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  1. looking forward to it. I have 3 of the older modelcraft kits that need decals! Sean
  2. some updates: Gone are the C-17 demo, E-6 and the F-15's due to other commitments, added is a CC-150, a CC-130J a C-156 Harvard II, and a refueling demo with a CC-130H and 2 CF-188's!!! These acts will be flying all three days!! Sean
  3. I heard. We are supposed to have it here in Ottawa as well in Sept. It sounds like they will try to replace with another Demo team. The A-10 and F-35 team are both free the weekend of London. I would prefer the A-10 (love that Vietnam scheme) but either (or both!!) woul dbe awesome! Sean
  4. E-2 and C-2 added to the show for all three days!! Sean
  5. US Coast Guard CASA 235 HC-144 Ocean Sentry added for all 3 days!! sean
  6. U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 SAR Demo added for all three days
  7. B-25 Yankee Doodle added to performers T-28 and King Airs added to static. Sean
  8. B-25 Champaign Gal and Berlin Express added to the list. Sean
  9. 1/48 CF-100 Clunk and 1/48 CT-114 Tutor!! Sean
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