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  1. I know! And yet it's true! I have a Bonnie and Clyde duo of cats that like to bat parts off my workbench and then watch as my dog eats them.
  2. No worries, whenever you get a chance. thanks, Mike
  3. Awesome! Let me know what I can give you for it! Mike
  4. John, Send me your address, I have a spare I'll send you. Mike
  5. I've been going through all my kits and trying to make sure they are complete. Over the years I have sold/traded kits with extra parts and now have several kits that are lacking. I have a 1/48 Hasegawa F-18B I've been able to piece together with spares but missing the PE fret that comes in the kit. If you have a spare set you'd be willing to trade/sell please contact me. cheers, Mike
  6. I have a lot of kits that are missing parts here and there. One I found is a revell EA-6A that is missing the left fuselage and main canopy. If anyone has a stalled build or a kit they parted out and would happen to have these parts, please contact me. thanks, Mike
  7. I found I have two Revell EA-6As without decals. Would like to find a set of fur balls decals, partials is fine. Lots of other decals to trade or willing to buy. thanks! Mike
  8. I need any version of the revell/monogram F-117. If you've got one you could sell cheaply or willing to trade. Mine is 85% build and my dog hold of the nose piece #30 and destroyed it. I struck out with revell, stating the kit is no longer in stock and no parts available. any help is appreciated. Mike
  9. Anyone have this kit they'd be willing to sell or trade? If interested in trade, send me some things you'd be willing to trade for and I'll see what I can do. thanks, Mike
  10. I need part #30 from monogram F-117 Stealth. My little cat likes to get parts from my desk and drop them on the ground so my dog can eat them. Clearly, they enjoy watching him get in trouble. Anyway, if you have a spare parts kit I can continue with this build. thanks, Mike
  11. Thanks for all the input! I checked amazon and they had it in stock for about $50 shipped for UK, not bad at all. BNA was about $65 with shipping. I was able to find a hobby boss C for $25 w/ shipping and I already had 2 Rafale Bs in the stash. One is sealed and the other is apparently missing a few parts, so that pretty well decided that. With the leftover parts, I can pick up a Wolfpack upgrade set if I need another B at a later date. cheers! Mike
  12. It seems Revell of Germany kits are getting harder to find in the US. Anyone know where I can find the new Rafale C in the US? I've been wanting to build one of these and had planned to mash a B and an M together. I've seen them on Ebay but shipping is more than the kit. TIA! Mike
  13. Same here, I've sanded and it still doesn't sit right. No doubt my building up of the nose has something to do with it, but a little instruction with diagram for those of us modeling-impaired would be greatly appreciated!
  14. I am missing the clear parts for my 1/48 Hasegawa A-7D. If you have a spare set I'd be willing to buy/trade for them. TIA, Mike
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