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  1. Oliver, they tractor mod looks great. Ever thought about casting it since it has a boo boo? Other guys might want one too? Tim
  2. Wooooah! That's a model??? That looks a pic of a real Huey! Man, you nailed that one down! Outstanding model. I bet your veteran friend enjoyed that. Tim
  3. Nice Pics you've got snake. Really nice shots of the rotorhead! Love that pic of the orange D model. That's pretty cool. I think that assignment would have been last on my choice list because I can't stand the cold!!! Tim
  4. Wow, talk about a flying creamsicle!!! Tim
  5. Ha, he called me Francis! I didn't mean to step on your toes Floyd. If I offended you or your work, I'm really sorry. Tim
  6. Nice job on the Hueys Ray! Tim
  7. Wow. Thanks a bunch Ray, for going above and beyond to answer my questions. I sure would like to know what model aircraft were in the competition. A UH-72 in flying creamsicle scheme would definitely be a conversation piece for sure. Can you ask him one more question for me. While running, I keep noticing what looks like a triangular scoop looking thing on the bottom of the helo just forward of the lower anti-collision beacon. What is it and could he or you dig up some pics of it? If not, no big deal. I was just wondering. Thanks again Ray, I really appreciate all you've done for my project. Tim
  8. I'm not a Huey guy nor am I picking at Floyd's and Ray's work, but to me the rotor mast and the PC tubes look different than the real thing. Or it could be me! Correct me if I'm wrong. Tim
  9. Just curious, but why is the helo painted glossy, and not flat like everything else? I know everything else is painted CARC, but it seems like flat would be easier to have on a training helicopter. Tim
  10. Well, I thought about looking for one at the vendor room at the Region 4 convention, but maybe I shouldn't. Tim
  11. Cool, thanks Gino. Do they make semi gloss paints? Tim
  12. That's it??? Tim
  13. Dodging tornadoes is always fun!!! Tim
  14. Ray, does the whole helicopter have a gloss finish? I know the black nose would be glossy, but sometimes it looks like the rest of the helo is flat. Can you check for me? Thanks Ray! Tim
  15. Just curious, but what's so bad about the Dragon Huey? Tim