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  1. Here ya go! https://www.bedlamcreations.com/custom-waterslide-decals/custom-model-plane-waterslide-decals/ Tim
  2. Would black chalk pastels applied with a brush work and then sealed? Tim
  3. This is a FOD/Fuel station you see at Army Airfields. They are usually a little faded yellow. What acrylic (Vallejo) could I use? I was leaning toward Candy Yellow? What do you guys think will match the faded yellow? Thanks for the input! Tim
  4. Your cobra looks awesome. Great job! How did you make the tailboom so dirty? Tim
  5. If you can get the dimensions of the size of the decal you want, then go to bedlam creations. They csn custom print your decals and their prices are very reasonable. I just had some custom printed, and it cost me only $21, and they turned out outstsnding!!! Tim
  6. Wooo, I love your model. Coming from a blackhawk crew chief, I say OUTSTANDING job on it!!! I especially love how you painted up the warning receivers on the nose. That's spot on! Where did you get those pieces from? We want more pics!!! Tim
  7. In that case, you could take the nose off the radar from the MH-60K kit, add a little tubing and a small piece of styrene or lead foil and that should do it! Maybe you can find a 1/48 USCG MH-60T resin set or better yet, find someone who has the CG resin radar nose and maybe they'll cast an extra one for you. Tim
  8. You could try Lone Star Models. They might have a Cobra Company set with that nose. Tim
  9. I know the SOAR flight crews do some crazy stuff, but sitting on ammo cans flying in combat? Are you sure about that??? All the Lima and Kilo pics I've seen always had the crew chiefs seats installed. Tim
  10. I would think they would have CE seats. If nothing else, they would be available to the crew chiefs in case of a crash landing. All our helos had the crew chief seats installed at all times when flying. Tim
  11. What in the world is THAT thing??? Tim
  12. Nevermind
  13. Yep, Imgur works! Tim
  14. I couldn't access your PB Ray, looks like it's too late. Tim
  15. It probably wouldn't do any good, but maybe we need to somehow let PB know we aren't gonna take it and get a very large boycott going. Who knows, it may or may not work. I too don't have nor will I pay $400 just to post pics! Tim