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  1. martin_sam_2000

    2018 Airshow London, Sept 6-8

    KC-135 and C-130 added to static lineup Sean
  2. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Italeri Torando

    Some progress. This is almost done as It will have the gloss coat as the final coat. All the gear and doors are on it, and the maskign as been removed. All I ahve left are a few of the clear bits and then the nose cone with appropriate weight to keep it off its tail. \ Some pictures of paint and decals. Sean
  3. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Trumpeter F-100D

    Work has been progressing on this. I have the decals done and I have been adding most of the landing gear and doors and what not in preparation for a flat coat. Here are some pics of the paint and decaling. Thanks for looking, Sean
  4. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Academy MiG-29

    I have been movign right along on this. I currently have the decals done and I am working on the base before I spray a semi-gloss finish and then its just the fiddly bits. Almost done!! Here are some pictures of the painting and decals. Sean
  5. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 RCAF Hawk

    I have been moving right along with this build. I currently have all the decals done, and i am working on the stand. Going to shoot a semi-gloss finish and then it is just the little fiddly bits before its done. Almost there!! Here are the pics of the paint and the start of decals. Sean
  6. martin_sam_2000

    2018 Airshow London, Sept 6-8

    P-8 added to static lineup Sean
  7. martin_sam_2000

    2018 Thunder over Michigan Air Show, Aug 25-26

    I actually meant a B-29!! Original post updated. Sean
  8. martin_sam_2000

    Plastic only kits availability

    Thanks for the heads up. I noticed the selection was a little sparse the past few times I swung by one in Michigan. I was hoping it was a regional thing. The issue with ebay is that the shipping charges are ridiculous. $13 for a kit, but $17 for shipping. at $29 at micheals, im better off to use a $40 or $50 coupon and try my luck Sean
  9. martin_sam_2000

    Plastic only kits availability

    Hi all, odd question. I am looking for 1/48th P-51 models, but just the plastic. Something like the Eduard Overtrees. I have tons of decals and I don't really need the instructions...just the plastic. Is there any source out there for this, and why don't more companies do this? If I know I am going to build a kit with aftermarket decals, It would be beneficial for a manufacturer to direct sell a number of sprue only kits. Or someone like Sprue Brothers...make a deal to buy extra sprues, and sell them as is. If there is no source for these, does anyone know a decent place to get a cheap P-51? I have been casing micheals with the 40% coupon but they never seem to have one. Gonna hit big lots Hobby Lobby when I am in the US in a few weeks..but I will have to see what I find. Sean
  10. martin_sam_2000

    2018 Thunder over Michigan Air Show, Aug 25-26

    B-29 Doc added to the flying program!!! Sean
  11. martin_sam_2000

    2018 Airshow London, Sept 6-8

    performers updated and C-5 added to static Sean
  12. As the title says, I am looking for a 1/48 B-17 fuselage. I would prefer the G model but an F would work as well. I only need the nose (cockpit forward) for a project. Thanks, Sean
  13. martin_sam_2000

    YB-40 details UPDATE

    Ok gang, got my Google-fu going and I came up with the latest these are the 13 (1 lost on delivery) that went overseas with their squadrons and markings. Conversions of B-17F-10-VE 42-5732 “The Mugger”(92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-?)(lost on delivery flight) 42-5733, "Peoria Prowler" (92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-F) 42-5734, "Seymour Angel" (92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-D) 42-5735, "Wango Wango" (92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-B) (lost June 22, 1943) 42-5736, "Tampa Tornado" (303rd BG, 359th BS, Q) (92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-C) 42-5737, "Dakota Demon" (303rd BG, 360th BS, PU-Q) (92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-K) 42-5738, "Boston Tea Party" (92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-G) 42-5739, "Lufkin Ruffian" (303rd BG, 427th BS, GN-J) (92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-J) 42-5740, "Monticello" (92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-E) 42-5741, "Chicago" (92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-H) 42-5742, "Plain Dealing Express" (92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-L) 42-5743, "Woolaroc" (92nd BG, 327th BS) (92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-M) 42-5744, "Dollie Madison” (92nd BG, 327th BS) (92nd BG, 327th BS, UX-A) pictures are hard to come by and nose art even harder. most likely the one I will do...Dakota Demon Copy the art in Photoshop, print a couple of copies off my laser printer in yellow then put a few on top of each other to build up the colour. My question is the main wheel. you can see some colour on the hub. I found the next picture which shows Tampa Tornado and two other un-identified birds..but what colour is the wheel hub?? Now finally my interesting question. This is YB-40 42-5743 Woolaroc. It has the Triangle B of the 92nd BG, the Chin turret, the F style top turret and as far as I can tell, no astrodome so I know it is a YB-40 and not a later aircraft with the same name HOWEVER, it has the later side nose gun bulge! So, was this a field mod, am i missing something in the picture, or is some of the production data wrong? Plus.to my eye at least, it looks like the pitot tube was field modified to get below any aerodynamic interference form the bulge Thanks all, Sean
  14. martin_sam_2000

    YB-40 details UPDATE

    Well then. I never saw that section. That helps a bunch. Never realised so many of them were made! Now i just have to figure out how to convert my G nose without butchering it. Lol. I wish cutting edge released thise nose converion kits. Sean
  15. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 RCAF Hawk

    Interesting. Never thought of that. I have been thinking of moungting models like a plaque. Cut it down the middle, build it and mount it and then have it hanging on the wall. If you cut it cleanly you get two builds out of every model. Double the cool schemes. Wouldnt go too big, id like to do a bunch of rcaf p-51s and do them up with squadron crests. Think 3d profile prints sean