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  1. I was having issues with my Silentair compressor and, in a bit of desperation, called Iwata for help. Their compressor repair specialist was very supportive and helpful, even to the point of telling me not to buy an Iwata and keep my current machine. It was a true "Miracle on 34th Street" moment, and they have my business for certain. Glad you got good service as well!
  2. Go to the makeup section of our local drugstore- you'll find all manner of nail files for way cheaper. Want a thin stick? Just cut them down with a straightedge and an xacto knife- although some use bandsaws for this. While you're there, get some sponge makeup applicators- and you might even find some microbrushes on the cheap as well.
  3. I read a post somewhere saying that spraying a coat of Future over this primer made it rock-hard and sandable. I've never tried that- maybe worth an attempt?
  4. You can simply wrap a bit of tape, any kind, around the Tamiya turntable to stabilize it if you so desire.
  5. I had to re-enter my password and all was fine. I have had trouble with Tapatalk at Modeling Madness and had to start a new account with a Gmail address to be able to join that forum.
  6. I read you on the judging aspect of oversprayed tires- whatevah! Here's a link to the cutter: Thinnerline Circle Cutter It cuts circles from .5 mm to 50 mm!
  7. Thanks- I've seen various incidences where tires have simply been oversprayed when the hubs were repainted. I've picked up one of the excellent Shadow Hobby circle cutters- if your masks don't materialize I'll happily cut some for you. Cheers!
  8. WOW! What a finish! I take the wheel hubs on the original beast were not masked when repainted?
  9. That's a stunning model, and the pilot's not too shabby, either! 🙂 He would make an excellent "tail prop" for a tricycle gear aircraft as well. Cheers!
  10. I've been using it to fill panel lines and fine seams to good effect, and sealing it with Future or whatever it is they call it this week. For larger areas, Milliput works better- it feathers much better than PPP. A quick wipe with rubbing alcohol is all you need before painting- cheers!
  11. Here's my take on all that hosiery- enjoy! http://chukw.blogspot.com/2016/06/hosiery.html
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