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  1. The pic's I've seen show them to be an underside grey. Bill
  2. I built my several -3's from the Otaki kit. It is a good kit and IMHO has the proper winscreen. I built all my -5's from the Hasagawa kits with their proper -5 screen. Ilike the 1/48th, Otaki kits, not too shabby. Also the Otaki screen is one piece, no cutting out windows and looks good when completed, IMHO. Just a thought. Bill
  3. Might be off topic some, but I have the 1/48th COD version which comes with the extra, but larger buddy tanks for refueling purposes. Makes a nice kit. Just for thought. Bill
  4. P47ACE503

    Skyraider Question

    Mike; I am building the 1/48th French AD-4/Swedish AD-4Wkit by Esci. Iam building it as a U.S. Blue Korean War AD-4NA. I got the decals for this plane from Metor (cutting edge decals. Check them out, nice looking. The only dif between the 4 N and 4NA is the NA had the electronics removed. The kit has the proper car door with window for the kit I am building The kit can also be made into a 4W (parts included. All I am going to add for my U.S. one is the little loop/scoop thing on top of the rear fuslage. Looks just like the pis's in the CuttingEdge decals. Might want to take a look at the decals. Makes a catchy sight (even has nose art). Bill
  5. I have found several sheets from Squadron and Hannant's. One is entitle" "ladies in blue" Sorry do'nt have the link, but check those two soucres. bill
  6. I've got the Monogram 1/48th OA-4M and it is not a bad kit ecept for the raised lines. But It build into a nice kit IMHO, until something better comes out. Bill
  7. I have found that many, if not most kits come with the decal or two. I use these or scrap from other kits. Bill
  8. I have a decal sheet from Cutting Edge. It has markings (which I want to use) for The above squadron. Can I use these on the standard F-8E kit or does it require some conversion to another model/ Thanks, Bill
  9. Anuone know of a aftermarhet source for declas for this kit? Much thanks, Bill
  10. Thanks much guys. Yeah the Aeromaster photos don't show any special paint markings so that is the way I'll go. Thanks again. Bill
  11. I am building a KA-6D Tanker on my 1/48th Revell A-6E kit. I have the Cobra convbersion set but need some info. I know that many of these tankers carried a special paint band or other marking identifying it as a tanker. As I am using the VS-35 Black Panthers Squadron (tail has large circle with green outline and a black panther on tail. The few pic's I could find of KA-6D's of this unit show no special color markings. Can anyone confirm this. Any help much appreciated. Bill
  12. Does anyone make the light gull grey (A-4, F-8 F-4B color) in a spray can. I can't find it anywhere. As I build mostly U.S. Navy planes I need to find some or a very very close color. Thanks, Bill
  13. Thanks much Gforce. I guess I will get the brace. Where can I get one at? Bill
  14. Thanks much guys. Just wondering about the bracing required, easy to do? Bill
  15. How difficult is this kit to build, fit, etc/ Bill
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