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  1. I got the whole kit still unopened and its for sale if you want it. If so, name a price. Tim
  2. I'm looking for parts #29 and #30 on this spruce of the 1/35 scale MH-60S Seahawk. If someone has them and is not going to use them, I will buy them from you. I need them for a current project I'm working on. Thanks in advance! Tim
  3. In these 2 pics, if you look close at the armor plates, you'll see some small white arrows. Besides using white decal paper and cutting the arrow out, does anybody make or have done small white arrow decals that I could use for my build? Thanks in advance Tim
  4. I thought it was a Photoshopped pic at first! Tim
  5. I recently got to move all my modeling stuff to a different and bigger room. I'm trying to get my table organized with the exception of all my styrene sheets, tubes, rods and so forth. Right now, they just lay in a big pile all mixed together. I'm looking for ideas and pics especially of how you guys organize and store your Scratchbuilding styrene. Having to rummage through the pile every time I need a certain size rod or sheet is kinda ridiculous. Thanks for the help! Tim
  6. Really??? A Cobra seat IN YOUR BASEMENT??? Must be nice. That would make a cool modeling desk chair!!! I'd love to find a blackhawk pilot seat!!! Of course, I do have a OH-58 cyclic grip! Tim
  7. Unfortunately, its true. CC is closed permanently. I spoke with Chris yesterday and he said he has closed it down. Tim
  8. Good eye Gino, I stand corrected! Tim
  9. Huh! Grey and CARC all on the same bird. ON A NEW M AT THAT! That bird has been flown hard and put away wet or the Army is experimenting again! Couldn't see the skull though! Back in the 80's, our birds in the 82nd Aviation Battalion were "pimped out". The nose of the helos had the AA patch on the front while the cowlings had either a hawk for A company and B company had a caveman. All of the artwork was obviously in black. You're right 11bee, that is a pretty cool hawk! Tim
  10. I spoke with Chris earlier today and yes, Cobra Company is closed permanently. We have lost a great aftermarket store for helicopter detail sets, especially H-60. I just hope it had nothing to do with health problems. Chris, I wish you the best with the rest of your life and THANK YOU!!! for the time we had enjoying Cobra Company's fine detail sets. Don't be a stranger here, please continue to surf ARC, PLEASE! Tim
  11. A little more work on the right side crew chief frame wall. I scratch built the fast rope release handle from strip and rod styrene and for the handle base, I used Archers surface detail resin decals. After that, I glued on the 4 PE window details from the Eduard MH-60S interior set. Comments and critique welcome. Tim
  12. Yeah finally. I've made my mind up to get back to modeling! Tim
  13. As you can see here, the tops of the broom closets are higher up the crew chief window frame and they are in a semi circle shape. That's what I want to replicate on the model. Again!!! My crew chief modeling AMS kicks in!!! Happy New Year Guys!!! Tim
  14. Amen to that! The basic skills you learn as a stick-and-rudder pilot will save your beans when your dense IFR and the fancy shmansy cool electronics decide to crap out. Give me steam gauges and a paper sectional any day!!! Tim
  15. Soooo, I finally got a chance to work on the MH-60M tonight. Man, it's been a long time since I worked on it and it took me a few minutes to get reoriented with my bench and model. Being a former crew chief, and like Ramon, we sat beside the broom closets as they were called in the hawk, so I decided to tackle the bulbous top of the soundproofing and change it to more resemble the real panel. Out came the #11 x-acto saw blade, sanding sticks and my handy dandy Dremel tool. After 2 1/2 hours of grinding, sanding, and grinding again, I finally came up with a close enough semblance of the SP broom closet. All I have to do is clean up where I had to use perfect putty and the right side will be done. All for now until tomorrow night. Tim