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  1. I built my first hasegawa hornet 25 years ago with these decals. Over time the kit has fallen apart, so I decided I would tear it down and refurbish it. However, in doing so some of the decals were damaged. I also didn't know how to sand curves at the time, so both fuel tanks have flat spots along the seams. I don't need a full sheet. I could actually get away with just the 113 markings for the fuel tanks, but could also use the crew names around the canopy. I had to remove the glue spotted canopy and replace with a new one, which damaged the CAG's name on the port side.
  2. My kit arrived today from HK. I noticed the site has been updated to show if items are in stock at the US warehouse. that's a nice change.
  3. I have yet to receive anything, and just now got a shipping email from lucky models stating the container has shipped?
  4. I have a bunch of hasegawa kits, and some decal sheets with nice intake cover options. I know steel beach made some vinyl covers, but they're apparently gone. Some nice 3D printed sets would be way cool! thanks Mike
  5. I thought I had all these sheets, but I can't find them anywhere if I did. Would like to find sheets: 48-013 VFA-211 Checkmates 48-032 VFA-102 Diamondbacks thanks! Mike
  6. Larry, Check out seaforce.org I got several pictures of various squadrons fielding the SHARP pod.
  7. Same here. I ordered in December when they had the special shipping deal. Original invoice said air mail. A week later, I got my shipping invoice that stated surface, 2-6 mos. Feels a bit like a bait and switch, but it is what it is. nearly 4 months and still states it's waiting for pickup in china.
  8. Stefan, That's great info, thank you . I'm building an Academy B as a Marine aircraft from '66, so I it seems like it would not have any of these updates (antennas or gear covers). I have some Hypersonic mk5 early seats as well. My tamiya will be a later B from '68 so would have all of these.
  9. Thanks, Dave! Thats great info!
  10. Regarding the 4x antenna under the wing and the hump above the main gear. Tamiya calls out installing all. Academy doesn't mention them, but they're all in the kit. Some pictures I've found show the antenna, some without. I can't really tell about the upper wing. Can someone provide some insight about when and where these were added? thanks Mike
  11. Would like to trade for a Zouki **** F-4EJ, any boxing. Please let me know what you are looking for so I can narrow down a trade offer. I have lots of 1/48 and 1/35 kits. I'm in Ohio, thanks Mike
  12. Glad they worked out for you
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