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  1. The next one will be for a Somalia MH-60L crew chief, and he hasn't mentioned wanting to see the engines, so probably not gonna show it on his build. Tim
  2. Tonight I finished up the upper transition area of the MH-60L. I read where flying leathernecks offered a 1/32ALQ-144 so I bought it and put it on. (Should have bought the 1/35 one) The wiring was 2 short pieces of 020 lead wire. I drilled a 1mm hole and pushed the wires thru and glued them underneath. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks! Here's what I'm after: And here's what I've got: Comments welcome Tim
  3. Hopefully they get around to doing a set for the Kitty hawk MH-60L and HH-60G kits. Tim
  4. Some work detailing up the tailwheel. I painted it using my custom Night Stalker black. I painted the tire and the electrical cable tamiya rubber black. I used a chrome molotow 1mm marker for the oleo strut and wow, I love it. I then hit it with testors dullcote followed up by a highlighting using a white chalk pastel. Tim
  5. Thanks Tank. It was a pain getting those decals to settle down around the PC rods. The silver track labels were a little bit less hard, but a pain regardless. Just gotta add the de-ice wiring and some weathering next. Tim
  6. After much fussing and lost hair, I'm calling the head DONE!!! That's all for tonight Tim
  7. Let's not forget the "wow these are driving me insane" factor either! Tim
  8. The hub of the MH/HH-60's are color coded red, blue, yellow and black, so when I found some decal stripes that matched the colors perfect, I thought it would give the hub and head a "WOW" factor. If you go this route, you better have tons of patience. All the decals went on great, except for the PC rod and silver tracking label at the top of the rod. THEY WERE AN ABSOLUTE PAIN IN THE BUTT!!!!!!!!! Just some paint touch ups and final gloss and flat coat and I'll be glad to call this done! Tim
  9. Ha, I'm 53 and screaming along!!! (NOT) Just having some fun with ya Gino! Tim
  10. Aged? Weak spots??? How dare you use such abusive language about our beloved hawks you cannon-cocker!!! Lol Tim
  11. I did it at a 2/1 ratio. 2 parts MM helo drab acrylic 1 part MM interior black acrylic. Tim
  12. Nobody makes it. That's what I called the custom mix of helo drab and interior black. Tim
  13. Next up was the main rotor hub. Again it was sprayed with "Night Stalker" black and I've begun to start adding the color code markings for each hub. The H-60's all use the colors red, blue, yellow and black for ID. Tim
  14. Swashplate is done. Just need to spray flat and then do a little weathering on it. Tim
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