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Completed build: Mig-29B-12 ("Fulcrum A") Cuba FAR

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Just finished today is my MiG-29B 9-12B (aka Fulcrum) of the Cuban Air Force. This depicts machine 910 of No. 231 Fighter Squadron ca. late 1990's. This particular aircraft has been active since at least 1990 and was last seen in 2008. Ten of these were originally delivered, of which apparently now four remain in service.

From the beginning, my goal was to build with no extra expense, and to use only what I had on hand as far as paint/decals/resources go. This old Hasegawa 1/72 kit is nothing special, and depicts an early version Fulcrum, but it went together well and it was a lot of fun to try to replicate the paint scheme. I built it totally clean OOB as data on loadout was sketchy and the parabrake housing was apparently already opened! The decals are from the High Decals set (HD72044 – note: the FAR roundels on the sheet instructions are reversed) and thanks to my friend Xavi and Antonov for their assistance with weathering and finish.

I also enjoyed the research side of this as well. Enjoy!









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Nice! An interesting tidbit about Cuban roundels - quite often in b&w photos the colors will appear reversed. However, if you look at the colors of the rudder flash, they always show the correct configuration of colors for the Cuban flag (otherwise if you mix it up it's a Puerto Rican flag). Comparing the tail flash to the roundels will often reveal what appears to be reversed colors on both, but you can rest assured they represent the Cuban flag, not the Puerto Rican Air Force :deadhorse1: I've seen it happen in a number of b&w photos of Cuban aircraft of various eras.

Sadly, I was friends with one of the Brothers to the Rescue pilots who was shot down and killed by the FAR using a MiG-29 like that one... Carlos Costa was a great guy, and as American as I am (born & raised). Sad loss of a young life, along with three others.


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Thanks. Yep, the instructions are fine on the fin flashes.. but roundels are upside down..

I bought two kits in one box in 2000 at a Contest in Charlotte NC. So end up finally getting around to them, and made this one, and the other was an Iranian machine.

Always like the Cuban scheme.


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Scooter, nice job on the MIG-29, it looks really good and you have done it justice.

Now you need a MIG-23 to go with it.

Would like to do a few Cuban birds myself as you rarely ever see them done and must add agreat suprise to see yours.

Perhaps you should take a few pictures of the IRIAF bird, would like to see more of it.


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