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  1. Not in this boxing. We are going to include ordinance more specific to the markings we will be including (more on that soon!). But we are looking for references on the PAVE Nail as well as the PAVE Spot installations so please contact me if you've got anything useful. LAU-68/A, 7-shot 2.75" FFAR pod: LAU-69/A, 19-shot 2.75" FFAR pod:
  2. Not yet. I'll update as soon as I know something. We originally designed the kit with spoilers and were going to include separate ailerons. However, after studying lots of pictures, we discovered that the Bronco almost always had the ailerons level and the spoilers lowered. We decided to keep the spoilers (instructions indicating they be lowered) as they were already designed and add an extra element of detail, but chose not to include separate ailerons and to mold them level. I wonder how quickly Master's crazy miniature machinist will have a go at these? Gas bags. USN/USMC with fins and USAF without:
  3. We will be including a weight. Will it be enough? We'll know after we get some test shots. If not there are still a few small spots here and there that weights could be added.
  4. Pretty nice machine, thanks for sharing it. My problem isn't my machine, though I might just add a temperature regulator after seeing the video. My problem has been with the plastic and the material I made my tools from. Haven't given up yet but haven't done experiments for a few weeks...
  5. Eliminating the "Archived Topics" sub-forums will take care of both the problems. Moving the contents back to the main sub-forum will make them searchable again.
  6. I can't say for certain that we'll do a "G", but if we don't you might be able to adapt the conversion. What will the plastic look like? That's the big question! We do have the tooling sorted and I'm confident that the plastic will be awesome. Time will tell... Glad you like what you see Did you notice the hand-hold on the right wing? This is spring loaded and normally closed.
  7. Muh OCD... Several years ago the pinned topic subject came up and I suggested creating either "Master Pin" threads for each forum or "Archived Topics" sub-forums. Both were tried but neither seems to have worked out well. (See props and jet modeling for examples of each.) The Props "Master Pin for Props" thread started well but hasn't been updated by any mods for 7 years. The two links it provides are both valuable resources but I'm sure there are lots more in Props that should be included. The "Archived Topics" sub-forums in Jets, GD & T&T just don't work well. The threads that belong in these sub-forums don't get much attention and can't be searched through the normal "search this forum" feature of each main category. Newbies start threads there that don't belong and never get seen. I'd suggest keeping the "Master Pin" format but changing the name to "Valuable Props threads (links here!)". Mods can unlock and add new links as necessary. Eliminate the "Archived Topics" sub-forums and create pinned, locked "Valuable name threads (links here!)" for each main sub-forum. Create a pinned thread in Forum FAQ titled "Suggestions for pinned threads in sub-forums" where people can suggest threads for the mods to pin.
  8. Go ahead and save up. It's a good habit to get into. That said, though I still don't know what the price will be, we're going to try our best to keep it reasonable. Surface details: Surface detail will include both raised and engraved rivets/fasteners and overlapping panels where appropriate. Here's a shot of the underside of the wing showing the cargo bay roof:
  9. Cargo bay.
  10. This is the cargo door hold open latch. I'm not positive, but I think it latches on to this ring: I say I'm not positive because I haven't found any pics showing it attached to the ring, but this is in the right location for the latch to engage and I see no other spot for it to latch to. The same ring can be found on the right side boom though so I'm not sure.
  11. No, they will be plastic.
  12. The kit will include both USAF and USN/USMC cockpit parts. USAF version shown here.
  13. Something else to consider is that CAD designed parts that hang from a model aren't nearly as difficult to create as parts that fit inside or on the surface of an existing kit. If you want to create a CAD model of a cockpit that fits inside a tapered, curved fuselage you need to make accurate measurements of that fuselage. Difficult. If you want to make parts that fit the surface of a kit, say a new spine for a MiG-29 or conformal fuel tanks for an F-16, you need to accurately measure (and CAD model) those complex surfaces or the parts won't fit. Very difficult. Laser scanning the original kit parts works but it adds a whole new layer of cost and complexity. Nice write-up , but please check these links.
  14. Hi Chuck, thanks for the input. The situation doesn't seem as bad in your case as you are very active and make lots of posts that separate the 'added to album' entries. In my case I've made 3 entries with little in between so the same repeated replies shows up almost back to back. Being new and unfamiliar with Facebook, it seems broken to me. I guess if it's just the way it is I'll have to accept it. It seems it would be better if they let you create a new post with pics and allow you the option to designate what album the pics are filed. Such that new comments on the timeline are relevant to the new pics.
  15. Not exactly. I should have specified that this is a business page so it doesn't have the same 'timeline' as personal pages do. It has sections for 'photos' and 'posts' that show up below where the timeline is on a personal page. So: 1) I put new photos in my album. 2) FB adds the photos to the album and they show in the photo section below, fine. __FB also adds a new post showing the new pics in the post section below, fine. 3) Comments from the album show up in the album, fine. __All of the previous comments about that album show on the new post, not fine. I want the new post to start with no comments and have people comment on the new content. I don't want the same list of comments showing up again and again every time I add new pictures to the album. One thing I'm noticing on other business pages is that in the photos/albums section they have an album titled "timeline photos". I am assuming that this will be added automatically when I post a photo that isn't added to a specific album. Another thing I'm noticing is looking at several business pages, they haven't used or updated their previous albums or added new ones (for years in some cases). I'm assuming this is because of the same problem I'm having and they've abandoned using albums altogether...