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  1. Tim Thank you for the heads up for LSP. blooming Hackers !!🤬
  2. Dave... indeed you have... How does a diesel-powered Submarine work ? and what happens if they run out of diesel hundreds of meters(or feet) below the waters! SYDNEY — Australia's prime minister, Scott Morrison, said Sunday that it had “deep and grave” concerns about the diesel-powered submarines it planned to buy from France — and that Paris knew that well before Canberra abruptly canceled the deal in favor of sharing nuclear submarine technology with the United States and ...
  3. Chuk, MY condolences for your friend's passing. As I said on LSP, Matt Rest in Peace from one Cop to another. And your work is IMPECCABLE. Loved the cockpit et al.
  4. Definitely MY kinda candy. STUNNING builds Aigore.
  5. Plus One. Hello Chris. MY favorite fighter jets so looking forward to your lovely build. Enjoy. HOLMES
  6. SUPER start to your build. Hope it is going great. The IP panel looks SO NEAT. will be back to see more.
  7. Hello Aigore, Firstly Thank you for sharing the photos of your kit. SO looking forward to your Epic JETMADS VIGGEN build. Looks like a superbly crafted kit indeed. Your 1:48 Scale Viggens look STUNNING. :🥰 HOLMES.
  8. Well Heck the detailing is just stunning. OMG. 🥰 check it out. https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/sentiment/oyajiblog_113.html
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