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  1. Erikson Air Museum Fw-190 and Me-109 added. I have read that these arent even the best part of the show. Stay tuned for more as it is released. Sean
  2. Kit is complete. You can see the completed album HERE Sean
  3. Kit is complete. You can see the completed album HERE. Sean
  4. Kit is complete. You can see the complete album HERE Sean
  5. Model is complete, you can see the completed kit HERE Sean
  6. This is one of 4 kits I have recently completed. It is Tamiya's venerable F4F wildcat and I built it OOB, just adding the antennae wire. There was a bit of a gap at the back of the wing piece around the fuselage, but some careful sanding and some white glue hid it all nicely. Decals went on flawlessly and I am super happy with how it turned out. Thanks for looking, Sean
  7. This is one of 4 kits I recently completed. It is the Academy Mig-21 that I finished in Polish markings using Model Maker decals. No real issues putting this together. It took a bit of effort to build it with the gear up, and I am not sure if those gaps around the main gear doors under the wings are supposed to be there. but it is mounted on a stand so I am not terribly worried if they are wrong. Thanks for looking, Sean
  8. This is one of 4 kits I recently finished. It is the Italeri 1/48 Sea Hurricane. It went together amazingly. The only issue was with the engine..it has to be installed for the exhausts to be mounted to, bit it is a horrible lump of misshapen plastic and the exhaust locating pins do not line up at all. I just cut them off and glued the stacks to the side of the engine. The lower rear fusealge insert also left some nasty gaps, but I just filled them with whtie glue and they seem to have disappeared ok. I realised as I was decaling that the dark Sea Gray I used is not Dark Sea Grey..not sure what happened but it was too late to fix. Gonna have to live with it. Thanks for looking. Sean
  9. This is one of 4 kits I recently finished. It is the Classic Airframes Vampire kit. I built it OOB, only using the Cannuck decals to finish it as an RCAF 442Sqn bird with the Bat artwork on the nose. The kits fought me most of the way..I hate short run kits. Lots of putty and sanding to get this to look the way it does..and there are still many imperfections. The decals were VERY thin and number of them shattered while trying to apply them. I am surprised as Cannuck decals have a reputation as good..I am hoping this isn't a trend as I have a few of his sets left to use. Thanks for looking, Sean
  10. yes and no. That Eastern was bought a few years ago by Swift Air out of Phoenix, and they dropped the Eastern name. Whole thing was renamed again recently. This company bought the rights to the Eastern name and started up another (third now) airline Sean
  11. It is hard to say whether it is YZC or yellow paint. YZC had a habit of changing colour depending on what colour was painted underneatth, and it almost looks black underneath the yellow. As for the "chipped" paint...as Napalm is just jellied gasoline, I would assume the paint has literally been stripped from around the fill ports. Also, as I type this, I realise the white area is most likely a powder sitting on top of the paint..probably what they use to "jelly" the gas. You can see a pile of it on the ground in front of the tanks. I wonder which fuels they used in Korea... Sean
  12. I also have them located on my website. http://www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Models/Reviews/Reveiws/Testors/Lear/24/24.htm Sean
  13. I was debating Sprue Bros. But it was almost double the cost of buying direct. I am not in any real rush. I just don’t want it to get lost in the mail. Sean
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