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Nakajima B.K.12 "Ota" 1/72 ('ICM")

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Hello everybody! I added another "Nate" to my collection. This time, the Thai aircraft B.K.12 "Ota" (Bin Khan Lan 12 - type 12 fighter)I've been wanting to make such a model for a long time, I really like elephants on wings24 such aircraft entered the Thai Air Force in January 1942 as military assistance from Japan. They covered Thai bombers during strikes against Chinese troops, defended their cities from attacks by American aircraft. The last such fighter was removed in December 1945. During this time, they all destroyed only one American "Lightning" together. The author of the victory of second lieutenant Kamron Bleangkam was shot down in the same battle. The model is made in 1/72 scale from the kit of the Ukrainian company "ICM" with the addition of some details (cabin, additional tanks) from the kit of the company "RSmodels". I have already worked with such a kit, but it was from the first releases and it turned out very easily. This time I had to work a little harder - the details fit each other worse.:deadhorse1:

I'm sorry for my bad English.








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