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  1. Revell U Boat VIIC with Pontos detail set and Warriors figures set $180 plus half price shipping from 30621 Tim at calcomm1(at)bellsouth(dot)net
  2. Two kits up for sale....all parts bagged Paypal, MO or cash accepted. Drop me a line...Tim at calcomm1(at)bellsouth(dot)net Hasegawa 1/48 F-15E dual role strike fighter, kit #P 21 $25 Sword 1/48 T-38 "Thunderbird" Talon, kit SW 48007 $25 Prices do not include shipping from 30621 Thanks and Merry Ho Ho!!
  3. I've got some 1/72 detail sets for the Hasegawa B-25 and B-26 kits plus 1 Italeri B-25H/J kit Paypal, MO or cash (your risk) accepted. Prices do not include shipping from 30621 Tim at calcomm1(at)bellsouth(dot)net For the Hasegawa B-26B/C: CMK 7151 Engine Set - $20.00 CMK 7148 Resin Interior - $14.00 Quickboost 72-263 Exhausts - $3.00 Quickboost 72-088 Gun Barrels - $4.00 Quickboost 72-035 Propellers and tool - $4.00 Eduard 72-465 Exterior/Bomb Bay - $14.00 Over $80 retail value.......or Take them all for $50 B-25J: Hasegawa B-25J Kit E16 - $35.00 Eduard 72424 B-25J Exterior - $7.00 Quickboost 72025 Gun Barrels - $4.00 Scale Aircraft Conversions Metal Landing gear - $10.00 Aires Resin and PE Cockpit Set - $25.00 Black Magic Wheel masks - $3.00 Over $100 retail..... Take them all for $75.00 I also have the Italeri B-25H/J, kit #129, with Eduard PE set 72140 - $20.00
  4. Anyone have this kit they want out of their stash? It's the Revell/Germany kit.. Tim at calcomm1(at)bellsouth(dot)net
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Revell-Germany-Arado-Ar196-R04688-Plastic-Model-Kit-1-32-Airplane-New-Toy-/262699797311?hash=item3d2a20cb3f:g:OEcAAOSwcUBYF8Pm if anyone has one, drop me a line. Will buy or trade Tim at calcomm1(at)bellsouth(dot)net
  6. Japanese Ki-67 ""Peggy", kit number 51219 Japanese Ki-49 "Helen", kit 04442 Drop me a line if you have these kits Tim at calcomm1(at)bellsouth.net
  7. I have the wood deck for the Revell kit, Atlantic Version Type VIIC/41 for sale. This deck does not have the cut out for the snorkel. Parts are detached, but not stained or painted....excellent condition. $25 plus shipping Tim at calcomm1(at)bellsouth.net
  8. I have thread which I run through wax and heat to keep from fraying, but I'd like to use something a bit more realistic. Any thoughts?
  9. **PRICE DROP**
  10. will buy or trade my type IX Late U 505. Drop me a line Tim at calcomm1@bellsouth.net