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  1. Cargo bay.
  2. This is the cargo door hold open latch. I'm not positive, but I think it latches on to this ring: I say I'm not positive because I haven't found any pics showing it attached to the ring, but this is in the right location for the latch to engage and I see no other spot for it to latch to. The same ring can be found on the right side boom though so I'm not sure.
  3. No, they will be plastic.
  4. The kit will include both USAF and USN/USMC cockpit parts. USAF version shown here.
  5. Something else to consider is that CAD designed parts that hang from a model aren't nearly as difficult to create as parts that fit inside or on the surface of an existing kit. If you want to create a CAD model of a cockpit that fits inside a tapered, curved fuselage you need to make accurate measurements of that fuselage. Difficult. If you want to make parts that fit the surface of a kit, say a new spine for a MiG-29 or conformal fuel tanks for an F-16, you need to accurately measure (and CAD model) those complex surfaces or the parts won't fit. Very difficult. Laser scanning the original kit parts works but it adds a whole new layer of cost and complexity. Nice write-up , but please check these links.
  6. Hi Chuck, thanks for the input. The situation doesn't seem as bad in your case as you are very active and make lots of posts that separate the 'added to album' entries. In my case I've made 3 entries with little in between so the same repeated replies shows up almost back to back. Being new and unfamiliar with Facebook, it seems broken to me. I guess if it's just the way it is I'll have to accept it. It seems it would be better if they let you create a new post with pics and allow you the option to designate what album the pics are filed. Such that new comments on the timeline are relevant to the new pics.
  7. Not exactly. I should have specified that this is a business page so it doesn't have the same 'timeline' as personal pages do. It has sections for 'photos' and 'posts' that show up below where the timeline is on a personal page. So: 1) I put new photos in my album. 2) FB adds the photos to the album and they show in the photo section below, fine. __FB also adds a new post showing the new pics in the post section below, fine. 3) Comments from the album show up in the album, fine. __All of the previous comments about that album show on the new post, not fine. I want the new post to start with no comments and have people comment on the new content. I don't want the same list of comments showing up again and again every time I add new pictures to the album. One thing I'm noticing on other business pages is that in the photos/albums section they have an album titled "timeline photos". I am assuming that this will be added automatically when I post a photo that isn't added to a specific album. Another thing I'm noticing is looking at several business pages, they haven't used or updated their previous albums or added new ones (for years in some cases). I'm assuming this is because of the same problem I'm having and they've abandoned using albums altogether...
  8. Welcome to the forums! Hope you like what you see Hi Chuck! Glad you found the thread and hope to see you build one when it's released (looking forward to that threads "mascot!" ) I'm just a part of the team contributing where I can. I have been helping more with shapes and details where others are doing the CAD work. We've also had lots of reference and detail help from fellow ARC members and the Bronco community. I was hoping for a reply on my Facebook question thread in General Discussion so I could post to Facebook at the same time, but don't want to delay the Arc viewers any longer... Rear gear details:
  9. I've posted several in-progress posts you can find in the Zactomodels sub-forum above in the Sponsors section. For the most part the techniques are the same as you'd find in the more elaborate builds in the in-progress sub-forum. One big difference being that as a pattern maker you usually can't just glue the parts together as you go, they have to be separate so they can later be molded. This means making patterns is much more challenging than just scratch-building details. When it comes to tiny details such as the gauges the OP mentioned, it can be just a very skilled modeler hand-making parts, 'borrowing' existing details from another kit, 3D printing or maybe using existing or custom photo-etch. The smallest, most detailed parts I offer are my 1/144 F-15 detail parts. I didn't show an in-progress but the seat was just carefully hand-made from plastic with belts from foil. For the exhaust I hand-made one petal from plastic (very tiny!), molded and cast multiples then assembled them into the final pattern (assembling was as big a challenge as making the tiny petal). As for certain resin sets not fitting, there are cases as mentioned above where a seat might not fit because it is accurate but the kit is not. Then there are sets that don't fit the kit they are designed for. Sets designed for a specific kit can be challenging because resin shrinks during curing (and molds can 'change' over time). Not only does resin shrink, but the shrinkage can be unpredictable and influenced by many different factors. Bottom line is that the pattern maker needs to be experienced with the different factors and take them all into account when making a pattern. This often means making the pattern x amount oversized to compensate for shrinkage, but many/most aftermarket is made by just detailing the original kit parts and thus end up not fitting once replicated in resin. 3D printing is a great tool but resin cast copies can suffer from the same problems mentioned above.
