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2X 1/48 Tamiya P-51D

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Just a quick update - I got the wings on the vallejo mustang as well as the airfix build. 


http://29348375577_6d96fc777b_k.jpgDual mustangs by Mike Long, on Flickr


Both wings have been puttied and sanded. I puttied the tamiya just to see how it looks. The Airfix build had such bad fit around the gun ports I figured I might as well putty the rest of the wing. Hopefully I can get the wing joins cleaned up and polished before I head back out of town for a week. 


thanks for watching!

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Posted (edited)

Well, a year and a half later this project is complete. It didn't turn out how I had envisioned, but I learned a lot and gained some new skills. 

It changed over time, I switched to one Tamiya and one Airfix. The Tamiya was build using AK extreme metals over a Tamiya gloss black primer.

The Airfix was Vallejo metal paints over a Vallejo gloss black primer.

I found both paints turned out very well. The Vallejo was easiest to use, as it was water based. Also, the variations in color was more noticeable than the AK paint.

I liked the AK paints better, and were very durable. 

I used Aeromaster decals on the Airfix mustang with no issues. 

I used Repliscale decals for the Tamiya, and they were terrible (as my other post showed). 

Anyway, here are the final results. 







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