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  1. The LRIP jets are the jets that have all the latest and greatest in them. They have the higher hour airframes as well as other upgrades. They are what the fleet will get and wha will be upgraded. So let me clarify what I was saying about my jet nearing the end of its life span. It is an SDD jet and is a 1st gen F-35. When SDD is complete there will be no more practical use for it and therefore will most like end up on a stick. As for the nut plate issue, the whole jet isn't as you explained especially with the LRIP jets the issue will never be resolved fully IMO. What a lot of people fail to
  2. One of the "perks" of the F-35 is a lot of training is done in the simulator. The pilots can stay current without putting a ton of hours on the airframe for stupid stuff like FAM flights. I know my jet is nearing the end of its airframe's lifespan and will soon be on a stick somewhere. That being said the LRIP aircraft have a much longer lifespan and have been simplified in regards to fastener placement and quantity making it easier to access uncommon areas and return them to LO condition. I pity the bastards who have to insert the 700+ LO dots on one of the backbone panels. But that will simp
  3. Like the title and description say. Kit is open. Bags are sealed, box is in good shape. Too many kits in the stash. I'm not looking to make a fortune off this kit I just want someone to have it that will build it. $110 to your door(CONUS) Canada would be a bit more.
  4. EOTS windows look pretty clear. I believe the door for the boarding ladder can open farther, but with the fit issues you have been listing it might be hard to do without smashing it into the nose gear door. Good job on the canopy handles. Were they PE?
  5. One million dollars (insert dr evil meme)
  6. Venison. Soak in salt brine for 6-8 hours. Drain Equal parts apple cider and cranberry juice (a gallon of each should do) 1 pound brown sugar Marinate 1 1/2 - 2 days Smoke until you get the desired toughness. I recommend Misquite or oak for fuel Don't give any to your friends because you won't get any for yourself
  7. You will get some "droop" from gravity and lack of hydraulic pressure. The mechs will "usually" and I use that term loosely, raise the speed brake when they change the engine. After a few days it sags but only a couple inches. As for the hornets they lower the flaps, ailerons, and hor. stabs for maintenance purposes. I've witnessed some harrier pilots do some dumb stuff but they have the coolest landings. The best from test pilots at China Lake.
  8. Just got a 23 ounce hammer, you know for when I get fed up with the kit.
  9. The speed brakes are not linked to the landing gear in any way. There is a seperate switch. Pilots, contrary to popular belief, pilots are not the smartest critters on this planet and make mistakes more often than you might think. Which ever way you decide to build your kit it will be right. When in doubt, blame the pilot.
  10. I like that you decided to open the GIP "ground interface panel," cool idea.
  11. I scored a 737-800 in a trade (1:144) and all the windows are "cut out." This is my first airliner so here is what I'm guessing goes on. There are black window decals that I'm assuming go over these holes, then there are a few other decals that seem to be window shades in various degrees of being closed, some completely closed. Again I'm assuming these go over some of the already blackened windows at random. If I lay these decals down will Micosol cause these decals to: 1. sink in 2. tear 3. what can I expect from the water that seeps inside the kit through these holes? Like I said this is my
  12. I haven't been on ARC consistently for some time now and I had actually had the same idea for a GB. Let's get some details hammered out and I'll be in, that is if I can get a new bench built, and an air compressor or equivelant for that matter. I spent some time with VX-9 in 03-04 so I'm thinking the playboy bunny tomcat. Or maybe BF-1 or CF-1 from VX-23, depending on decals.
  13. Wasting no time I see. What's the old lady got to say about you kicking into high gear again? Enjoy the kits!!
  14. Does anyone live near Piney Point? Found a great house down there with a modeling room already built into the garage!!!! It's a bit longer of a drive but I'm not scared. Today was my last day with Sikorsky at VMFT-401. Good times, good people. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and making new memories.
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