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  1. Still waiting on cockpit details. While I am waiting I started doing some painting. Hoping I can put it all together with some minor touch ups. bang seat This particular F-16 still had the original paint scheme of 36375 lower fuselage, 36270 sides and vert stab, 36118 upper fuselage. here is the bottom painted up and the intake installed. Upper fuselage Wings, I filled the unused holes for the inner pylon since I will be leaving them off. A bunch of little things painted Landing gear pain
  2. It looks like the stab in the picture I posted. I removed the probe on the leading edge. Geoff M
  3. I will have to check on that. Thanks for the heads up. Geoff M
  4. That looks like a cool kit. Looking forward to the finished product. Geoff M
  5. The Monogram kit is OK. If you want to have better result I would go with a Hasegawa F-15. I haven't built one of those in a while but I know it is supposed to be a C model. Shouldn't be too hard to backdate to an A model. I don't have any experience with the Tamiya kit but I believe it isn't up to their current standards being released back in the 70's. I believe the current version of the Monogram kit has been updated to be a C model with the featherless burner cans and is now in the Revell line but it does lack a bit of finesse and detail, but it still builds up to a nice looking kit.
  6. Hi again, I started working on the kit, while I am waiting on the cockpit details. Sort of doing a series of sub assemblies. I am thinking of painting the fuselage and wings before putting them together instead of masking and painting. We will see. Here is some progress so far: A nice looking bang seat. I have not dealt with this yet I have removed all the details from the kit cockpit while waiting on the Quinta parts. Some work on the intake. I know, there's a seam still The Academy kit ve
  7. Weathered but it is subtle, I likeit. Geoff M
  8. I ordered the Quinta 3d decal for a F-16A. Geoff M
  9. I really see where you use information. Your outstanding Mosquito, Mustang and Corsair builds show that you really research and study your subjects. So you gather lots of information. I can appreciate that there is more info out there. My finding with more information as it relates to modelling is it rarely answers questions or mysteries, it only creates more questions and mysteries (what paint is the best olive drab?). Just like in this forum when someone makes an absolute statement about his experience or knowledge it is a guarantee that someone will post a picture that throws doubt into
  10. I am going for an F-16A from the 906TFG out of Wright-Patt AFB. Reserve unit that was there when I was stationed there in the 80's. I have been collecting the necessary ingredients to make it a proper A model. Here is a sample. The kit I am starting with- Hasegawa F-16N #V7 The appropriate smaller horizontal stabs from Quickboost, ACES seat and a nice looking burner can. The Academy F-16 kit is donating an appropriate vertical stab. Two Bobs stencil decals This is what I am hoping for:
  11. When I started this topic I didn't have facebook (still don't) so I could not post on there. I don't know if anyone else has. It has been interesting to read all the different views, and since I have no business need for people to see my posts I think I will stick with the forums and not join facebook. Geoff M
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