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  1. I am currently building the AMP KC-10 Extender being painted in the SAC Grey/White scheme, and I am at the painting stage where I have run into a slight difficulty. I have the main part all painted up it is the Blue colour at the top of the nose that I am having a problem with. I will be using the Caracal decals for this build and they only supply a small section of the rear of the Blue with the rest being painted by myself. Although the decal is not fitted yet, this is where the problem has arisen in trying to match this colour. The instructions state the colour as FS 15102 and I have got the MiG colour for this number, but when painted on the model it is not the same as the decal. I have also tried to mix my own version but to no avail. Does anyone know of a paint that can be brushed and bought in the UK that I could use? I have also had some advice from @Dutchabout this .

  2. 15 hours ago, Dutch said:


    Yes, that is unsettling when the advertised paint color is nowhere close.  Looks like time to custom mix your own! Sorry, I have not even begun to think of starting mine, so I haven't crossed that bridge yet.  Dive in!  The water's fine!




    Thanks, I thought that that might be the answer. Any colour suggestion Dk Grey, Black or something else?

  3. I am looking for a little help, and thought that this topic may be the best place at the moment. I am currently making the AMP KC-10 kit using this decal sheet to make one of the Grey/White schemes, but I have run up against a slight problem. I have got most of the kit painted and I have now started on the Blue around the cockpit. I have bought and started to use the Ammo-Mig paint No MIG-0229, which is said to be FS15102. But when I have painted it next to the photocopied mask that I using to get the painted area correct it looks too bright from the Blue on the mask. I will post some pictures showing what I have got, so hopefully someone with a better eye than me could possibly make a better suggestion. If a different paint suggestion is made it would have to be one that could be used with a brush and is available in the UK. Many thanks in advance for any help.










  4. Thanks for that, but I do not think that it is showing what I am after, but it does show in good detail the drogue housing which is not included in the kit and the APU. I am thinking that because the boom is lowered slightly this opens up the panel as shown. I did forget to say the I will have the boom stowed in the up position, so does this mean that the panel is down shown the latter part of the fairing?

  5. I am currently building the AMP kit of the KC-10 Extender and would like to ask a question about the boom operators area. I think what I mean is the cupola where the operator sits (I think) and its shape. The kit has a blunt ending to this with a largish gap between it and the actual boom equipment. Now I have seen this area with a more shapely end to the cupola almost touching the boom equipment. I have tried to look at some photos of this area and it seems that the latter part is on a panel that moves upward being hinged at the rear so (I think) that the boom operator can see what they are refuelling. As I am building the model on the ground which of these is actually correct?

  6. On 6/1/2020 at 3:31 PM, picknpluck said:

    Fightertown Decals is doing this S-3 in a forthcoming sheet.

    But that will probably be 1/48th and I usually model in 1/72nd which I know that Kursada will often make.

  7. 19 hours ago, Dave Williams said:

    South Vietnam received some F-5Es in late 72 or 73, but rarely used them.  They were still there and captured when the North took over the South.


    So, yes there were some F-5Es in Vietnam at the very end, but they were not USAF aircraft.


    Like this one that went to the Poland and then to the museum at Kbely in Prague where I photographed it last year.




    I also mailed to the above email adres and got a track and trace code within 2 hours, I needed to pay $14.99 shipping cost via air mail for the free weapon set if I want it. Hopefully will arive soon in Holland.


    Same here just I was a bit slower in my response to their e-mail, and I have now had an e-mail saying that it has been despatched. So now I will just have to sit and wait. Many thanks to @madmanrick for pointing out the correct e-mail address for sincere. It is a pity that we the customers are doing the running around trying to find out what is happening the product that we have already bought is or if we wanted the weapons set.


    I have now received (this morning) an email from Sincere Hobby stating that my kits are on the way, so I am "personally" satisfied. However, the others that are still waiting for the kits they paid for (Indiegogo, etc.), need to be satisfied as well. For those that ordered from Sincere Hobby, I can confirm that I was able to receive confirmation by using this email address: continental.skc@gmail.com. I recommend you use it and not any of the message links on their actual webpage. As far as the Indiegogo scheme goes, if there is any way I can assist those of you that went that route (I am a member of both of AMKs FB groups), drop me a message here. I will do whatever I can to help get what you paid for, although I can't make any promises.


    Thanks for that e-mail address. I will give it a try and see what happens as I have had no luck with any other communication that I have already sent. Strange I was in the bloke who runs Sincere hobby shop in Hong Kong last year (Continental Models) and he was saying that it would not be long then. How wrong was that. Otherwise I shall wait for Telford and hand them in my order form.

  10. The large fuel tanks were borrowed from the Tornado F3 fleet, and were originally in the appropriate colour for that aircraft. Later some were painted in a locally sourced sand colour known as Leyland blush. This was applied by hand with paint brushes. The story is explained in this link on the last post.




    Also many a picture can be found at this web site:- dstorm.eu. The best place is in the nose art area.


    Hope that this is of some help.

  11. 21 hours ago, habu2 said:

    Jabba I don’t think my attempt at sarcasm came across in my reply. I was poking fun at the absurdity of the AMK F-14 thread. Your comment just happened to be a perfect foil for my attempt at humor.  No disrespect toward you or your choice of markings was intended. Sorry if it was taken wrong that was not my intent. 



    No worries, I got the joke and I have no qualms with what you have said. In fact my SWMBO'd often tells me off for being sarcastic. 

  12. Sorry I think that I meant something different. Yes I know that the actual kit that I am decalling should be as accurate as possible. What I was trying to say that as I display a lot of my models on a Special Interest Stand on the Gulf War at many a show here in the UK, I don't think that many people who view this kit will realise if I put an aircraft with a certain Serial No did not serve with that Sqn. The main reason that I maybe asking the question that I am is that the USAF went through a lot of changes in the early to mid 90s, such as TFWs went to FWs. The main problem I have is that I am not so sure on the airlift side of things. I know that the aircraft that I would prefer to make did not have the "Empire State " markings at the time of the Gulf, but I am not sure which Wing/Sqn would have operated at that time. If it is simply a case of cutting and adding a decal here and there that would be fine, I would just need to know which ones. Any help would be gratefully received.

  13. Thanks for that quick answer. I will probably now build 66-8304 as I have seen these markings in a photo in a Desert Shield/Storm book. If the Ser No is not quite correct for this Sqn then so be it, I doubt if people looking at the model will actually notice this and moan that it is incorrect.

  14. A quick question on the "Lizard/Euro 1" schemed aircraft on this sheet. What time period are these aircraft set for?  ask due to the fact that I would like to make an aircraft from Desert Shield/Storm. I know that Virtually every C-5 was used during this Op, but would any of these two options be suitable straight from the sheet or would I need to do some "cut & shunting of decals to make an aircraft correct, by that I mean is the wing/sqn terminology correct and the such like. I do know that the tail band was not around at this time so that would be left off. Any help would be very gratefully received.

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