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    Info on EC-47's

    Here's an interesting paint scheme for your model. It's an EC-47N. I took the photos at Nha Trang Airbase in March, 1970. Sorry for the scratches; damaged in shipment back to the states. I also recommend the book "The EC-47 Experience" by James C. Wheeler. It's got a ton of information on the EC-47 including some interior photos during missions. Very good read. Mig
  2. I was flying with the 1st Helicopter Squadron at Andrews from 78-82. I missed very few Saturday morning shoots on the Navy side. Great times! Mig
  3. I too have waited a very long time for a decent OH-13. To me, the difference is too much to ignore (I really don't care what the IPMS judges know or don't know; but you're right, they wouldn't know the difference {I've been waiting for years for them to figure out the differences between the A, B, and C model Hueys}). I've made a jig to build a new fuselage and tail boom using .020 to .035" plastic rod. I'm also working on a mold to make a new bubble and cabin. If you'd like a copy of the stuff I've found that needs addressing, PM me and I'll send you a copy. I also have a goodly a
  4. The OH-13S is closely related to the 47G-3; the Italeri kit however mostly resembles a 47G-3B-1. What's the difference? The OH-13S has a cabin width of 56"; the B-1 has a cabin width of 63". This is accurate for the Italian AB-47 G3 and the British AH.1; but not for the S model. If you look at photographs of an S model and an AH.1 the difference is very noticeable. Basically, the S model has a "two seat" cabin and the AH.1 has a "three seat" cabin. The kit cabin (and therefore the bubble) are too wide to depict an S model and the bubbles are actually a different shape. There's real
  5. I’d like to see the following in 1/48: A decent OH-13S (you can’t make an OH-13S from the Italeri kit) plus any other H-13’s in 1/48 Kellett XR-8 Hiller OH-23G Hughes TH-55/Hughes 300 Sikorsky HH/CH-3E New Tool UH-1C Sikorsky H-19
  6. The gadget is a transducer. It converts movement in the probe into electrical signals which then move the controls. I flew H-3’s, Hueys, and OH-6’s. MIG
  7. It’s an angle of attack (AOA) indexer. It’s used keep the drone flying within it’s flight envelope. Mig
  8. That's correct. The filler is on the top of the fuselage just behind and to the left of the VHF antenna. It's a 100 gallon tank. Mig
  9. Here's a better photo of the bomb bay load: 4 funny bombs and six frag bomb racks. C.E.M. has 1/48 M31 funny bombs and M4 20Lb frag racks in 1/48. I'm also looking for a photo of the jump seat on the right side of the cockpit behind the copilot/navigators seat. I assume it's just a seat cushion with a lap belt, but I can't find a photo. I also suggest the book "The Nimrods." It's a good narrative on B-26K operations over Laos. Mig
  10. Does anyone have a photo or drawing of the jumpseat area on the B-26K? This is the area directly behind the navigator/co-pilot seat on the right side of the cockpit. I assume there’s a cushion and safety belt; but I can’t find any information. It doesn’t look like there’s enough room to stuff a navigator with a survival vest and parachute back there, but the Nimrods often flew with two pilots with the navigator/co-pilot in the jumpseat. Thanks, Mig
  11. Thanks John; now I have seen a Turbo Porter with wingtip devices. You typically don’t see them on Turbo Porters because the production wingtip provides a “flat plate” effect; reducing wingtip vortices which lessons drag. Your photos shoe Hoerner type wingtip devices which increases wing area and also reduces drag. This should improve the Turbo Porters already eye-watering performance. Mig
  12. Go to google/wikipedia and look up wingtip devices. Don’t recall ever seeing a turbo porter with wingtip devices. Generally, they manage wingtip vortices to improve stall characteristics and reduce drag. Mig
  13. I actually didn’t see the rounds. I was flying a command and control Huey, lights out, just after dark at Duc Lap (a special forces camp on the Cambodian border). An AC-119 Stinger flying above me called on guard and told me to leave the area as I was being shot at by a 37mm. The rounds all exploded behind us, so we never saw them. Sure am glad he was there and the bad guys couldn’t see us. Mig
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