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  1. I missed this sheet when it was out. If you've got one to spare, I'd like to trade or buy it from you. contact me directly: mikenjennylong@gmail.com thanks! Mike
  2. I got both of the Polish vipers from him. You can contact Collin to see if he still has the RSAF kits. cheers
  3. Scott, Awesome, thank you. I tried to search before posting, but it didn't return anything. Anyway, great to know. I will be ordering today!! cheers!
  4. Their last update on the site was pre-2020. I hate to see these smaller guys disappear. Doug did great work and very good prices. I'm finishing up a Kinetic hornet, and the wheels in that kit are horrible. The only other option I can find is reskit. cheers, Mike
  5. Something I've found that helped was to get kits already started and just finish them. I got a few from a friend, and then bought some online for cheap. Since they were already started, my thought was just finish them up as best I can with what I've got. Those kits actually turned out better than I expected and are some of my favorite builds. Maybe I'll have my wife post some of my started kits online so I can buy them from her....
  6. I need the eggplant SU-34 scheme markings for the VFC-12 F-18B. If you have the sheet, but used a different option I'll buy or trade for the F-18B markings. thanks! Mike
  7. Does anyone have an set of intake covers for the Hasegawa 1/48 super hornets? thanks! Mike
  8. Would like to find this sheet. I really just need the Kestrel markings. Willing to trade other sheets or aftermarket for it. please contact me directly. Mike
  9. Very long shot, I know. I would like the whole sheet, but just need the VFA-27 markings. I have other AB sheets, as well as many other sheets. If there's something you are looking for, I might have it. Will also trade kits, aftermarket, or decals. thanks, MIKE
  10. I'm missing some parts from a Hasegawa kit. I need the complete sprue B (wings, flaps, and slats). I can only assume that I put two sprue in one kit and later traded or sold it. I also need part C14, the Lower nose / nose gear well. I botched an aires wheel well install. The shrinkage on these things is unbelievable and there's not going back now. If you have any or all of these parts, I'd greatly appreciate them! I'm willing to buy or trade for them (willing to trade complete kits for the full wing sprue). thanks! Mike
  11. I have the academy sets. you're welcome to them. I don't believe I have the decal sheet for that kit any longer, but I have other GBU-31 decals. I also have some from the Hasegawa weapon set, and they have decals. Mike
  12. Mongo, I have a couple sets of these you can have. I used resin wheels for my Varks, so you are welcome to them. Mike
  13. Ordered new sheet! thanks Im looking for USAF CV-22 decals. willing to trade or buy. please contact me directly. thanks mike
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