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  1. Wow- thanks! Enjoy poking around it, and cheers!
  2. That looks like a figure set- great news for my Mohawk build! Hopefully the Army and Air Force uniforms weren't too different. Are there any tractors and such in 1/48 for this era?
  3. That looks great- cheers! An interesting subject and a beautiful base in the making.
  4. Wow- I've haven't seen that (yet)! It took me a while to figure out how to get my images to show up- sorry you're having this problem. I want to see them! 🙂
  5. The images need to be pasted in without any HTML tags. In the message composition box, look at the lower right corner and click "Other Media", choose "Insert image from url" paste the address and click "indert into your post." Hope this helps! Great work, post after post- cheers, Carlos!
  6. Thanks, Guys- glad you like it! It's an interesting project- info is thin on the ground, as it was new technology and somewhat hush-hush. Any info on the JOV 1-A would be greatly appreciated, especially the gun sight and gun camera mounted on the IP cowling- thanks!
  7. Here we go again- I had fully intended to take on this kit two whole builds, a relocation and an an open-heart procedure ago. It sure is satisfying tick off another 'good intention'. As with all my builds I'm keeping it simple- NOT! C'mon- take a look.
  8. Have you considered the hairspray trick? Paint the metal layer first, then airbrush on a layer or two of everyday hairspray (Tresemme in the pump bottle works fine). Spray your color layer- Tamiya works easily, but I've chipped Hataka Laquers. AK also offers their Worn Effects acrylic fluid. As soon as it's dry, wet the paint with tap water and scrub at it with a stiff brush. You may need to pick a hole or two through the top layer with a toothpick, but the chips come off at random, even with a degree of depth. I'd suggest doing a test run on an old kit or sheet of styrene to get the hang o
  9. Way to go, Steve! I was gettin' a little twitchy from ARC withdrawal. 😉
  10. You can check out my build threads at my blog: http://chukw.blogspot.com/ I describe my process in detail, with plenty of captioned photos and some amusing artwork. Thanks for looking!
  11. Beautiful paint work, Carlos- cheers!
  12. Thanks, Rich! Gald to be of help. Thanks you, too, Beluga! I inherited this problem, but never thought I''d have to go in for 'the big one'. I'm improving most of the time, and will be all better in another 9 months or so. Cheers!
  13. Thanks, Carlos- much appreciated!
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