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  1. I've got one you can have. PM me your address. Tim
  2. My wife went through the mail again and she didn't see it. I guess our lovely USPS struck again. Thank you for sending it anyway Oliver. I appreciate your offer! Tim
  3. It could be in the stack of the things I've ordered on the stairway where she outs them when they come in the mail. I'll definitely check tomorrow and let you know one way or the other. Tim
  4. I asked my wife today and she said she hasn't seen a white envelope with a California address on it, but she said she will go back through the mail again to see if it's there. IF!!! It is lost, don't worry about it because I know you still helped me out and that it's not your fault if it did get lost. I'll ask her again in the morning and if need be, I'll go through everything that she's left on the stairway myself. Tim
  5. Just laying here in bed NOT modeling like I had planned to do tonight (we are babysitting the grandbaby while her mom and dad went on a vacation to Destin FL). There's something wrong with picture if you ask me, and I began to think. If the whole purpose of the orange, white and black colors on the Creek were for visibility as a training helicopter, then why isn't the TH-72 all colorful as well? It's the new IERW training helo? So why did the Army keep them in the helo drab color? Just wondering??? Tim PS- A orange creamsicle TH-72 would look cool I think. Hmmm, Revell did just release the new 1/32 scale Lakota!
  6. So as of today, are all the Creeks gone? Tim
  7. The 3 seat setup was standard on the TH-67. The right rear seat was occupied by a student pilot. Initially, a camera screen monitor was installed at the top and behind the right pilot seat so the student pilot not flying could watch the instruments on the panel from the rear seat. Apparently the monitor idea didn't work out so they removed it, but the casing for it was left installed. Tim
  8. Brittmac. Thanks for the offer to help. I think Ray doesn't like me anymore cause I've bugged him too much-Lol! I'll take any interior pics you can take. I have one particular request. In between the pilot seats, there is a map case and fire extinguisher mounted. Can you get a few good pics of that area? The Testors model doesn't have any detail in that area. Thanks! Tim
  9. Let me check my stash Thursday night. I'm sure I have one from the MRC kit. Tim
  10. Boy was I waaay off on that answer!!! Tim
  11. I'll ask the wife when I get home from work. Thanks again for your help! Tim
  12. I think its a pedal length adjuster to adjust to different pilot leg lengths, but I'm no Huey guy! Tim
  13. I looked yesterday on the stairway and I haven't seen anything. How small was it and what did it look like so I'll know when it comes. I don't want to get it mixed up with a package coming to me from sprue brothers. Tim
  14. I think they probably leave them off because of transportability reasons. Behind those removed fairings are hard points designed for hooking up pull chains for moving the helo on and off USAF birds. Also, the hard points are used when connecting the EWS to the sides of the helo as well. EvilSpyderman would be the man to correctly answer this though! Just my 2 cents worth Tim
  15. Me, I would build a white Flatiron. They look pretty cool in that scheme. Tim