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  1. Magnificent in every way. Those engines, the wheel wells, camo and markings- it's entirely enviable! Thanks for posting the process- I've picked up some tips- cheers!
  2. I got up close and personal with 132's "Pride of the Fleet" scheme at NAS Whidbey Island's open house 2 years back. PM if you want pics.
  3. Great work, SM! I've spent a lot of time (back in Covid, and recovering from quad bypass surgery) with this kit and the Classic book. You're not the first to puzzle over the kit gear, so no worries there. In later development of this brute the landing gear were modified when the nacelles were lengthened. It's maddening to interpret this from period photos, and there's always some nazi fathead standing right in the way of those details. Sigh. Keep up the good word, and I'll get back to my eternal Mohawk- cheers!
  4. Good on you, Steve! Best of luck with your new projects and hope you have a wonderful visit with Angel- cheers! Chuck
  5. Thanks! My contractor is sourcing the light- he'll go in after the glass is in. Thanks, Igl007! Hopefully it'll be done before the new year.
  6. Beautiful, Dai Phan- cheers! I, too, use Prismacolor and PRANG pencils for chips, scrapes, etc.
  7. Is $105.00 for the Kingfisher a decent price? I don't buy a lot of 1/32....
  8. Yup! The company had over-ordered this color and they were the cheapest item available. Also, perfect for my tastes. BTW, the walls are painted in RLM 74/75/76. 😉 There will be sealed and painted sound board backsplashes over the corner bench, and adjustable LED lighting in the display cases. My dream room!
  9. Check your other thread about the pencils. https://www.instagram.com/p/CzV9PPRtxB8/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CzV1UaPtgFW/
  10. Daniel Zambaride just posted a slew of video reels on his current builds, including using the watercolor pencils. He shows how he dips just the color tip in water, then paints the color onto the model. He dries it with a hair dryer, then blends the color to a fading edge or edges. Dry it again and you've done a nice bit of rendering in minutes- much faster than oil paint rendering. I have a set as well, but am in a stalled studio rennovation and a huge modeling mojo block.
  11. The studio renno is almost done- just waiting on the all-glass doors for these display cabinets.
  12. That's the person I bought mine from- Troy Mollitor. He's an excellent seller- I'm a member at Large Scale Planes and bought directly from him. He's always ready to answer any questions you might have about the products.
  13. David Union Router with speed control- best motor tool I've ever used. The reciprocating sander is a go-to also!
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