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  1. Good Afternoon, folks, I would like to buy or trade for the following: Hasegawa 1/48th scale F-18E (note: ECHO) Super Hornet Airfix 1/48 scale Sea King helicopter (any of the versions) Hasegawa 1/48th Sea King helicopter (again any versions) Meng 1/48th scale F-18E or F Super Hornets Tamiya 1/48th scale F-14A Tomcats Tamiya 1/48th scale F-4B Phantoms I already have the Tamiya 1/48th scale F-35B with some aftermarket bits that is looking for a new home. I will do my best to trade in your favor with any of this mentioned. Thanks for
  2. Steve, PM inbound with a trade offer for this bundle. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  3. Dr. Steve, Do you have a picture of the last two decals on your for sale list? I am talking about the Furball Phantoms and the Eagle Strike Skyraiders. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  4. Jeff, LOL!! I have a picture of that bird on my old phone as a wallpaper. I took it during one of my first trips to work at Watts Bar nuclear. David (2quik4u) told me about the only aftermarket decal in his post above. I found it on Ebay this morning, and ordered it. Thanks Anyway!! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  5. Message sent.

  6. David, Thanks for the links. I had already found the Warbirds decal on Ebay but I was just wondering if there were other options. It is like everything else when it comes to 1/72nd scale anything. You can find twenty or thirty sheets or kits of a subject in 1/48th or 1/32nd scale but usually there is nothing available in 1/72nd scale. Yeah, I know that you would be able to help me, if you could. Because you have always been a big help to me in the past. Thanks Again!! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  7. All, I am having trouble finding the decals of the subject line, because I am not sure if they are or were even made. Any who, I am looking for a set of 1/72nd scale decals for the USAF Thunderbirds F-4E Phantom 2. No expense spared, have PayPal ready or will trade kits, decals, and/or aftermarket in your favor. Just let me know here or personal message me. Thanks for Looking! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  8. All, I just want to add to this discussion of what I have been able to gather from Mike's posts on FB. Me personally, I have been waiting and watching LSM ever since Mike bought lock, stock and barrel of Cobra Company from Chris Miller. Over the last few months he has posted mostly updates on his PBY resin kit and yes, he has posted that his website is broken and is busy trying to get it up and running. He is planning to be a vendor at the IPMS Nationals in Texas the first weekend in August. I am of the opinion that he has everything shut down right now to A) fulfill as many ba
  9. All, As many have said here, my thoughts on this adventure were going to be sort of like a drive-by and not actually trying to take the full tour or even go aboard the Midway. I was just thinking that me and the wife were going to leave the airport with nothing on our backs as we were planning to leave all of our carry-on's with other family members in our travel party who will be staying at the airport. We will probably be taking a cell phone or may be a camera to take some pictures. But even now I am second guesssing myself because I have found some great pictures of the Midwa
  10. Folks, I need to know if anyone here has done this. Our flight to Reno has a four hour delay in San Diego and one of my bucket list items is to see the Pacific Ocean and I would love to, at a minimum, to see the USS Midway aircraft carrier. So is it a fantasy for me to think that we would be able take a taxi from the San Diego airport to the Midway in four hours? Thanks for any input!! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  11. Tim, Personal Message inbound! Thanks Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  12. All, Come on, folks! I have never done a ship model and I am interested in doing this kit up for my wife and daughter because they loved the movie so much. I just want to do it up RIGHT for them. After 1.5k views of the post, is there no one out there in ARC land that can advise me on my original post? Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  13. All, I have a question about the Academy 1/350th scale Titanic. First off, I have the "plain jane version which did nt have any of the special edition added stuff. I picked this kit up several years ago when Hobby Lobby was running them on their "yellow tag" specials. This kit when finished will probably be only a shelf sitter for my wife and daughter because they loved the soap-opera movie. Any way, I have broke the kit open after several years of collecting dust, and the plastic rails in this kit are a joke. I would like to replace them, but I don't know which way to go. I
  14. Prayers to Mike's wife and her/his family. It seems like he has two profiles on Face Book because on one of these profiles, he has been very active lately with him talking about a re-opening. But the second profile has not been updated since Nov. 2020. No date yet as to when this will happen. Thanks for the information!! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
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