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    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada usually at CYOW, maybe VWC
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    WW2 aircraft, canadian military, anything with wings!!!

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  1. martin_sam_2000

    Thunder over Michigan 2019, Aug 3 & 4

    C-130J added to static!! Sean
  2. martin_sam_2000

    Thunder over Michigan 2019, Aug 3 & 4

    B-25J Briefing Time added Sean
  3. martin_sam_2000

    Anyone have drawings of RF-86 Haymakers?

    I have a few pictures here: http://www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Real Aviation/Walkarounds/Sabre/Sabre.htm sean
  4. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Tamiya He-162

    Some progress... I have managed to get the darker green painted on the top since these were taken. Hope to get the rest of it painted soon. Stay tuned!! Sean
  5. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Italeri Ta-152

    Some progress... I have painted the top green since these pictures were taken. I used a paper mask for the spots, and I will have some pictures soon. Stay tuned!! Sean
  6. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Fw-190 D-9

    Progress Continues... I have managed to get the top green painted since these were taken. I used a paper mask to get the blotches accurate. Stay tuned for more updates!! Sean
  7. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Fw-190 A-8

    bit of a delay, but some progress... work is progressing. I am getting ready to start painting the top colours, either today or tomorrow. Sean
  8. martin_sam_2000

    Thunder over Michigan 2019, Aug 3 & 4

    C-5 and F-18E added to static line-up. Sean
  9. martin_sam_2000

    A visit to the USAF Museum in Dayton OH

    I was told by a Docent that the lights they had installed were damaging the aircraft. UV light and what not. They have been going through and converting to LED so many of the displays are now MUCH brighter than they were a few years ago!! Sean
  10. martin_sam_2000

    Thunder over Michigan 2019, Aug 3 & 4

    list updated. includes a 13th Corsair!! as well as a T-1 Jayhawk, E-6 Meercury, 4 T-6II and some other static aircraft. Seam
  11. martin_sam_2000

    Stinson Reliant in British service - colors?

    I would guess thats the green/brown over sky scheme. The yellow in the roundel doesnt seem to match the underside colour sean
  12. martin_sam_2000

    8-gun nose conversion for Acc Min 1:48 B-25G?

    One of these days i plan on making a resin 8 gun nose. I just need to figure out how to work with reain. Lol I also plan on making a few other items. The navigator radar nose, top turret plug. I spent many years trying to track that kit down. I want to make a few post war RCAF birds that were converted hard bosed “J”’s. Its a shame there aren’t any on the market right now. Sean
  13. martin_sam_2000

    Stinson Reliant in British service - colors?

    I have seen two distinct schemes. The RAF flew then with dark green/ earth brown over medium sea gray. The FAA flew then with ocean gray/slate gray over yellow. Sean
  14. martin_sam_2000

    Thunder over Michigan 2019, Aug 3 & 4

    2 UH-1H's from the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation added...they usually sell rides and make a pass or two during the show. the Vintage Wings of Canada FG-1D Corsair added. That makes 12!! Sean
  15. martin_sam_2000

    1/48 Italeri Ta-152

    I know. I didnt even know about it till I started building and looking at the sprues. I downloaded the dragon instructions of the web and went to town. I am not sure if they were included in the Italeri kit or if I bought a used kit and these were added. I can’t remember what shelf I grabbed it from at the LHS. Either way, makes the model that mich better. Fit is a bit tricky tho, engine is hard to get lined up properly. tamiya detail with out tamiya fit. Sean