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  1. I'm finally back! Just rereading this thread and I cant believe I started this over 5 years ago! A lot has happened over the last few years but it's now coming into winter so hopefully I'll be able to find time to make some progress on it. A few things to happen that affect the build is: We now have one of the newest Panthers at work so I now have to decide which one I want to build. Rosenbauer have themselves made diecast models of our new truck in 1/87 and 1/43 scales. And Hasegawa have released a 1/72 plastic kitset of our older two Panthers. So I can either build our old one along side the hasegawa kit copying its parts as I go or build the new one scaling up the measurements of the diecast models. Either way, both versions are on the same Volvo Penta chassis and drivetrain so I've got a while to make up my mind.
  2. Hi guys, I can't believe it's been over a year since I did any work on this. Life has a bad habit of getting in the way.[smiley-laughing002]. In the last 12 months I've got married, went to Vegas for the honeymoon, ran two more recruit courses, passed my first post graduate university paper and now my wife is 3 months pregnant with our first baby. I started an Airfix 1/24 GR3 Harrier to get my mojo back. I've almost finished it, just waiting for some paint to dry before I can gloss it, so in the mean time I pulled the Panther back out. I brought two Revell Simbas in the hopes that I can use a lot of the parts since Simbas and Panthers are both built by Rosenbauer. Here's the pics so far: I built up one of the chassis to see how close it'll be to what I need: It is much more detailed than my scratch built attempt and with a bit of surgery it'll be a good basis to build up from: Mounts for both sets of rear wheels are in exactly the right spot, I'll just need to modify the front to change it to 6x6 instead of 8x8, and the chassis will need to be shortened a couple of mm forward and aft of both axles but still much easier than building and detailing everything from scratch: I built up a kit diff to check sizes and it is the same width as the resin part. It's much less detailed so I'll be using the resin sets instead. Ran into a problem with the resin wheels and tyres I brought. Although very well detailed, they turned out to be much smaller than the kit parts. Crisis averted though, the kit tyres match the diameter of the scale drawing exactly and are pretty well detailed themselves so they'll be going on the resin diffs:8/IMG_5586_zps0uo22u70.jpg[/img][/url] I'll try and get some more done over the next couple of days. I'll build up some substructures to see what I can convert to use.
  3. Thanks Floyd, I'll look forward to it. Cheers Dean
  4. Hi Guys, I'm after some help if you don't mind. I've just brought the old Revell 1/32 AH-1G kit and would like to update it. I was looking for the Fireball Modelworks FMR-009 set but have since found out it is long out of production. Do any of you know where I could get my hands on one or something similar? Thanks in advance Dean
  5. Finished: Here is the real one we have at work: And here is my version of it:
  6. The link Adam shared looks like it'll be right. I work for an Airport Fire Service and all our vehicles are "Stryker Green". We have an Oshkosh designed Stryker so the colours should be a match. I've got a couple of build threads of our vehicles if you want to see the colour I'm using. Cheers Dean
  7. Well I still haven't heard back from the signwriters so I've made quite a lot of progress on my second one. Just the nudgebar and tow bar to build, a bit more detail painting and it will almost be done. I'm going to leave the canopy until after I get the decals back from the signwriters just incase the windows are in the wrong place. Here's where it's at so far:
  8. Thanks, It's gone to the signwriters so progress has slowed down a bit. I made a start on the mirrors though: Original part: Our real one: The start of my first one:
  9. Stretch pantyhose over the end of the vacuum cleaner, that should find it for you.
  10. I'm almost on the home stretch, it's all been screwed back together and I've started permanently mounting most of the details. There's still a long list of things to do but it's starting to look like our "Rescue 6". Mud flaps, running boards, nudgebar and tow bar ready for painting. I didn't have chrome so I used Alclad polished aluminum and Tamiya flat black: for the tow bar I just used a ball of blutac to get the shape then covered it in super glue to harden it up. Most of the parts fitted:
  11. I got some more done on the interior. reshaped the top of the dash board: I can't do much more now until it all dries so I moved on to starting the canopy for one of my other 2:
  12. Moved on to the interior, Centre console cut down and modified: Once the filler has dried I'll shape the floor and add the radios and computer. Since the centre console doesn't go all the way to the firewall on the real one and I'd cut it down I'm going to mount the dash board directly to the frame itself: It still needs a lot of work but you get the idea. While the filler was drying I moved onto the running boards under the doors. I just dry fitted one onto another model since the one I'm working on has been pulled apart to work on the interior:
  13. nudgebar is mostly complete. It's still looking fairly rough but once it's cleaned up, painted and detailed it'll look a lot better:
  14. I got the canopy mostly done, Paint showed up a few issues I need to fix before it gets permanently fitted but it will be going out to the sign writers in the next couple of days on the back of one of the other models so I can continue with the interior, running boards and bull bar on this one. Canopy lined: Top coat on:
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