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  1. Just to really get into semantics, both the P-51H and the XP-82 were derived form the XP-51F Both have similarities to the XP-51F, but there are very few similarities between the P-51H and the XP-82 Sean
  2. CT-133 Black Knight and Alaskan ANG KC-135 added to flying list F-35C and F-15E's added to static list. Sean
  3. I usually use the "putty worm" approach. i use that blue tac sticker poster hanging stuff, roll it into little worms, and use it to demarcate the camo pattern. the thicker the worms, the more blended the camo line is, thinner worms makes it a sharper line. I usueally mask around the putty worms so I dont get any overspray. Takes a bit of practice to get the lines right and you have to be very careful not to mix up the colours...I may have started painted the pattern in reverse on a few models before catching myself. sean
  4. B-17 and C-47 added to flying schedule. Sean
  5. Sure is. and The vampire has been added to the flying schedule. Sean
  6. RCAF King Air 90, Grob 120, Bell 412 and Bell 206 from the flying training school added to static. Sean
  7. F-35A and V-22 added to the static line-up Sean
  8. Eric Dumigan shared a post from 2016 confirming the B-1 for that years show. Created a bit if excitement but he was just stirring the pot. There has not been a B-1 confirmed for the show as of now, but my hopes are still high that one may get added. Sean
  9. update today... HC-130, HC-144 (CASA 295), and a MH-65 from the U.S. Coast Guard on static and an MH-60 from the U.S. Coast Guard flying! Sean
  10. almost forgot. P-51 "Glamourous Glen III" has been added for the heritage flight along with the "Moonbeam McSwine". That is 2 P-51's and the F-16 for a three ship!! Sean
  11. Massive update today!! list in the first post has been updated as well Flying: MH-60T Jayhawk (U.S. Coast Gaurd) (basing from another airport) 2 F-15E Strike Eagles (basing from another airport) Static: HC-130J Combat King (USAF) 2 EA-18G Growlers (U.S.Navy) CH-146 Griffon (RCAF) CC-130J (RCAF) (possible flying) CC-150 Polaris Sean
  12. List updated! There have been some changes.; some added and some taken away Sean
  13. No problem Alex, I also use it as a way for myself to keep track of what is going on. Sean
  14. my 4 builds are complete! FW-190 A-8: Full album HERE Fw-190D9: Full album HERE Ta-152 Full album HERE He-162 Full album HERE Thanks for looking, Sean
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