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  1. No, it's the oscillation overthruster which replaced the encabulator on subsequent models.
  2. Mirrors of this thread have gone viral on the dark-web. Volumes of discussions have erupted from the discussions here. It's a world-wide phenomenon...
  3. Worth the wait... Really looking forward to seeing LOTS of pics of this finished and lit.
  4. I saw the title from the main forum page and was going to recommend a good microscope: Can't really help you with weathering advice other than to say that Mstor's recommendations are sound. You can find a build article of that particular model here: http://hsfeatures.com/features04/mosquitobivfd_1.htm The article doesn't go into any detail other than mentioning that he used artists oil paints and chalk pastels. It does include a link to the builders website where you can see more pics. Welcome back to ARC and modeling!
  5. It does look like the kit spine goes flat where you have the red line: That panel line should have a very slight curve: I'd consider this a minor flaw compared to some of the other issues. I will say this, the areas that don't have problems do look nice.
  6. Regarding the ongoing debate... Niart has already pretty much nailed it here. Research and analysis can be a fun hobby in itself. I've learned a lot about the Tomcat both from other members doing their analysis and from doing my own analysis. My Tomcat photo reference library has gone from a couple hundred pics, mostly of intakes and fuel tank pylons, to well over a thousand pics covering all areas of the plane. In essence, I've learned about the Tomcat in part because of this conversation. That's a good thing isn't it? There are lots of members here that appreciate knowing the issues with kits, so that they can decide to fix them on their builds, so that they can decide to make a purchase, so that they can learn more about the actual aircraft. Some people simply have a harder time seeing shapes and details than others, particularly when they are subtle details. But those subtle details can be the difference between a kit that looks right or one where something just looks off a bit. This is where comparative photos, red lines and illustrations can really help. Unfortunately making those illustrations and red line comparisons can be very time consuming. Thank you to those who take the time to do them. Also a big thank you to the subject matter experts, ordies, mechanics, pilots, etc, that share their wealth of knowledge with us. This is a modelling discussion forum where we discuss plastic models and the subject that they are depicting. Focus on the plastic and not the participants of the discussion. None of us would prefer an inaccurate kit to a more accurate kit.
  7. Sorry, my bad. I've been busy this past week and didn't realize that the pic posted on page 200 was the one that started all of this. I saw the pic and thought it was confirmation of the previous 200 pages. I then scrolled through and disregarded the pics of the partial fuselage comparisons because they don't show the totality of the problem which includes the bladder area and the exhaust fairing. The comparison pics also don't have the v-stabs in-place so it's hard to compare the ratios of the width of the area in question. Hold out hope! Perhaps they did re-tool it again. If somebody with the kit wants to prove that the shapes are correct they should take some pics of the (assembled) kit in the same poses as published photos of the real plane (or the Tamiya kit) for comparison. Ideally they would put the kit on a neutral background and attempt to match focal lengths of the real pics. Looking forward to seeing the windscreen framing painted up...
  8. Yes, the photos are at different angles but the proportions are pretty clear. Note the distances from the v-stab intersection to the (corner) edge of the fuselage at various points. Note how wide the kit is at the small oval shaped vent. HTH
  9. Are you attacking the modelers that have pointed out inaccuracies of the kit, modelers that are frustrated with the pre-order and delay situation or the modelers who are just having a little fun? This is a modeling discussion forum where we discuss plastic models. Generally the discussions are straight forward, but in some cases, such as this, the conversation may stray. Do you really think that after 4 years that the conversation would stay on-point? If you're not interested, don't participate. If you do participate, don't insult the other participants... Here's a bunny with a pancake on it's head. Enjoy.
  10. I've been doing it for years. Most of my correction sets (or planned sets) were considered in advance based solely on pics of kits (sometimes small, poor quality pics), before they were released and before I had the kit in-hand. I can't recall once that a kit was determined to be wrong and then ended up being correct once the plastic was released.
  11. The photo is taken at an angle, not directly down the centerline. See my post here for an explanation as to why it appears that way: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/285277-amk-148-f-14/&do=findComment&comment=2949760 It does look like a nice kit with lots of nice details and features and you are right in that it will likely sell well. It is not however the most accurate Tomcat kit evar and many people who have followed the saga are probably not very happy with AMK. I think that many people who are aware of the kit issues would opt for the Tamiya offering and/or wait to see what the GWH 1/48 kit looks like. Assuming GWH fixes a few small details present on their 1/72 version before scaling up to 1/48, it should be a top contender for best Tomcat kit evar. Currently I'd place Tamiya firmly in first place for both accuracy and fidelity of detail.
  12. Close-up comparisons for detail and accuracy are welcome... https://zactomodels.com/
  13. Thanks for the nice comments! Taking a suggestion from the pallet thread in the "LSP Discussion" forum, I'm now shipping these in padded envelopes (bubble lined) and have slashed the S&H cost. International S&H reduced from $14.75 to $7.50 (Canadians can e-mail me for an additional $0.75 discount). U.S. rate reduced from $4.10 to $1.75. Combined shipping (of pallets only) is possible using these padded envelopes. I can fit up to 6 sets and S&H only goes up slightly.
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