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  1. I believe it is supposed to be Zinc Chromate Yellow. Al the bottles I ever had it was definitely yellow in color
  2. Does anyone know if the US Army Night stalkers still use the OH-6?
  3. Anybody have any insight on the kit in the title? I saw it on Scalemates tonight. Anyone have AMP website?
  4. Does anyone have this kit that can e-mail me a scan of the instructions?
  5. In every police car iever patrolled in the floor is a black rubber mat for easy cleaning.
  6. How about the following, in 1/48 scale at a reasonable price: DHC-2 Beaver DHC-3 Otter DHC-6 Twin Otter other light civilian planes too
  7. Is anybody else not being able to get the following: Scale Rotors, Links www.modellversion.de
  8. I have both the Monogram B-24D and the B-24J in 1/48 scale. The instructions on either one are not clear as to weather the nose gear doors retract up into the fuselage or are on the outside of the fuselage when the nose gear is down. I have two of the Squadron Signal B-24 books but didn't see anything about this. I have two questions. Does the B-24D nose gear go on the outside or inside? Does the B-24J nose gear go on the outside or inside? Thank You in advance.
  9. Yes, the 1/32 one. Maybe it wasn't released yet, that why we hadn't seen anything. I guess I jumped the start gate.
  10. Did anyone build one yet? I didn't even get mine yet.
  11. I'm sorry to hear that your best friend died. They truly are mans best friend.
  12. I am looking for the following decals in 1/48 scale: JBOT, 1/48, Bell 47G, LA City Fire and Police. JBOT isn't around anymore.
  13. Does anyone know which Monogram kits included books with them in their model kits? I am looking for the kit numbers and book titles. Thank You in Advance
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