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  1. I am always open to delve deep into the google machine..I am in. Sean
  2. Nope. All of the Monogram/Revell 1/48th B-17's had standard waist windows. Some surgery will be needed if you want staggered, but it can be done, I did it years ago on one of my builds. Sean
  3. the promodeller kit is ready out of the box, but it looks like you may need to chop the clear edition as it seems to be the stinger tail out of box. Betweentht image in the instruction sheet I provided and the diameter of the turret face, you can probably get it pretty close. Sean
  4. I have the Promodeller instructions on my site: http://www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Models/Reviews/Reveiws/Monogram/B-17/Promodeller/Pictures/IMG_20200817_0017.jpg It should be the same as the clear boxing. Sean
  5. slowly poking away at this....I have been focused on my large scale Twin Otter project for the last few months.. I have made some progress on this kit. The cockpit is finished (sorry for no imbedded pictures..I need my site to upgrade to HTTPS first) http://www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Models/My models/pages/Zero/A6M5/building/pictures/007.jpg http://www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Models/My models/pages/Zero/A6M5/building/pictures/008.jpg SInce these pictures were taken, I have glued the fuselage
  6. slowly poking away at this....I have been focused on my large scale Twin Otter project for the last few months.. But I have some progress to show you, I have the cockpit assembled and painted (sorry for lack of imbedded pistures..I am waitning for my website to get an HTTPS link) http://www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Models/My models/pages/P-39/P-39/construction/pictures/011.jpg http://www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Models/My models/pages/P-39/P-39/construction/pictures/013.jpg http://www.martinsammodels.co
  7. slowly poking away at this....I have been focused on my large scale Twin Otter project for the last few months.. But I have a little progress to show you. (sorry for the pciture links...I need to update my site to HTTPS befor I can direct link any pictures.) www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Models/My models/pages/C-45/RCAF/building/pictures/017.jpg www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Models/My models/pages/C-45/RCAF/building/pictures/019.jpg www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Models/My models/pages/C-45/RCAF/building/
  8. B-25J "Wild Cargo" has been added. We are now up to 4 B-25's! Sean
  9. yeesh...maybe Ill stick to the Testors one and push myself on the scratch building Sean
  10. nice. I am still sitting on the ancient testors kit. I had planned to do some scratch building, fold it up and then tuck as far back on the shelf as I can. I may upgrade to this if it can be folded. Sean
  11. B-25 Georgie's Gal added. we now have 3 B-25's confirmed! Sean
  12. The announcements have started for the 2021 airshow. The theme will be "Mitchell Madness' and , not surprisingly, the theme aircraft will be the B-25 Mitchell. They are hoping for one of the largest gatherings ever. I will update this list as I get more updates. All B-25's will be labeled in Green New additions are in Red Performers Boeing B-17 "Yankee Lady"- Yankee Air Museum Douglas C-47 "Hairless Joe"- Yankee Air Museum Lockheed F-35A Demo - USAF (rollover from 2020 show, not 100% confirmed) North American B-25D "Yankee Warr
  13. Don't really like to toot my own horn, but I have started a Youtube channel that has some basic "how to" videos as well as some time lapse of my builds. Slowly adding more content as I have the time. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChXN05Si3lMMG13HwAKSCBw my "Tips & Tricks" playlist: Sean
  14. Now that is interesting. I have never seen a Balsa kit with a solid fuselage like that!! I have never heard of that company so i can't comment on rarity or value, but it is neat! Sean
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