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  1. The floor hatches on UH-60's open upward, it's probably pretty standard on all helos. It would be hard to grab ahold of the hatch if it was hanging down in the hole. Crews like to have an unobstructed view of the hook, sling and load from up top over the load to be able to communicate with the pilots about aircraft corrections to minimize the load moving. HTH Tim
  2. How many coats and how long does it take to completely dry??? Tim
  3. Merry Christmas back at you Steve and to all my fellow ARC'ers@ Tim
  4. hawkwrench


    I can handle the ads now that Steve has fixed it. I just don't want to constantly deal with top 5 Russian dating sites, sexy lingeries or any adult crap!!! Sorry guys, but I'm happily married and just don't want that crap around! Tim
  5. I thought the ammonia was what would tear the seals up so that's why I bought the ammonia free version. Tim
  6. Getting ready to shoot future on my HB F-14D and I've never used it before. I've bought the ammonia free windex to clean it afterwards. What's the steps so that I don't ruin my Patriot? Thanks Tim
  7. 1) Plug in the surge protector that my small heater is plugged into. (I don't like leaving those things plugged in). 2) Reach over and flip my desk light on. 3) Grab my phone and watch some YouTube videos before I start building. Tim
  8. hawkwrench


    This is CRAP. Makes me not want to read ARC anymore till Steve gets rid of this stuff. And yes, I am happily married as well and have no desire for a bunch of stupid woman ads!!! Tim
  9. Order some 1/32 EC-145 resin detail sets from renaissance models while you're at it. Tim
  10. What color did you use for the drybrushing? Tim
  11. Just found this over on YouTube about the quiet one OH-6. Tim
  12. Me too. I was starting to have withdrawals. Thanks Mstor! Tim
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