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Offering lots of U.S. bombs/missiles/external stores in various scales

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I have the following U.S. bombs & external stores in my stash left over from various plastic kits. All are unassembled/unpainted, unless otherwise noted. I have no need for them so I’m hoping they can go to better use elsewhere. Paypal is preferred payment method for shipping (to the U.S. starts at $6.75, FYI. PM me with your interests):




Stinger missiles (x4) w/ clear parts & pylons (dual-mount)

AGM-114 Hellfire (x4) w/ clear parts & pylons (dual-mount)

AIM-7 Sparrow (x2) w/ fuselage-mount braces

ALQ-87 ECM pod (assembled, not painted)




AV-8B wing tanks with pylons (x2)

F-16 centreline fuel tank w/ pylon

F-18 centreline fuel tank w/ pylon (assembled, not painted)




GBU-8 (x4) TVGB

GBU-10 1000-lb LGB (x2)

Pave Knife Pod (x2)

AGM-88 HARM (x2)

AGM-84 Harpoon (x2)

AGM-62 Walleye (x2)

AGM-45 Shrike (x2)

AGM-12B Bullpup (x4)

AGM-12C Bullpup (x2)

SUU-23 20mm gun pod (x2)

HIPEG 20mm gun pod (x2)

Mk. 20 Rockeye (x6) w/ TER pylons

ALQ-131 ECM pod (x1)

ALQ-119 ECM pod (x1)

ALQ-101 ECM pod (x2)




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@RCAF*100 - If still available, I would like to acquire the following items from you:



Unguided rocket pods, 2x7 rockets each (assembled, not painted)

AIM-9S Sidewinder (x4)



A-10A centreline fuel tank (no pylon)

Pair of wing tanks, possibly for AV-8B (assembled, not painted)

AV-8B ventral gun pods (pair)

SUU-30A/B cluster bomb dispensers (x8) w/ individual pylons

BLU-27 Napalm (x2) (no pylons)


 AGM-78 Standard ARM (x2) w/ pylons


I do not have PayPal so this may be an obstacle to this transaction.  Also, U.S.A. address zip 98383.

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