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  1. martin_sam_2000

    calling all mustang experts

    That's actually a great photo!. If you look at my earlier post, you will see the fin fillet front lines up almost with the aft edge of the national insignia. Your pictures, while it doesn't show the fin, shows enough of the rear fuselage to see that there is NO fillet at that time! That would be a perfect reference. Camo lines, kill markings, weathering. It is a perfect "in the moment" reference, and as it has invasion stripes, you can do the build for the D-Day GB!! Sean
  2. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Italeri Spitfire decals

    are you talking about the faded RAF or USAAF roundels? Sean
  3. martin_sam_2000

    Thunder over Michigan 2019, Aug 3 & 4

    wings of the north F4u-4 added. 6 Corsairs!! Sean
  4. found this... http://www.westway-aircraft-models.com/ Sean
  5. martin_sam_2000

    calling all mustang experts

    That P-51 was one of the first 800 P-51D's that were built WITHOUT a dorsal fin. It was most likely delivered and entered service without one. That being said, the dorsal fin was provided as a field mod kit and was added to many of the aircraft in the field. You can even find pictures of the fin added to P-51B/C's.( although the last few "C" models built rolled of the line with the fillet added For example, this famous picture has both fined and non-fined D models: and here is a "C" model with one fitted in the field: now, to answer your question about the discrepancies, the pictures I can find do not show the tail, only the nose. Many people may have made assumptions one way or another. it may even have had no fillet at first, then had one added. Without any real photographic proof, it can go either way. Do what makes your heart happy!! Sean
  6. depending on price, I might get one of these! It would look good beside my A-1's. Sean
  7. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 MPM He 177A-5 with Nautilus wing spar

    Very cool! Gonna follow this build for sure. The historical pictures I have seen do not do that nacelle justice. It is so much beefier than I would have guessed. Looking forward to seeing more, Sean ohh...and I have a three year old who loves to "Make airplanes with Daddy" but I guess I have been lucky cause she hasn't broken anything yet! I just give her a couple of small clamps, and old brush, a file, some sand paper and a few toy planes to mess around with. Fingers crossed for the future of my collection.
  8. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Tamiya He-162

    This is one of the 4 kits I will be building for this GB. It is tamiya's He-162 and I will be using the kit decals for this bird: Should get this started in the next week or so, Sean
  9. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Italeri Ta-152

    This will be on eof my 4 entries into this GB. It will be the Italeri Ta-152 using kit decals as Green 1. Hoping to get this started in the next week or so. Sean
  10. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Fw-190 D-9

    Getting this thread ready for my build. I will be using the tamiya kit and Superscale decals and I will be building the first option ( sorry for the upside down picture). Sean
  11. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Fw-190 A-8

    Getting this thread ready for my build start. hoping to get to these in the next week or so. I will be using Eagle Strike's decals and be building the first option. Other than decals, everything will be OOB. Sean
  12. martin_sam_2000

    Airshow London 2019, Sept 13-15

    Thunderbirda are next year. Not this year. Odds are we will see the Red Arrows this year. At least I like to believe we will!! Sea
  13. martin_sam_2000

    Airshow London 2019, Sept 13-15

    This year's London Airshow is startign to shape up nicely. Flying Canadair Tutor- RCAF Snowbirds Fairchild A-10C- USAF (full Demo) Fairchild A-10C- USAF (Demo backup aircraft) McDonnel-Douglas CF-18- RCAF (Full Demo) Mig-17 Fresco- Randy Ball
  14. This year's Thunder over Michigan show is starting to shape up well with a number of aircraft announced already. The theme is Corsair Crazy, and as can be guessed, the theme aircraft is the F4U Corsair There are currently 6 Corsairs confirmed Flying Boeing B-17 "Yankee Lady"- Yankee Air Museum Douglas C-47 "Yankee Doodle Dandy"-Yankee Air Museum. General Dynamics F-16- USAF (Full Demo) North American B-25 "Yankee Warrior"- Yankee Air Museum North American P-51 "Quick Silver"- Scott Yoak Vought F4U-4 -Jim Tobul Vought F4U-4- Wings of the North Vought F4U-5- Fighters and Legends Vought F4U-7-Erikson Aircraft Collection Vought F4U-7-John O'Conner Vought (Goodyear) FG-1D- Military Aviation Museum Sean
  15. martin_sam_2000

    F-82 Twin Mustang

    Hey Kursad, Just wondering if there has been any progress on this sheet. I'd like to order a few sheets and if this will be out soonish I will order them all together to save shipping....really looking forward to this one! Sean