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  1. Hey guys! I have a Italeri U-2R in my stash and I´m thinking about dust it off, however I remember seeing some pics of a TR-1 in bare metal (instead of the boring black color), and as far as I remember I saved the pics... at least thats what I though, so can anybody pointme out in my proyect? I found some in Airliners.net that I already have, the ones I´m looking for are some old "kodak" style pics, but if you have others that would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!
  2. thank you guys for the nice pics posted here, however... I was wondering.... anypics of the MAKS girls?? you know........ for "modeling" reasons. <_<
  3. how about a C-17 in Airforce one colors?
  4. coooooooool. nice video, tahnx for sharing... now is there any blue angel singing a blues?
  5. Zacto... Is there any chance that you could release in the future some cannards for the SU-27 in 1:32? pleeeeeeeeeeease?
  6. it was just a matter of time until the lankers where flying over the US, but you know what? it would be cool to have some decend decals of that beauty. guys please keep us updated with some fresh fence check pics, maaaan.... Imagine the things that will be hanging from those hard points? ECM´s? data link pods.... I need yet another flanker now.
  7. this is the kind of building that I for sure will be ticked to. Now, I have a Question: where did you get the cannards?
  8. hi. Well, I live in Veracruz, and 2 of 3 of the hawkeyes were suposed to be here, I just saw them flying quite a few times after they received them from Israel. nowadays they are no longer flying, just collecting dust on the ramp of the Las Bajanas Navy Base with the wings folded. this seems to be another case of corruption since those hawkeyes where lying in the desert along with some other planes of the IAF and bring back to life by IAI, of course I dont know the amount of money invested on that proyect, but for shure somebody filled his pockets with that deal, I must say... expensive trash
  9. Guys I´ve been trying to fing decals for the fore mentioned planes in Kazajstan markings, I would love to build the two of them, so... is there any chance that I can find some decent decals for this subject or basicaly I will have to draw them? any one knows? thanx for your help.
  10. what a beauty :) I herad that the russians where having problems because of copy right isues with the chinese, is this proof of that? the J-11BS was included in the deal with the Russians? I wonder if Zacto would come out with some new engines ...
  11. Looooooook what I found in the airforce.ru forum. these are some reeeeeaaaally Nice shots. Enjoy
  12. ok, now my question is: us that a MiG-27K or what? thanks for posting the pic, you made my day.
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