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  1. Bump. I'd do it but have not gotten those paints. 😞
  2. I searched the Tinternet without gaining any information.
  3. one way to deal with those blooming Spammers !!
  4. WOW !! It looks Phenomenal and extraordinary. STUNNING job.
  5. https://www.military.com/equipment/mq-9-reaper
  6. https://www.ga-asi.com/remotely-piloted-aircraft/mojave
  7. https://dsm.forecastinternational.com/2023/03/15/the-black-sea-smackdown-everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-mq-9-reaper-uav/ WILL This assist you ?
  8. Hello dews, LOOKED in The Stash and I no longer have what you need. SORRY. HOLMES.
  9. HELLO Craig.... I had a look in MY stash and unfortunately I do not have what you need. SORRY buddy. HOLMES
  10. Thaddeus, EXEMPLARY workmanship. You are doing an excellent job thus far and it is lovely seeing your progress. Rock on MY Friend.
  11. Thadeus... Well blow ME off the mountain !! How super to see you back on this OUTSTANDING build. Glad you returned to it.. 👍 Pretty impressive progress and updates. IMPRESSIVE workmanship.
  12. If you've ordered anything , then don't expect anything from Mastercasters for 5 years - I thought you guys need to read and see this as Jason "Jay" Laverty gets 5 years for sexual crimes against children. Suffolk: Lowestoft man jailed for five years for child sex offences | East Anglian Daily Times https://www.eadt.co.uk/news/23418964.suffolk-lowestoft-man-jailed-five-years-child-sex-offences/
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