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  1. This was over on another forum from his friend and a member . " A Very sad news today I got, early yesterday morning my very good friend André died of a heart attack. Retired from Bombardier a little over a year and a fine modeler his entire life, he was a great inspiration for many of us at the club. He leaves behind his longtime compagnion Danielle Mateau and her daughter. ''You left us way too soon my friend and we will miss you deeply'' Dan." Andre was a gifted modeler and his models were STUNNING to look at.he was only 60 years old and was a member here on ARC living in Montreal (known as DORA9 ) . His Articles | Large Scale Planes: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/?act=filter&field=author&data=Andre+Dorion I will miss him .MY condolences to his family friends and those who knew him. Rest in Peace Andre. Blue Skies. HOLMES
  2. That's not very PC is it ! EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT strategically placed Conkers on the floor in the corners or on window sills in the corners ; or near doors in the corners of ONE'S home etc Will keep the 8 legged beast at bay... Well they keep away in MY home and I have Conkers thus placed discreetly! Conkers have gotten natural oils that is repulsive to spiders so they keep away!
  3. This is online model shop which is very good and I have bought white a lot from them. It is quite inexpensive and has unusual as well as the usual... if they don't have it they can get it for you mist times. Unfortunately they don't act as a normal shop if you were in Telford but if you order and live in the UK you can collect between office hours.... Plastic Model Kits, Military Aviation Books and Magazines Bought Sold https://www.kingkit.co.uk/ General Information from their website. Welcome to the new look Kingkit website! We aim to offer the widest possible selection of New and discontinued plastic kits at the best possible price. We have been trading for over 30 years and have built up a reputation for reliability, fast despatch and excellent packaging. For general information please read the FAQ's below. What's the difference between new and pre-owned items? Pre-owned items have been bought from peoples private collections, we guarantee that they are complete and unstarted but the box condition may vary. New items are bought in directly from the distributor/manufacturer and have never been opened. Are your stock quantities live? Yes, all stock listed on the website is in our warehouse sitting on the shelf ready to go. What are your postage costs? Within the UK all orders are charged at a flat rate of £3.50, overseas orders will be charged based on a percentage of the order value subject to a minimum charge of £9.50. The actual postage charged will be calculated in the basket before we ask for any payment details. How quick are your despatch times? We work Monday to Friday and we aim to despatch everything either on the same day or the next working day. Despatch will be confirmed by email. If we are closed or operating a reduced service this will be displayed on the website. What courier do you use? All uk orders up to 2 kilos are sent by Royal Mail, over 2 kilos may be sent by courier. All overseas orders are sent by Royal Mail. Can I come and look round? Unfortunately, we can't act like a shop. If you would like to collect your order then this is ok during our normal opening hours please use the click and collect function. Kingkit Limited - company number 10276674 - Vat Number 549405723

    US B-1 Lancer flight and afterburner.

    it IS FAIRFORD .. from time to time FAIRFORD comes alive with certain Ops. The video above and below IS FROM FAIRFORD . Published on Jun 19, 2018 U.S. Air Force B-1B bomber aircraft takeoff at RAF Fairford, Great Britain on June 2, 2018 as part of exercise Trojan Footprint 18. Watch "B-1B Lancer Bombers Takeoff In The United Kingdom" Look at the buildings/hangars in the background...

    What's this guy doing?

    WOW.... Pretty impressive ....

    TELFORD(UK) IPMS Show 2018.

