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  1. I still find this useful thread.
  2. Oh
  3. Ryan, That's really SPLENDID looking model.
  4. Speechless for once! AMAZING All round..
  5. Dragan. You always turn out most IMPRESSIVE work and this is Just STUNNING build.
  6. Look forward to this Sebastian.
  7. Shawn.. IMPRESSIVE ... looks mighty fine ..
  8. WOW... it really is SUPERB well done.
  9. Just seen it.. AWESOME.
  10. Most helpful people I have met on ARC.
  11. Oops...
  12. So Chuck 62 Years wiser and younger today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY Friend. Have a gigantic best birthday ever and enjoy the partying with family &friends. May you have many more sweet birthdays... And also to others sharing this day with Chuck Happy Birthday to you too. :beer:
  13. Andrew, those are FANTASTIC and definitely enjoyable to see historical aircrafts from the past.. Thank you very much for sharing them.. I also noticed the men and women attending the shows look smart in their suits and hats..way COOL ..
  14. Look forward to seeing your new build.