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  1. Hi Sean, The price shown is just for the aftermarket... I do have an old ProModeler kit which may have a few pieces missing and the decals are no good. I believe it is from the same moulds as the Monogram kit (which the above parts are designed for). PM me if you want to work something out for the bundle.
  2. PRICES REDUCED! Thinning the stash, everything is 1:48 unless otherwise noted... Prices are in USD but shipping will be from Canada, Paypal only at this time. Thanks for looking! Package Deals Me-262 Jabo 1:48 full plastic kit by Dragon/DML with original photoetch & decals, and complete resin/photoetch detail set by Verlinden (all for $50 USD) Misc Aftermarket for Aircraft Parts Included for Kit USD Aires 4212 He-162 Resin cockpit set
  3. Soundguy007 do you require all 3 of your Hobbycraft kits for your build? I've been looking for one.. maybe we could discuss a deal.
  4. If anyone has a clear canopy from a junked 1:48 Avro Anson or in their spare parts bin please let me know, thought I was getting a deal on the old Classic Airframes kit and ended up with a busted windscreen part instead. Will pay shipping.
  5. Hi Rick, Do you still have these decals? Just did a quick search and found your post. You've peaked my interest. Regards, Mike
  6. What parts are you after specifically? I have a ton of resin parts for this kit so I won't be using a lot of the plastic parts... rcaf*100
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