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Walkarounds and References

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I've managed to bookmark quite a few websites while doing research.

If you have any additional links to share please PM me and I will update the list.

If you discover any broken or problem links please PM me so I can delete them.


I am starting the list with Su-27 references.

MiG-29 added.

MiG-23 added.

I will update this thread and add more posts (Su-25, A-7 etc.) when I can find the time.

I am keeping this thread locked so no replies can be made in order to keep it 'clean' with only lists of links to sort through.

To those who have PMed and e-mailed me 'thank-you's, you are very welcome! :cheers:

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Su-27 variants:

Updated April 25:

Chinese J-11 variant (Thanks CQiao!)

Ukrainian "Blue 08", 330 pics!

Ukrainian "Blue 08", 30 pics

Ukrainian "Blue 07"

Ukrainian "Blue 30"

Ukrainian "Blue 41"

Su-27 "Red 35" in a bright blue scheme

Su-27 details

Su-27SM "Red 06"

Ukrainian Su-27UB "Blue 74"

Ukrainian Su-27UB "Red 50"

Su-30MKK "502"

Su-35 "902"

More "902"



Misc Flanker walkarounds

Misc Flanker walkaround pics

Su-33 "Red 80", 125 pics


The Knaapo gallery gallery, misc Flanker pics

Misc Su-27 pics and others, Lipetsk 2006

Various Ukrainian Su-27s

Misc Flanker (all variants as well as Chinese Flankers) pics (Lots of other aircraft here as well...Kinda slow loading...)

This site has several walkarounds including a misc Su-27 gallery, Ukrainian "Blue 41", Su-27ub "Red 50", Su-30, Su-33, Su-34 and Su-35 galleries!

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MiG-29 variants:

Cybermodeler has recently added 2 new MiG-29A walkarounds!

13 walkarounds including MiG-33 and MiG-35

6 Walkarounds including Mig-29, Ukrainian Mig-29, Mig-29k, Mig-29bm, Mig-29m2, Mig-29smt

5 walkarounds including MiG-29UB and MiG-29(9-13) Fulcrum C

2 walkarounds including Fulcrum C

Various walkarounds

Early MiG-29

Fulcrum A




German MiG-29s

Hungarian MiG-29s

Virtual cockpit Hungarian MiG-29UB

Polish MiG-29s (USE POP-UP BLOCKER!)

Slovakian MiG-29s including Digital scheme:

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