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  1. I’m looking for this sheet to use in my Hobbyboss SU-30. willing to buy or trade for it. thanks! Mike
  2. I realize their stuff is getting pretty rare, but maybe someone has this in their stash. willing to trade or buy. thanks MIKE
  3. Colin, I'm interested in the Polish viper. What are you asking for it? Interested in any trades>? Mike
  4. Unfortunately he only has 1/72 F-16D left. the hunt is still on...
  5. Looking for a foreign user boxing of the kinetic f-16D. Started kit is fine also. I mostly need upper fuselage and spine parts. I have other 1/48 kits to trade. Let me know what you’re looking to trade it for so I can put some offers together. tia mike
  6. Update: the decals I ordered at the beginning of the month (October 3) arrived today. The seller sent me copy of receipt that it was mailed on time, post mark confirmed. Unbelievable
  7. That's what I'm thinking happened. One was an order from Two Bobs. He replaced it right away and it arrived in about a week. The other we're working through eBay. the seller just put stamps on it and dropped it in the mail. We agreed to give it a month, then they'd refund. I just wonder how many other packages are just "disappearing" these days.
  8. Hi Mike,

    I believe I have one usable one.  I have it in storage. I'll take a look at it and let you know.  If it's usable I'll give it to you for the cost of shipping...


    I've been following your builds for years.  I have enjoyed them!

    1. longmc


      HI Blain,

      Sorry, are we talking about the F-16 fuselage? I put out a couple requests and kinda lost track.


      thank you for the complement! I don't seem to get much built these days.



  9. Oh yea, sorry!! for hasegawa 1/48 F-16D Will also take an upper fuselage section for a Kinetic F-16D thanks!
  10. Any update? They have a sheet for aggressor F-16Ds, and this appears to be the only game in town for two seaters these days. thanks, Mike
  11. I have had very, very few issues with ordering or trading items in nearly 30 years. However, I've had two orders disappear in a month. I know postal services are extremely slow, but these never showed up. I confirmed with both merchants when they shipped. Unfortunately, neither had tracking. I've read where people are just throwing mail in the trash. Anyone else experiencing this or am I just having a bad run? smh, Mike
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