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  1. Thanks Floyd; I think it’s red too. Mig
  2. The C-123 did yeoman service at the special forces camps along the Cambodian/Laotian border. They could carry larger loads than the C-7 Caribou and had no trouble with short dirt strips. They also did extensive work with the MACV/SOG folks with specially configured "Duck Hook" and "Heavy Hook" C-123's flown by Taiwanese contract pilots. I saw two accidents; one at Nhon Co where the pilot came in too low on approach and struck the berm at the end of the runway (everybody walked away); the other was an attempted ag-turn at the end of a "finis flight" at Phan Rang Airbase; no survivors. Neither o
  3. I flew H model Hueys in the invasion of Cambodia. No helicopters that I saw had any markings painted out. There was no effort to obscure any markings. The Cobra on the instruction sheet has a replacement tailboom. I've got a photo of it (or one similar to it) somewhere and I'll post it if I can find it. Stefan Buysse is correct that the tail pylons and aft portion of the tailboom got very dirty from the exhaust. The only Vietnam G model Cobras with black aft fuselage/tail pylons that I'm aware of are the Marine HML-367 (Scarface). There may be more. Mig
  4. Just received the new 1/48 Special Hobby Cobra. It looks very nice. If you have either the 1/72 or 1/32 (or both) Special Hobby kits; this one will be very familiar. The parts layout and details are essentially the same for all three kits. This kit is all plastic; no photo etch. Like the other kits, you get both the pusher and tractor tail rotor configurations. The main rotor is one piece. There is a very nice mix of ordnance; 4 XM-200 19 shot pods (so you can do an Army ARA bird), two XM-157 and two XM-158 9 shot pods, two minigun pods, and the M-35 Vulcan system (the complete system with the
  5. My statement about the Academy kit F-5E nose being correct does not imply that it is correct for the myriad of F-5 nose configurations. There were lots of modifications; many of them field mods I assume. Pinterest and Flickr are good sources of F-5 photos. As with all models; closely check photographs of the airplane you're building.
  6. It looks like a fairly simple task to convert any of the Tamiya P-38's to an F-4/F-5 configuration (assuming the same fuselage is used for both the F/G/H and J-L kits) The good news is that the original F-4 through the F-5E use the same basic nose shape; the differences are in the window shapes and locations. Also, most of them were converted from P-38 airframes (Hooray!) which will greatly simplify converting the model. The easiest method will probably be to use the Academy F-5E nose (with has blisters; which are correct for the F-5E). The shape of the Academy nose appears to be "right-on," I
  7. Will do; let me find out what Curt needs first.
  8. Curt, give me a call; I can help you. Rob
  9. I just received the B-26 cowlings; no discernible odor. They look great! Haven’t tried to fit them yet. I’ll let you know. Mig
  10. This should help. I took this photograph at Nha Trang Air Base in March, 1970. As you can see, the instrument panel is gray, as is the soundproofing quilt. This was the standard at the time. The black instrument panels came later. Mig
  11. Sprue Brothers has the Hobby Boss CH-47A in their lightning deals for $63.99!
  12. Just received the Hobby Boss 1/48 CH-47A. Overall, I'm very impressed (except for the price!). The shape appears to be correct (though I've not compared it to drawings). Surface detail is very nice and significantly better than the Italeri kit. The canopy is perfectly clear and has scribed frames; Excellent. There will obviously be more versions as the fuselage halves are in two pieces to accommodate the later tail pylon. Interior soundproofing blankets are provided which is correct for a Vietnam era A model. The rotor blades are correct and are drooped (but not twisted). Cargo floor and ramp
  13. PM me. I’ve got an extra PJ Productions canopy. Another suggestion is to find someone with a Kitty Hawk Cougar; that kit comes with two complete injection molded canopies and windscreens. Mig
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