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  1. Thanks for all the input! I checked amazon and they had it in stock for about $50 shipped for UK, not bad at all. BNA was about $65 with shipping. I was able to find a hobby boss C for $25 w/ shipping and I already had 2 Rafale Bs in the stash. One is sealed and the other is apparently missing a few parts, so that pretty well decided that. With the leftover parts, I can pick up a Wolfpack upgrade set if I need another B at a later date. cheers! Mike
  2. It seems Revell of Germany kits are getting harder to find in the US. Anyone know where I can find the new Rafale C in the US? I've been wanting to build one of these and had planned to mash a B and an M together. I've seen them on Ebay but shipping is more than the kit. TIA! Mike
  3. Same here, I've sanded and it still doesn't sit right. No doubt my building up of the nose has something to do with it, but a little instruction with diagram for those of us modeling-impaired would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I am missing the clear parts for my 1/48 Hasegawa A-7D. If you have a spare set I'd be willing to buy/trade for them. TIA, Mike
  5. You should do a step-by-step on how you painted these engines, they are some of the best I've ever seen!!
  6. Sorry for delay. I had to check my stash, but I have a super scale sheet with a Shaw AFB F-16B if interested. email me your address and I'll get it off to you. Mike
  7. anything specific? I have tons of viper decals mike
  8. My buddy gave me some nice kits, one being the Tamiya 1/35 challenger 1. It's missing a couple parts and I was wondering if anyone had a parts kit they'd be willing to part with, or at least a spare set of tracks. thanks! Mike
  9. That's the info I'm looking for! I need to figure out where that line is inside the intake. Ha, to decide what aircraft I'm building! I'll tell you I've narrowed it down to early 80's, VF-84, VF-111, VF-154, or VF-213 all over gloss gull gray. The VF-84 could be Tamiya straight OOB while the others will need modifications of one sort or the other. cheers, Mike
  10. I apologize if this has been asked already, but does anyone have good ref photo of where the paint demarcation line would be inside the intake for an overall gloss gull gray tomcat? TIA, Mike
  11. Anyone figured out the best way to fix the step in the windscreen/nose? I read that Kinetic was working on a revised windscreen, but that was back in 2016. thanks, Mike
  12. Long time listener, first time caller to armor modeling... I've been building aircraft for over 30 years, but just recently became interested in armor and vehicles. I want to build a late model tiger and have two options I'm interested in. Academy's new kit or tamiya 49504 w/ figures. I can get both for about the same price. I've built a couple of tamiyas older kits and like that their easy to build, but are more toy like. The academy seem more detailed and come with PE. Both lack zimmerit, but I can get slide decal version for tamiya and it comes with figures. that's about as far as my knowledge gets me on the differences. TIA! Mike the Noob!
  13. Just a quick update - I got the wings on the vallejo mustang as well as the airfix build. http://Dual mustangs by Mike Long, on Flickr Both wings have been puttied and sanded. I puttied the tamiya just to see how it looks. The Airfix build had such bad fit around the gun ports I figured I might as well putty the rest of the wing. Hopefully I can get the wing joins cleaned up and polished before I head back out of town for a week. thanks for watching!
  14. Of course, once Airfix releases the early fillet-less tailed D-5 I'll buy a case load of them!!
  15. Hey Cookie! How have you been? I hope all is well with you guys! You really can't beat the tamiya for ease of build and looks great when finished. The Meng kit is a true beauty, just costs a lot more. If you can paint the NMF parts before putting it all together would definitely make it worth it. Yea, I'm not completely sold on the airfix yet. Very soft plastic and lots of sink marks in the plastic. I painted all the control surfaces with Alclad and the flaps plastic is very "wavy ". My local hobby lobby now carries them and the P-40 for about $18, so that may change my mind!! I'm on the road for work the next 3 weeks, so nothing to post for a while.
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