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  1. Sukhoi SU-7 1/48 OEZ - Restoring old model, built at the end of past century, as India AF Thunderbirds display team, survived few movings and shelf fallouts, now restored and completed as " Chosŏn inmin'gun hangkong mit banhangkonggun" - The Korean People's Army Air and Anti-Air Force Su-7s (Su-7BMK) based at Sunchon . 20+ were delivered from SSSR in late 1970's. Kit parts before rebuild started. Only five photos/movie screenshots found, And quick restoring build results,
  2. Soko J-22 ORAO 1/48 AEROPOXY resin 238. Fighter/Bomber squadron, Cerklje ob Krki , late 1980's Lift Here decals
  3. Soko G-4 Super Galeb 1/48 AEROPOXY resin , another COVID19 build. Yugoslav AF pilots academy, ZADAR, 1980's. Lift Here decals [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/H1fuumw.jpg)
  4. UTVA 75 1/48 AEROPOXY resin , built durring COVID19 times. Yugoslav AF pilots academy, ZADAR, 1980's. Lift Here decals
  5. Dear modeler friends, Unfortunately due to overall situation in the world and in Serbia, because of Corona virus spreading, we are forced to cancel, or better postpone our competition until March next year. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, MKNS
  6. Ikarus IK-2 + Rogožarski IK-3 - 1/48 AEROPOXY Old, early 2000's resin kits, out of production for a while. Quick build from stash. Both kits, IK-2 and IK-3 are out of production for a while, but just work on new remastered and retooled IK2 / IK-3 , using latest published research and data, printed in Kagero books, Thanx for looking.
  7. DUNAV 1255 NEWS update http://mkns-ipmssrbija.com/danube-1255/
  8. 4th DANUBE 1255 Model Show, Novi Sad , SERBIA 21.3.2020.
  9. Bristol 138 a 1/48 scale resin kit by AEROPOXY
  10. You mean this one ? https://aeropoxy.wordpress.com/models/aeropoxy-resin-kits/soko-nj-22-orao-trainer-172/
  11. Less than a two weeks for first completed build. 2NM Resin 1/48 scale Soko J-22 Orao kit, perfectly built by Nikola "Miha" Mihaljčić. Some details improved, scratchbuilt airbrakes . Other, OOB.
  12. Bunch of Aeropoxy SOKO ORAO - IAR 93 Vulturs. Built for aviation museum collection. Soko J-22 ORAO , SFR Yugoslavia, 1980's SR Yugoslavia 1990's Soko NJ-22 ORAO - Trainer , Serbia AF , 2000's IAR 93 Vultur , Romanian AF 1990's AR 93 DC Vultur - Trainer , Romanian AF 1990's
  13. Soko G-4 Super Galeb - Aeropoxy resin 1/72 , old YUMO plastic kit, resin repop. SFR Yugoslavia 1980's Serbian AF 2000's
  14. Piper PA 25 235 Pawnee C , glider tug plane - Aero Club Muhlheim an der Ruhr e.V. , Germany. AEROPOXY resin kit, 1/72. OOB , Mr Color gloss white, Revell Dayglo Orange.
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