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  1. I've been indoors all day. Geoff M
  2. The article stated the Buff would get the AESA radar similar to what is in the F-18E/F and take the place of the EVS system so it is removed. Geoff M
  3. Nice little diorama there. Maybe a picture of the whole scene? Geoff M
  4. I suppose you reeeeealy want us to watch this video. Geoff M
  5. Had not heard that. My December issue of Air Force magazine showed the final configuration in an artist's impression and it had the new engines on it. Geoff M
  6. Classic model of a classic aircraft. Looking forward to your build. Geoff M
  7. The B-52 is starting a upgrade program to replace engines, radar and other things. Read about it here Geoff M
  8. Lots of good information here on a subject most don't know about (Me). Geoff M
  9. Good luck on your new adventure and keep us posted. Geoff M
  10. Hi Just finished this kit and it was fun to build. More pics HERE. Thanks for checking it out. Geoff M
  11. My latest completion. Z-M F-4E early with Zotz decals and Mr. Color lacquer paints. Kit was built out of the box, but I did add bombs and the jamming pod from Eduard. Didn't need any putty. Joy to build. Thanks for looking. I have another Z-M Phantom on the bench right now. A F-4S along with a Hasegawa F-4S. One will be a Marine and the other a Navy bird. Geoff M
  12. Top notch! Gotta love a P-51. Geoff M
  13. lookin good, is that the DCANG? Geoff M
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