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  1. Academy F-16 Large Mouth Intake

    Making an intake like this (that fits!) is much more than gluing together a kit part and pouring a mold. Without substantial modification to the original parts the castings would be undersized due to shrinkage. While the existing Tamiya parts may currently be difficult to find, they are pretty accurate in detail and shape so no "correction" set is really necessary. Making a set because they are currently hard to find sounds like a gamble I'm not willing to take. With my luck they'd re-release the kit the moment I released the set.
  2. 1/32 F-16 MCID intake for Academy kit

    It's been brought to my attention that the PayPal button was putting the NSI intake in the basket. My apologies. Problem corrected. You may need to clear your cookies if you've tried and failed to order. If this doesn't work then e-mail me and I'll send a PayPal invoice.
  3. Academy F-16 Large Mouth Intake

    It's been brought to my attention that the PayPal button was putting the NSI intake in the basket. My apologies. Problem corrected. You may need to clear your cookies if you've tried and failed to order. If this doesn't work then e-mail me and I'll send a PayPal invoice.
  4. Since it's been so long since I've released anything new , I'm posting here to let you know I actually released something! This is a direct replacement for the Academy 1/32 F-16 MCID (large mouth) intake. More pics in the Zactomodels sub-forum showing how this improves the kit: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/300889-academy-f-16-large-mouth-intake/ www.Zactomodels.com
  5. Academy F-16 Large Mouth Intake

    Large mouth (MCID) intake is now available! http://www.zactomodels.com/html/F-16/F16_MCID_intake.htm www.Zactomodels.com
  6. G-4MD 1/4

    As a former professional model maker, a current professional aftermarket guy and always a traditional hobbyist at heart, I welcome posts like this. He's sharing a cool model airplane build and he's not even selling anything. Nice job Dragan
  7. 1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    Enough with the speculation please. Our next project will be announced soon enough. I can't say what it is yet, but I will say it's not a twin engine blue aircraft. Focus and repeat after me: "Bronco, Bronco, Bronco"
  8. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Your guess is as good as mine. Though I'd think the new Aviation Art would have to be a partner/sister company to Kinetic else risk copyright fallout. Even then, Kinetic is still stuck with a product that was a work-in-progress and Aviation Art will have the finished product. Which would you buy?
  9. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

  10. 1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    Good to hear some positive feedback on the box art! I thought the artist did a great job. The artists name is Shu Ming. Still no firm answers on release date or price. Test shot parts pics should be coming soon though! Not in this boxing. We are only including ordinance appropriate for the schemes included and as far as we know these aircraft didn't carry the GPU-2. The GPU-2 didn't actually start production until 1972.
  11. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Just to clarify, it is not being released by HazMAT Models (the design team that developed the original Su-33 kit) so it must be the money partner that paid for the tooling, took the tooling and sold it to Kinetic. I wonder how Kinetic feels about this?
  12. 1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    Yeah... I guess nobody cared for the box art... Waiting for the tooling and test shots. Still no news on price or estimated release date. I'll post as soon as I get anything.
  13. If you can get em, I'd love some shots of the inside of the exhausts showing the pivot areas (looking up top, down at bottom and sides). I've not seen any clear pics of this. Hope you're having a great time!!!
  14. Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-29A

    As for buildablilty I'd guess it is great. From my initial test fitting it seems that the major parts fit well with some modest adjustments. Trumpeter has been improving with every kit on buildability. Unfortunately their track-record on accuracy continues to falter. As for builds, I am not aware of any out-of-box types but Martin's "extreme" build will give you an idea of the shortcomings of the kit. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=34338&page=3 It's a bit early for aftermarket, though I doubt here will be much other than the CWS cockpit previously mentioned and my Zactomodels goodies. Most of the big problems with the kit will have to be dealt with by the modeler. Canopy - Top view is too wide at windscreen arch, too tear-drop shaped. Widest part of frame and glass should be about 1/3 back from windscreen. Windscreen arch is too shallow/flat. Rear arch is way too shallow. Side profile too flat towards rear. Side-view curve of rear canopy and frame should end where frame ends then spine starts at a slightly different angle. As Martin pointed out with this pic http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=34338&p=937072 , the cut in canopy frame should extend behind canopy on fuselage side. Also note that bumps on sides of fuselage behind cockpit are a little too high. Spine is not round enough. Should be more circular profile from behind cockpit all the way to the rear, rather than cone shaped. LERX - As Martin has pointed out it should end further forward and be more defined (sharper) towards the front. Though the LERX transition to fuselage is an improvement over the Revell kit it is still not vertical enough beside the cockpit as Martin has corrected with his cuts. Intakes have some small angular problems, lack exterior detail and have fictitious panel lines. Rear engine tunnels on bottom flare outward too much. They should flare inwards some and a little less on the outer sides. Area between intakes is almost a straight line where it should go from narrow to wide to narrow. Exhausts are a step down from their MiG-29M kit which was to date the most accurate 1/32 exhaust. Transition between tunnels and exhausts is awful (see Martin's build). I will be addressing this with my exhaust correction. Upper fuselage engine area - Engine humps are anemic. They should get wider just before the exhausts then narrow at the exhausts. Instead they modeled them too narrow and a constant curve to the exhausts. In making the engine humps too narrow they made the air-brake too wide. This is just my initial analysis after looking at the kit. There are likely more problems. Overall I'd say that it is an improvement over the Revell kit but a disappointment for Mig-29 fans. The biggest issues for me are the canopy shape, the spine shape and the exhaust transition and detail. I will be addressing the exhaust and its' transition issues. My wheels, pylons and missiles will add detail not included in the kit. Since you are already building 1/48 kits of the Su-33, I'd recommend buying one of the Great Wall Hobby kits of the MiG-29 in 1/48. They are (pretty much) much more accurate than the Trump 1/32 kit and from what I've read are a pleasure to build. (I'd have included red-line pics but am lacking the time prepare them. If there are any specific details that aren't apparent after comparing the kit to real aircraft photos, let me know and I'll try to illustrate them for you)