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  1. Just found this over on YouTube about the quiet one OH-6. Tim
  2. Absolutely brilliant of a job Oliver!!! Tim
  3. Me too. I was starting to have withdrawals. Thanks Mstor! Tim
  4. I really didn't know how I was going to tackle the center console, so I talked to Anvil6 and he gave me some ideas. So I decided to start from scratch and place each nav/com head and any other radios on separately. There were so many different center console layouts that I decided to build one of my own that looks busy and yet looks accurate. Here's the kit part that I modified to represent an accurate OGS MH-60L. And here's the UH-60A/L console. I still have to finish up the very back of it. Hope you like it! Tim
  5. I decided to use the gauges and panels from the Kitty Hawk's MH-60L kit IP and create a UH-60A/L instrument panel out of it. It may not be perfect, but it looks awesome to me! Tim
  6. Nice looking floor. How did you mask the floor tiedowns? Masks??? Tim
  7. That must be it. Thanks Tim
  8. A buddy of mine had this name come across his FB newsfeed. Supposedly it's a aftermarket company that specializes in panels for models. He looked, but can't find it anymore on his FB nor the net. Anybody ever heard of them before? Tim
  9. The 160th uses them also. I've not seen them used on regular army birds though. Tim
  10. The 160th SOAR's MH-60M's still use the ALQ-144. I was told that they still use it because its effective against threats in various countries. Tim
  11. Floyd don't make junk. His stuff is top notch in my book!!! You can't go wrong with Wernerswings! Tim
  12. What are the 9 circles on the tail? Tim
  13. Werners Wings can answer those questions, but anything coming from Floyd Werner will be awesome. Tim
  14. If you can hold off just a little bit longer, you're patience will be rewarded. Trust me! Tim
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