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  1. #1 & #5. You just can’t make this $h!& up! LOL! #3, been there, done that. I now stand back and take a look before finalizing the decal. I learned a long time ago to not trust my upclose vision due to distortion from glasses. funny related story. Many years ago at work we had this one guy that really tried, sometimes. We weren’t sure if he was a complete moron or a brilliant strategist that figured out how to getting out of work by screwing up everything he did. One day he accompanied me to a job that required a simple hole in the Sheetrock and a single ga
  2. CG, graphics, flying scenes all get a pass, even though most are bogus and impossible. But come on man…it was Star Wars all over again. I actually said it out loud during the movie, “Use the Force, Rooster. Use the force!” All I could see was some head writer threw a bunch of old film names in a hat and told the staff to pull out four and make it work together. Top Gun + Star Wars + Iron Eagle + Tombstone = Maverick And yes, I am a lot of fun at parties!
  3. Decals! Paint masks! 1/32, need ASAP!
  4. That turned out really nice!
  5. LOL! Remember I mentioned my area is shared with “entertainment “ area? Well that entertainment is for my grown kids when they bring friends home to visit and grandkids. Its a viscous cycle. Buy home, space is all yours. Have kids, share space. Kids grow up move out, you get space back. And as soon as you get comfortable, BLAM! You’ve got grand kids that you have to set up kids toys and space for again. My wife actually saved the kids crib and Play School table and chairs and we’re using them with grands now.
  6. Yes! Unfortunately due to a limited market (JSDF subjects only) I doubt we’ll ever see this in 1/32. 🥵
  7. Dig deep in your couch for lost change, 2nd mortgage on your home or take up gold mining and you might can buy an out of production Fisher kit. I’m sitting here right now building one of his Cougar kits. My Panther is soon to follow. But you’re right. Not like it’s a huge model in 1/32. No idea why no IM were never kitted unless it’s just a small market.
  8. Enough said! I was a regular with those names. Had no idea of Brandon’s background.
  9. I too recently bought from them off eBay. Looks like the new owner is now in Georgia. Extremely fast shipping.
  10. LOL! We all know why. Same reason I am too. And she’s trying to make half the basement hers too! Wants it to be an entertainment center, what ever that is. I find my modeling quite entertaining.
  11. I bought nail polish shelves off Amazon for the lazy Susan setup. You can also get deep ones too. One side on mine is deep. As far a sprue organization, the top four drawers on the tool chest is to arrange kit sprues for the project at hand.
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