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  1. I have been watching too and am humbled by the prospect of death and tragedy that those men faced every time they flew a mission. Truly a remarkable generation. It is only the fact that all those lost lives truly made a difference to the outcome that balance out the tragedy.
  2. That is an awesome collection! I try to reduce my stash but it seems to stay the same size. Haven't figured that out yet.🤔
  3. I live near the USMC museum in Quantico, VA. I reached out to them to see if they would be interested in having some display models. I heard back from them today and they asked me to send a list and pictures and they would get back to me. Fingers Crossed 🤞
  4. I have come up with a solution. I have taken pictures of all the models I have built over the years. The problem is there is no way to look at them as a collection. I started thinking if I could put them in book form with details about each build I could convince myself that it would be ok to get rid of the built models. Every few years I would just have to make a new book. I need to look into Snapfish to see what the cost would be to make a picture book . I will let you know. I have contacted the local VFW but I have not heard back from them. Geoff M
  5. This is possibly a fake news item.
  6. Ah yes that's where I saw it. Great job!
  7. Thanks for the ideas. In the past I have given some to the grandkids and sometimes I just strip any good parts and toss em out. If I have to store them I might as well trash them. I would never get them out again. I like Phantoms idea of selling them. I would be interested to know how he does that.
  8. I have hit a brick wall in my modelling. I have run out of shelf space to display any new builds. At this point I will need to get rid of something to be able to display a new build. It has destroyed the mojo. The problem is I don't want to get rid of anything. First world problems I guess.
  9. That is a highly opened ended argument. When do we declare they aren't going to do a F-35C?
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