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  1. Kinetic 1/48 Tracker

    As long as you take your time and test fit a lot of the parts, it all fits without too much trouble. Sean
  2. Kinetic 1/48 Tracker

    I actually finished this kit last week. The wing fold brackets are a little tight, I broke one of them trying to get it installed, but I managed to make it work and I think they look ok OOB. You can see the full complete thread HERE Sean
  3. The Guidlines

    Colin, i have been following your build on facebook. Go ahead and add it yonyhe complete thread. It is an amazing build!! sean
  4. 1/48th kinetic Alpha Jet

    Thanks all. It was a fun plane to build. Sean
  5. I have a feeling it was a Navy pilot but in a civilian aircraft. that looks like airshow smoke to me... Sean
  6. my question is, other than the Blues, what other aircraft has a smoke system normally fitted? Sean
  7. Raffle Prizes

    another sheet donated by Gray Ghost. Sean
  8. The display case...eh (sorry..had to do it!!!)

    Here are the last three of my builds. Hoping to maybe fit a CRJ in before the end of the build..we will see. 1/48 Kinetic Tracker. Full complete album can be found HERE 1/48 Grand Phoenix Firefly. The full complete album can be found HERE 1/48 Hobbycraft Sea Fury. Full completed album can be seen HERE Thansk for looking, Sean
  9. 1/48 Hobbycraft Sea Fury

    This is one of 4 aircraft I built for the Canada 150 GB. It is the Hobbycraft Sea Fury built OOB with Mike Grant Decals. Relatively easy build. The full album can be found HERE Enjoy: Thanks for looking, Sean
  10. 1/48 Grand Phoenix Firefly

    Here is one of the 4 kits I built fir the Canada 150 GB. Had a few issues with this kit. Clamps flew off while glueing the fuselage and it flew across the room with all the interior parts flying out. After rebuilding that, the radiator insert came loose and I had to glue it back in place with white glue at the end, but I think it is slightly offset. My kit was also missing the resin mounting legs for the radar pod, so I had to make my own using some cut-down push pins, not the best but it works. You can see all my pictures HERE Enjoy: Thanks for looking, Sean
  11. 1/48 Kinetic Tracker

    This is one I built for the Canada 150 Group Build. Built it OOB using Belcher Bits decals. No real issues with the build. I lost both little windows in the fuselage but used white glue to fill them in. And there were some crazy gaps around the weapons bay, but the doors mostly hide them. You can see all my pictures HERE Enjoy: Thanks for looking, Sean
  12. 1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    I may be convinced to buy one of these.... I will keep my eye out for when they are available. Sean
  13. Whatcha gonna build?

    Finished my 4 builds and I am going to try to sneak a Air Canada Express CRJ-200 in. I have to build a 777 for a friend so i figured id do this as well. Lets see if i can do it in time. Sean
  14. What to build next

    Well, not a lot of votes, but the jets have won. I will be started these four as soon as I complete the Canada 150 aircraft. Sean
  15. Great B-17G Reference Photos

    I love these pictures. Lots of little details. never realised the waist windows had such a pronounced rearward angle to them, and the tail gunners have an anti-glare area painted. Plus, I had always assumed the old tail turret unit was removed and a new one installed, but we can clearly see that they cut the old end off and constructed the new fairing in-situ. And, they litteraly just hacked the old nose windows out then cleaned up the hole a little and mounted the new gun fairings. I always assumed ( tho I guess i should have known better) that things were much cleaner than that. But in the heat of war i guess, time literally meant lives, not money! Sean