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  1. Nascar blowout deal with more added

    Buddycat, Email inbound. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  2. Cinun, Uh, you replied to a post from 2015 and the guy hasn't been online since Sept. of last year. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to see if he actually still needs one or if you even get a fast reply from him. Just my two cents. Cheers! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  3. Mark, Being a US Marine you should know that the Navy and Marines never flew "aggressor" mission. Their missions were "adversary" missions which honed their skills for fleet defense (Navy) or ground force defense (Marines). With that said I have one set left of the Two Bobs/Two Mikes OPFOR decal and resin set that was available at the 2012 IPMS Nationals Convention in Orlando, FL. The set is incomplete with only one of the five resin pods missing and the small decals that went on that missing pod. All other decals are complete as well as all of the other resin bits. Let me know if you are interested and we can talk sale or trade. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  4. Double Post - Please delete this one
  5. Roy, I may have your instruction sheet for the ADC Gray Phantoms. PM me your email addy and I will email you a copy, if I have that sheet/ Cheers! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  6. MiG-21 Madness

    All, I am very surprised that in this thread that there was no mention of the Fujimi Family of MIG 21's. I always thought that they Fujimi's were very accurate in shape and were very easy to assemble. Any thoughts from you guys on the Fujimi kits? Cheers!! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  7. Dutch, Do you need any markings from Furball's Gunfighter Phantoms Part 1 (48-029) or Part 2 (48-030)? I have both of those sheets and there are more markings there then I will ever use. Let me know! Cheers! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  8. Glynn, Email sent. Please let me know if this is the kit that you are seeking. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  9. Done deal

    Larry, Let me know if Mike is able to take care of you with the SBD. I have several extras of the Accurate Miniatures kits that I can spare. Thanks!! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  10. PM inbound on this. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  11. PM inbound. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  12. What's up with Lone Star Models?

    Tim, PM inbound. Cheers! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  13. Javier, Yes, I do have the Corsair but no aftermarket for it. Sorry! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)