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    Scale Modelling (of course), concentrating in U.S. 1/48 jets and wwii props although I am currently locked in a stare down with a 1/350 scale USS Arizona. Bicycling, road and mountain.

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  1. Looking really nice. Impressive.
  2. Not an expert but probably used to keep you from getting shot down as you approach the airfield for landing. Some sort of prearranged combination of lights to let people on the ground know you are a friendly? Geoff M
  3. I am a phantom phan, but the F-22 is the guy who can sneak up on you in the locker room and pull your shorts down. 😃 Geoff M
  4. Awesome build. Great attention to detail. Geoff M
  5. I guess you didn't click the link? Says new tool.
  6. I thought I read here that it was a typo of some sort and it is really the 1:72 reissued. Looks like we really are getting a new tool 1:48 SR-71. Very cool! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-tbd-sr-71-blackbird--1265498
  7. So sorry to hear this news. I know I would be lost to without my wife.
  8. Tamiya holds their cards very tight to their chest. No way to know. As for other manufacturers, no one has announced anything. My opinion, we have 4 manufacturers (Tamiya, Monogram, Italeri, Hobby Boss) who have released the 1/48 A-10s over the past few decades. The A-10 does not rise to the level of demand (desirability) of a P-51 or ME/BF-109 so probably not on any manufacturers hot list right now. Geoff M
  9. Steel Beach stuff is available at Sprue Brothers https://store.spruebrothers.com
  10. Storage and display room is another problem. I can probably display around 100 planes in 1/48th. About a year ago the shelves were full. So I pulled down any model that I had unbuilt duplicates (or triplicates or more) and put them in a big box and put them in the recycle bin. It is getting near time to do that again. I do try to take photos of all of the builds so that I at least have something to look at. My wife says I should give them to the grand kids. My try that too. Geoff M
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