on the opacity of the decal it may or may not be a problem. And depending on the complexity of the decal a mask could also work. Bob
  8. Bob Beary

    What to use to protect metallic finishing

    You should be safe with MM Acryl clear coats and Tamiya clear coats. I would avoid any lacquer based ones. Be aware that Tamiya Flat Base is not a flat coat by itself....it is to be added to other of their paints to make them flat. Clear coats of any kind may affect the overall appearance of the metal coats. Bob
  9. THE STUDENT’S REVENGE See if you can figure out why… It is slightly cross controlled?
  10. I think you hit the wrong forum link. You have this posted the "archived "general discussions forum, not the general discussions forum. Bob
  11. Bob Beary

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Now that's funny :)
  12. Bob Beary

    Air compressor question...

    http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/tools_techniques_and_reference_materials/f/18/t/151299.aspx Check out this thread. General consensus on many reviews is....don't buy it. Bob
  13. Bob Beary

    Lifelike decals...tips please

    Put a little saliva on the area. Yeah, I know it sounds gross, but it works. Or you could try a drop of liquid soap in the decal water. Bob
  14. Bob Beary


    Mineral spirits, as long as the underlying paint is acrylic or protected by an acrylic barrier/clearcoat.
  15. Bob Beary

    George Welch's P-40

    If you Google your exact title you will find a ton of information, including photos.