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  1. That's it folks - the GB has come to an end. Thanks to all who participated, we ended up with 29 finished models, which is exceptionally good. If you're quick, and can get any further models finished by the end of today (1st) I'll include them in the prize draw. I've now asked our sponsors to pick their winning kits - notifications will be sent in due course.
  2. There's very little weathering used by car modellers (unless you're building a rally car). Aircraft and car models are at the opposite ends of the spectrum - the aim with aircraft modellers (except, perhaps, airliner models) is to achieve a 'used' look, whereas the majority of car models are finished to 'showroom' standard, where the aim is to get the paint scheme as flawless and glossy as possible.
  3. ARC has not been hacked. It's simply Google misidentifying it as a potential phishing site (quite possibly caused by the provider of the adverts used on the page to generate income for ARC). There is no way the current false-flagging of ARC would have had anything to do with your Paypal account.
  4. We've still got Ryan Lochte's public humiliation to look forward to.
  5. So...who's going to win the Gold for 'Most Horrific Injury'?
  6. There's just one month to go, folks! Hope you're all ready to complete by the 31st!
  7. One month left...still time to get involved if you're quick!
  8. My memory is playing up, and you're right - Greece was given the 2004 Games because it didn't get the 1996 Games.
  9. So Japan, Brazil, China, the UK, Australia and the US are places that have 'not made it'? Of the last ten Summer Olympic Games only Greece could be argued to be an outsider (and that was really given special dispensation because it was the 100th anniversary of the first modern Games), the rest are all consistently in the top 15 economies in the world. Even with the Winter Olympics - which are considerably cheaper to run than the Summer Games - the only countries who have held them since the end of World War Two and are outliers from the top ten economies are Norway, Austria and Yugoslavia. Do
  10. Pfft. All this arguing, when everyone knows that the greatest ever fighter was the [insert name of your favourite aircraft here].
  11. Well, officially at least. There are claims from various sources that the Syrians have shot down up to four Israeli F-15s in air-to-air combat in the 1981-83 period which, as per their usual policy, the Israelis deny. Of the four I think only one is worth considering (29 July 1981 by MiG-25PD).
  12. Didn't the Iranians scored in the region of 50 kills over the Iraqis whilst flying the F-14?
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