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  1. 1-72 Canada 150 CF-18

    WOW ALL! STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS looking model. That design is so striking and your CANADA 150 IS SPECTACULAR to look at. AMAZING ... IT ROCKS !
  2. Superb Display - Solo Turk

  3. Academy 1/48 MiG-29 9-12

    Any photos ?
  4. 1-72 Canada 150 CF-18

    ALL.. Just popped in to see your SUPERB workmanship.
  5. STUNNING BUILD Brady. :wow: Nice work and it's NEAT
  6. Clif Harris (Jinxter13)

  7. Clif Harris (Jinxter13)

    DONE that... thank you you for the link... She still has a LONG way to go... come on gentlemen.. I hope Clifford is at Peace. and I will miss him terribly. it's a gray day without him.
  8. Hal Marshman, Sr

    OMG.... I am over in India and have been for months.... I LIKED Hal... WE used to exchange PM 's and E mail about his modeling et al... what a super Gentleman he was and always ready to help no matter how young you were. I will miss him and MY Condolences to his Family and TRUE friends. if anyone is a scum bag and pond life it's the man who write such despicable things on the Facebook.(not a member but read it above in that posted coment) . who the heck is that horrible nerd. I should not say this but when his demise cones I am sure there WILL BE QUITE A FEW to say what a scumbag he was ! I shall miss Hal..
  9. The Parking Lot

    I still find this useful thread.
  10. Cobra Company

  11. 1:72 Eduard MiG-15bisSB Czechoslovakia

    Ryan, That's really SPLENDID looking model.
  12. 1/32 scale F117- toxic avenger

    Speechless for once! AMAZING All round..
  13. Su-24MK Iraqi Air Force

    Dragan. You always turn out most IMPRESSIVE work and this is Just STUNNING build.
  14. Tornado IDS / GR.4

    Look forward to this Sebastian.
  15. Shawn, that's incredible!

    Shawn.. IMPRESSIVE ... looks mighty fine ..