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  1. Some more progress. I have been focusing on my commission build CF-18 so I still have a bunch of work to go on this but there is progress for sure. The white wash is just white tempra paint that I wipe off. The last picture is of it before I finished the process so it is no the final look! Sean
  2. Some more progress. I ahve been focusing on the commission build CF-18 so it may still be a few weeks before this is all wrapped up. Sean
  3. Some more progress has been made. The next update should be of the finished model. All I really ahve left to do is gear, prop, canopy and pitot tubes..all the fiddly bits. Very happy with how this went together so far, and Caracal's decals went on smooth as silk! Sean
  4. are these the ones that came with the book?? if so, it looks like there is a set here for sale, at the very bottom: http://flightdecs.ca/A_aviaeology_48.htm Sean
  5. I have no idea..never used the brassin wheels. I am sure you can make them fit as the landing gear shouldnt be too different sean
  6. for a softer edge, I use the "putty worm" method. Gives a slightly feathered edge and is easy to work around complex curves. It isn't as easy to get a perfect match on the patterns, but with a bit pf patience you can get close.. my recently completed 1/48 Typhoon during painting: and finished: Sean
  7. I have tried the freehand option, and while it turned out ok..It is not something I would want to do on a regular basis. I found that from 3-4 feet away, it is pretty hard to tell the diffenrece between hard and soft edges on a 1/48th kit. Here is my freehand HE-219..I could have easily done it with a mask and you would have a hard time telling what was mask and what was freehand: Sean
  8. I just photocopied the instructions and then cut them out and used them as a mask...was easy ti tape down and work with... Sean
  9. I saw one on ebay last night..already up to $51... https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR4.TRC1.A0.H0.X1%2F48+tutor.TRS0&_nkw=1%2F48+tutor&_sacat=0 Sean
  10. Beautiful build. one a side note, what was the general cost for the custom decals? I have a few projects in the stash that will need some custom work. Sean
  11. I am hoping for a re-release of a number of their kits...Beaver, Otter, Ha-1112, Tutor, Arrow Maybe one day if the moulds have survived. Sean
  12. ALF, I did add nose wight..I got some lead weights in a used kit and I jammed a few into the nose before the front was glued on. It should be enough to hold the nose down, I just hope the gear can hold it...this plastic is pretty soft. Sean
  13. I have the shark mouth portion unused, I did the camo one. PM me your details and I will send it off. Sean
  14. They could have the F-86 in third and the forth is an early straight winged F-84 instead of the "F" model Sean
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