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  1. Updated with another Canberra want, 1/48 Two Mikes Resin Resin EE Canberra Corrected Tail / Rudder and Elevators. Ashley
  2. I'm on the hunt for a couple of items please, they are, 1/48th Model Alliance 48177 Blackburn Buccaneer I'm also looking for the Canberra PR.9 Aeroguide 34 1/48 Two Mikes Resin Resin EE Canberra Corrected Tail / Rudder and Elevators Thanks for looking, Ashley :photo:
  3. Fantastic stuff! Finally the starting point is in sight for my Mig, what sort of price are we looking at Stenkabg?
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a 1/72 D-Mold Nimrod forward correction set kicking around in the stash that they no longer need, I'm based in the UK. Regards, Ashley
  5. Hi all, Im after a copy of Danny Coremans DACO F-14 Tomcat 'uncovering' book in good condition please if anyone has one collecting dust I'd be interested. Thank you for looking. Ashley Based in the uk
  6. Hi, I'm after a resin cockpit for my Trumpeter Mig-21MF, if anyone has one collecting dust and your interested in parting with it please let me know. Many thanks for looking. Ashley
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for the Model Alliance 72176 Nimrod part IV decal sheet that has a variety of Nimrods on it including the AEW versions. If anyone has a complete sheet and would like to part with it please give me a shout, I am based in the UK. Thanks for looking, Ashley
  8. Hi All, A long shot I know as been sold out for some time but didn't know if anyone wanted to part with this sheet, TwoBobs 1/32nd scale 32-010 A-4E/F Top Gun Tinker Toys. Cheers, Ashley
  9. Anyone at all I do have some 48th scale items if you wanted to trade (its still the 32nd items I would like though) items for trade Thanks for looking Ashley
  10. Anyone have an idea where I could get some Two Mikes Full Forward Wing seal bags, emailed Mike and they are OOP now and Hannants and Spruebrothers are out of stock, its one of the final things I need aftermarket wise to complete the aftermarket package I want to put on my Tornado. Any help would be much appreciated. Ashley
  11. Hi All, I am after a couple of 1/32 Tornado Aftermarket items, they are; Paragon Design 1/32 Tornado slats/flaps Clevland Models or Two Mikes Resin Full forward Wing Seal Bags If you have them going spare and would like to sell them to me please get in touch, I am based in the UK. Many thanks, Ashley
  12. Just found my answer looking at some instructions online, looks as though the CFT are moulded as one so that'll be a no then. Thanks for looking
  13. Hi all, Sorry if its been asked a thousand times before but couldn't find info from a search (computer playing up) is it possible to make an F-15D from the Tamiya 1/32 F-15E kit? Cheers, Ashley
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