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  1. Nice work! It really turned out great! They're a lot of effort, but worth it when finished!
  2. Ok, thank you! I appreciate the explanation as well!
  3. Can you sand out the print lines in 3D printed parts? I have a set of pylons that have amazing detail, but obvious print lines. thanks Mike
  4. It’s the 1/48 sheet. If you have it tgat would be great and I’d be glad to pay you for them. I’m in no rush, I only really need the fuel tank markings from it. cheers Mike
  5. I was only there for about a year before we converted to the strike eagle. I'll never forget the roar of those things taking off though.
  6. I have this same build in my stash. I'll follow your lead as your skills are far better than mine!
  7. If I could do work like that, I'd never finish a build! Why close all that great detail inside a kit that will never be seen?! I guess the old saying, "you know it's in there", but that's some amazing work!
  8. The build is coming along nicely!! I started my AF career working F-111Fs at Lakenheath! It's always nice to see a build of one. That's no easy feat, as I've only managed to get one full built!! Keep up the good work, can't wait to see her finished.
  9. I have kits that I know I will most likely never get around to building. All are 1/48, prices do not include shipping but will be at actual cost. Trade wants at the bottom. Kitty Hawk SU-34 w/ Two Bob Syrian SU-24/34 decal sheet $80 - PENDING Kinetic Su-33 w/ dream models PE cockpit $75 Great Wall Hobby SU-35 $75 Eduard Su-22M3 w/ cutting edge resin exterior set and engine nozzle (bagged, no instructions - I got the kit this way). $50 KP SU-17M3 w/ Aires cockpit and Eduard PE $45 Zvezda Yak-130 w/ Quinta Studio interior $50 My zip is 45039 for s
  10. Those are the same group that got me for $20. Then the paypal was for some other named person. I should’ve known better, but it was only hit I got for that decal sheet. Grr!
  11. I just got message: The only guy I know that might have one, or know where one is freeman. Dayvee I haven't seen him on here for a long time. He also didn't return my last couple of phone calls. (I don't think I ever did anything to get on his shoot list.) Here's his email freeman_corey@aol.com
  12. Yep, lesson learned. Just dont want anyone else getting it.
  13. The authentic vfa-81 sunliners sheet. I just needed a set of lo vis fuel tank markings.
  14. They're everywhere, and I fell right into it. I was looking for an authentic decals sheet to finish a project. I got a message from a user, we'll call him Rod. He didn't have it, but his friend was selling it for a good price, "email him directly." I didn't think to check Rod's account, which was brand new. I emailed his friend, he had it, we haggled and settled on $20. Asks to PayPal him friends and family, gives an account with a completely different name. In my excitement of finding the sheet to finish my project I dive right in. 2 weeks now, no response to messages, surprisingly Rod h
  15. that is really outstanding! I would love to see a step-by-step on how you achieved the weathering. The worn, weathered paint is just amazing!
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