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  1. Looks alot like a LUMM antenna for communicating with drones. Tim
  2. Why don't they use the VH-60 in CONUS? Tim
  3. Um, yep your right and I'm wrong. I'll just crawl back into my UH-60 corner and eat my big ole "shut the heck up" sammich!!! Tim
  4. That's incorrect. Here's a shot of a AH-64E from the 101st I took at the Dayton airshow. It still uses the standard blocked lettering. Tim
  5. I haven't flown any helicopters, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! Does that count??? Tim
  6. Maybe somehow the instructions can be blown up to 1/35 scale. Alot of scratchbuilding, but I think it would be cool. Tim
  7. Just like the title says. I REALLY need this fret for a scratchbuilding project. This is the only (and correct) style of seat belt hardware used on the UH-60 pilot's seats. NO ONE has it for sale anymore. Will pay for it. Tim
  8. As the title says. I'm in desperate need of finding this photoetch fret for a scratchbuilding project. This is the only (and correct) style of buckles for the UH-60 pilot seat I'm making. Will pay for it Tim
  9. Can't never go wrong buying a -10, but If I remember right, the -10's were the operating manual. You should look for the aircraft information manual. That would have more info important to a modeler. Tim
  10. Can't go wrong with Hobbyzone USA paint modules. Tim
  11. A little more done on the MH-60 tonight. The top doghouse was a tight fit that needed clamps to get it down fully onto the fuselage. Comments welcome! Happy Thanksgiving guys! Tim
  12. Got a little bench time in today before work. All the seams look cleaned up and added the nose radar mount onto the fuselage. That's all for now Tim
  13. Sorry, been busy lately and frankly, forgot about the pics. I can see them. Thanks for posting! Tim
  14. Steve, contact Sophia Lynm at Kitty Hawk. She will get you the replacement fuselage halves. As far as the instructions, yeah there are some mistakes, but you can ask us and we can help you get through them. The new H-60 kits are the only good representation of the real helicopters. The Academy kits are crap and are not even shaped correctly. Numerous builders here including myself have either already built the kits or are building them right now. Give them another chance!!! Tim
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