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  1. All, I would like to buy or trade for one of Tamiya's new Tomcats in 1/48th scale. Of course, I am looking for the Tamiya F-14D Tomcat (Kit #611118). I have tons of kits, decals, aftermarket resin and photo-etched. Name your poison! I am ready to deal!! Thanks for Looking! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  2. TN. PM inbound. Best Regards Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  3. I would if I could, but ARC will not let me upload the pictures due to size restrictions. I have uploaded the two images I have to my Photobucket account but that account is so hard to navigate due to pop-ups and having to re-confirm my email address, that I can't even copy and paste the link for each of the images. Do you folks think I will have better luck posting the images to the ARC FaceBook page? Thanks for the help!! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  4. All, I have not been to many IPMS National Conventions in my lifetime but the up-coming "Nats" in Chattanooga, TN appears to be shaping up as another record setter in terms of all the statistics that are associated with any IPMS Nationals. Of course this is just my opinion but I saw the same kind of signs before the record setting Nationals in Atlanta, and those signs I saw at the "regular" model contest in Chattanooga yesterday. I just checked and the primary and secondary hotels for the event have been sold out and reservations for the third venue are selling out fast after yesterdays contest. So my advise to all of you folks that were/are going to this event, I hope you have your reservations made. Good Luck to All!! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  5. All, My father-in-law (wife's dad) passed away over the Holidays. While we were going through his stuff, we found a picture of him dressed in what I thought may have been an US Army uniform. My wife's oldest brother said the picture was from him in the service with no branch of service specified. He said that their dad was drafted but during his induction, it was discovered that he had 3 small children at home and he was basically excused/dismissed from military service. The family is wanting to know more about his brief service. Her brother said he was drafted and the time frame would have been some time in the early 1950's. An educated guess on my part is that there was a draft around the time of the Korean conflict and the branch of service was most likely the US Army. So we need you folks out there to help us out with the founding out more information about his service. Thanks for all the information! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  6. Jeff, PM inbound. Cheers! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  7. I just checked my work schedule and I will be working on that Saturday night. But as I have done in the past, I will be going through the stash and will be making some donations. Cheers! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  8. Very sad to hear! Damn, I had plans to go to the model contest in Murfreesboro TN and one of the things that I was looking most forward to was being able to see and talk to Rex. Unfortunately my mom took a spill out her backdoor on Friday and had to be hospitalized. So I was not able to see my longtime friend for what would have been the last time. Very saddening indeed! Rest In Peace, Rex Droste. Prayers to the family. Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  9. Jeff, PM me your address and I will get the parts in the mail to ya. Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  10. Arch, Do you know if the clear sprue in the Academy F-4C is the same as the sprue in the F-4J? I have a complete Academy F-4C that I have toyed with the idea of parting out rather than building. Let me know. Cheers! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  11. Mark, I keep getting pop-up advertisements for this on my FB page and I am a bit intrigued by it. I know that each issue of the parts are about $15 once you add the shipping and you get (according to the ad) 4 or 5 of these shipments each month for about $50 a month. The 2 things that the ad doesn't tell you and that I am curious about is how many issues will it take to finish the car and can the issues be purchased in bulk to save on shipping. If each issue is costing approximately $5 to ship then you would be saving a bunch in shipping just to get more issues in each shipment. Since you are in the program, can you answer these two questions. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  12. Yes, sir, I already have all of the colors mentioned in my cart. Since shipping is going to be almost $9.00, I wasn't going to pull the trigger on the order until all were in stock and ready to ship. Last week XF-68 NATO Brown was shown in the cart as backordered and this week XF-67 NATO Green is shown as backordered. This tends to make me believe that the fact that Squadron is sometimes in-stock on some items and out of stock on others may not be Squadron's fault. I will wait. Thanks Again! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  13. Jim, I am referring to the "new" ones that have been out for some time. I am looking for XF-28 (Dark Copper) and anything above XF-66. 40 ml? Wow! I never knew that Tamiya had the acrylics in larger bottles than 10 ml (small bottle) and 23 ml (large bottle). But if Tamiya has 40 ml bottles of their VF series, then let me know and I will be buying them in the future. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  14. All, I have yet to add to my stash of paints all of the new colors that Tamiya introduced to their acrylic. So where do you folks order your large bottle Tamiya acrylic paints? I know that Squadron has the small and large bottles but their shipping is so high that I want to just make one order and get all of the new ones along with some re-stocks of what I have used up. But it is a crap shoot when it comes to what Squadron has in-stock at any given time. They either don't have the color at all or they only have it in the smaller bottle. Thanks for the information! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  15. Dan, Attempted to PM you but you can't receive PM. Message here: Do you happen to have a printed out list of what you have for sale along with prices? I am interested in a lot of your kits but some of them are not priced and there are too many that I am interested in to try and list here. Please only list those that are still available. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
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