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  1. Composite airframes burns pretty good too I imagine. Tim
  2. I'm curious as to what the blue and white bell 47 is and who it belongs to. Tim
  3. Check Live Resin over at models-hobby.com. He's the owner of LR and has it all on the website. Tim
  4. Yes, what Tgoetz said. The remains were of a H-60 rotor head--4 blades at that and not 5. As for the pic, yes I have it, but don't want to post it. Tim
  5. Personally, in my opinion, SOMETHING VERY TOP SECRET flew the team into the compound. I believe that "something" is a stealth helicopter BASED upon the UH-60 airframe. Do I believe it was a "bolt-on" package? NO This project was built from the factory up. Probably ALOT of secret units were in on this helo. DARPA, Flight Concepts, 160th just to name a few. Awhile ago over on the 160th FB site, an artist painting of the stealth hawk was posted and caused a ruckus amongst the members. Maybe, just maybe, someone slipped up and possibly started to let the cat out of the bag. As far as retractable gear, Sikorsky already has RG helos in its inventory. The technology is already there. I'm sure alot of info was gleaned from the RAH-66 program. Personally, I'd love to have a 1/35 scale stealth hawk. It would be cool to build whether it's real or not! Tim
  6. No, just UH-60A's and L's. My unit was the 82nd Avn. I wish I could have worked and flew on MH-60's. When it came to my reup time, I told the retention NCO I wanted to go to Task Force 160. According to him, you needed 80 quality points to go and i had 71. I never did ask what the heck is a quality point!!! Tim Tim
  7. The only setups I worked around were the 3 drain (2 going to the sides and 1 rear) system. I never paid attention to the other ones. Tim
  8. It's on hold until a certain helicopter aftermarket guy makes a Gothic Serpent update set! STAY TUNED, it will be worth it! Tim
  9. Can't say except for the wait will be worth it!!! 😉 Tim
  10. No updates. Its put on hold until a Gothic Serpent detail set comes out for the kit. Stay tuned!!! Just saying! Tim
  11. Woo Hoo, we've got to 200 and I'm the 1st. Oh yeah!!! Tim
  12. Hopefully the intakes aren't a PITB like my Hobbyboss intakes have been. Tim
  13. R we on the 200th page yet??? Tim
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