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  1. Thanks, Dave - that's my goal- to promote and help people enjoy our wonderful obsession with gluing and painting! 😉 Gracias, Carlos- I appreciate the sentiment. As for the seats, here's a teaser. Hint: I've already had to revise them!
  2. This is such an amazing build- I'm entirely impressed by your imaginative treatment of the subject. Looking forward to seeing your progress, Dave- cheers!
  3. Andromeda, also know as Andi, Demandi or Drama-da. She's the sweetest creature!
  4. Thanks, Skydivin! HI, everyone! Here at long last is Episode 4. I've been taking things slow for a variety of reasons, like family, health, work, home and garden, and friends. Modeling has taken a back seat for a couple of reasons- mostly because my mojo has gone into a slump. A big part of that was the loss of my good friend and modelling pal Matt Odom, who recently lost his 13 year battle with brain cancer. He was a brilliant 1/32 scale enthusiast, a Canadian cop and loving family man. We communicated mainly by text and sometimes, phone. It was just too much to sit at the bench and not
  5. Removing the canopy masks- I build slow so it's like seeing a long-lost friend!
  6. That's a beaut- cheers!
  7. Post-it notes would be better, imho. Use light air pressure and several light coats to avoid a 'wet' coat from leaking under the mask- good luck!
  8. As of last evening I am at peak immunization. Being immune-compromised, It's a true relief. I'll happily keep wearing a mask in public, because I actually give a damn about my fellow human beings. 🙂
  9. That really looks great- cheers!
  10. Thanks, Walt! Thanks, jazzy! Your Bf110 IP is looking good- nice job on the turn-and-back indicator.
  11. Thanks, Carlos! I'm doing better every day- except for the fact that I got my 2nd Pfizer shot yesterday and today I'm a bit achy. That should disappear tomorrow- it's good to be fully vaccinated! Thanks, Tim! Someone told me never to Google that term, but i didn't find anything risque, darn it. It's what it's called on the label at Home depot- a heavy, self-adhesive aluminum tap for used HVAC duct sealing and so forth. It's like a big roll of metal duct tape, cheap and one roll will last a modeling lifetime. Try some- you'll like it.
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