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  1. Next came building up the cockpit. Watch out for the tail rotor pedals mounting peg. It's smaller than the hole in the floor. You'll have to use Super glue to get it to hold. I painted the floor armor a shade of NATO green and dry brushed it using white pastel chalk. The cockpit floor was given a wash using AK black camouflage to give it that worn look followed by ammo of mig Africa dust for that Somalia look. I also scratchbuilt the crew chief's floor ICS hot mike switches using styrene blocks sanded to shape and stretched sprue for the button. That's all for now Tim
  2. Started on the Robbie tank that will go inside Super 63 and added some extra detail using micromark rivet decals. You won't see it, but I know it's there. I painted the tank Panzer Dark Rubber and the fittings were first painted aluminum with guards red and cobalt blue over that and now I'm ready for the straps to be put on. Tim
  3. Next was the cockpit and cabin floor. I started off by painting the floor Light Ghost Gray followed by putting down strips of 1.5 mm Aizu tape. I then sprayed Tamiya Sky Grey to represent the non-slip striped found on the cabin floor. Tim
  4. Now onto painting of the center console and instrument panel using Vallejo NATO black as the base followed up by detailing/drybrushing the knobs and switches using Tamiya Sky Grey. Comments and critiques welcome. Tim
  5. Finally after years of wanting to know information about my friend Joe Pascetti's bird he crewed down in Mogadishu-Super 63, I have been able to befriend many crew chiefs and pilots who were there and was given many pics of OGS and their MH-60L's. Here's 2 pics I was given of the C2 MH-60. So I finally started building it. My build looks like a child's toy compared to Pete's HH-60G over on LSP. First I had to correct the instrument panel and center console to represent close to what they looked like on the real MH-60L. The caution/advisory panel is located on the bottom left of the console on the real thing. KH's panel, though very nice, represents a later year panel and has the CA on the instrument panel itself. So I took and cut down and sanded the Academy part and shaved off the detail on the console and glued it in place. Next i shaved off the detail on the KH IP and replaced it with some PE detail parts from Airscale. That's all for now Tim
  6. We just received our " if you get pulled over by law enforcement, they have to let you go" notification letters yesterday because our jobs have been deemed essential by the government. Getting really serious now! Tim
  7. I work for a soap manufacturing company in the USA and our orders have skyrocketed. Huh, wonder why!!! Tim
  8. Actually the cargo doors are locked back by the latch when you slide them full back. Pinning was done with the Hueys. Not being nitpicky, just my UH-60 OCD kicking in! Lol 😁 Tim
  9. Got a link to that post??? Tim
  10. Too bad there's not a US distributor for Renaissance. Tim
  11. Wow, a little pricey. Tim
  12. Where did you find the Renaissance set and how much??? Tim
  13. Makes you wonder about the 2020 Nats and Telford. Tim
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