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  1. Go to Wernerswings.com Floyd Werner just released a new OH-58D resin set that includes the new gun and other antennas and such. He also has another awesome 58D resin set as well as a brand new OH-58D decal sheet. His stuff is out of this world!!! You won't be disappointed. HTH Tim
  2. They don't. The T/R is on the right side. This pic is a reversed image. I found the original on the internet a few minutes ago. Hopefully ICM catches the mistake before the molds are designed. Tim
  3. Any chance you can make the upturned exhausts for the 1/35 Kitty Hawk's H-60's??? Tim
  4. Is the Linebacker a new artillery piece? I've never heard of that before. Tim
  5. What's on the build list after this??? Tim
  6. Possibly some of you guys on here are also members of LSP. They have the same website forum setup and they just got hacked so go change your passwords. Just an FYI to Steve that maybe we could also be hacked eventually seeing we run the same setup. Tim
  7. How did you attach that big piece of screen? I know with CA, but 1 small section at a time or all at once? Tim
  8. It sucks! It's not a H-60!!! Just kiddin. Looks really good so far. Has that well used look for the interior. Looking forward to seeing more of it! Tim
  10. JK What's the wife and kids think about this job and being away from them??? Tim
  11. That old school tube glue let off a pretty good stink if I remember correctly. Eventually, testors made a lemon scent glue. Those tubes bring back good ole memories of building the Revell Hueys and Cobras as a kid! Tim
  12. It looks awesome so far. What brand and color green did you use for the ceiling and sidewall? Tim
  13. Huh! Looks like your skills passed the test! I always have loved your model skills! Tim
  14. I read on I think FB where someone took the CC MH-60M set and married it up with the KH kit. Didn't look too bad except some of the detail parts don't look quite right. Tim
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