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  1. H-21 Shawnee "Flying Banana" Blue/White FS number?

    Being an Air Force brat from the '70's, ( I even have the "USAF Brat" challenge coin ) I'm very familiar with that shade of blue on vehicles. Brings back lots of memories of going to work with Dad during the summer. When Dad was stationed at Scott AFB in '66-'69, he had a VW Bug about the same color. Mom used to tease him about driving around his Military issued VW. Glad to see a name put to it. We always called it "Air Force Blue". But the blue on these helicopters is a much brighter blue by a couple of shades.
  2. H-21 Shawnee "Flying Banana" Blue/White FS number?

    Thanks Rick! Just got home and found the decals in my mailbox. I'll check out the paints you suggested. Scott
  3. In the middle of building the H-21 and have ordered the Caracal decals 48121 to do the USAF 1001 HS, Bolling AFB, 1964 scheme. Don't have the sheet yet, but was wondering if anyone knew the FS code for the blue bottom half? Going to do the H-19 as the same squadron, so I need to find/order enough paint for both.
  4. CD48131 - 1/48 H-19 Chickasaw Part 2

    Anyone know the FS paint number for the blue/white version?
  5. Ridiculous pricing on the bay

    I was watching that Tu-4 Kit. Just watching. Still kicking my butt for not buying it years ago when it was in production. I've got an original Zacto A-7 correction kit that I've been offered in excess of $300 for. Crazy what these things bring now. But no way I'm selling it. Already built the A-7E and now I want the D on the shelf next to it. Just look what the 1/32 Tamiya Thunderbird kit brings now. It's crazy. Still cannot figure out why Tamiya discontinued that one. I have seen seen kits listed over in China or Korea with crazy prices. 1/200 Arizona advertised at $799, etc.. I sometimes wonder if it is some kind of money laundering scheme.
  6. CD48131 - 1/48 H-19 Chickasaw Part 2

    You're killin' me! Already ordered Part 1 and now I see a blue/white MATS version to go with the H-21 Shawnee decals I ordered last night! Keep up the great work. Now off to find another kit.
  7. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    Pretty cool! Back in the early '70's I was a snot nose kid riding around on a 50 cc Honda Monkey and a Dax 70 Dad brought home from Japan in his duffle bags on the C-141.
  8. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    Can post pics!? Love to see some of the old bikes.
  9. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    I tried hunting. Even took the youngest with me a couple of times. One of the most memorable times was just sitting in the stand watching two yearlings covered with spots munching on the new growth grass while mom was around the corner from a few trees watching over them. We watched them for probably 45 min. Then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could be at home making my stash smaller instead of hanging out in the woods! Seriously, it got to the point of sitting there in the quiet with all my projects running through my head that needed to be done. Final blow was closing day. Drove out to the farm in sub freezing weather. Grabbed the gear out of my truck to include a down filled sleeping bag to put my legs into, day pack with a bottle of water and a sandwich. Started to climb up into the stand which was nothing more than a 4'X4' wood box with a roof sitting about 12' up in the air on posts. Ladder was straight up with no lean to it. And it was covered with ice. Got about half way up, foot slipped on the icy rung and slid back down to the ground hitting every rung on the way down. I made it up on the second attempt. Got in, got situated and down sleeping bag around my legs and noticed my rifle was missing. Leaned over the edge and looked down and there it was leaning up against a sapling by the ladder. D'Oh!! Unzipped everything went down and retrieved my rifle and made the deadly climb back up. Keep in mind I'm doing this in pre dawn conditions and as quiet as I could possibly be. Back in the stand I went through the entire procedure of getting warm again. Saw nothing and a few hours later I went to the day pack for some water. Pulled it out and it was a block of ice. That was my moment when I said Uncle and haven't been back in the woods since. Kroger is much closer and easier for me!
  10. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    Hehehe. You set yourself up for that one! LOL! When he made Eagle Scout at 17, I bought him the Henry Eagle Scout Edition engraved .22 When he turned 18 he got a CMP Special Grade M1 Garand.
  11. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    My SBR AR has a dedicated Spikes .22 10.5" upper and a 5.5" upper along with a 10.5" 5.56 upper. I shoot more .22 with my AR and the silencer because of the fun factor.
  12. Caulk/Silicone as filler?

    Caulk/Silicone as a filler.
  13. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    Ha! Just finished building my son's AR he got for Christmas. These things are crazy cheep right now. Never thought I'd see $350 AR's.
  14. Exhaust fan for my spray booth

    I painted full size cars for many years with a standard window fan and a squirrel cage fan and never got killed from an explosion. I hardly think our models would be anything to worry about. If concerned, shoot acrylics.