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  1. hawkwrench

    Been a while!

    Welcome back Jon. Long time, no talk to. Hope you get back to being a regular on here like you were years ago. Alot of new helo models out. You'll like Floyd's latest project. Should be available soon. It's a 1/32 AH-1F conversion set I think. Tim
  2. hawkwrench

    CO2 tank regulator help

    I have 2 questions: 1) I just bought a CO2 tank and regulator. Attached to the regulator by a zip tie was a small plastic red disc. It's not an O ring. What the heck is it? 2) What size fitting adapter do I need to attach my badger airbrush hose to the male end of the regulator? Here's a close up shot Thanks in advance! Tim
  3. hawkwrench

    New 1/35 Helo figures coming from Live-Resin

    Can you swap out heads with the other aircrew heads? Tim
  4. hawkwrench

    New 1/35 Helo figures coming from Live-Resin

    Oooh, I want some!!! Tim
  5. It looks really cool. They got the HIRSS shape and look right. Would love to see more exterior and interior pics! Can't wait for it to come out. Now we just need some Somalia era aircrew figures!!! Tim
  6. hawkwrench

    New 1/35 Helo figures coming from Live-Resin

    Nice looking crew. Any chance we could see the pilots? Tim
  7. 1) The instrument panel would still have the old style gauges instead of the MFD's. 2) The crew chief and pax seats are the old style instead of the new crash attenuating seats. 3) The stabilator is the old pointed style and not the new composite square shaped like the new one. 4) The main landing gear sponsons will not have the 90' corner on the edges like the M model has. 5) The late model L's do not have the transition/tailboom access door on the right side behind and slightly below the right cargo door. 6) The blades are the old legacy blades instead of the new wide chord blades. 7) The L models don't have alot of the new antennas that the M model has. 8) The center console is the old style instead of the new hand controller style. 9) They're are some powerplant/powertrain upgrades on the M model the L model don't have. I can't think of any more differences right now. Tim
  8. Mark, can I post the san diego helo over on FB? Tim
  9. Thanks for the correction. What kind of issues have occured with the L/V models that negate the use of the wide chord blades? They're all composite, so weight shouldn't be a factor. Because they provide more lift and performance, it seems they would incorporate them fleet wide. Tim
  10. Huh, I stand corrected. I was under the understanding that eventually all hawks would have the swept tip blades. So why aren't they L and V models not going to use them??? Tim
  11. Just need scaleworx to do the new crashworthy seats now. Tim
  12. I've personally only seen 1 pic of a L model with the UES. It's my understanding eventually all hawks will have the new swept tip blades. All M models have the new blades and almost all being modded to the new UES. The V model is an old L model that has been reset and upgraded with the new avionics suite. This is a quote from an article about the V models. The UH-60V Black Hawk program will modernize the Army’s fleet of UH‑60L helicopters through cost-effective cockpit upgrades. The new system is nearly identical to the UH‑60M pilot-vehicle interface, providing common training and operational employment Tim
  13. The older L models are getting the the new blades when they are coming out of phase/reset as far as I know. As far as what you need for a Mike conversion set, I can help with any info you may need. Feel free to PM me. A 1/48 UH-60M conversion set would fill a hole in an otherwise blank part of helicopter modeling considering the whole Army fleet is converting over to either M models or V models which both share the same mods. Tim
  14. hawkwrench

    Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    Thanks Oliver for the airbrush tip. Might have to grab that book sometime. Tim
  15. hawkwrench

    Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    Huh, didn't know that was even out. The model is looking good as always. You are the master Oliver! So, do you spray Windex thru the airbrush to clean it? Do you flush the Windex out with anything? Tim