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Group Build Rolling Start calendar

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Here is an update to the Group Build schedule.

We have decided to make thing easier for every one by implementing a rolling start strategy.

The goal is to have more fixed start and end date for the Group Builds, hence balancing the spread all of your great gb ideas and builds.

Here how it goes:

There will be 4 Start/End date (1st of each months)

Starts: January / March / July / September

Ends: July / September / January / March

With this in mind date should look like this

  • 1st January to the 1st July
  • 1st March to 1st September
  • 1st July to 1st January
  • 1st September to 1st March

For every start period there will be from 2-4 GB, now since there are always 2 periods overlapping this will give us 4-8 GB running at any given time. WOW!

In general GB run for 6 months, longer GB are still possible with a 3 month increments (3/6/9/12monts) the duration of the GB will be at the GB proposers choice.

Have no fear, ARC's main concern with GB is to make the experience fun so this is not concrete law but more general guidelines to help us (SBARC and GB Mods)

to plan/approve/start GB in a more efficient way.

If a GB theme has a request for historic start/end dates we will be happy to accommodate you

The procedure to propose a Group Build remains the same. You may reffer to this thread for more informations

Additional information and guidelines are avalable here


From your local ARC Group Build Moderators

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