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  1. 6 months ago I might have bought this but I already built one of these, however I would certainly like to see more WW2 stuff!
  2. I recently bought one and used it in assembling a 1/48 B-25. So it works with fairly large aircraft and can be adjusted to work with smaller ones too. Here is the link. Geoff M
  3. Thanks for your sacrifices. We are forever in your debt. Geoff M
  4. very clever where can i get one Geoff M
  5. another vote for spruebrothers
  6. Thanks for the info I need to find that. Geoff M
  7. I will check that out. Thanks Geoff M
  8. Working on this particular airplane and this picture shows what seems to be a tube running from just behind the nose glazing back to about the front wheel well. At the rear of the tube there is a bulge in the in the skin of the plane that the tube kind of wraps over. Any idea what this was? Would a piece of tubing correctly represent this? Thanks for any help. Geoff M
  9. I am working on a couple B-25's from the 345BG. A lot of these planes flew with belly mounted cameras that faced rearward to capture bomb damage assessment. I am looking for a closeup of what these may have looked like. Any help appreciated. Geoff M
  10. Thanks to all the folks who have helped me shrink the stash. Here is a sample of some of the kits I have yet to sell. For a complete list of kits, just pm your email and I will send a complete list. Make me an offer I am very motivated to shrink the stash. Please include your zip code so I can estimate the shipping. 3 or more kits = free shipping AMT/ERTL P-40F #8795 P-40K #8794 P-40N #8798 HobbyCraft P-40C #HC1451 Sea Fury #HC1583 w/ Cooper Detail set for Sea Fury #CD4802 Sea Fury #HC1531 w/ Cooper Detail set for S
  11. Those look real good. Geoff M
  12. Complete Success!! I enjoyed it. We should do it again someday. Geoff M
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