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  1. Took the plunge and got myself an upgrade to a fully professional Canon camera. Loving the results so far! A16Y0515 by Tom Sunley, on Flickr A16Y0514 by Tom Sunley, on Flickr A16Y0503 by Tom Sunley, on Flickr A16Y0497 by Tom Sunley, on Flickr A16Y0484 by Tom Sunley, on Flickr A16Y0477 by Tom Sunley, on Flickr A16Y0475 by Tom Sunley, on Flickr A16Y0284 by Tom Sunley, on Flickr A16Y0433 by Tom Sunley, on Flickr Thanks for looking.. more in time!
  2. Been asked to build a model for a chap but not sure whether i should build it or not. This kit is an original run 1955 model in A+ condition. Even has the small rubber glue capsule!# Anyone know where i could check the value of the kit so i can let the guy know what he has? Thoughts? 20150430_131225 by tom.sunley, on Flickr 20150430_131238 by tom.sunley, on Flickr 20150430_131415 by tom.sunley, on Flickr
  3. Looking for 1/48 Airframe/ Model Alliance Decals UK AIR ARM UPDATE Pt V sheet no. 48168 Anyone have this kicking around that they won't use? Need the 6 squadron decals if not the whole sheets please.
  4. Never had a problem with the Alclad varnishes, gloss or flat, and i use them over all my paints (Tamiya, Xtracrylix, Mr Hobby, Vallejo, Humbrol acrylic)
  5. Very much the same. Easier if anything and MUCH cheaper!
  6. What a great kit to build. Excellent fit for the age and goes together with very little requirement for filler. Finished with Xtracrylix Trainer Yellow flattened slightly with Alclad Klear Flat. Rigging was done using knitting in elastic and looks ok for scale to me. Thanks for looking.
  7. No decals for this one yet im afraid. Apart from 1/144 revell kit. have to print your own.
  8. Built for a very special occasion within 6 squadron. Made from the Revell 1/48 boxing but with aftermarket Paveway IV missiles and a Litening III pod. Had a base made by a local joiner which was painted black on request and added som plastic rod heated and bent to shape. Decals are home made on the most part but utilizing the stencil data from the kit sheet. Paint was Xtracrylix and i had an absolute blast building her!. Hope you like. Thanks for looking and hope you liked it.
  9. What an absolute blast of a job. Loved every minute of it. Three vertical stripes on upper wings are decals. All other stripes (black and white) were hand painted over the bronze colour which was Tamiya copper mixed with a few drops of orange to make it more gold in colour. Base was just a painted pine block with some more home made decals to make it stand out a little. Hope you like. Well, there she is. Thanks for looking and hopefully you liked.
  10. Need 10 of these if anyone has any spare. Doesn't matter if US or UK as can modify. Thank you
  11. Looking for a 1/32 litening pod you may have left over from Tamiya Tomcat or Academy SUFA... Willing to pay. Pretty please
  12. try adding some talc to the superglue. doesnt dry as hard and is easier to sand/scribe. Or use the end of a bottle of extra thin glue and drop some small pieces of sprue into it. The glue will dissolve the sprues and you'll end up with a styrene filler.
  13. Well finally got a full build from the new Dutch workshop. Just finished this Lancaster and am pretty happy with how she turned out. Built straight from the box and painted using Xtracrylix dark earth and dark green for the camo. The underside was painted using Tamiya NATO black which is more a dark grey. I think this gives a nice scale effect to the stark black. Hope you like. Thanks for looking.
  14. The pod is similar to Skyshadow and is called Cerberus. It's a radar jamming pod. You get them in most ecr versions of the model and i'm sure some of the guys would have one in their spares box
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