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Best C-130 kits in 1/144th Scale

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Guys any opinions on the best kits of the C-130 in 1/144th scale?...Have heard mixed reviews on the Amodel and Minicraft kits...Any thoughts on what are the best?....Also do you know if any company is planning on releasing some aftermarket resin sets for those kits?...Thanks Marshall

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Hi Marshall,

I cant comment on the Amodel kit, I do have a couple of the Minicraft C-130's, that are in various states of progress or refurbishment. Here is a link to the one I had started back in 2009 that i didn't finish as i totally mucked it up and have striped it back to redo.


main noticeable errors are as follows

1.The air intake on the engines as they are moulded squarish instead of being rounded, something to do with the CAD programing at the time.

2. the nose seems to concave in too much but can be filled and reshaped.

3. wing root and the leading edges needed to be rounded off.

But to be honest, for me it looks like a C-130 ( A-E ) model, I am not a rivet counter by any means, So i would be happy to build this out of the box as is. I believe the J model version addresses the APU area. I know braz models had C-130 related resin parts mainly engine and -30 fuselage sections but that's all i know.



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