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  1. SonyKen

    My 1/8 BTTF Delorean (WIP)

    Mark, I keep getting pop-up advertisements for this on my FB page and I am a bit intrigued by it. I know that each issue of the parts are about $15 once you add the shipping and you get (according to the ad) 4 or 5 of these shipments each month for about $50 a month. The 2 things that the ad doesn't tell you and that I am curious about is how many issues will it take to finish the car and can the issues be purchased in bulk to save on shipping. If each issue is costing approximately $5 to ship then you would be saving a bunch in shipping just to get more issues in each shipment. Since you are in the program, can you answer these two questions. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  2. SonyKen

    Question: Large Bottle Tamiya Acrylics?

    Yes, sir, I already have all of the colors mentioned in my cart. Since shipping is going to be almost $9.00, I wasn't going to pull the trigger on the order until all were in stock and ready to ship. Last week XF-68 NATO Brown was shown in the cart as backordered and this week XF-67 NATO Green is shown as backordered. This tends to make me believe that the fact that Squadron is sometimes in-stock on some items and out of stock on others may not be Squadron's fault. I will wait. Thanks Again! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  3. SonyKen

    Question: Large Bottle Tamiya Acrylics?

    Jim, I am referring to the "new" ones that have been out for some time. I am looking for XF-28 (Dark Copper) and anything above XF-66. 40 ml? Wow! I never knew that Tamiya had the acrylics in larger bottles than 10 ml (small bottle) and 23 ml (large bottle). But if Tamiya has 40 ml bottles of their VF series, then let me know and I will be buying them in the future. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  4. All, I have yet to add to my stash of paints all of the new colors that Tamiya introduced to their acrylic. So where do you folks order your large bottle Tamiya acrylic paints? I know that Squadron has the small and large bottles but their shipping is so high that I want to just make one order and get all of the new ones along with some re-stocks of what I have used up. But it is a crap shoot when it comes to what Squadron has in-stock at any given time. They either don't have the color at all or they only have it in the smaller bottle. Thanks for the information! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  5. Dan, Attempted to PM you but you can't receive PM. Message here: Do you happen to have a printed out list of what you have for sale along with prices? I am interested in a lot of your kits but some of them are not priced and there are too many that I am interested in to try and list here. Please only list those that are still available. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  6. Xavi, PM inbound on these Tomcats! Thanks for the quick response! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  7. Jeff, Email inbound. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  8. SonyKen


    All, I fully understand what happened to Revell/Revell-Germany/Monogram, but for those of us seeking Hasegawa replacement parts, where do we go to get these? I sold a 1/72nd scale KA-3B Tanker Sky Warrior to a customer of mine that was still sealed. When the customer opened the factory sealed box he found one of the sealed bags missing. Fortunately there was only 2 bags in there and the larger bag was in there which contained 98% of the kit. The bag that was missing was the one that contained the clear parts and the decal. Due to the fact that I have always tried to take care of my customer, I sent him the missing bag from one of my other kits. The assumption is that the one missing bag was missing from the factory and no fault of mine or the distributor. So I ask again, does anybody here know who I need to contact in regard to these missing parts? Thanks for the information!! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  9. All, I am looking to buy or trade for a set of decals for the Hasegawa 1/72nd scale S-3A Viking. The decals can be a new set from the kit or an aftermarket set just as long as it contains data. I have an extensive collection of decals in just about all scales that I can draw from, if a trade is what you are interested in for these decals that I seek. WHATCHA GOT? Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  10. SonyKen


    Post Deleted.
  11. Goondman, Could you send me some pictures of what you have to my email? sonyken<AT>comcast<DOT>net If I like what I see, I have a still sealed Hasegawa TA-4J that I can trade. Thanks! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  12. SonyKen

    TET Offensive GB

    Gary, I was thinking more of the timeline 1968, instead of actual anniversary date. I had the idea of one of the model contests that I went to one time where the theme award for the show was where all aircraft and armor was in service during the year 1968. Or a car or truck that was in production during the model year 1968. I was just thinking it might be a way to incorporate some of the other modeling genres that are covered here on ARC. I meant no offense what so ever. Sorry. Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  13. SonyKen

    Decal Estate Sale. Huge List!!

    Sebastian, Please bear in mind that the inquiries that you are sending have two things that are going against them. First off the post you are responding to is nearly two years old, and second, Steve is in the income tax preparation business. So if you tried all the contact information for Steve and have not received a reply, this is a very bad time of the year to get in touch with him. I have known Steve for many years and I know that it is very hard to get in touch with him for the first four months of the year due to his job and the many hours he puts in from January until the end of April each year. I will check my cell phone and my Outlook and see if I have a phone number for him or an updated email address also. Cheers! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  14. Dutch, Since Mark is not interested, if you could send me some pictures of those decals via email, I might just take them off your hands. Cheers! sonyken<AT>Comcast<DOT>net Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)
  15. SonyKen

    TET Offensive GB

    All, Since 1968 was a very turmoil filled and historically significant year, what about a anniversary recognition group build of the TET Offensive anniversary? I saw the lunar walk GB and thought about one to recognize this event from 1968. This was just an idea that popped into my head and if is is offensive ao anyone here, please delete this post. Cheers! Best Regards, Ken Bailey (SonyKen)