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the only thing i have had troubles with this kit are the wings... oh boy! it`s a Royal pain in the *** to align both wings with the same dihedron but at the end of the day i found how :P

first of all, clean both surfaces (wing and fuselage) to make sure they are flat, then apply two drops of CA glue on each extreme of the wing (Leading edge and flap`s area) that makes you have an "instant" semi-solid position of the wing (of course you have be sure that the degrees of the dihedron are correct) once you have the wing-fuselage glued apply some drops of Humbrol glue (but not over the area where the CA glue was applied) that makes the wing and fuselage plastic "melt" together and by consequence a stronger union than just with CA glue. (get it? :cheers: )

ok here are some shots:

THE trench:


filling the gap with styrene and CA glue:


the gap covered with humbrol Filler.


next time: seting up the Rudders.


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