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Tamiya Basic Putty Drying Time

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One tip I can give you about Tamiya Basic Putty, it thins very well with nail polish remover. I almost always thin Tamiya Basic Putty before applying. I find it easier to apply, and can require much less sanding later.

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It depends totally on how thick of an application. I've sanded very thin amounts in 30 minutes. On average 6 hours is usually enough.

This is what I have found as well. I've even let it sit for weeks before sanding, fearing it would be too hard to sand, it didn't offer any more resistance than normal. This stuff reminds me of liquid Teflon straight out of the tube. The only problem I have with this putty is the ammount of shrinkage. But there seems no way to get a shrinkage free putty because it sets up through evaporation. Time to suck it up and press on

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