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  1. 1-72 Canada 150 CF-18

    Hello ALF.. Love ya... and your posts. So what's next....
  2. 1/32 Revell (Matchbox) DH 82a

    WOW.. Absolutely STUNNING.
  3. Yet another Flickr test

    Mike, CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement and your BEAUTIFUL gift to yourself. Well deserved. And some SUPER photos from others too. Thank you for sharing them. HOLMES
  4. My Forums Are On Half The Page

    Go to the very top of your Android cell phones where the search box is (not the FORUM'S search box but the Googly search box).. THERE are three vertical Dots . CLICK ON IT. and a drop down menu comes... choose DESKTOP VERSION and you will get the full ARC forums as if you were on a laptop or any other computer... that way you will get a FULL VERSION on your cell phone*s as I have done writing this. ENJOY.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Clif wherever you are in the great Blue Skies. Gone but not forgotten and sadly missed. And I know you are not here but THANK YOU FOR your SERVICES in Vietnam and other places. HOLMES
  6. Su27 1:32 finally finished

    Wasser fall. That's pretty impressive. I have seen Birdseye view photos such as yours and it dodoes look fine. Goid job.
  7. 1-72 Canada 150 CF-18

    WOW ALL! STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS looking model. That design is so striking and your CANADA 150 IS SPECTACULAR to look at. AMAZING ... IT ROCKS !
  8. Superb Display - Solo Turk

  9. Academy 1/48 MiG-29 9-12

    Any photos ?
  10. 1-72 Canada 150 CF-18

    ALL.. Just popped in to see your SUPERB workmanship.
  11. STUNNING BUILD Brady. :wow: Nice work and it's NEAT
  12. Clif Harris (Jinxter13)

  13. Clif Harris (Jinxter13)

    DONE that... thank you you for the link... She still has a LONG way to go... come on gentlemen.. I hope Clifford is at Peace. and I will miss him terribly. it's a gray day without him.
  14. Hal Marshman, Sr

    OMG.... I am over in India and have been for months.... I LIKED Hal... WE used to exchange PM 's and E mail about his modeling et al... what a super Gentleman he was and always ready to help no matter how young you were. I will miss him and MY Condolences to his Family and TRUE friends. if anyone is a scum bag and pond life it's the man who write such despicable things on the Facebook.(not a member but read it above in that posted coment) . who the heck is that horrible nerd. I should not say this but when his demise cones I am sure there WILL BE QUITE A FEW to say what a scumbag he was ! I shall miss Hal..
  15. The Parking Lot

    I still find this useful thread.