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  1. Maketar, STUNNING collection of Aircraft model & AFV Collection. Superb dioramas too. Thank you for sharing your day and ypur video efforts. Appreciated it very much.
  2. Yes his passing was posted a few days back on LSP and Facebook. MY deepest condolences. This is from his wife on LSP. Judy Of Eagle Editions that they both managed and ran. Judy states she will continue so make sure We all give her our support. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/93688-eagle-editions-is-not-going-anywhere/
  3. The site is defunkt and goes to server error and site dies not exist.
  4. Great to see you back Steve and thinking about how to continue to raise revenues for this Super Forum. Good Luck.
  5. Oh I am terribly sorry Let ME delete it... please pardon MY mistake.
  6. Deleted as inappropriate link. made an error.
  7. PAVLA mobile: +420 604 64 00 46, email: pavla@pavlamodels.com ASSISTANT email: assistant@pavlamodels.com Copyright © 2005–2022 Pavla Najmanova, PAVLA MODELS | Na Pankráci 75, Praha 4, Czech republic, info@pavlamodels.com Hope these help.
  8. http://www.pavlamodels.cz/ This is from their Facebook. Have you tried that e mail before? There is nothing updated for a while but I was wondering due to the Ukraine war, will Czech Republic be also having problem with postal services etc.
  9. I'm with Chris and John.. loads of things like tiny sponges that women use for eye shadow application on a black sticj holder etc are amazing... different kinds or emery boards, tweezers etc. Amazing what you can buy in the womens beauty section . and it is inexpensive!
  10. Hello NW Models. Thank you for the heads up. Appreciate that. Will you do a video or a thread on here of the kit/like a review .. Thank you. looks like a super kit.
  11. I wish I had space like that.. ALF... you will have an excellent time building in your fabulous man cave when done. Good chair(s), cushion for chair to sit on and lean against, storage , small fridge (to keep drinks cool), bookshelves and well you are then set !! Keep up updated.
  12. PHABULOUS PHANTOM.. You did a Phantastic job. KUDOS.
  13. Ooh WOWZER !! AWESOME build. ❤️
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