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  1. Timmy, PHENOMENAL and just SO INCREDIBLY SUPERB workmanship.
  2. Hello Timmy, Just joined in to follow your AMAZING build. Your Pilots are EXQUISITE . Love watching the video(and learned a few things....) Can't wait to see the Cockpit as its MY Favorite part of the aircraft. Keep up the excellent work.
  3. Hello John, So I love your builds and especially the videos. Its much more visual .. keep it up.
  4. Hello Chukw, Another Fantastic build from you to follow . Love your exquisite Artwork as much as your SUPERB build. Amazing.
  5. Sean, Just catching up. EXEMPLARY workmanship so far.
  6. Gabor, Interesting choice. Nice NEAT Start. Keep it up.
  7. Thank you. Just finished watching it.
  8. Thanks Dylan that's a very comprehensive and detailed report.
  9. US plane scatters engine debris over Denver homes - BBC News https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-56141673 video shows engine on fire... and scrolling down another aircraft falls out of the sky. thankfully no one, not even the pilot was seriously hurt.
  10. Hello.. Have you tried using the "filter" menu . when you click on "your orders", it brings up your orders... beside it there is "filter ". Click on Filter which takes you to another menu. That menu shows: orders, open orders, cancelled orders. Under that there is a whole long list of things that shows; Last 30 days, six months, 2021, 2020 etc.. So Did you choose last 30 days and then "Apply" that choice. it should bring up the last lot of orders IF you ALREADY did that then not sure how you can alter it.
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