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  1. No, the canopy/nosecone is not available yet. Please don't e-mail asking about it. The nosecone can not be sold separately, it only works together with my canopy. I will be doing some tests in the near future that will hopefully solve the vacuumforming problems I was having. If I am successful I will be re-releasing both the A-7 and Su-27 canopy sets. I will post updates here after doing the tests. The canopy and intake parts will be sold separately. I will not be offering the combo as before. The A-7 intake correction parts are now available again. This is not the full seamless intake, just the corrected lip and the adapter piece which forces the intake and fuselage into the correct shape. If I am successful with the canopy I will consider re-releasing the seamless intake. Chris
  2. Wow, I feel bad for the guy. They picked a terrible picture for him to use. Edit: I stretched the pic:
  3. You posted this as I was typing my post above. So it was from a photo? Can you post the original?
  4. It's still got the pinched forward canopy like on the 1/32 kit. They don't show the underside of the wing but I'd bet like the 1/32 it's only got 4 pylon stations, not the proper 6. The box art seems to show a dual pylon on what would be the center wing station but I'm not seeing it in the kit parts nor the bombs or rocket launchers that would hang from it. At least they didn't include MiG-29 pylons like on the 1/32 kit. Looks like they included Su-27 pylons for the Alamo and Archers. Though an improvement over MiG-29 pylons, these aren't really correct for the Su-30 as it has a long one piece stub-pylon rather than the 2 shorter stubs. Looks like it was squished a bit... Note that it shows two sizes of vents on the v-stabs where the kit has the same size on both. I think the box art was probably copied from a very badly distorted photo of a real plane.
  5. 2016 turned out to be a rough year for Zactomodels and my family. My daughter is now seemingly stable. My wife is now free of breast cancer and her reconstructive surgery is almost healed. My mother is hanging in there and hopefully recovering. Because of all of these issues I wasn't able to release any new products which is a necessity for a small business like mine to survive. I think I might have a solution to my vacuumforming issues and had hoped to do some testing but had to delay. This is now a high-priority so that I can get my two best selling products (A-7 and Su-27 canopies) back on the market. I still need a few weeks before I can do any testing. I'll post updates about my progress. If/when I do re-release the canopy it will be sold as a separate product and just include the nosecone. The intake correction (corrected lip and adapter for the kit provided duct) will be released as a separate product in the very near future. I will likely only re-release the seamless intake if the canopy problem is resolved. If I can solve the vacuumforming issue I will certainly consider these, but... I have a 1/32 two-seat Flanker pattern waiting to be finished first (as well as a 1/32 F-16 MCID intake and a couple of other small projects that are almost finished).
  6. It's off by enough that I doubt this was the source photo if it was Photoshopped. If it was, they went to an awful lot of trouble.
  7. I got a foot of snow, a Trumpy 1/144 Su-27 and a big dose of tryptophan laced Turkey. Time for a nap...
  8. From the research I did the AIM-9L only had the small fuze windows on early models and prototypes. They were equipped with the larger windows for production models. For an in depth explanation of the differences between the L and M, see mrvarks excellent post here:
  9. Nice pic! I had a real hard time getting good pics from the rear of PAV-1 because of all that light pouring in through the glass doors/walls. Not being a photographer I had the camera set to 'auto'. Some day I'll learn...
  10. Good eye 11bee! Don't pay any attention to these first pics. The whole thing has been completely re-worked and I'm just waiting for the boss to send me some updated pics I can post. Trust me, you'll be happy! Our kit. Our company. (Our team was involved in developing the Su-33) Our name... Must not be named... (yet)
  11. Finally! A comprehensive book on the YF-23! Written by the man himself, Paul Metz! (Bonus, it's a Steve Ginter book) Bias alert!!! I am a huge YF-23 fanboy and I contributed some of the photos in the book. I've only skimmed, but not yet fully read the book, but it includes a fascinating history of aviation progressing into stealth/LO, supercruise and the need for a new generation of fighter. It follows the backstory of the development, construction, flight tests and outcome of the competition. It includes details for the proposed production version as well as naval (NATF) and bomber versions. It has a detailed breakdown of the YF-23 design features with sections covering each area of the plane. It also includes a history of the airframes right up to where they now reside. There is even a section on model kits and desktop models (including my 1/32 pattern ). There are a bunch of drawings, artist renderings and pics of models of the crazy design proposals. There are blueprint type drawings of the YF-23, F-23 NATF as well as some of the pre-YF-23 designs. It has photos throughout, including many never before seen and a comprehensive walkaround section on the YF-23 with drawings referencing which of the walkaround pictures go where. If you are a YF-23 fan or just interested in a cool cutting edge aircraft design you'll love this book. Highly recommended.
  12. Sharla has occasionally checked this thread with me and is grateful for all the support. Thanks again everybody She is going in on Tuesday for reconstructive surgery. This will mean a delay in shipping orders next week and probably some delays in the weeks after while I help her recover. Cheers my friends!
  13. Keep an eye on this space! For now, no details, no release date, no price. Just know that an awesome Bronco kit is on the way!
  14. Keep in mind that Yufeis parts were made to fit the Academy kit which had a much different size and shape canopy platform. As I previously mentioned, this kit is essentially a shrunk down version of the 1/32 kit. When they 're-tooled' the intakes for the release of the 1/32 Su-27UB and Su-30MKK they also did some 're-tooling' on the Flanker B. Rather than tool a whole new canopy they just adjusted the windscreen making it straight (in side view) rather than curved (bulged), but this was only part of the problem. The canopy is too tall, including at the intersection of the windscreen and rear canopy part. (original bulged windscreen on right) While straightening the windscreen (not shown) did improve things a little, the combination of the intersection arch and taller canopy still leave the canopy looking bulbous compared to the real thing. Sorry I don't have pics of the 1/48 canopy to compare to photos of the real thing but I've looked at builds of the kit as well as the parts in the box and it hasn't changed from the 1/32 kit. Of course since 1/48 is smaller than 1/32 the problem isn't quite as obvious.