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  1. For me, the fear mongering around covid is the worst. The number if people who are now getting a lower standard of medical treatment cause everything is focused is never reported. The economic impact is only beginning due to the unprecedented shut down of the economy. The mental impact to people who have now been isolated or who are too scared to go out will never be known. the number of people who will die due to covid fallout (not directly from the virus but from its affect on society) will be MUCH higher than from the actual disease. People who wont be able to afford food, lost jobs, homelessness, suicide, medical complications due to shortages of supplies and manpower. we need to walk the middle road between protecting the medically vulnerable from this virus while also protecting the financial vulnerable from its effects. Overall, with 80 % or so of those infected showing no symptoms, so not being tested, this vastly skews the death rate higher ratios much higher than what isnactually happening. also. If someone does from bronchitis, or influenza while on chemo, its not really classifies as anything special. Covid while on chemo. Death due to covid. Sounds MUCH scarier
  2. Just watched a video on youtube about the restoration of this car. amazing work on the damage. Never seen that technique before!! sean
  3. Haha. The great TP group build of 2020 sean
  4. Nothing. At that scale with the canopy closed, you cant really tell there is nothing there. May still even add pilots. Sean
  5. So my situation is probably the opposite of most..I have LESS time to work on models. My job will most likely never close, so I have to work..and as hourly employees (I am salaried) self-quarantine (no positive cases yet) I end up working more and more to cover the gaps. My wife is also still working and as she just came off maternity leave we need as much $$ as possible now to get caught up. As well, my oldest's daycare provider has closed (home daycare provider who is older and doesn't want to chance it) so I am now tryign to keep a 4 year old occupied during the day while hoping my twin's daycare provider doesn't also decide to close. I am on evenings this week so it isn't too hard to manage during the day, but when I go back to mornings next week I am not sure who will be watching my oldest.. Rant over.. Sean
  6. I can see your biography title now.. "Charmin Bear is my Co-Pilot" Sean
  7. The italeri kit is just a reboxed Kinetic kit..same plastic. they both have the option for folded wings. Here is my Italeri Hawkeye 200, but again..same plastic as the Kinetic kit. Sean
  8. Good to know about the bomb bay issues. I will have to make a note on that and make sure I correct mine. Sean
  9. http://www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Models/Reviews/Reveiws/Academy/CH-53/CH-53/CH-53.htm Here ya go! Sean
  10. As promised, here are some progress pictures. Thanks for looking, Sean
  11. as promised, some progress pictures. Thanks for looking, Sean
  12. As promised, here are some progress pictures. .. Thanks for looking, Sean
  13. as promised, some progress pictures. Thanks for looking, Sean
  14. Liberty Aviation Museum's B-25J "Georgie's gal" added to the lineup. Sean
  15. It is the Tamiya (as stated in the tilte) and I would assume it is the 1/48 based of the size. Nice build BTW. solid build and just enough weathering to make it look realistic! Sean
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