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  1. Tim, Personal Message inbound! Thanks Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  2. All, Come on, folks! I have never done a ship model and I am interested in doing this kit up for my wife and daughter because they loved the movie so much. I just want to do it up RIGHT for them. After 1.5k views of the post, is there no one out there in ARC land that can advise me on my original post? Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  3. All, I have a question about the Academy 1/350th scale Titanic. First off, I have the "plain jane version which did nt have any of the special edition added stuff. I picked this kit up several years ago when Hobby Lobby was running them on their "yellow tag" specials. This kit when finished will probably be only a shelf sitter for my wife and daughter because they loved the soap-opera movie. Any way, I have broke the kit open after several years of collecting dust, and the plastic rails in this kit are a joke. I would like to replace them, but I don't know which way to go. I
  4. Prayers to Mike's wife and her/his family. It seems like he has two profiles on Face Book because on one of these profiles, he has been very active lately with him talking about a re-opening. But the second profile has not been updated since Nov. 2020. No date yet as to when this will happen. Thanks for the information!! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  5. All, Does anybody have any updates on Lonestar Models and Mike's plans to re-issue all of the Cobra Company molds that he acquired from Chris Miller? There is no mention of he Cobra stuff on Mike's/Lonestar Face Book page and his website looks like it is about to go to a new owner with no information there. Thanks for any updates! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  6. Tim, Sine the wife and I are a couple of empty nesters, the kids don't care one way or the other. My contract is for only 6 months so we are not planning any kind of big re-location at this time. However that could change depending on my contract extensions or anything like that. We will see! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  7. Jeff, Not off topic at all. As I said in an earlier post, I am going to the Southern Nuclear construction of Units 3 and 4 at Vogtle Nuclear Plant. I just so happen to have been working in the Augusta GA/North Augusta SC area way back in the late 1980's when Southern was constructing Units 1 and 2 at Vogtle. I have known of the Hobbytown USA off of Bobby Jones for several years as I have been trying to get on this project for almost 10 years. Iam planning on visiting a lot of the old places that I use to frequent when I lived down there from 1985 till late 1988. Yes, sir, that
  8. Ash, Now there are some stuff that I had not thought about. Thanks! I am going to the Vogtle Nuclear Plant in Waynesboro, GA which is very close to the larger city of Augusta, GA. Augusta is not very far from Columbia, SC where the 2016 IPMS Nationals contest was held. So you are right, there has got to be some like minded folks near Augusta. Thanks for the suggestion! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  9. All, It has been 8 hours since this post. Come on guys and gals! Surely someone else has been in the same situation as I found myself in!?! Hasn't there been anybody who has had to keep two households and due to the distance, has to spend a mijority at the work location, and will only be able to come home to the hobby desk once or twice a month? I know that I will be needing to relax some way when I am working, and doing models is my way of relaxing. Somebody?? Anybody?? Thanks, folks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  10. SWF, He did an inspection before we moved out and his claim was the charcoal stains on the walls over the electric wall heaters (no central air) was due to the paint fumes in the apartment. I scrubbed those stains for hours and was only able to take about half of them off in my bedroom. In the living area, where I actually did the painting there were no stains above that wall heater but he claimed that I had left paint stains on the floors in there. He was just "grabbing for straws" just to find reasons for not paying my $200 deposit back. Shaking My Head!! Best Reg
  11. Good Afternoon, folks. I have just received an offer of employment, just as the old saying goes "it is an offer, I can't refuse". My problem is that not only will I be away from my wife and home, I will also have to be away from my hobby desk. What I am seeking is recommedations on is what you guys may have done when you were away for long periods of time. In the past on short term jobs less than a month, I have been able to cut parts, glue small sub-assemblies that will be painted one color, and to place into tackle box storage bins. But that was the extent of it. In some of the long te
  12. Travis, PM inbound. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  13. Darren, I don't remember the Marine Skyhawk but I do remember the Revell/Monogram Dale Earnhardt two car combo that had one Chevrolet and one Pontiac in it where the box art had the word "Pontiac" misspelled. At the time, I didn't have the combo in my collection but the guy I bought this set from told me that the combo was more valuable because of the misspelling. I told him that I was a builder, not a collector and I pretty much forced him to reduce his price for the set because I wasn't going to pay his higher price just for the sake of the misspelling. Best Regards
  14. Habu, The files on the DVD are in PDF format but when I use the file search and try and open one of them, I get an error message. The error message is XXXX.PDF file is protected and the menu bar is asking for a Document Open Password. Sure I know these files are copyright protected but since I have every issue of the magazine and I did purchase the DVD from the publisher, don't I have the right to copy any portion of any of these magazines for my own personal use? This is just as long as I don't use these copies in a way that may violate the copyright of said publisher. I reall
  15. Nope, sorry. The only computers that I have are Windows based PC compatibles. Thanks Anyway!! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
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