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  1. According to my OGS source, they (he) slung their weapons over the armored panels beside the pilot's seats. Tim
  2. The guardian is the name for the AH-64E Apache. The E model is the latest AH-64 being used by the US Army. It has upturned exhausts, new nose avionics and all kinds of new antennas and sensors. Tim
  3. Just throwing a feeler out there to see if anyone knows of plans to make a AH-64E Guardian upgrade set for the old Revell AH-64. Saw 1 at the Dayton Airshow and, like em or not, it looked cool! Tim
  4. I know, I just wanted to let builders know. With a little bit more resin details, you can build a MH-60M. Tim
  5. The right side bulkhead does not have that control box??? installed on a UH-60M. The fire extinguisher is in the wrong place on the same bulkhead it appears. Tim
  6. You'll need a new center console as well. You might want to hold off for a little bit, just sayin! Tim
  7. You make even bad models look good. How you gonna tackle the gap at the bottom of the chin windows? Tim
  8. I would imagine that the AH-6 probably had the same panel. Tim
  9. Found this on FB the other day. Hope it helps Tim
  10. I had these 2 cyclic sticks left over from a previous build. I guess they came in handy for this build. Tim
  11. Wow, the other way around. Thanks Oliver. Tim
  12. Gotcha, sir. I guess the 20% is the Vallejo ab thinner??? Tim
  13. I like the 2 tone black and grey in the 3rd pic! How did you airbrush the Vallejo primer? And what psi? Tim
  14. Archer transfers carries the decals. https://www.archertransfers.com/AR77010.html Tim
  15. Those are the ammo cans. They did not have the 3000 round cans in Somalia. Tim
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