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  1. Wow, that looks really nice. Great job and a big thanks to KH, Floyd and Ray. You guys did an outstanding job proofing this model. I for one am not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. This model is NICE!!! I'll definitely buy one! Tim
  2. I know the tire rims are different, but they may use the same tire. It's been so long that I can't remember the tire size. Hope this helps Tim
  3. Huh, I didn't know that. Learn something new everyday! Tim
  4. Reminds me of the UH-60B SOTAS the Army was playing around with. Photo courtesy of Sikorsky Aircraft corporation. Tim
  5. What's behind the meaning of removing 1 T/R blade??? Tim
  6. Foreign Object Damage Basically anything that can be picked up, sucked up, or blown around that can cause damage to an aircraft is considered FOD. Tim
  7. Wow, she's really torn up! Glad the pilot's ok. With that much damage, I wonder if it will be written off. Tim
  8. That's probably a pre-order from Squadron. I think you should charge your battery on the phone! Hehe! Tim
  9. Just curious as to why the regular Army doesn't use the exhaust cans on the CH-47's like that's on the MH-47G's? It seems to me the regular army would want the exhaust protection for their helos as well. A lot of new or survival protection aides for US Army helos comes down from the testing on 160th SOAR birds. Tim
  10. Overnight it to Floyd!!! Hehehe! Looking forward to seeing the pics. Tim
  11. I don't know the real reason for It either, but Ramon's idea sounds good to me! I'm sure someone from Sikorsky knows the reason for it though. Tim
  12. Here's a better pic of what you all are talking about I think: Tim
  13. I found this on the net and was wondering if this is a new and coming VH-60? Notice the UES and the normal cargo doors instead of the executive doors. Just curious about this hawk! It almost looks like a HH-60U painted up in the POTUS scheme. Tim Tim
  14. That's a teaser pic they let out I bet! Definitely a H-6 windscreen!!! Tim
  15. Do that. I always enjoyed his photo posts from the test center. Tim