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  1. Question about Perfect Plastic Putty

    I've been using it to fill panel lines and fine seams to good effect, and sealing it with Future or whatever it is they call it this week. For larger areas, Milliput works better- it feathers much better than PPP. A quick wipe with rubbing alcohol is all you need before painting- cheers!
  2. Landing gear hydraulic lines

    Here's my take on all that hosiery- enjoy! http://chukw.blogspot.com/2016/06/hosiery.html
  3. Question about oil wash on cockpits

    Great! Congrats on your success. :)
  4. Modelling necessities... on the cheap!

    Foam makeup sponges are great for wiping away excess oil wash. Q-Tips leave too many fibers- the sponges are a lot smoother. Microbrushes are also just an overly marked-up makeup item- buy 'em by the hundred on Amazon.
  5. Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    As ever, meticulous and delightful craftsmanship- thanks for making the world of modeling a bigger, brighter place- cheers, Oliver!
  6. Question about oil wash on cockpits

    Crackerjazz, just use a mild thinner for your oil paints- I use Humbrol Thinners or Odorless Turpenoid by Weber from and art supply store, framing store etc. Hardware store turpentine is way too "hot", as the kids say today. ;) I also put a bit of Windsor and Newton Liquin (a pinkish goo that dries clear)in my wash mix- it speeds drying time and helps the wash spread nice and evenly. After the wash has has a few minutes to set up, I lightly run a foam make-up sponge (from the ladies' aisle ant any drugstore) over the washed ares to pick up any excess. Experiment, have fun- and enjoy the fruits of your labors- cheers! chuk
  7. Hey Chuk!  Been following since the days of the Helldiver.  Hoping for some new updates on the MIG!  Hope you are doing well.

    1. chukw


      Thanks, Marley!  I haven't given up on that MiG- I'm itching to tackle the bang seat! I am sidetracked by a build I'm doing for Tamiya Model Magazine Int'l- it's a fun project that I'm, yes, going whole hog on. The only problem is all that work and life stuff- ;)

      Cheers, my friend!


  8. CMK resin me 410 cockpit

    Check your PMs, Ian! I have an ancient email address attached to my profile, and I can't for the life of me remember my password to change it. Gary, I have an old Monogram kit with all the Eduard etch and some other goodies, but I'd be severely tempted if I could find a deal on the new P-61A with the clear radome and proper turret. ;)
  9. CMK resin me 410 cockpit

    Thanks, Ian- much appreciated! Yes, I'm an artist by trade, and do all the girlie art. :) I have a bunch of spares from my build, including the CMK wheel wells left over from their engine set. It's yours if you like. Gary, those Meng kits pique my interest, but one 410 is enough for me- so many other kits to build, and so few lifetimes in which to build 'em. ;) Thanks for the kind words, my friend- and cheers!
  10. CMK resin me 410 cockpit

    Thanks, guys! imatt88, I had to do a fair amount of sanding and trimming both the resin and kit plastic to get things to fit- particularly the wheel wells. Take your time, whittle sparingly as you go and test fit- you'll get it to fit! I still think the 410 is one of the prettiest hot rods of WWII. :) Cheers! chuk
  11. 1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    Missed that fabulous box art- saved! Who's the artist? Can't quite make out the sig. Thanks!
  12. Artists' oils thinned with Humbrol Thinners or Odorless Turpenoid over a coat of Pledge/Future. Add a bit of Windsor & Newton Liquin to speed drying and get super- even coverage. The glosscote protects the base colors well.
  13. 1/48 Horten Ho.229 Zoukei Mura

    What a treat! Skuki does it right- cheers, Maestro!
  14. NATO"s LanceR

    Looking good, Trainman! Thanks for the invaluable pics as well. Youngtiger, Piper19- Thanks for asking. I am busy with so many things! My freelance work has taken off as of late- hooray! Money! My modelling time is currently directed at a build article for Tamiya Modelling Magazine International. Naturally I'm going all-out on this build, and I think you'll like what's going on. I'll see if I can post a teaser or two. Cheers! chuk