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  1. This is one of 4 kits I am building for this GB. It is Hasegawa's Sea King that I am building as 443 SQN's anniversary bird from 2004 using model alliance decals and Belcher Bits CDN Sea King conversions (sponsons and sonobouy launchers). More to come, Sean
  2. This is one of 4 kits I am building for this GB. It is Italeri's UH-1H that I will be building as a RCAF CH-118 SAR bird using Belcher Bits decals. More to come, Sean
  3. This is one of 4 kits I will be entering into this GB. It is Italeris UH-1N that I will be building as an RCAF CH-135 SAR bird using Belcher Bits decals. More to come, Sean
  4. This on of 4 of my entires to this group build. It is the Academy CH-53 that will built using only aftermarket decals (Flying Leathernecks great CH-53 sheet), the rest is what is in the box. I am just about to glue the fuselage together. More to come soon, Thanks for looking. Sean
  5. c-49 (DC-3) added Sean
  6. C-46 added
  7. I can post some stuff from the Aero 150 in Gatineau. Gonna happen April 30. Sean
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. I am very happy at how it turned out! Sean
  9. Warbird heritage Foundation P-51 ( as per the WHF website) Sean
  10. Bromont Horesemen P-51 aerobatic team (P-51 X3) Sean
  11. U.S. navy F-18 demo and Warbird Heritage Foundation A-4 added Sean
  12. U.S. Navy Hornet Demo added (not sure if "C" or "F") Sean
  13. The 2017 London Airshow is being held on Sept 23 and 24. It is going to be a very interesting airshow as they are trying to out do last years. Performers: Canadair Tutor: RCAF Snowbirds (X9) deHavilland Vampire: Jerry Conley Douglas A-4: Warbird Heritage Foundation Edge 540: Pete McLeod Jet Aircraft Museum: Aircraft TBA Lockheed F-35 with Heritage flight: USAF McDonnel-Douglas (Boeing) F/A-18: U.S. Navy Demo McDonnel-Douglas (Boeing) CF-188A: RCAF full demo bird
  14. Could they have been damaged UH-1's that were destroyed to stop them from falling into enemy hands?? as well, the sign says "366 MMS Missle Shop". I figure there was a decent rivalry between these guys and the gun loader guys!! Sean
  15. There is. It Doesn't show well in the pictures and the panel lines were pretty shallow so they didn't take the wash to well. Sean