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  1. Sprue Brothers has the Hobby Boss CH-47A in their lightning deals for $63.99!
  2. Just received the Hobby Boss 1/48 CH-47A. Overall, I'm very impressed (except for the price!). The shape appears to be correct (though I've not compared it to drawings). Surface detail is very nice and significantly better than the Italeri kit. The canopy is perfectly clear and has scribed frames; Excellent. There will obviously be more versions as the fuselage halves are in two pieces to accommodate the later tail pylon. Interior soundproofing blankets are provided which is correct for a Vietnam era A model. The rotor blades are correct and are drooped (but not twisted). Cargo floor and ramp
  3. PM me. I’ve got an extra PJ Productions canopy. Another suggestion is to find someone with a Kitty Hawk Cougar; that kit comes with two complete injection molded canopies and windscreens. Mig
  4. Rob Mignard


    Can’t wait to see it!
  5. Does anyone have an idea what color the spinner is on this 7./JG54 Bf-109 G2? It appears to be a solid color. It doesn't appear to be green and seems to match the red on the 7 Staffel badge. Thanks, Mig
  6. Curt, give me a call; I’ll show you what I’ve got. Rob
  7. Actually, it's against the right cockpit wall (sorry, senior moment). Mig
  8. Here's my solution to the ECS Manifold issue. I carved this out of a piece of .125" styrene. I still need to finish shaping it. Notice that it's right up against the left cockpit wall. You'll also see the improved pilot's collective. Mig
  9. Ray, I'm not familiar with later model Cobras, so perhaps what happened is ICM didn't understand what they were looking at. Your TM drawing, #11 shows the manifold/port leaving the pilot's bulkhead horizontally. This is correct. It then angles downward through the shelf behind the pilot's seat. As I mentioned, you can't see the flanges. If you look at my photo (and yours) you'll see that we're looking at the curved portion of the manifold/port. It then follows the angle of the lower aft part of the pilot's canopy panel, and the flexible hose comes out almost perpendicular to the manifold/port
  10. Ray, I agree completely. It’s visible in the photo I posted. I simply called it a manifold vs. a port. The later port/manifold, as depicted in the kit, is not there on early Vietnam Cobras. Mig
  11. Stefan, in anticipation of your next question, here's what I did to make the soundproofing blanket. I used a piece of K&S Engineering SSM-84 mesh and embossed a piece of kitchen aluminum foil over it. I then cut it out and glued it in place (after removing the molded in detail). A little fussy, but looks really good. I'll be doing another one since I stuck my finger in the middle of this one. Mig
  12. Stefan, I hesitate to disagree with Ray, but you are correct; that piece needs to be removed for early Cobras. If you look at Ray's tech drawing, #11 shows the flex hose and the manifold. You can't see the manifold flanges in the cockpit, but you can see the manifold. Also, the junction box depicted on the kit is where the First Aid kit goes on early Cobras. Mig
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