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  1. Looking for the old black box cockpit, or squadron seats, wheels, etc. Also need decals, preferably any ANG units. thanks!
  2. I picked a Revell up at a show this weekend and it's pretty sparse, decals are shot. Would love to find some good markings for an ANG bird. thanks, Mike
  3. I missed the boat on the Caracal decals, but if anyone has this sheet even spares, please let me know. thanks, Mike
  4. Not yet. I'm planning to go to an IPMS show this weekend, maybe get lucky and find a deal on one!
  5. As a matter of fact I do have one in mind... a Tennessee ANG F-104B just like that one!!
  6. Well, how about that! thank you!!
  7. I know these are rare, and I'll take whatever leftovers you might have. I'm looking for: Victory Models 1/48 USAF/NASA F-104 starfighter Caracal (or any other) 1/48 B-58 hustler decals - any markings for Bunker Hill AFB based. thanks!
  8. I apologize if this has been asked elsewhere. Can I convert either kinetic 1/48 F-104DJ or the TF-104G into an ANG F-104B? thanks, Mike
  9. I'm looking for a trumpeter Su-24. Would prefer to trade but open to buy. If trading, let me know some things you might be after to help me come up with at better offer list. I have lots of 1/48 kits and aftermarket, 1/35 armor WW2 to modern (mostly US, Russian, and German). thanks, Mike in Ohio
  10. I can't find any information on what actually comes in the Hamilton Hobbies MQ-9B Sea Guardian upgrade set. I'm interested in what all it includes. Do you have any pictures? thanks, Mike
  11. I have a proxxon micromot 60EF. You have to buy the NG5 transformer for it, so it's a bit pricey. However, you can dial the speed down as low as you like.
  12. I could part with it. Send me a DM and we can work out details. Mike
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