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  1. Sales pending on the Spitfire Mk.VIII, the 1/48 A-4E/F and the F-16CJ...
  2. Greetings, Here are some more goodies that I need to sell in order to make some room, and make ends meet. All kits are opened with sealed bags unless otherwise noted. Shipping will be $10.00 per kit unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in multiple items I will combine shipping charges or amend them as makes sense based on size, weight, etc. Although I've researched the prices on all of these and think that they're very fair, if you see something you want but would prefer to make an offer, all I can say is 'go for it!' since I might just be motivated to conclude the sale. 1/32 Sc
  3. A true work of genius! Your threads are a genuine pleasure to read, thanks so much for letting us share the journey! So.. What's next??
  4. F-4J (Navy) and Wild Hare Brit conversion are sold...
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