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Dryco Colors - source??

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Hey all, long time, health crap sucks, blah blah ... 🙂


Reading this month's SAM Pubs Model Aircraft Monthly there's a build

article on the 72 Academy F-22 and the author mentions a Brazilian company Dryco Colors that manufacturers a set of paints intended for the RAM schemes on F-22 and F-35 but didn't mention where to buy them.  I'm US and searched the online shops from SprueBros to Hannants to HLJ and don't see them on offer. Tried searching for the company but only found a FB page that freezes when I ask it to translate Portuguese to English.   I'd like to buy some and give it a try for my KH F-35C I haven't started yet, but not sure where to go from here.





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Looks like all they have is a Facebook presence.  I was able to get the comments translated no problem using Facebook's translate feature. They don't have a store, though I found two stores in Brazil that are or were carrying their line. One I ran through Chromes translation and they stated they just got some stock as a promotion and are not getting anymore. The other seems to be carrying the line but I don't know if they ship out of the country. You'd have to ask. Here's their URL:


You could also try e-mailing Dryco. Their e-mail address is dricodomingos@gmail.com . It seems that their paints are inks and the product line does look interesting. I'm surprised they don't at least have a product list on their Facebook page. I have no idea how they market their product. Maybe they just go to various hobby and art shops in Brazil and try to get them to carry their line.

Here's a description of their Light Gull Grey paint from the online store I posted above:


"DRYCO COLORS inks are developed to a high quality standard, with pure pigmentation and faithful to the proposed shades, always maintaining excellent performance throughout. Produced in the polyester, acrylic or lacquer categories, its tones were developed with the purpose of presenting the highest fidelity possible in the historical colors of the automodelismo and, following of the civil and military aviation as well as in the militaria. Along with the line of paints the DRYCO COLORS provides primer and special thinner that does not change the color.

DRYCO COLORS inks are used in many segments of modeling, such as plastimodelismo, ferreomodelismo and automodelismo, having great results in the painting of bubbles for cars and in plastimodelismo the possibility of using the bi-component varnish that provides the highest brightness and depth. 

Volume: 60ml 
Dilution: Product already duluído. If further dilution is necessary, use DRYCO COLORS or Pu 454 Lazzuril diluent."


Let us know what you find out and if you end up getting any of their paints. Always interested in new ways to dispose of what little money I have 😉

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