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  1. 1/48 Italeri Torando

    This is one of four of my current builds, Italeri's 1/48th Tornado, which I build OOB in the overall black RAF scheme. Sean
  2. 1/48 RCAF Hawk

    This is one of four of my current builds, it is Airfix's Hawk that I will be building as the RCAF camo build using Caracal decals. I am building this one with the wheels up so it has taken some time to get the gear doors fitting right, especially the main gears as the doors are molded open. . Sean
  3. 1/48 Academy MiG-29

    This is one of four of my current builds. It is Academy's MiG-29 that I will build with Caracal Polish Decals, the one with the full colour sheild on the spine. I am also building it with the wheels up, so I have spend a lot of time making sure the doors look ok. Sean
  4. 1/48 Trumpeter F-100D

    This is one of my four current builds, the Trumpeter F-100D. I plan on building this OOB, but we will see what happens. Not much done right now, just some painting in the cockpit. Sean
  5. B-2 Retirement

    lastest I heard was they wanted to stay with 8 engines in order to make the replacement easier (less systems to replace). I heard it was between three engines, the ones off the Global, the G5/550, and the G500/600. All three are in the 15,500-17000lb thrust range so there won't be much change in takeoff performace but the fuel savings would be huge! Sean
  6. International shipping changes

    It's not duty. Its GST on anythng over $20 that gets imprted...plus a handling fee. adds up pretty fast on some orders. Sean
  7. Here you go http://www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Models/Reviews/Reveiws/Hasagawa/F-4/Mk.1/Mk.1.htm Sean
  8. Mosquito TR 3

    Looks like the Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito FB.VI/NF.II is the best start and just modify the cockpit to have two control sticks. I was directly modified from the Mk.II Sean
  9. Back dating a DC-3 to a DC-2

    The only place I can seem to find them are Hannants. Bit pricey but worth it if you are disparate for a DC-2..lol https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?search=dc-2 Sean
  10. Back dating a DC-3 to a DC-2

    As far as I know, there is very little in common between the two. It would take LOTS of work to modify a DC-3 top look anywhere close to a DC-2. You might as well pick up either MPM's or Special Hobby's kits and save you the trouble. Sean
  11. "The Syracusan" P-47 C

    Looks like it was a mistake on the decals sheet. Your plane was 41-6531 6531 (MSN 637) 486th FS [PZ-K], 352nd FG, 8th AF, Bodney, Station 141; "The Syracusan"; Headquarters Squadron, 6th Fighter Wing, 8th AF, Atcham, Station 342; Crash landed 24Apr43 at Atcham; 551st Fighter Training Squadron [VM-C], 495th Fighter Training Group, 8th AF, Atcham, Station 342; Accident 14Apr44 landing at Atcham; Salvaged May 26, 1945
  12. "The Syracusan" P-47 C

    according to Joe Baugher, 41-6530 was a P-47C: 6530 (MSN 636) 63rd FS [UN-J], 56th FG, 8th AF, King's Cliffe, Station 367; "Windy"; 2908th Observation Training Squadron [VM-A], 2906th Observation Training Group, 8th AF, Atcham, Station 342; Damaged 30Sep43 at Atcham; 551st Fighter Training Squadron [VM-A], 495th Fighter Training Group, 8th AF, Atcham, Station 342; Condemned 16Apr46 42-6530 was a cancelled contract: 42-6506/6580 Cancelled contract Sean
  13. F-23A Black Widow II

    This Is Amazing!! The guts it took to start cutting this up is far beyond what I have. Keeping an eye on this for sure!! Sean
  14. Group Build Completed!

    I think you outbuilt all of the rest off us combined! Sean
  15. 1/72 Maritime Lift-Span Bridge

    Very interesting! I will be keeping an eye on this for sure. Sean