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  1. Painting has started. I went with the salt technique for paint chipping and I am happy with how it turned out. Sean
  2. painting has started. I have glossed all this already, and I will do decals before painting the flat black areas. Sean
  3. Painting has started. I am getting it ready for decals and should start that this week. Sean
  4. painting has started. Got the base colour down and I am getting ready for decals. Sean
  5. USAF F-16 demo added!!! Nice to see some updates! Sean
  6. I work at an FBO but handle airliners from time to time. handled everything from a Cessna 150 to a an AN-124 and from a P-51 to a F-18. Happy to answer any questions. Sean
  7. also good luck finding a kit. There are no 1/32nd kit and the old 1/48 Hobbycraft kit is going for north of $100, if you can even find one. We desperately need a new one on the market (Come on Trumpeter!!!). the 1/72 can be found here and there sometimes for a decent price. Sean
  8. Some progress on this. I have finished off the interior, installed the astro-dome, and attached the wings to the fuselage. I did some work around the wing-fuselage joint, and it still needs some work, but is almost there. I got a coat of primer on everything and I am now working on the Horizontal stabs. Few more little things and it will be ready to start paint. Sean
  9. some minor progress. I have everything primed, but haven't done much more after that as I have been focusing on the F-15 and C-45. Sean
  10. Some more (slow) progress. I now have the fuselage glued together and everything coated in a layer of primer. Just some smaller bits and then I will be ready for pre-shading and a coat of paint. I had some trouble getting the outer wings on properly and they needed quite a bit of putty and I am still not happy with them. Also had issues with the CFT's, they were badly twisted and took some effort to get them on straight. Sean
  11. I know someone who manages a local warbird collection and has been involved in the decission making process for a number of the repaints on the aircraft as well as researching historically accurate details, and also someone in the graphic arts business that has been involved in the printing and application of vinyl markings for said warbirds. I can ask if they would willing to talk, if you would be interested in talking them Sean
  12. Found this of an S2 and this is an S1 Sean
  13. B-25J "MIss Mitchell" just added to the list. We now have 7 B-25's confirmed!!
  14. yep. the -62 used water tanks as ballast depending on fuel loads and the water could be dumped in flight to ensure proper CoG. The tail wheel was there to ensure they could fill whatever thanks whenever they wanted without worrying of it tipping over, I remember putting a few thousand liters of water into when we had one here before! Sean
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