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              I am about to start a build of a MH-60G in 1/72nd that operated with the 55th SOS during Op Desert Storm. I am using the Hasegawa HH-60D as a base kit along with the Armycast update set for weapons and the such like, plus markings from Werner wings. I am having a little trouble with the mounting of the guns at the front windows behind the cockpit area. In the update set they are mounted on the outside of the craft on the undercarriage (or somewhere abouts there), whilst the few pictures that I have found on www.dstorm.eu appear to show them on the inside. The internal ones also seem to be fitted to a beam asembly which looks similar to me to the ones that I saw when working on RAF Chinooks. Could someone please point me in the right direction and also where I can find some internal pictures of the MH-60G during or close to this time period, especially of other equipment fitted. I wiill thank in advance for any help given.

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The ODS-era MH-60Gs had internally-mounted GAU-2 (US Army designation M-134) 7.62mm miniguns on a square strut that mounted to the forward part of the gunner's window frame.  You can see them below.




There were also internal ammo bins for them down the center of the cabin between the gunners' seats.



In 1/72, Armory does the gun and a smaller ammo can, but no mounting arm.



Here are a couple posts that will help out with the gear carried and other references.








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I have been continuing with this build and would like to ask another question. What is the size of the M130 Flare/Chaff dispenser? If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful as I have a few to make for this build.

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