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  1. You are too modest, your work is excellent.
  2. Maybe? 🤔 But I am the same. lol
  3. Thanks for the tips. Can I be Dutch's friend too. Seriously. Done a trade or two with him, great guy.
  4. Can you detail the category you list them under on Ebay. I think it might be worth a try. Any trouble with broken items from shipping mishaps. tia
  5. Sorry to hear your news and pray that you will receive the proper care and treatment to overcome this diagnosis. Every model builder goes through this dilemma of what to do with the built collection. I live near the Marine Museum in Quantico, VA. Reached out to them and asked if they would be interested my collection. After some back and forth with them they agreed to take some, but that is as far as it went. They never got back with me to have some delivered. So, a museum is an option if you are near one, some people suggest libraries. If you have veteran organizations near they
  6. The D added afterburner which probably accounts for the difference in the tail pipe.
  7. Read about it here: Is ARC out of business....? - General Discussion - ARC Discussion Forums (arcforums.com)
  8. Beware of profiles regarding accuracy even tho they look cool.
  9. Don't see those too often...Good job
  10. I think it is a what-if idea. That seems cool.
  11. Coming right along. Can't wait for the finished product.
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