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  1. Looking to buy Wolfpack 1/48 F/A-18A+ conversion set (or equivalent; MAW decals.) I just need a set of APX-111 IFF antennas. Hard to believe that there is not a simple 1/48 scale set like the quick boost 1/32 set. I guess the fact that kinetic kits all come with the antennas that nobody sees a need to make them anymore. Thanks. P.S located in Canada, understand that this makes it more difficult.
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking for the M sprue that came in the Hasegawa F-18 A/C kit and possible the F-18 USMC kit. It is the sprue that had the IFF antennas and the swept back uhf/vhf antennas. Just wondering if anyone has one buried in their spares box that they would be willing to part with. Of course, postage would be paid by me. thanks for looking
  3. Hello, Looking for the VF-101 Decals out of the Tamiya f-14d (specifically the shark mouth). Would be willing to send any of the other squadron decals from kit back in exchange. Preferably in Canada but US also works. thanks
  4. I'm with scooby on this one. I would love a 1/48 cormorant for my collection. Another question. Is anyone working on 1/48 cormorant decals?
  5. dews

    F-35 fs colours

    As promised, pictures of my recently un masked F-35. I was not as disappointed with RLM 75 as I thought I was going to be. Even just holding the model in my hand I can change the colours just by moving it in the light.
  6. dews

    F-35 fs colours

    I've painted mine with fs 36018 and I would say that it is the correct colour. I used rlm 75 which is a WWII German colour for the 'seams'. The RLM colour was close but a little too dark. I'm going to be sticking with it though because there is no way I'm going to go back and remask the model. I'll put up some pictures in the next day or two.
  7. dews

    F-35 fs colours

    Crap, yeah I agree that fs 36118 does look wrong when the viper and lightning are side by side. Looks like its another trip to the local hobby shop. I built an F-22 last year and mixed metallics into it really well. I was pretty impressed with the way it turned out but when I put down clear coat for decals it knocked the sheen down on me. It still came out alright but it looked really good beforehand.
  8. Does anyone know what the fs colours are for the F-35. I believe the main colour is close to fs 36118 but what would be an accurate colour for the 'trim' ? I've looked at tons of pictures but every one seems to be different. I'm sure it has something to do with the radar absorbing paints similar to the way the F-22 looks different in different lighting.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, Finn those pictures were more than enough convincing for me. I'm building a model for a friend and he wants JDAMS on his CF-18 and I can't convince him otherwise. Personally I think LGBs look way better.
  10. Hi , I was just wondering if the CF-18 can carry a 2000lbs bomb on its outer wing pylon if it's carrying a fuel tank on the inner. Thanks
  11. dews

    D-Day Stripes

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if D-day stripes were painted over top of the stencils on the wings. For example on the upper surface of a spitfire wing did the d-day stripes get painted over the wing walk line. I've seen the now famous picture of the guys painting the d-day stripes and if that was how it was done I would assume that they went on right over top of all the stencils that they may have come in contact with, including the stencils on the lower wing surfaces.
  12. Hi Gang, I was hoping you guys would be able to help me out on a few things. I recently purchashed the Wingnut Wings SE5a and I was wondering if anyone had some left over decals from the Roden SE5a for Billy Bishop's aircraft. Also, did Bishop's aircraft use the 4 bladed prop or the two bladed prop? Thanks for any help.
  13. Hi gang, I was looking to get my hands on Aeromaster 48400. Just wondering if anybody would be willing to part with theirs if they have one.
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