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  1. Looks like a typo. The picture is of a WWI type truck and if you search that product number you get many mentions of a WWI pigeon truck. Sean
  2. The F-16 "VENOM" http://www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Real Aviation/aircraft/aircraft/General Dynamics/F-16/USAF/94-0047/Pictures/003.jpg Sean
  3. Thanks for all the kind words guys..very happy with how my pictures turned out. They are still a little dark.. but overall turned out great. me too!! I have a 48 kit im saving just for this if decals every come out. Im putting my money on Caracal!! sean
  4. Here is my album from the airshow if anyone is interested. It was an absolute blast!!! http://www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Real Aviation/Airshows/2020/London/London.htm Sean
  5. why not just make a little masking tape cone "party hat" or just a cylinder and then stick it to the top of the bomb. if you plan your measurements out right you will get it close to the diameter you need and it should stick enough that with just a slight bit of pressure stay in place while painting. Sean
  6. you can always get the Guillows balsa kit. It was a pretty large model! Sean
  7. Does the -111 have a kit with it or is it just aftermarket? sean
  8. WHAAAAA!!!! 12 years of working an FBO ramp and countless Hawkers and I have never noticed that! Typical British design. I do like the way you can never install the towbar wrong or forget to disconnect the steering...but why do the nose gear doors have to be so complicated!!! great work on the model BTW.. I have always wanted to build some corporate jets..but haven't gotten around to it yet. Sean
  9. RCAF Cf-18's, CC-150 refueling demo and a sunday only C-130 SAR demo added Godlen Knights cancelled. Sean
  10. Between that and the leading edge extensions, the wing-fuselage joint is my biggest worry. I am also planning an Alclad finish so I need to get it perfect. Sean
  11. This is one of the kits I am currently working on. It is the monogram Pro-modeller F-15E. I plan on using the kit decals and finishing it as the tiger meet bird. I am not sue on weapons right now but think I may go with som Mk.82's to compliment the GBU-10's that are in the kit. I will make a final decision closer to the end of the build. right now the cockpit is painted gray, as well as the black areas around the cockpit and the wheels. I also painted the landing gears bits white...but those pictures will be in my next update.
  12. This is one of the current builds I am working. It is Eduard's P-39Q weekdn edition and includes PE and masks. So far it is going together nicely. I have pained the cockpit and interior parts green as well as the wheels and props black. I am focusing on a commission build so work on this as well as the others is a little slow right now. Sean
  13. This is one of the current builds I am working on. It is Tamiya's A6M5c Zero. It is an older tooling, but with a bit of work should look great. So far I managed to get the cockpit panted as well as the tires and forward cowling black. I plan on tying to do some interesting weathering on this to make it look used an abused. Thanks for looking, Sean
  14. This is one of the next models I have started to build. It is the Revell C-45 (ICM moulds) that I will be building as a 1950's RCAF bird using the Belcher Bits extended leading edge parts. work will be a little slow on this for a while as I focus on a side commission project that I have a timeline for. The leading edge part was glue on, and then promptly fell off. I will have to re-install it once I have the wings assembled. I still need to do a bit of cleanup and sa
  15. E-3 Sentry confirmed. Not too often you see these flying at airshows!!
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