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  1. Their website shows a blue background screen with no info. Out of Business???????????0 Stephen
  2. As I have not built it yet and I don't have the AA kit. I can only judge the AA kit from pictures. I am not as particular as other builders. If an aircraft model resembles the actual aircraft, then it is ok with me. I do not really care if the plane is a millimeter different then the actual aircraft. I built a Minicraft kit and though the wings were not symmetrical, I was able to manipulate them to look half decent. The reason I gave up on the minicraft kit is that when I attached the engines there was no way I could make them align properly. I E no frontal views. That being said, The AA kit
  3. Stephen I ordered 2 b-757 from Pas in the middle of January 2015. Received it 2 weeks later (Canada). But, I was asking the quality of the decals, Anyone? Stephen
  4. Anyone use Pas-Decals? Your comments about quality would be greatly appreciated. Stephen
  5. I have noticed that others have built models with J-bot decals that came out about the same time I ordered. I believe that Mr Botanis works on the last in first out method rather than first in , first out. Well i will wait Stephen
  6. In 2007 I ordered decals from J-bot. Received them 4 years later in May 2011. In July 2011 I ordered more. Received a note that they would be shipped the next week. Still waiting. Based on past experience, should receive them this summer. Signed Wishful Stephen
  7. But my hobby store usually sells them cheaper than other places when they are released. At least I am hoping.! Stephen
  8. Minicraft was suppose to re release their b-777-200. Any news about this? Stephen
  9. With what tool do you separate the intake from the nacelle? Do you loose much plastic in the seperation? Stephen
  10. I appreciate the responses and thank all of those who replied (2 members). Are we the only three that build civilian aircraft and put together engines or does everybody agree with the replies. I am not trying to be rude, only would like to know how most of you assemble engines. Thanks again Stephen
  11. I find construction of the engines the most difficult part of building an airliner. Do you paint part or all of the engine before assembly? If so, how do you get rid of the seam when putting the two haves together? How do you stop from ruining the paint job? If you paint afterwards, in what order do you paint and how do you mask it? I find it especially hard to mask the aluminum ring on the interior on the front part of the engine. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Stephen
  12. Its cheaper to loose it than to pay Priority post. As regard to the sellers' protection, you are making the buyer pay for insurance. In business, it is better to jack up your selling price a few percentage points on everything you sell and then absorb the loss the loss when an item is lost. Also when you force a buyer to take Priority Post, an international buyer will likely not bid on the item when the shipping is $36 for a $5 item. But, if the shipping was say $10, the international buyer might pay $20 for the item.Ship by Priority Mail the seller gets $5, USPS gets $36. Ship by First Class
  13. Hijacking the topic a bit, but still complaining about the USPS, I am Canadian. I realize that postal rates had to go up in 2013, but some of the new rates are RIDICULOUS. I use to buy a model kit, before 2013, and in general I would pay shipping between $7 to $11 US for a kit that cost $10. Today I am quoted prices Like $17.95 for the same kit (that is the low price) but quite often I am quoted $29 - $36 (Priority mail). There is no way I am going to pay $46 for a $10 kit. But then again I am not sure if it is the USPS or the seller who is not willing to send the package by the cheapest metho
  14. I second and third that Stephen :rolleyes:/>
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