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Updated 6/14 with whats left

Trying to clear out some space for new things, so I have a couple of things I either don't have the desire or space to start.

All 1/48 scale,

Prices include shipping in the US,

Hasegawa V102- F-16 A Plus “NATO Falcon” sealed

includes Black Box F-16A cockpit set #48026, missing ACES II seat

Steel Beach Small Mouth intake cover -- $30.00

Black Box 48032 EA-6B Prowler cockpit set -- $20.00

Academy EF-111A- includes the PE from a Verlinden F-111 set, and Superscale decals 48-349 and 48-396, kit has had some basic dryfit and paint done $15.00

As far as trades go they only things I'm interested in are:

1/48 Heller/Italeri UH-1N and any Cobra Company / Eduard detail sets for it.

1/48 Italeri/Revell SH-60B and any Cobra / Eduard detail sets for it.

Been on a big helo kick for awhile :)

Thanks for looking


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