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  1. Go to secretprojects.co.uk Click on new posts Click on forum subject about bin laden chopper Go to last page about midway down There's a big discussion about the new MH-47G toy in the pic. Might be and it might not be true, but a good read nonetheless Tim
  2. Huh, never seen a boomless/hoistless MH-47 before! Tim
  3. Great start on her Gino. How was the fuselage fit? Did you glue the sidewalls to the fuselage sides again? Tim
  4. No, that's definitely not it. We'll probably never see the real thing. The 160th did say, that the zero dark thirty helicopters were a pretty good representation of the real thing. So the film's birds are somewhat close at least. Tim
  5. Patience young skywalker!!! Tim
  6. I've been working with Reskit about some stuff and more is planned. At least the reskit pieces have the bridge and flight control rods. And what do the rods connect to??? Hmmm, we'll see!!! Tim Tim
  7. Ok. Trying to figure out the best way to paint it without using straight black. I've had some guys say 50/50 NATO black and Helo drab. Tim
  8. Thanks Jorge. What color are you using to paint your MH-60L? Tim
  9. About what pressure? How do you clean the airbrush afterwards? Tim
  10. What's the secret for spraying MRP paints? Tim
  11. Fozzy, you've done lost your mind!!! Absolutely mind-blowingly good detail that I could NEVER even try! (I don't like yogurt either!!!) Tim
  12. Now the Testors MM line is being discontinued, there goes the Helo drab that's been my go to paint for Army helos. Has anyone used the new AK interactive helo drab? If so, is it any good and post pics if you've got them showing the new paint on the helo. Tim
  13. Come across this pic a few days ago of the NOTAR test helo of the 160th. I can't make out the serial # on the cowling. Tim
  14. Niiice!!! What did you use for the hose? Tim
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