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  1. Very nice, Carlos- the armor lass and the reflector are the first time I've seen this modeled! Yes, with good pencil lines it's easy to use the riveter freehand- it looks wonderful- cheers!
  2. I seem to recall that spray oven cleaner or brake fluid will strip off the chrome plating entirely- give it a Google and see!
  3. Yes, I want to do a faded, chalky olive bird as well. I can't remember who, but someone's coming out with a nice set of decals for the Mohawk. Oh, and The JOV-1A was the ground support plane that started whole ****-swinging contest with the AF- I'm building that variant. Have you seen the thread? http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/315599-by-jove-grummans-toothy-mohawk-jov-1a/
  4. Thanks, Gary! They've published pics of the actual figures, and they'll be perfect for my Mohawk. One will even serve as my tail prop- no need for nose weight.
  5. Thanks, AFM and Holmes! I'm making up a lot of these techniques on the fly- sometimes they work, sometimes you have to try a different way- and sometimes you have to reorder a PE set. My next post will have tales of such events, and will happen soon. Cheers!
  6. If the tires aren't already matte, make them so. Then rub black or dark grey pastel dust into the tread. You can clean it off the raised areas by rubbing with a finger, waiping with a barely-damp cloth or even an eraser. Seal with another flat coat.
  7. The latest Shagadelic update- enjoy!
  8. I glue everything first, then paint. I spray the base color in whatever paint I have that's appropriate, then brush the details with Vallejo or Lifecolor. Thanks for the kind words- cheers!
  9. Superglue. Where I could, I soldered brass pins to fit in correspoding holes I drilled in the legs. Once it's in place I'll carefully add thin strips of aluminum furnace tape where needed to match the real item. Couple of bucks at the big box hardware store for enough to last several lifetimes. Landing gear is definitely not my favorite part of the build process, but, hey- it's got to done. 😉
  10. Here's a tutorial on how I made the plumbing for my MiG21MF LanceR C conversion. Albion alloys brass nesting microtubing is essential Sprue Bros carries it. Cheers! http://chukw.blogspot.com/2016/06/hosiery.html
  11. No worries- I'm just poking along on my build- always something elsewhere that needs doing. Cheers!
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