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  1. US Navy P-3 added to static Sean
  2. I see for $43.81Cad plus $14.34Cad shipping and the other is $35.08Cad with shipping of #13.95Cad. I also stay away form EBAY as many times the seller states after the fact that they wont ship to Canada. even so..$50-60 for an old mongoram B-25 is not worth it for me. Sean
  3. question for the great modeling masses. Has anyone ever made a 1/48 B-25J Solid gun nose? The revell kit is long OOP and priced out of most peoples price range and I fell like this is a product that would sell well. if the answer is no, does anyone have a decently priced B-25J solid nose that will not break my bank?? Thanks, Sean
  4. can you please call my wife and explain that to her!!! lol.. but in all hoensty, I have enough kits that need to be built..Ill wait a few years then struggle to find this on the used usual. Sean
  5. Kinetic is releasing this in 1/48. And it looks like the shaded area is included as part of the decals..if I read the instructions right... I really want this but can't justify the expense... Sean
  6. The WHF P-51 piloted by Vlado Lennoch recently went down, killing both Vlado and the passenger. They immediately ceased all flying until the investigation was complete and cancelled all of the 2017 airshow appearances. Sean
  7. I am not sure if you heard the details behind it, but I do not blame them for cancelling. Completely understandable in my books. Sean
  8. Looking good! I am very interested to see how this turns out. It seems like such a complex scheme, especially on a such a small canvas! S ean
  9. Super hornets added to static display
  10. P-8 added and a few cancellations updated. Sean
  11. Some more work done on this. I am currently glueing the fuselage together and I should have some new pictures to post soon. Thanks for looking, Sean
  12. Some work done on this. I actually have it pretty much assembled at this point. Just the tail hook, canopy and prop in all honesty. Gonna leave it until I get the other three caught up and then start the sanding and priming all together. Sean
  13. Some more work done on this. I am currently getting all the interior bits attached and should be glueing the fuselage together soon. Thanks for looking, Sean
  14. Some more work has been done. I am currently glueing the fuselage together so stay tuned for those pics soon. Thanks for looking, Sean
  15. Looking great. I love the look of these. I started that kit years ago and then got stalled. I think I gave it to my dad a few years ago... Sean