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  1. Fresh from Ukraine! I ordered these some weeks ago when Wingsy announced that they were still kickin' and shipping kits. The outer box was kinda dinged, but the kits are immaculate. Cardstock box tops with stapled corners, corrugated bottoms with a folding lid that keys into the front sides. All have an etched fret, comprehensive decals, beautiful instructions and lovely sprues chock full of detail. The 109 and Sonia have canopy masks, and the 109 has a beautiful full color insert of the color options, while the Claude has an option of a transparency for the instrument gauges as well as decals
  2. I've made some orders- hope they come in, but if not at least I've helped. Here's Dora wings new FB profile pic- you've got to admire their guts!
  3. I'm back! My vision isn't perfect, but I've had some improvement, and am on track to try some new therapies. Here's what I managed to pull off in the meantime- enjoy!
  4. I just tried it turned all the way down and it seems quite slow. Also, laying a finger on the chuck slows it down quite easily, so the plastic's resistance to the bit may well be a factor. I've never melted plastic with it unless I accidentally left it set too high.
  5. I've never been- I've been told the man who ran is either dead or no longer involved. His wife runs it now and doesn't keep up the hobby end. I'll make a point of stopping by.
  6. As ever, fantastic work! What red did you use on the seats? I'm ready to paint my M-B Mk5's for my Mohawk and have pics showing the basic seat pad as a kind of Campell's tomato soup red. My colorblindness makes reds really challenging and could use a metric. Thanks!
  7. No prob, Jonn! I use my old Dremel for mostly household jobs now, and the router and sander live on bench now.
  8. Hey, neighbor! I'm in Coupeville on Whidbey, and we make periodic Trader Joe/Costco runs to B-Ham. I'll have to look up Dark Tower Games- maybe we can meet up?
  9. I can highly recommend these tools:
  10. Many thanks, Carlos!
  11. Brilliant stuff, Carlos! Those flat bottom cutters- would you be so kind as to post a link? They seem invaluable!
  12. Sharpenair makes this for the Micron series- maybe it will fit your airbrush? https://sharpenair.com/collections/frontpage/products/blr-trigger-blair-low-riderâ„¢-airbrush-short-trigger
  13. Two pins from the Seattle area- I could have stowed away in their luggage!
  14. Hi, John- here's a neat product from Japan that I us on anything canopy-related. It dries absolutely clear, and any excess can be scrubbed off with a damp Q-tip.
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