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  1. Great job hiding the seams. I don't see them anywhere. Tim
  2. I went there with Ray a few years ago and got the VIP tour. I felt like a kid in a candy store!!! I saw the door they kept off of Miss Clawd IV that was repainted to the Silver Eagle colors, but I was surprised they didn't have a full SE OH-6 in the museum. I'd love to go back down there someday with Ray again. It was good meeting "Mr. Huey" in person and enjoyed his company while there. He's a great person and I'm glad I met him!!! Tim
  3. Ray, did you ever find anymore pics or info about the team??? Tim
  4. My wife and I got our 2nd Pfizer shot last Thursday and we had NO! side effects whatsoever. Totally surprising seeing our arms hurt and ached like snot after the 1st shot. Tim
  5. Got a link to buy the egg plane copter??? Tim
  6. Yes, agreed. Nice work as always by you Oliver! Tim
  7. They really should take that cobra down and replace it with a UH-60!!! LOL Tim
  8. I know this is a resurrection of an old thread, but these pics are not linked anymore. Does anyone still have these pics he posted??? Tim
  9. Whenever I see a 1/32 AH-1, my mind goes back to when i was a little kid and building the Revell US Army helicopter models. Tim
  10. Looks alot like a LUMM antenna for communicating with drones. Tim
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