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  1. I'm still here. Aliens didn't abduct me (we've become good friends). The Secret World Government has made a few attempts at mind-controlling me but jello is surprisingly delicious. I've been distracted with other projects and my old back injury has flared up a few times which makes it difficult to sit at the computer. When I am at the computer I haven't found much time to more than browse the forums while learning to code. I am still taking and filling orders with little or no delays. I have been answering business related emails and doing my best to reply to non-
  2. USS Kearsarge, sister ship to Bonhomme Richard, catches fire on Friday while in maintenance. Navy issues stop order and directive to ensure compliance with fire protocols. https://justthenews.com/government/security/navy-orders-shipyard-stop-work-after-fire-quelled-aboard-sister-ship-bonhomme
  3. Thank you both for leaving such nice feedback during my absence. Sorry I didn't reply until now but I've been keeping very busy and haven't visited the forums much lately. Yes they are still available for $47 + S&H. I've been too busy with other stuff to deal with setting up an eBay account yet. To those interested in the kit, please send me an email ( Zactoman@Zactomodels.com ) with your zip code and I'll send you a PayPal invoice.
  4. That would be the kit built by master modeler Chris Wilson from the 1991 IPMS Nationals. The video was released the following year: The forced panel line part begins at 42:45. This kit actually had engraved panel lines and rivets. This was the first technique I learned to highlight panels back in the early 80s, long before pre-shading came about. That hair... As for how we dealt with raised lines, most just left them and painted the kits, then some added weathering. Clean, un-weathered with raised lines used to be the typical build.
  5. BUMP! Grab one before I put them on eBay for a much higher price. I'm asking $47 + S&H. Currently on eBay they go for $85.49 or $89.99 plus S&H from China. E-mail me (Zactoman @ Zactomodels .com) with your shipping info and I'll send a PayPal invoice and have it ready to ship the next day.
  6. Sorry, no plans to downscale this.
  7. Some interesting suggestions. I'm considering a few. Thanks!
  8. Hi David, As Scott said, my canopies are no longer available. I discontinued them a few years back due to production problems that I have not yet solved. I'd recommend contacting Scott about the extra windscreen he has or you can try contacting Trumpeter for replacement parts by e-mailing joanna@trumpeter-china.com with the kit number and sprue number.
  9. If you count the thin rib between each louver then they got the correct number of scribe lines. They just screwed up and made the louvers the same width as the ribs. Doh! They did get the count correct on both the 1/32 and 1/48 kits. I wonder what happened with the 1/72?
  10. Where to begin?... First, let's enjoy a nice, soothing song... Lets start with masks: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/04/why-were-running-out-of-masks-in-the-coronavirus-crisis/609757/ Some takeaways: -Early in the outbreak China slowed mask manufacturing and stopped shipping them to the US. -Many countries (including the US https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/investigations/2020/04/02/us-exports-masks-ppe-china-surged-early-phase-coronavirus/5109747002/ ) sold or donated millions of masks to China in the early da
  11. Or read... Washington Post has been wrong on lots of things. If they cite anonymous or unnamed sources I'd take it with a grain of salt.
  12. Keep in mind that most of those were patients on ventilators that hadn't received the newly discovered treatments early enough such as hydroxychloroquine/zinc or Remdesivir. Things are improving. Thanks for the link, but pay-wall...
  13. The only "blanket" statements I've heard are mischaracterizations from the MSM. Guidelines have been put in place by the Federal Government, but governors make the decisions. https://www.whitehouse.gov/openingamerica/ Don't believe everything you see on TV. Word!
  14. Can you please link an article? I have not been following the news on this and what you are saying contradicts what I previously read. If what you are saying is true, it reinforces my thinking that whoever did leak this to the San Francisco Chronicle should suffer. I agree that it's not "acceptable to take an unnecessary risk that will likely lead to the loss of life when we aren't in combat", but OPSEC should be maintained whether at war or not and the readiness of our key assets should not have been disclosed.
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