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  1. Here's your COVID19 update! Hope you are all well and keeping safe. I still have a couple of weeks work to finish my current freelance job- and then, well- I'll have a lot more modeling time. As Starlord might say, "Something good? Something Bad? Maybe a little of both?"
  2. It's always a treat to see your scratchbuilding evolve, Oliver- cheers!
  3. Nice work! Is that a Whidbey Island bird? I go by the 2- & 4-seater gate guards all the time- cheers!
  4. Thanks, guys! I haven't been able to do any modeling lately- freelance work came up, but then the bad stuff- eye problems. The vision in my left eye started to get blurred over, and after a few days it was like a dirty white veil was over that eye. An emergency trip to the ophthalmologist revealed glaucoma and inflammation of the eye- yikes! Lots of meds and it slowly cleared up- whew. Then the same thing happened to my right eye! More meds, and it's slowly getting better, with no permanent damage expected. I'm currently taking it easy, but hope to get back to art and models soon- cheers!
  5. You can use lengths of sprue to jack the offending piece to the correct width/height. Just glue them in if they're hidden, or carefully remove after the glue is set if they're not. Cheers!
  6. Thanks, Sarge! I'm back! I've gone over all the pics in this thread, fixing errors and changing the caption font to be more reader-friendly I've also uploaded larger versions of the photos, so hopefully they're less compressed. The MiG is back on the bench and moving forward- I hope to have a new post up soon. Cheers! chuk http://www.chukw.com/Hobby/MiG21/Andreea_004.jpg[/img]
  7. I was having issues with my Silentair compressor and, in a bit of desperation, called Iwata for help. Their compressor repair specialist was very supportive and helpful, even to the point of telling me not to buy an Iwata and keep my current machine. It was a true "Miracle on 34th Street" moment, and they have my business for certain. Glad you got good service as well!
  8. Go to the makeup section of our local drugstore- you'll find all manner of nail files for way cheaper. Want a thin stick? Just cut them down with a straightedge and an xacto knife- although some use bandsaws for this. While you're there, get some sponge makeup applicators- and you might even find some microbrushes on the cheap as well.
  9. I read a post somewhere saying that spraying a coat of Future over this primer made it rock-hard and sandable. I've never tried that- maybe worth an attempt?
  10. You can simply wrap a bit of tape, any kind, around the Tamiya turntable to stabilize it if you so desire.
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