  10. I am currently doing some testing to try to solve my vacforming problem hoping to re-release both my Su-27 and A-7 canopy sets (as well as future new canopies). So far the testing has been frustrating but I'm not giving up yet. I'll eventually announce my success or failure here in the Zactoforum. As for the re-tooled Trump canopy. The only "fixed" the forward windscreen part by removing the bulged surface making it straight and not inflated looking. This was a small improvement. They didn't change the arch intersection to the rear canopy or the rear canopy itself so it's still too big and bulbous. E-mail me a pic of your "hosed" canopy part and I'll see if I can't help you out.
  11. I'm new to Facebook and recently started a page for HazMAT Models. I thought it would be best to put the OV-10 Bronco pics in one album and future kits in a new album. Problem is, every time I make a new post and put the new photos in the album, the post is titled "Hazmat Models added x# new photos to the album: OV-10A Bronco" and all the previous album comments show up again. If I just add the pictures to a new post they are not added to the album. Apparently moving images from the timeline photo album to the Bronco album causes the timeline post to disappear and the comments are lost. Or does it? Do I have to create a new album every time I make a new post to have only new comments appear? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having an album? I've Googled and couldn't find a good solution. It seems the problem has existed for years. Apparently one work-around is only uploading one pic to the album then waiting a day and uploading the next. This apparently keeps them in the album and also shows as a unique post with individual new comments. But I want to upload several images at one time. Any suggestions?
  12. I don't know for certain. I recall reading the same thing about the centerlines somewhere. I'm not finding any pics with them populated other than prototypes and early ones. They do always have the pylons in place though. Where are all these Russians I keep hearing about? I'm sure they would have an answer for us. Yup, a mess. It appears that they include 2 of the slightly wrong versions where the 1/32 had two different wrong ones: It looks as though they might have improved the wingtip pylons though.
  13. My bad on the number of Skunkworks pylons. Yes, the review says 24 pylons/adapters. If it's 8 of each then that enough APUs for 4 Su-27/33s but only enough AKU-470s for 2 Su-27/33s. From most of the pics I've found, the prototypes and early operational Su-33s carried the inboard wing AKU-470 or at least the stub pylons to mount them. Most all pictures of current Su-33s don't have the inboard stubs or the pylon mounted, though you can find a few. For both the APU-470 and APU-73 adapters, from what I've seen only the prototype and very early operational Su-33s had the two-piece. Current ones use the single piece adapter as provided in the kit. Those are shrunken down versions of the Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27 centerline pylons. I think they are supposed to be AKU-470s, but just slightly wrong in shape. I made replacements for the 1/32 kit.
  14. ...And, their missiles and pylons appear to have been well researched and accurate...
  15. As mentioned, it doesn't include enough missiles for the full load, but it rarely carries a full load. The bigger problem in my eye is that it only includes 2 AKU-470 pylons where there are 6 potential stations that have this pylon. The instructions have you place the 2 pylons on the inboard wing station, the least often used station. The intakes pretty much always have the pylons mounted as do the 2 belly stations. They are mounted whether the missiles are attached or not. If you're not adding any aftermarket I'd recommend using them on the intakes as they are the most visible. As for aftermarket there is the Skunkworks set or Eduard offer Alamo sets that include pylons. Each Eduard set (Alamo_A, B or C) includes 4 AKU-470 as well as the wing pylons. AFAIK the Skunkworks set includes the same parts as the kit, only 2 AKU-470s, which would still leave you short by 2 pylons if you want a "Full load".