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  1. This should be good! I've got both kits in the pile waiting for some inspiration
  2. Cool! Thanks, I think I got it figured out.
  3. Thanks Whiskey! Not sure, I didn't change anything from last night to today. I tried to open a Imgur account, but got stuck in a loop. I'll assume it's all related to my lack of computing skills.
  4. I've posted from Google before, so not sure why it's not working now. It's been a long time since I've posted anything and the site has changed so maybe that's it. Sorry.
  5. Hmm, not sure why you can't see them.
  6. I finally finished a kit! Mostly because it's a free started kit I got from my buddy Bob. He's retiring and clearing out his house, so I gained a good stack of started kits and extras. The Tamiya Thunderbird F-16 was one of them. Since it was already started, and Bob was going to throw it out if I didn't want it, made it a great kit to try some new techniques, test some paints, etc. It's the Tamiya 1/48 Thunderbird boxing OOB with the exception of the aggressor parts from the Tamiya F-16C/N kit. Decals are from Bullseye and were perfect. I apologize for quality of images, they're taken with my phone. I'll try and get some better one's later.
  7. I would swear I bought this sheet, but I cannot find it if I did. If you have this sheet I'm willing to buy or trade for other decals. Lots of 1/48 Afterburner, fur ball, etc. Please contact me directly as I don't always have access to this forum. thanks, Mike
  8. I know! And yet it's true! I have a Bonnie and Clyde duo of cats that like to bat parts off my workbench and then watch as my dog eats them.
  9. No worries, whenever you get a chance. thanks, Mike
  10. Awesome! Let me know what I can give you for it! Mike
  11. John, Send me your address, I have a spare I'll send you. Mike
  12. I've been going through all my kits and trying to make sure they are complete. Over the years I have sold/traded kits with extra parts and now have several kits that are lacking. I have a 1/48 Hasegawa F-18B I've been able to piece together with spares but missing the PE fret that comes in the kit. If you have a spare set you'd be willing to trade/sell please contact me. cheers, Mike
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