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  1. Heritage Aviation and Aeroclub models both used to make a 1:48 nose conversion set for the Hunter T.7 Kind of a long shot but by any chance does someone have one of these they are willing to sell? I'm having a hard time finding any 2-seat Hawker Hunter variants in 1:48 scale
  2. rcaf*100

    LF 1/48 F-101B Cockpit

    That one has been OOP for a very long time. If you find it be prepared to pay handsomely!
  3. I think I can help. Have the turret mount and rear seat, assembled & painted but no 30 Cal. Gave up on the kit but kept the bits for some reason. Interested?
  4. I've got what you're after. PM me with your address. Cheers!
  5. rcaf*100


    Looking for spare parts for Italeri's H04S/H-19. I picked one up but it is missing a few detail pieces. Hoping someone has the right main gear strut to part out?
  6. I may have a canopy that will work for you if you still need it...
  7. Did you get what you needed? I saw these in my stash the other day
  8. I may have some of these if you're still looking...?
  9. Offering this decal sheet from Hasegawa's 1:48 F-86F in colorful USAF markings (kit #07213). Plan to build with aftermarket so I will never use these. Located in Canada. Whoever wants them just pay shipping and they're yours! Better quality photos available on request.
  10. Ladies/Gents, Going through my stash I found a nearly complete set of Eagle Strike 32016 "Kosovo Eagles" (just the national insignia missing) and a brand-new set of 1:32 Modern Jet Aircraft instrument decals from Airscale... will probably never use them. Any takers?