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  1. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 1/18)

    Really nice job on the interior so far. Now I know what color to use on my Huey seats for my MH-60L C2 build! Tim
  2. AH-6C, MH-6 photos from AH6C-SIP-PICS ARE BACK!

    Sorry GT, I misunderstood the sentences. I read about LTC Grimm. Sad to see a great leader and pilot lost! RIP Mr. Grimm! May you forever ride on the winds of rotary wings!!! Tim
  3. Revell 1/48th scale AH-1F

    What PSI do you spray it at? Tim
  4. Revell 1/48th scale AH-1F

    Great job on the Cobra. Man, that color looks dead on to the CARC paint if you ask me! I'm gonna have to try that myself! Tim
  5. Vietnam era SPH-4 helmets by Reedoak

    How much is the 1/35th scale helmet? Tim
  6. Operation Prime Chance aircraft reference pics

    I'd say, it probably was. With the small size of the barge that they were housed on, there was probably only 1. Tim
  7. Operation Prime Chance aircraft reference pics

    These are pics of the MH-60 that was deployed to the Gulf for Operation Prime Chance. Back then, Task Force 160 (as they were called back then) was still a secret unit. Seeing that they wanted secrecy, they painted a hawk grey to match the color of the Navy Seahawks and for it to "blend in" with the Navy helos. Tim
  8. Came across these a couple of weeks ago. These are some pics of the "Greyhawk" TF 160 used. . Check out the Franken hoist. How hard would that be to scratchbuild? According to my crewchief source, the 160th MH-60's interior layout of the guns and ammo boxes was the same while in Somalia. Tim
  9. Kitty Hawk 1/35th scale MH-6J

    What Easter egg do you see? I guess I'm blind! Tim
  10. H-60 soundproofing color?

    What color did you paint the tape? Tim
  11. H-60 soundproofing color?

    2 more questions: 1-What color best matches the grey cabin interior? FS #??? 2-What tape is best for simulating cargo straps that wrap around the internal fuel tank on a MH-60 and how wide should it be? Tim
  12. Does anyone happen to have a spare fuel tank hose part like the red and blue one in this pic? I need another one for a veteran's build of a MH-60L from Somalia. Will pay if needed. Tim
  13. H-60 soundproofing color?

    So you CAN'T airbrush vallejo model color? It HAS to be model air? Tim
  14. H-60 soundproofing color?

    I plan on using Vallejo with an airbrush. I'm kinda leaning toward Vallejo brown sand 876.. Tim
  15. H-60 soundproofing color?

    Now that PB destroyed alot of people's good WIP threads, good thread pics are no more. So I was wondering what color would be best to match the brown color of this soundproofing? I'm using vallejo acrylic paints on this model. Thanks ahead of time! Tim