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  1. Correct! Would cost a fortune and take a long time (time = money) to make the patterns. Why would I bother to do this when Tanmodel has announced they are releasing this? Nope. Too many other projects on my plate.
  2. Zactoman

    How is Tyndall AFB

    The Decimation Of Tyndall Air Base’s F-22 Fleet Couldn’t Have Come At Worse Time Task & Purpose website - Over blown hype... " According to reporting from Foreign Policy, “as many as” 17 Raptors “may be damaged or destroyed.” Indeed, satellite photos revealed the wreckage of several of the pricey stealth fighters among the debris." First post in first link in that statement, 22 hours ago: "UPDATE: an Air Force official tells me USAF assessed the damage at Tyndall today, including F-22s that weathered the storm. All aircraft are intact and initial indications are “promising.” " Second link to another Task & Purpose article, satellite photos show the upside-down F-15! SMH The good news is that they linked to that first piece (which refutes their article) saying that the F-22s are apparently OK.
  3. Zactoman

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    While I agree with your description of the two categories, I think you got the titles wrong. I consider the two categories the "rivet counters" and the "good enoughs". There are extremes on both sides. On the RC side you have "accu-nazis" and on the GE side you have the SUABs. Of these two sub-categories I find that the SUABs are more vocal and more likely to express their displeasure on forums where the ANs are more likely to whisper sweet-nothings to each other at model contests. I'd prefer that both kept it to a whisper... I happen to be a hybrid RC/GE. Most of my (previous) builds were OOB (GE) with an artistic emphasis on paint and weathering. Yes I did figures, dinosaurs, sci-fi, armor and aircraft. I even got a huge sailing ship half done. I have also done some detail builds. When it comes to kit development I'm an RC (borderline AN). As a GE I'd prefer to build a nicely detailed, as accurate as possible OOB kit rather than having to fix an issue that bothers me or add a bunch of missing obvious details. I think we all agree that we prefer more accurate kits. I think we all agree that obvious details shouldn't be omitted. Having built models for 50 years I've watched the industry evolve and the quality of kits improve leaps and bounds. Once you've built some of the higher quality kits it's hard to take a step back and build the lesser quality ones. So I have come to expect high quality with new releases, especially from top manufacturers and especially on iconic subjects. Of course there is a place for simpler "weekend edition" type kits and lower quality short run kits, but even those are expected to be reasonably accurate in shape. Having built models for 50 years I love where we have come and look forward to where we are going.
  4. Welcome back Chuck You were missed. I barely have time anymore for more than just ARC so haven't followed your build. I just went and looked through the pics on your LSP thread and wow, mighty impressive project you've got going. I only looked at the pics and picked up some tips, ideas and inspiration. I plan to go back and read it when time permits and am sure I'll learn a lot. Thanks for sharing with us. Cheers my friend and welcome home.
  5. Zactoman

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    You'd be surprised at how many forum members have been approached by various model companies to help them develop more accurate kits. I've never seen or been anywhere near an Su-27, Su-33 or MiG-23. I saw a MiG-29 at an airshow years ago. I've only seen Tomcats, A-7s and Broncos in museums. Yet... I've had pilots, mechanics, ordies, etc. comment that they weren't aware of how far off a particular kit was until it was pointed out to them or purchased aftermarket that corrected the problem. I used to post a lot here at ARC. I pretty much quit out of frustration seeing people get shouted down for pointing out issues with CADs, test-shots, test builds or final kits. It's as if they are saying to shut up and accept whatever the kit manufacturers give us. I've never seen any of those people go to the in-progress threads and tell modelers to quit improving or correcting the kits they're working on. The way I see it is that errors pointed out alert the manufacturers so they can choose to fix them, or not. I've seen companies modify their CAD models after details were pointed out on forums. Some have even re-tooled (at great expense) to make corrections. The critiques also educate the builders so they can choose whether to buy the kit and whether to make the corrections themselves. It's a modeling discussion forum, where we discuss models...
  6. Zactoman

    1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MK2 Venezuela AF

    Beautiful! Construction looks solid. Great paint and weathering. My only critique, which is something you should be able to fix without too much difficulty, are the wingtip pod lights. I see you mentioned them being over-scale in your WIP and I'm not suggesting fixing that, but they should be painted silver on the rear 2/3. Painting them would help make them stand out less. Regardless if you choose to fix that, great job!
  7. Zactoman

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Care to elaborate? I assume you are upset because the model is being analyzed and evaluated for accuracy issues? On second thought, I'd rather not see another thread degenerate into a "rivet counter" vs "good enough" fight. In general, not counting this kit: I'd bet if you asked any modeler which they preferred, a very accurate model or a less accurate model? All would answer that they'd prefer the very accurate one.
  8. Zactoman

    Missing kit parts

    Sorry to hear you had a problem. Go to http://www.kineticmodel.com/ and click the big blue"Parts Replacement Service" icon. They'll get it taken care of quickly.
  9. Zactoman

    Su-34 bits?

    Hi Matt. I was going to reply to this the other night but the site crashed right after I made my Khibiny update in the Su-34 thread: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/299610-two-148-su-34-and-the-winner-is/&do=findComment&comment=2932388 As for those holes, they can be filled using a variety of methods and get sanded flush so not much reason for somebody to pay for aftermarket there. I have other non-Su34 projects in the works so nothing other than the Khibiny for now.
  10. Zactoman

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    I joined the ARC FB page a few days ago and am seeing lots of content that's not here on the forums. Perhaps you could encourage some of those builders to join us here? Maybe a canned PM telling them what a great place this is and the advantages it has over FB. You might also modify the pinned announcement there with a simple "Please check out these pages:"
  11. Zactoman


    I love the Disturbed version (candidate for my favorite song), but I also love me some Triple P (the dude can sing)! Undisturbed version
  12. Zactoman

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    Thanks Rocketdrvr! 🍺 I just hope the Russians are happy with them. Tough crowd...
  13. Zactoman

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    Unfortunately I haven't had time to work on them much but did get them "finished" and poured a test mold. I'll confirm the shrinkage in a few days and then I'll be ready to order the photo-etch. Hopefully that won't take too long. In the mean time I'm going to make a few adjustments and improvements on the patterns and then I'll be ready to pour production molds. To answer your question, I don't know when they'll be ready to order...
  14. Zactoman

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    Bring back Rusty Shackleford...
  15. Zactoman

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    "Awesome"??? We can't possibly be talking about the same pirate guy. The one I'm referring to is/was a troll and easily the most annoying "character" I've encountered since Al Gore created the internet.