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  1. The carpet monster has reared its ugly head and swallowed the nose cone of my MiG 25. It is the original boxing from Minicraft/ Hasegawa with the Foxbat partially under a tarp as artwork on the box. If anyone has one sitting around please PM me. Thanks for looking, Cheers, Lee
  2. Excellent resource Holmes. Thank you for posting it
  3. To follow up on Dutch's request, I would like to see a 1/72 F-16/79 and F-16XL and also a 1/72 AV-8B prototype. Vingtor has done them but the sheets are impossible to find.
  4. I am looking for the Wolfpak sheet 72-055, specifically the Mirage lV decals. The kit decals are pretty much garbage and I can't seem to find any markings for line jets, everything seems to be special schemes. Thanks for looking, Cheers, Lee
  5. Excellent photos David!! Looking forward to seeing some more.
  6. Hello andyf117,

    Reading your comments about the ch 124 decals, would you be interested in selling your 1/72 Belcher Bits set?



  7. I would love to see some decals for this scheme.
  8. I have seen this sheet in 1/48 on ebay but the 172 sheet has eluded me so far.
  9. Interesting. I wasn't aware of that.
  10. I thought that the Marines were only getting the F-35B.
  11. I have always used white glue and fishing weights with no problems. Always worried that something like that would happen, but that sounds horrible.
  12. The best one IMHO is the dark blue one with the D-Day stripes on the wings
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