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    Scale Modelling (of course), concentrating in U.S. 1/48 jets and wwii props although I am currently locked in a stare down with a 1/350 scale USS Arizona. Bicycling, road and mountain.

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  1. How about Tadej Pogacar beating Primoz Roglic by 59 seconds after being behind 57 seconds coming into the Time Trial, UPHILL. Geoff M
  2. I used to be a fan, Redskins 😬. But I started watching the tour de france and other bike races. I will tell you those guys on bikes make football players look like fat wimps. They run a play and go over to the sidelines and take oxygen for 10 minutes. The guys on bikes race 21 day at over 100miles/day up mountains where the oxygen is thin and never stop. Real athletes. Just my opinion. Football is too political now anyway. I watched the kc game and everybody had some statement to make. 30 minutes of politics and apologies and staying in locker rooms and kneeling, etc. I can watch ms
  3. Kurt, Sorry to hear of your loss. I know waht you are going through. Keep up the good work. Your work on this group and your models is appreciated. Geoff M
  4. This could be in anticipation of theF-4G. When the G's mounted 4 AGM-88 HARMs ( one on each pylon) the outboard pylons had to be canted so the fins on the missiles would clear the landing gear. Geoff M
  5. I did see them on Amazon with a ship date in Oct or Nov. Which makes me think either they don't have them and are putting a date out there when they might be available or they are coming by slow boat from china.
  6. I have a Grex among others and it is my go to airbrush because of the pistol grip. Geoff M
  7. I blinked and missed the release of the FJ-2. They were gone in a hurry. Did they not do a big release or is just that popular. I have been waiting for a restock at the usual on-line shops. No luck. I do see them listed on numerous ebay shops presumably chinese shops. I prefer to deal with shops I know and have been reliable. When we they be available again. Geoff M
  8. Shame about the gear. Looks great! Geoff M
  9. Ditto! My is on the way. Geoff M
  10. I have built all 3. In the end they look like T-38s. If you require more detail then you will like the wolfpack kit better. The trumpeter kit has dimension problems from reading about it i did not measure it. Main difference to me is the panel lines. Geoff M
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