    Absolutely ..you have to come as you know this is the biggest IPMS Show in the world with 3 halls and chocoblock with vendors and competition models and of course all scales and genres are represented.... COSFORD AIR MUSEUM is not far too.. CANicoll from USA has been twice to Telford ... and he will tell you it's awesome and friendly and get to meet many who are on forums from UK as well as from Netherlands...Germany etc. . It would be SO lovely to have you over.... The best hotel inTelford is the Premier Inn International Centre or the Travel Lodge International Centre but they need to book now. Telford Premier inn reservations are open NOW book now if you want to come. . https://www.trivago.co.uk/telford-41220/convention-centre-trade-fair/the-international-centre-5707846?sem_keyword=&sem_creativeid=269157640746&sem_matchtype=b&sem_network=g&sem_device=m&sem_placement=&sem_target=&sem_adposition=1t2&sem_param1=&sem_param2=&sem_campaignid=367667802&sem_adgroupid=26476041882&sem_targetid=aud-296954197409:dsa-112401814625&sem_location=1006524&cip=4 Wait for link to load. Also tells you how far you are from the International Center. Hope to see you next year. Hope this is helpful. The Dates are : Scale ModelWorld 2019 November 9, 2019 @ 10:00 am - November 10, 2019 @ 4:00 pm GMT IPMS(UK) proudly announces the return of the world’s greatest fine scale model show. Car parking, disabled access, refreshments, club and special interest group displays, trade stands, model competition (IPMS members only), demonstrations and kit swap etc.
  7. "Mog’s Christmas Calamity | Sainsbury’s Ad | Christmas 2015" ... I loved this one.... And Now John Lewis has This one ..tribute to ELTON JOHN.... "John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad 2018 -
  8. "Super Powerful US B-1 Lancer Afterburner in Action During Superb Flight" .Date 10/27/2018. Enjoy.

    TELFORD(UK) IPMS Show 2018.

    Corsair Man.. I think you will enjoy it and it's be nice to see you here. Watch "Telford Scale ModelWorld IPMS 2018" on YouTube
  10. So there's a GoFundMe for PAUL FISHER and quite a bit has been raised.. Gentlemen you can donate anonymously or not.. if you can but if you can't then that's okay too. Here is the link etc and Paul's comments are copied from Facebook. hope he and Susy are doing well and prayers go out to them. Fundraiser for Paul Fisher by Kevin Futter : Paul Fisher Fire Relief https://www.gofundme.com/paul-fisher-fire-relief So, we've managed to reach $15,000 in donations in around 2 days of fundraising! The level of generosity shown by Paul's fans, friends, followers, and the general scale modelling community has been absolutely astounding, and Paul is incredibly grateful. For those who don't follow Paul on Facebook, here is his message: "Hello to all our friends and family around the world, Susy and I cannot thank you enough for the incredible generosity you have shown us in out time of need, we are humbled and elevated all at the same time....Can't say yet what comes next, but now that we are safe in Colorado and online again I will try to post regularly.As far as we can tell at this point both our home and the workshop were destroyed by the fire, more info as I get it, but it will be awhile before that Firefly comes out!We love you all, and again, thank you with every wag of our collective tails for all you have done to help!!!!" Please continue to share the campaign link to anyone you think might be able to help. And a sincere thanks to everyone who has been able to donate so far. You guys rock!
  11. So Every year unless I am on duty I go to this IPMS Show held every year at TELFORD ..this is the BIGGEST MODEL show ever with 3 hallas.. So this year I could not make it but with respect to a master modeler Peter/AIRSCALE I have posted his thread for you to look at the models that were there and new future releases. So with Respect to Peter of Airscale and the other members enjoy the pictures. I think CaNicoll/Chris (ARCer) attended from USA and was a judge at this huge show. Five pages to view. Scale Modelworld Telford 2018 - Page 4 - General Discussion - Large Scale Planes https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/77571-scale-modelworld-telford-2018/& HOLMES.. 🙂 Thank you.
  12. HOLMES

    Zhuhai Air Show 2018

    Thank you for indulging ME... the added photos and video are SUPERB.
  13. HOLMES

    Thud Pilots

    They have MY SALUTE and MY utmost respect. Thank you Gentlemen for your SERVICES. And I liked this quote... loved it actually. If there is no heaven, then just being in the same room with these men for all time would be good enough for me.” JOHN MORRISSEYThunderchief Pilot
  14. HOLMES

    Wings over Houston 2018

    Steven... GORGEOUS shots .... Thank you... Just WOW. :wow: