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  1. That's interesting. A national defense that includes US and Russian equipment together! Tim
  2. Does anybody have the echelon decal set # 353001 which has the 82nd Airborne patches on them? I'm looking for 1 of the 82nd Airborne patch decals and 1 flag patch and nobody has this set for sale anymore. I'll gladly pay for them if someone has them. Thanks! Tim
  3. Ok, so shortly, I will be starting a build of the TH-67 I've wanted to do for a few years. I've decided to title the thread TH-67 "Nickel ride". It's going to be a diorama of a Creek on the flightline, but I'm not sure about the rest. The base will be a wooden base with the US Army Flight School Center patch on the right corner with Army Aviators wings on the left corner while the middle will have a plate that says "US Army Flight School TH-67 Creek "Nickel Ride" Here's where I would like your guys input. I have 3 ideas for the dio 1) The helo sitting on the flightline with both pilot's doors open with 2 figures (IP and student) standing in front of the nose in flight gear. 2) Both pilots seated in the cockpit with doors open like its getting ready to start.( Hopefully the Reedoak seated pilots will fit with a little modding) 3) Somehow have the helo in the air a little of the bsde at an odd angle like the student just took control . What do you guys think? Yes, it will be a slow build as usual! Tim
  4. Ok, Thank you. Hopefully the museum gets one considering it has trained thousands of would be Army Aviators! Tim
  5. Ray, during my research for my model, I've learned that the Creek has crashworthy seats. Is their anyway you or your mechanic friend have any pics of these seats by chance. So far, I've not found any pics of these seats. Tim
  6. Does anybody know what color orange is used on the TH-67? Tim
  7. The special edition is completely open for the modeler to be able to build the exhaust baffles. The regular UES has the resemblance of baffles already molded in. The exhaust is not hollowed out, but has small strips that look like the baffles while the rest is solid. HTH Tim
  8. That almost could pass for a ACU style camo job! Tim
  9. I ordered the special edition UES along with my MH-60M detail set and it was typical CC resin. Very nicely detailed with good instructions included. I haven't put them on the model yet but adrake83 did on his Mike build and they went in pretty good IIRC. Chris always did make very nice detail sets. Tim
  10. I like the Kiowa they're coming out with. Would love to see a new tooled Kiowa in 1/35 scale though. Tim
  11. Must be nice to be able to own a helicopter or at least fly one. That's been my dream, to fly a turbine helicopter! Tim
  12. No, its not done. I've just been wanting to build a Creek now for awhile and bid on one on EBay and won it. So I'm just getting info and pics ready for a build soon. I'm still chugging away on my hawk. I've been working a lot of OT lately at work getting ready for our 25th anniversary coming up this month so there hasn't been much time for the MH-60M I'm afraid. Tim
  13. I won a Testors Bell Jet Ranger off of eBay and would like to build it into a TH-67 Creek. I have alot of exterior pics thanks to Ray, but I was wondering if anybody has any interior pics? Also, what color is the interior and what kind of seat belts are in the cockpit? Blackhawk 5 point style or like the Huey. And one last question. What color are the belts? Black, tan, or gray? Thanks Tim
  14. I think I know why you can't build that heat shield, its because your post count is stuck at 1,666. Freaky freaky! Tim
  15. Exactly what I want to say. No one should ever have to lose one of their children, period! I can't even imagine what kind of grief your wife and yourself are feeling, but know this. We may be a bunch of modelers who may never meet one another, but we are a family if you will, who hurt when you hurt. Please accept my sincere and deepest condolences to you and your wife and above all, be there for each other right now. I will be praying for the both of you that God surrounds you with his comfort, strength and peace to make it through this very difficult time in your lives. I'm so sorry my friend!!! Tim