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Research to Model an Airline’s Specific Plane

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Hello everyone.

I’m doing research to model the first airplane I ever flew on for the upcoming anniversary, but I’m having some difficulties finding the needed info. Does anybody know if there is a flight log site or something that lists past flights? It was an international flight coming into the USA. I know the date, route, time and I’m almost certain of the type of aircraft but I want to know the particular aircraft if possible as each had variant paint jobs.

Unfortunately I can’t contact the airline (Transbrasil) as they’ve been defunct for almost 20 years.

Thanks for any help

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for something 20 years ago, I think you are out of luck. Flightradar24 lets you go back in time to see what aircraft were flying, but that only goes back a few years. You might just have to take a best guess at it.


 they seem to have had a relatively small fleet. 31 B737's (both 300 and 400) and only 14 B767's (boh 200 and 300). if you know the aircraft type and the date, you can narrow down your guesses. after that just pick a reg you like and go for it!



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