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  1. 1/48 CH-53E

    That is a way cool idea about marking it with each others markings. $800 though, wooo, that's outrageous! Hopefully you find one cheaper. Good luck! Tim
  2. New MH-60M DAP

    Gino, You might want to read this again. Unitech Composites delivered the first production shipset of Multi-Station Lightweight Armament Support Structure (MLASS) wings for use on the U.S. Army’s MH-60M aircraft. This is the first of nine shipsets that will be delivered to the U.S. Army Special Operations Forces Support Activity (SOFSA I take it that this is a production shipment and not a marketing option. Tim
  3. Attn Ray..for Norbert

    I don't see anything but the PB ransom banner! Tim
  4. New MH-60M DAP

    Finally, here it is.
  5. New MH-60M DAP

    Imgur is messed up right now, so I can't post a pic, but here's the link for the new DAP. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/09/prweb14675142.htm Looks pretty cool!!! Now we just need somebody to make them in resin for us! Oh Floyd, where are you??? Tim
  6. Kitty Hawk's newest 1/35th scale helicopters- AH-6J and MH-6J

    I'll be getting one! Tim
  7. 1/48 Kittyhawk UH-1H, 9 SQN RAAF

    Really, really nice build. Your Huey looks awesome!!! You did an outstanding job on her and you should be proud. This makes me want to build one! Tim
  8. 1/35 scale H-60 Rotor Head

    Here's a teaser pic of a roughly shaped M/R head. Not done yet, but getting closer. Tim
  9. 1/32 scale FOD/Fuel Station

    Applied resin louvers and some rivets to the top cover tonight. Those resin decal louvers are the cat's meow! Tim
  10. PhotoBucket work-around

    I wish it would work from a smartphone! Tim
  11. Super 63-Operation Gothic Serpent C2 blackhawk

    Thanks for the tip Gino, Those look good! That's what I'll do. Tim
  12. Super 63-Operation Gothic Serpent C2 blackhawk

    Thanks Gino. At least I can use that as reference I guess! Tim
  13. Super 63-Operation Gothic Serpent C2 blackhawk

    Ray, do you got any close up pics of the jump seat? Looks like I gotta scratchbuild em! Thanks Tim
  14. Super 63-Operation Gothic Serpent C2 blackhawk

    I didn't think about the MRC Huey. I have it, so I'll have to check it. Tin
  15. Super 63-Operation Gothic Serpent C2 blackhawk

    Does anybody know where I can get ahold of 3 of the Huey jump seats in 1/35 scale? Does the Dragon kit have them? Tim