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  1. 1/200 Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767-200ER (ET-AIE) Hasegawa kit with Liveries Unlimited and Scaleliners decals Thanks for looking Dennis
  2. Finished! More photos in the completed builds section. Thanks for looking Dennis
  3. Finally got back to working on this... The decals are all on. Had more problems with them breaking up in water, despite coating with Klear. The windows were literally applied one by one... and then there were the silver frames around them! Wing corogard decals are from Scaleliners and these went on with no issues at all. The landing gear is done and still have to paint and attach the engines, followed by a final coat of Klear. Hopefully will finish in time. Thanks for looking Dennis
  4. The left fuselage stripe, L1 door and lion logo are on. I brushed a thin layer of Klear onto the decals to hopefully stop them from breaking up. Helped a little bit but the fuselage stripe still cracked in a few places. Luckily there is plenty of spare stripe... Thanks for looking Dennis
  5. Thanks John! But as you will see now... things didn't go as smoothly after that... I painted the tip of the nose black and applied the cockpit windows. Not easy trying to hand paint a small circle but looked OK in the end. Then set about applying the tail decals... I have used many Liveries Unlimited sheets before and never had any issues but this time it was a different story. Dipped the decal into water and removed it as normal. As soon as the decal was slid onto the tail, it broke up into 15 - 20 pieces! Managed to rescue most of it but the red section at the bottom had to be touched up
  6. Nice livery. Look forward to seeing your progress on this one.
  7. Progress this weekend... Painted the light gray and natural metal sections of the lower fuselage, wings and tail. A lot of very delicate masking was required but I was quite pleased with the result. Sprayed straight from Tamiya spray cans - AS-16 for the gray and AS-12 for the natural metal, then clearcoated with TS-13 clear. I will be building this as ET-AIE, the first 767 delivered to Ethiopian Airlines. Thanks for looking Dennis
  8. Thanks for allowing airliners in this group build and here is my contribution. At 1/200, this will probably be the smallest scale entry... Using the Hasegawa 767-200 kit with Liveries Unlimited decals The decal sheet After a couple of evenings' work, the fuselage and wings have been glued, primed and the top half and tail sprayed with Tamiya matt white Next will be masking the white section of the fuselage and spraying the silver/gray on the lower fuselage and wings. Thanks for looking Dennis
  9. Beautiful! I love the TAAG livery. Like the weathering too... not something I am brave enough to try on my builds yet! Look forward to seeing your CRJ in the Out of Africa GB. I have also started a build over there. Dennis
  10. I would like to join with a 1/200 Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767-200ER in old livery. Hasegawa kit with Liveries Unlimited decals.
  11. Here is my third (and last) contribution to this group build Lufthansa Boeing 747-8I D-ABYA "Brandenburg" Revell 1/144 kit with kit decals Thanks for looking Dennis
  12. Thanks for the comments. Looks like my last post has been lost after the forum outage yesterday. But here is my 747-8I finished! The completed engines. The exhaust cones were brushed painted with a thinned mix of Gunze smoke blue, smoke grey and a drop of clear blue, followed by a flat clear coat And the finished model Despite the minor issues early on, such as the window size and bent fuselage/tail, I have enjoyed this build and highly recommend this kit. More photos in the completed builds section. Thanks for looking Dennis
  13. Almost completed... Still need to add decals to the engines and glue them to the wing. The engine exhausts also need to be painted - I am playing with a mix of clear blue and clear grey/smoke to try and get the heat staining effect as seen on the real thing. The nose wheels provided appear to be too small so I replaced them with the nose wheels from my abandoned Revell 747-400. The blue was Tamiya TS-15 from the can followed by a couple of thin coats of Mr Hobby #5 blue carefully sprayed from the can. Gave a close match to the blue decals, close enough for me anyway. I used the same grey on
  14. Some more progress... Had to re-spray the gray lower fuselage after checking photos of the real thing. The gray section now extends a bit further back on the rear fuselage. Fuselage and wings gloss coated with Tamiya TS-13 from the can. About half-way through applying decals to the fuselage. The kit decals were very nice to work with but do settle down a bit too quickly. So had to use lots of water to keep the decals wet when positioning them, and I applied a touch of Micro Sol once the decals settle. The engines have been assembled and awaiting paint. Thanks for looking Dennis
  15. Finally managed to start painting this thing! Had a long spell of very wet weather here which was no good for paint. Used Mr Surfacer, then Tamiya flat white and Tamiya AS-28 grey. The wings and gear were on for a dry fit and the fit was fine. The engine fans have also been done. Sprayed with semi-gloss black and the leading edges of the fan blades were painted freehand with a Tamiya paint marker. Quite pleased with the end result Next is the blue tail, and silver on the leading edges of the wings, followed by a gloss coat. Still plenty to do. Just under a month to go in this group bui
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