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  1. Thank You to all for the drawings and photos. It has helped me greatly.
  2. Does anyone have any photos or drawings of the pilots viewing window on the JU-87 Stuka?
  3. Tonight, I was watching Battles of WWII in color on the Smithsonian Channel. Did anyone else see the tropical JU-87 with the red and white snake painted on the left side? Does anyone know if it was on both sides? Thank You in advance
  4. This is probably a stupid question but: Can someone tell me what the bare metal patches are on the inside of the engine nacelles are? I was watching Air Warriors The P-38 and never noticed them until this show. They are oval shaped. Thank You, in advance.
  5. Steve, I don't know if you remember me, but you gave me great information on the BO-105 years ago. The markings on the real vehicles are reflective tape, usually made by 3M. I was in law enforcement for 20 plus years. Try Manny's diecast they usually have decals. but they are not reflective.
  6. Was there ever an Artic Red? What was the time period? What were the time periods of the fluorescent colors? What services used fluorescent orange? What services used fluorescent red/orange? I thought at one time this was covered, but I couldn't find it. It could have been on Scale Rotors, long ago. Thank You in advance.
  7. Does anybody know why the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter has upturned wingtips? What are the upturned wingtips supposed to do? I know Cessnas have downedturned wingtips for better lift.
  8. The books say the Mk. III A (SD) had luminous color painted on top of the steps on the ladder, does anybody know if the were glow in the dark slime green or painted with flourescent colors? If so what color of floursecent paint? Thank You in advance
  9. I found that Revell-Germany says to use the following: 60% #9 Anthracte Grat plus 40% #302 Semi-Gloss Black
  10. Dear Sirs, I believe the color is called Eggplant Gray. Hataka makes paint for it: A-230 Dark Eggplant Gray, A-296 Faded Dark Eggplant Gray. At one time I had references to the colors but I don't know where it is. I'll try to find it and let everyone know.
  11. I know colors were discussed about the color of this aircraft many times. I have the book: Air Vanguard 12, Lockheed A-12. On page 60 at the top of the page is a photo of M-21 and A-12s. Put the photo in bright sunlight or a bright light. They look to me to be painted in that dark blue. You be the judge. But all the other photos in the book are flat black. Is it possible that they were dark blue when new but turned black after flight? I don't know. I'm confused as everyone else.
  12. I have a question about Auroras 1/48 Kit 505 HOK-1 Huskie. I remember a very long time ago I bought the above kit, and it had an option of equipping it with pontoons. Does anybody else remember this too? Or is my old age leading my mind astray? Also does anyone have the original kit instructions that you could scan and e-mail me? E-mail: shmlmm68@frontier.com
  13. I would think only a civilian paint scheme and interior
  14. Dear Sirs, I would like to recommend two books about the Bell 47: Schiffer Publ. Legends of Warfare Bell 47/H-13 ISBN 978-0-7643-5376-5 Squadron Signal Publ Mini #6 H-13 Sioux ISBN 0-89747-345-0
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