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  1. Deal with confidence- Boyd is The Man!
  2. Take a look at my albums (Chuck Wojtkiewicz)- I just add new pics to a project album and everything works just fine. The whole " All of the previous comments about that album show on the new post " is just the way it's set up- people understand and deal with it. You can edit out any reader posts you don't like, any time you want.
  3. I've only just seen this- very interesting, Z-Man! Congrats on stepping up to full kit design- cheers!
  4. Many thanks, kvlazer22!
  5. That is poetry in styrene and brass, Oliver!
  6. I have no words, just tears. My most sincere condolences.
  7. I spray 'em right over bare plastic- great stuff!! You only need their black base for the super-shiny shades. I've posted some pics here:
  8. Thanks for clearing that up, Yannis- cheers!
  9. Really nice work all around, YanK- cheers! That bomb bay detail is simply beautiful. The paint work is enviable. One question- why was that one oval window painted red?
  10. Novus Plastic Polish is very useful stuff for buffing out that last level of scratches/fog. I picked up the set of three small bottles at Bed, Bath and Beyond, of all places. You could also try any of the "kits" available for polishing yellowed plastic headlight covers, or even toothpaste.
  11. Whatever punch you use, protect the decal with some scrap acetate. Something from a bit of packaging will suffice. The clear dics can then be glued over the installed decal with white glue- quite handy!