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  1. 1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    No doubt that VAL-4 used two 20mm gun pods. It's just that the pod shown in the pic (right) has been repeatedly misidentified as a GPU-2. The GPU-2 (GPU-2/A) had a 3 barreled M-197 20mm cannon. (https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ac/equip/m197.htm) (https://www.bevfitchett.us/machine-gun-v5/pods-with-the-vulcan-gaua-and-with-the-vulcan-m.html) The pod used by VAL-4 had a single barrel and was no doubt the "lightweight gun pod" described in the pdf I linked above. As I mentioned above, I'd love to find more info on the pod (pics or drawings) and make a resin aftermarket set of it. I wish we had been able to include it in the kit but we had exhausted our resources and had to call it a day...
  2. Restock Of The A-7 Set?

    Other than "packaging material" the other contents are classified as "proprietary information"...
  3. 1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    The gun pod on the right is not the GPU-2. See this post for more info. From this pdf titled "Notable Achievements of the Naval Weapons Center" on page 38: "Lightweight Gun Pod. Quick-response development during Vietnam War. Pod for the OV-10 aircraft to carry the Mk 12 20-mm gun. NWC was lead laboratory. Interim system, in service from 1969 to 1971." "Lightweight Gun Pod" seems to be the only designation I could find for it. Unfortunately we couldn't find many pictures, no drawings or blueprints and no existing preserved examples. Lacking enough references we decided not to include it in the kit. If I could get a little better reference I'd love to make it as an aftermarket item. I like the idea of including a print in the box. I'll run the idea by the boss. This would help solve my conundrum with the package design of whether to keep the picture clean or add text/graphics on top of the pic. I'd rather not have anything on top of the box art but it's tough not to due to space limitations. In addition to helping with the decals AOA has provided great assistance in the kit development.
  4. Hobby Boss Tomcat 1/48 intake error fix!

    Nice job in tweaking your intakes to something more presentable! While chopping and tweaking the intakes can help improve the terrible angles when viewed from the front, there are other big shape issues that are even more apparent in 1/32. My intake set addresses those issues as well as including corrected bypass ramps, internal bypass details, detailed fuel tank pylons and accurate surface detail. While the price may seem high, if you consider what you are getting and compare to other resin products, it's a big bang for the buck.
  5. Restock Of The A-7 Set?

    The set was discontinued due to problems making the clear vacformed canopy parts (near 100% failure rate). I have since done some experimentation that failed. I haven't had time to stay on top of this, but haven't given up. I'm expecting a package in the mail any day now and will be trying again when it arrives. Keep your fingers crossed...
  6. 1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    Yes it will include 4. The kit will also include enough of both types warheads shown for you to pick and choose. The pointy ones are Mk 63 Mod 0 HE-Frag warheads with a Mk93 Mod 0 proximity fuze. The shorter ones are Mk 32 Mod 0 AT/ATPERS (anti-tank/anti-personel) warheads with a Mk 188 Mod 0 nose impact fuze. The following will be included: 2 X wing pylons 2 X LAU-7A rails 2 X LAU-33 Zuni tubes 4 X LAU-10/A (4 shot Zuni 5") 4 X LAU-68/A (7 shot 2.75") 2 X LAU-69/A (19 shot 2.75") 1 X HIPEG Mk4 gun pod 2 X SUU-11A gun pod 1 centerline fuel tank for USAF 1 centerline fuel tank for USN It's still being tooled. I'm just as anxious as the rest of you and will be posting pics of the test shots when the time comes. We are currently working on package design and finalizing the decal artwork with AOA Decals. Instructions won't be completed until we get some test shots to play with to make sure the assembly sequence is best for the modeler, not the guy making the instruction illustrations. Still no word on price or release date. Since we're already mid-November, sadly I think I can guess that it won't be under your Christmas tree.
  7. Academy F-16 Large Mouth Intake

    Making an intake like this (that fits!) is much more than gluing together a kit part and pouring a mold. Without substantial modification to the original parts the castings would be undersized due to shrinkage. While the existing Tamiya parts may currently be difficult to find, they are pretty accurate in detail and shape so no "correction" set is really necessary. Making a set because they are currently hard to find sounds like a gamble I'm not willing to take. With my luck they'd re-release the kit the moment I released the set.
  8. 1/32 F-16 MCID intake for Academy kit

    It's been brought to my attention that the PayPal button was putting the NSI intake in the basket. My apologies. Problem corrected. You may need to clear your cookies if you've tried and failed to order. If this doesn't work then e-mail me and I'll send a PayPal invoice.
  9. Academy F-16 Large Mouth Intake

    It's been brought to my attention that the PayPal button was putting the NSI intake in the basket. My apologies. Problem corrected. You may need to clear your cookies if you've tried and failed to order. If this doesn't work then e-mail me and I'll send a PayPal invoice.
  10. Since it's been so long since I've released anything new , I'm posting here to let you know I actually released something! This is a direct replacement for the Academy 1/32 F-16 MCID (large mouth) intake. More pics in the Zactomodels sub-forum showing how this improves the kit: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/300889-academy-f-16-large-mouth-intake/ www.Zactomodels.com
  11. Academy F-16 Large Mouth Intake

    Large mouth (MCID) intake is now available! http://www.zactomodels.com/html/F-16/F16_MCID_intake.htm www.Zactomodels.com
  12. G-4MD 1/4

    As a former professional model maker, a current professional aftermarket guy and always a traditional hobbyist at heart, I welcome posts like this. He's sharing a cool model airplane build and he's not even selling anything. Nice job Dragan
  13. 1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    Enough with the speculation please. Our next project will be announced soon enough. I can't say what it is yet, but I will say it's not a twin engine blue aircraft. Focus and repeat after me: "Bronco, Bronco, Bronco"