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  1. hawkwrench

    1/35 KH MH-60L "Super 63"

    No, that's the KH MH-60L console. Tim
  2. hawkwrench

    1/35 KH MH-60L "Super 63"

    The correct H-bar would have the crew chief seats facing outward toward the crew windows. Tim
  3. hawkwrench

    Anyone working on a KH 1/35 MH-60L correction set?

    As far as the life raft, yeah pretty much. I'm not a liberty to say anything about a detail set, maybe you can ask Floyd Werner. He might can help you.
  4. hawkwrench

    1/35 KH MH-60L "Super 63"

    A little bit more work on the console. I added the parking brake handle and the chaff dispenser. Just waiting on some Archer rivets to make a circuit breaker panel and I'll be done. Tim
  5. hawkwrench

    160th SOAR Somalia era flight equipment pics

    Beretta 92's. Some aircrews carried mp5's while others carried variants of the M16. Tim
  6. hawkwrench

    Operation Gothic Serpent Aircraft references

    She had no nose radar at all and they took the FLIR off so it could be loaded onto the C-5 for transport home. Tim
  7. hawkwrench

    1/72 Agusta A-109BA conversion set

    Any conversion goodies planned for Kitty Hawk's new MH-60L kit? Tim
  8. hawkwrench

    Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    Love the hydraulic deck you've detailed up. Heck, I love all the detail you've created! What did you use for all the wiring? Tim
  9. hawkwrench

    1/35 KH MH-60L "Super 63"

    Heck yeah, go for it. I'm getting tired of working 12 hour shifts rotating between days and nights. Been doing it for 12 1/2 years. Tim
  10. hawkwrench

    1/35 KH MH-60L "Super 63"

    Oliver, I'm trying, but I have a screwed up work schedule that leaves me little time here and there for modeling. Tim
  11. hawkwrench

    Kitty hawk Blackhawk review online.

    Wernerswings has a UH-60 stencil set. If you buy the Irene set, it comes with stencils already. Just don't use any Somalia related decals. Cobra Company had a 160th SOAR markings decal sheet, but they're out of business now. Hopefully you can find them somewhere. HTH Tim
  12. hawkwrench

    1/35 KH MH-60L "Super 63"

    100% sure. Verified by its crew chief. Must be the pic throwing you off. Tim
  13. hawkwrench

    1/35 KH MH-60L "Super 63"

    Here's what I'm trying to model. This is a pic of Super 63 taken in Mogadishu. Tim
  14. hawkwrench

    1/35 KH MH-60L "Super 63"

    Finally after years of wanting to know information about my friend Joe Pascetti's bird he crewed down in Mogadishu-Super 63, I have been able to befriend many crew chiefs and pilots who were there and was given many pics of OGS and their MH-60L's. So tonight I finally started building it. First I had to correct the instrument panel and center console to represent close to what they looked like on the real MH-60L. The caution/advisory panel is located on the bottom left of the console on the real thing. KH's panel, though very nice, represents a later year panel and has the CA on the instrument panel itself. So I took and cut down and sanded the Academy part and shaved off the detail on the console and glued it in place. Next i shaved off the detail on the KH IP and replaced it with some PE detail parts from Airscale. That's it for now! Tim
  15. hawkwrench

    Anyone working on a KH 1/35 MH-60L correction set?

    For a GS helo you'll need: 1) scratchbuild survival kits 2) 5 gal water cans 3) about 12 ammo cans (7.62) 4) life raft 5) correct H bar 6) correct instrument panel 7) hoist control stick 8)armor floor panels 9) scratchbuild special cargo hook setup 10) bare lower ESSS mounts with fairings removed I think that's it, but I might be leaving out some things. Tim