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Special Hobby 1/48 AH-1G Cobra "Spanish & IDF/AF Cobras"

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Just received the new 1/48 Special Hobby Cobra. It looks very nice. If you have either the 1/72 or 1/32 (or both) Special Hobby kits; this one will be very familiar. The parts layout and details are essentially the same for all three kits. This kit is all plastic; no photo etch. Like the other kits, you get both the pusher and tractor tail rotor configurations. The main rotor is one piece. There is a very nice mix of ordnance; 4 XM-200 19 shot pods (so you can do an Army ARA bird), two XM-157 and two XM-158 9 shot pods, two minigun pods, and the M-35 Vulcan system (the complete system with the gun, ammo cans, ammo chutes, and pylons). You get two complete canopies plus an additional gunners panel. The only differences I can see is in the gunners panel; there are three variations of curvature on the aft bottom of the panel. The sprues are  marked "1/48 AH-1G/Q Cobra. Two Spanish and two Israeli schemes are provided. 


The only nit I can see is that the rivets on the tailboom appear a little overdone.


We finally have an accurate 1/48 AH-1G! Recommended.



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