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  1. Did they allow German planes to carry live weapons? Just curious if it was only U.S. Geoff M
  2. I have built recently the SWS F-4D, Academy F-4C, and HobbyBoss FB-111A. Each came with a pretty extensive set of weapons. I spent the 3-4 days assembling them. No painting just getting them all together. I will paint them when I get them matched up with the proper aircraft. Quite a lot of stuff. Geoff M
  3. I think that is what I am going to do. But I am going to start with some of the stuff that has come in the kits I have built lately. The tamiya and amk f-14s came with a lot of nice weapons. Geoff M
  4. Thanks for putting this group together Eracubsfan. It was fun to be involved and see all the other great kits. We need more of these. Geoff M
  5. It has been a while, but I have built them both. I would say I prefer the Hasegawa kit for ease of building. The front end of the Kinetic kit has you deal with the refueling probe and it is a bit more complicated. I also think the panel lines stand out a little more consistently on the Hasegawa. In the end they both make up into nice looking planes. The Kinetic probably has more up to date details. Good luck Geoff M
  6. I have purchased several different weapons sets for my aircraft models and I rarely use them. One reason is many of the nicer kits come with their own weapons that are very good. The biggest reason is weapons are usually the last thing I do when it comes to building a kit and I tend to rush through to the finish line. I was thinking maybe I would just think of the weapons sets as a "kit" and put all of the pieces together and detail and paint them up just like if I was building an aircraft. Then when I needed weapons I could just pull out all those bombs and missiles and hang them on the p
  7. In the same general theme, all that you wrote, the after market pictures, and the rationale for the build yada yada, then the pictures... of the cockpit... 100 pictures of the cockpit...and then it dies no more updates.ðŸĪŠ
  8. This could ruin me financially, but it will be worth it Geoff M
  9. Very interesting. Inclusion of a stand? Hope that doesn't mean there is no landing gear. Geoff M
  10. You are supposed to build "out of the box" not in the box. 😁 Geoff M
  11. Excuse my ignorance but what is that blue thing hanging from the missile rail on NE106 in the pics above. I have never seen that before. Geoff M
  12. I knew they were cross-cockpitting with the Navy, putting AF guys in The EA-6B. Didn't know it carried over to the EA-18G. Did the AF contribute to the development of the Growler? Would they ever consider bringing them on board for the AF or is it just not seen as an important enough task to consider spending money on it. I read in previous posts that the AF goes about it differently so I guess the idea of dedicated platforms for every mission is just too expensive. Geoff M
  13. The Navy has had dedicated EW planes for several decades now. The newest is the EA-18G. The USAF tried the EF-111A for awhile and abandoned them. Does the AF believe it is unnecessary or do they have something to take the place of a dedicated aircraft? Geoff M
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