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  1. hi mate its 303 309 310(for f-4 SEA camo) and 137 tire black
  2. thank you aigore ,your viggen inspired me
  3. thank you for comments gunze Mr color only
  4. its simply amazing like a 1/32 tamiya kit great painting jobs
  5. thank you all kind words more photos for your encourage
  6. thank you all you kind comments
  7. Hi Holmes: thank you !

  8. thank you for sharing such a wonderful model the best p-3 I'd ever seen
  9. Coolt,

    I follow your builds and you turn out some really AMAZING Models...the MiG Being one of them.. Keep up the good work.

    You are ONE of the best for detailed modeling..the painting is always spot on..TOP NOTCH!!


  10. thankks mate I use gunze GX1 super white with tamiya white primer very strong oder
  11. Hi Honza, why not finish your fabulous skyray project? it's broken , i use super glue to fix it ,and could not recover to it's original clearness but luckymodel has post me a spare replacement parts for free thank you luckymodel for that wonderful kits.
  12. it's better for color saturations make the color looks more vivid if you apply a coat of silver
  13. thanks mate you can visit my workshop in brisbane ,LOL
  14. modified from mf ,some details not corrects ,all comment welcome
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