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  1. That's a beaut, Arty- cheers! Those belts look great on the figs.
  2. Glad to hear your health is better, Dave! The posing of the fish in the wreck is superb, and the divers look wonderful. cheers, and happy New Year!
  3. Thanks, Carlos! It did go very well and my left eye vision is better every day. I was even able to add a few details to my Mohawks ejection seats last evening. Colors are brighter, especially blue! Cheers- Chuck
  4. Thanks, crackerjazz! I had my pre-op visit with my eye doc yesterday- the second eye gets MkII status on the 15th, The 3D parts are very finely printed, with barely noticeable steps. I'm glad you like my sketches- I was indeed a penciller for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse etc, with my longest run on Justice League America back in the 90's. After, I worked as a concept and storyboard artist, in-house for Blur Studio for 13 years. O worked on all sorts of game project- Star Wars, Resident Evil, etc, and boarded the intro for the Deadpool movie, and small bits of other film and TV stuff. Here's some c
  5. Thanks, Fellas! Next surgery is Dec 15th, just in time for Xmas! In the meantime, here's that review I promised- enjoy!
  6. Don't worry about us, Steve- keep on keepin' on! We'll keep.
  7. Thanks, Steve.! The surgery was a complete success. I was cleared today with no additional lens prescription, no taping a goggle over my eye at night, and no exercise restrictions- yay! I haven't dome any modeling for the past week, but I have started a kit review for a companion to the Mohawk. Here's a work-in-progress sketch of the special guest host, my pal Andrew (Meeting Comics Neal's Namdroid! Namdroid is a fictional '60s TV show-within-a-gag-comic, Andrew's hilarious, mature-themed Meeting Comics. I'll be posting a brief photo review of a nice little resin kit real soon- cheers!
  8. I thought I was Spartacus! I had the same problem you did, and finally figured it out. In the lower right corner of the posting window click "Other Media" and select "Insert image from URL". Paste your image's location and hit enter. When the image pops up hit enter twice, then repeat the process ad nauseum. Some sited using this format will have a pop-up menu of the previous urls you've entered- pick the lates and then modify the image number or what have you. Also, have you reconfigured your website to "https" format? It's pretty easy to do, and merely changing the url without c
  9. Thanks, guys! Got the drogue guns installed on the seats yesterday- will do some link rods today. Tomorrow is my first cataract surgery- wish me luck!
  10. Thank you, Gwen, for your kind words- I stand humbled- and for bringing my attention to this most amazing build thread. Lucio, you are a wizard-level modeler! Observant, methodical, innovative in your approach to this rather challenging kit, you're making it into a showpiece. With admiration- cheers! Chuck
  11. Fantastic, Fozzy- CHEERS! Now, are you going to Disneyland? 🙂
  12. There's a bit of a curse in having lots and lots of reference on a build. I keep finding new things about the Mohawk, and have been figuring out some of the more shadowy ends as well. In spite of my soon-to-be corrected cataracts and relapsing vision problems I've actually gotten some stuff done! Come along and see just what, won't you?
  13. Simply amazing and beautiful work, Alexandre- cheers!
  14. Many thanks, Holmes. Still missing my bud, but still moving on. In fact, here's a teaser for the next installment- I promise you will enjoy!
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