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Tamiya 1/35 M792 Gama Goat

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Hi All,


I have just recently joined ARC,and put my first post up 5 minutes ago. Here is my second post!


This is my completed Tamiya 1/35 Gama Goat, built OOB with no extras.


Build Summary
The kit went together perfectly. No issues apart from some ejector pin marks on the bottom of the vehicle, and a few on the inside of the front canvas cover. The paint job took me a month to do, as I was on and off, it is quite complex, but I tried my best. It was all airbrushed. Weathering was done with Tamiya panel liner and Vallejo Streaking grime, plus Tamiya Weathering Master sets. I chose not to chip the vehicle as I wanted to display a well maintained but stained vehicle.


As always I am concerned with the build, the finish and paint job, and not with historical accuracy or rivet counting, and am quite happy with this kit overall. I could have done a bit better with the side view mirrors as they broke off quite a few times.


I hope you all take the time to watch the videos - especially my new Time-lapse build (First one I have ever done) as it does take quite some time to do up.


Time-lapse Video Build






Final Reveal Video





Build Video Slideshow





Final Photos



























I hope you all liked the post!

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