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  1. Bob Beary

    Skinny or narrow sanding sticks?

    You can easily make your own by using CA to attach sandpaper to coffee stirrer sticks, tooth picks, chop sticks etc.. Bob
  2. Bob Beary

    Polishing over raised rivets

    Why not do all of your priming, scribing and repriming etc. and polish the last coat of primer really well....and then do the rivets? That surface should be smooth enough for the rivet decals. Bob
  3. Bob Beary

    Revell Aerobatic Stearman kit 1/48

    I put it on the back burner for a while I went back to it yesterday and hacked off everything on the firewall, cut a chunk out of the alignment brace on the upper half of the cowl (to give me some flexibility to adjust things) and cemented it all together. The cross section of the cowl does not match the cross section of the fuselage where the two meet. And the joint of the lower cowl/fuselage bottom piece does not align very well with the lower wing where the two join. I'll keep plugging away and start throwing putty at the less than stellar fit.
  4. Bob Beary

    Metal foil adhesive substitutes.

    Mona Lisa foil adhesive. Try art stores and the big box craft stores. Bob
  5. Bob Beary

    Ship painting question(s)

    Model Master Acryl paints brush well as do Vallejo paints. Both are widely available. Enamels do as well but may take a long time to dry. Multiple thin coats for best results, allowing time to dry between coats. Avoid lacquers for brushing. Bob
  6. Bob Beary

    Grumman Gulfhawk II

    That model is done really well. Flawless execution and great photography. What color orange did you use? And did you use a semi gloss finish? Quite often orange models can look very toy like, but you nailed the proper appearance!! Based on seeing your model, I have just dug that model out of the stash. I hope I can come somewhat close to your result. Bob
  7. Has anyone built this kit...or tried to? When I got to the split cowling pieces and the fit of the lower piece to the wing joint and the two pieces to each other and the fuselage, the fit was very poor to say the least. Did anyone else encounter this? I'm about to trash it. Thanks, Bob
  8. Bob Beary

    Douglas A-1J Skyraider

    Thank you for the quick and easy to understand reply.!! I figured it was more than just the lights. And superb weathering on that model!!
  9. Bob Beary

    Douglas A-1J Skyraider

    Great model and superb photography!! How are you lighting the model and keeping the background black! Thanks, Bob
  10. Bob Beary

    Painting turn table

    You could probably put some sort of wedge between the table and base it turns on. Or prop it up on some supports such as pieces of wood. Bob
  11. The amount of knowledge on this site on such esoteric subjects simply amazes me!!
  12. Bob Beary

    Dual Build 906th TFG F-4D and F-16A DONE!

    Thanks, Geoff That really is a great base. If you could photoshop that first photo into a sky, you would not be able to tell it from the real deal. Bob
  13. Bob Beary

    Dual Build 906th TFG F-4D and F-16A DONE!

    Great models and a great way to display them! Can you share how you did that base and support rods? Thanks, Bob
  14. Thank you Chuck!! That wasn't a short tutorial...that was a master class!! :) The photos of your desk top set up and the photo booth set up is just what I was looking for!! It's given me some ideas on how to proceed. I used to have that same print...until my wife decided that I didn't need it anymore!! It's a classic. Thanks for the fast and excellent reply!! Bob
  15. Hi Chuck, You are off to another winning model. Your tutorials are very helpful to the rest of us and I have certainly profited from them. Could you possibly post a photo or two of your photo set up? I have a photo set up, but I find it very cumbersome to set up and tear down and it interferes with getting at other things in the basement. I'm looking at a more efficient way to do things. I know you have a photo booth/tent, but I would like to see how you position your lights around it and what the base may be. Your photo work is excellent. Any photos, help, suggestions would help a lot. Thanks, Bob