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  1. Are you still looking for this one? I have one I'd be willing to part with
  2. Offering a very nice older kit, Dragon's 1992 release of the He-162 Salamander in 1:48. Box open, and in fact missing a few detail parts. HOWEVER I will throw in a resin cockpit set from Aires which replaces some of the missing parts. The kit is unstarted and the original decals and photoetch are included. Canada Post rates are a little steep so I will let it go for $20 US plus shipping to whoever wants it.
  3. If anyone has the optional red & white nose art decals and the letters "PR" left over from Leading Edge's Western Canada P-51D's (decal sheet #72-80) I could use a spare set of each (see photo). Thanks in advance, rcaf*100 
  4. Hey D, let me know if this is still up for grabs. I may be interested.
  5. I've got you covered, Dutch. The version I have planned doesn't call for it, so the parts are set aside for you! rcaf*100
  6. J'ai lu correctement que vous avez deux cockpit CMK pour le P-40E en echelle 1:48?
  7. Thanks Marc, unfortunately these are very different shapes.
  8. Not sure if my F-86 kit comes with any pylons, but if it does they are yours!
  9. I am working on a unique project that requires a couple of large float sponsons, would anyone happen to have one left over from Kittyhawk's 1:32 Kingfisher kit? I understand the kit has an optional land-based version with retractable gear. If you opted for that build, this thread is for you 😉 Will gladly pay a fee including all shipping costs for the main float. Thanks in advance!
  10. If you're the type of person whose interest is peaked by the rare & hard to find, you've arrived at the right thread... I am looking for this resin conversion set which depicts a couple of nicely cast floats for the Junkers Ju-52 in 1:48 scale. It was produced by Master X, a Czech manufacturer, and happens to be a near perfect match for a significant project I have in the pipe. I would be willing to pay well if someone has these to offer, and would be very grateful for any info that could lead me to it. Thanks in advance!
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