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    Scale Modelling (of course), concentrating in U.S. 1/48 jets and wwii props although I am currently locked in a stare down with a 1/350 scale USS Arizona. Bicycling, road and mountain.

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  1. Here is my latest addition to the group build. WIP
  2. Here's another one done. Had fun with it. Enjoy. Thanks for looking. Geoff M
  3. Sorry Thadeus, I have already painted up the missiles. Anyway I finished this one and while it came out ok, it was not as much fun to build as the Tamiya kit. I had done the camo painting before I got the decals but after getting the notes on the paint scheme I had to go back and redo the front fuselage a bit. Not a big deal. I had a particularly bad time with the canopy. I chose to use the 1 piece canopy, in the closed position. The multi-piece version seems to be for open canopy only. It is not a drop-in fit. I ended up removing it after the painting and decaling to get rid of the g
  4. I believe he was referring to the wing jack and the fact that the wing was being held on by just that one attachment point at the front. Geoff M
  5. Wing can be down when it is parked. When the wing goes up the leading and trailing flaps go down even if the wings are folded. There is a good reference in this forum here. Geoff M
  6. I thought you would be done by now 😁 Geoff M
  7. I like foiling, it is kind of relaxing. I just recently started making my own foil. Now I have an unlimited supply. Geoff M
  8. Thanks for the lesson in foiling. Looking good. Geoff M
  9. Great work. Look forward to more. Geoff M
  10. Good to have you on board. Looking forward to some progress Geoff M
  11. Neat subject and good job. Geoff M
  12. Very simple for me. Finish what I am working on before I start something new. No shelf of doom. Geoff M
  13. Time to catch up. Thanks for following along with this and I hope you don't mind my comparison of the 2 kits. This one is taking longer than the Tamiya F-14. If Tamiya hadn't come out with there kit, I would say this is the best F-14 in 1/48th because of the detail they put into it (whether or not you think the detail is correct is up to you). That being said it is harder to work on. First off, there is a ton of parts spread out among 10 or so sprues, not including all the weapons they include. Secondly, the instruction are graphical with parts numbers and smallish diagrams and hundreds o
  14. Craig, Its too late, I saw it while it was going on (maybe its still going on 🤓) I didn't contribute.
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