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  1. Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope it doesn't keep you away from the bench. Geoff M
  2. Here are some kits I finished over the last couple months. All of them 1/48th and pretty much out of the box. Tamiya F4U-1D HobbyBoss F6F-5 (Wings folded to hide the bulbous canopy. HobbyBoss FM-2 Hasegawa F/A-18D Thanks for looking Geoff M
  3. Hasegawa F/A-18D I did not do a work in progress on this particular model. I dove into it and had it pretty well done before I thought of taking any pictures. My intention was to do A WIP, but it didn't turn out that way. Anyway here are some pictures. This was an out of the box build, including the decals. It went together smoothly. I did add a couple mk83 1000 pounders, sidewinders (from leftover AMK F-14) and a Sparrow (Also AMK) Thanks for looking. Geoff M
  4. I really like the way these pictures show life on a carrier deck. All the action, the efficiency, and danger. Thanks for posting. Geoff M
  5. Was browsing Squadron.com yesterday and noticed that they have numerous items from Reskit including these f-111 escape modules in stock. Geoff M
  6. I use a type of elmers glue that is clear. I use it to attach canopies that may be too easy to mess up with plastic cements or super glue. The nice thing about it is you can typically remove the canopy when all the painting is done with no damage and the glue can be removed with water and a little scrubbing with a cotton swab. Then you can pose the canopy open. Geoff M
  7. Great turn out. Thanks for the pictures. Geoff M
  8. I agree with your analysis. It seems some people can only build models like you build a 500 piece puzzle. Just put the parts together like the instructions show. If a part does not fit right the kit is inaccurate. Nobody talks about doing some modelling. Fixing things that can be fixed. Thick edges... thin them. Maybe I am to easy to please. Geoff M
  9. Weathering is all wrong and the panel lines are too deep. Shipping is probably a real problem too. 🤪 Geoff M
  10. I'll second a new B-26 Marauder series and I think we could use a series of AD/A-1 Skyraiders starting with the AD-4. Geoff M
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