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  1. Randy ball's Mig-17 added to performers and RAAF KC-30 moved to statics Sean
  2. Estrella Warbirds Museum C-47 "Betsy's Buscuit Bomber" added Sean
  3. in all honesty..aircraft, ship or tank...I would accept. not going to accept cars or trucks too much of a gray area there Sean
  4. The Vintage Wings Inc Douglas C-53 Skytrooper restoration project added to static list Sean
  5. You mean the Argus at Summerside? Sean
  6. Canada 150 Group Build Dates: July 12017-Jan 1, 2018 Mods: Martin_sam_2000 (maybe others..not sure yet Description: - Both Military and Civilian, any time frame -Anything flown by a Canadian pilot , despite national markings ( exchange pilot, dual citizen, etc) -Anything flown by a Canadian company or Canadian military group -Anything built by a Canadian company but flown under another national flag (Canadiar, CCF, Canadian Vickers, Fleet, Avro Canada, Bombarider, deHaviland Canada Etc...)
  7. HURRAY!!!!! 27 yes votes ( and for some crazy reason 2 no votes?!?!....who out there hates Canada so much to vote no..bah..nor maple syrup or beaver tails for you. you can have a poutine tho, we have to keep up stereotypes) what. Never set up a group build before... anyone... Sean
  8. Bump to the top!!!! Still looking for two more votes!!!! Sean
  9. FS 36099. Seems like there are a few manufacturers who make this, or a colour very similar. Sean
  10. Three more votes...almost there..Can you tell i am excited for this GB!! I would say that the crew member would have to have been assigned to that aircraft. Not just a one off joy flight. An RCAF exchange pilot assigned to Mirage 2000's ( I know of a pilot who was) would qualify. An RCAF mechanic who got a ride in an RAF Herc...doesn't count. For example, I know a Test pilot who was part of the fly-off for the original CF-188 purchase and he flew a number of different fighters as part of that job (F-16, F-18, F-14, Mirage, Tornado....). as long as you can provide exact aircraft ID's, they would all count. Sean
  11. Great book. One of my top WWII books. Lots of great personal stories that really bring the experience home. Sean
  12. 5 more votes..I think we can do this!!!! I have 5 kits on tap: Grand Phoenix Firefly Kinetic Tracker Hobbycraft Sea Fury Kinetic Alpha Jet Airfix Hawk 100 Sean
  13. C-47 Tico belle added Sean
  14. Bumping this back up to the top...need 13 more votes!!! Can we do it?? Sean
  15. Paul Keppeler's F-86 added Sean