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  1. Representing Condensation On Clear Parts

    Coat the acrylic with Rain-X first, then Future with an additive. But again, experiment first! Just adding the Rain-X and lightly airbrushing straight Future might give you the look you are after.
  2. Michigan ANG 100th anniversary

    Order placed!
  3. Macon, Warner Robins Georgia hobby shop?

    Google search your title to this thread. I had about 4 or 5 pop up on YP reviews.
  4. Michigan ANG 100th anniversary

    Tagging this one! Must have!!
  5. Giving up beer for a month

    Many years ago I did the low carb diet. Lost 120 lbs. Gained back 130. Its a lifestyle change, you cannot go back to eating carbs like you have in the past. Tried the low carb diet again and lost 60 lbs. Gained it all back. After realizing it was something I had to do for life, tried again, hit a wall after losing 25 lbs. Could not break through. Body said no and it wasn't going to happen. Now I'm trying something different. Much less of everything, including carbs.
  6. I'm down in Columbia. I try to swing into Ed's every time I visit the MB area and I pick up a kit now and then. Couldn't make it this year though. I bet he moves a lot of inventory to vacationers.
  7. Giving up beer for a month

    Nothing odd about that. I often take breaks from the occasional drink and I too get treated like a nut case when I do. I was on on one of my breaks one time and a friend insisted I drink with him and he ordered me a Scotch on his tab. It sat there all night untouched. He got the point.
  8. Giving up beer for a month

    Yes sir! I stopped with all diet sodas and the difference was apparent. I switched to regular sodas, but the sugar was just too strong so I gave them up also. After about a week I noticed a huge difference. Just for giggles and grins, I had a couple of sodas and the next day, pain was back with a vengeance. Haven't touched them since. Your pains sound a lot like mine were. I'm talking about limping two blocks walking in to work every morning. Tendons around knees hurting all the time, unexplained foot cramps, like a pop in the top of the foot and hurting like hell for 20-30 minutes. Aching leg muscles off and on. I mentioned this to my doc and he suspected Spinal Stenosis due to past back injuries. Had an MRI and sure enough, I do have Stenosis. To this day I will get weakness in my legs, but nothing like I was having in the past. I was struggling to walk up and down stairs. Outside temps (hot weather) is hard on me too. But removing sodas from the diet has made a major improvement in my life.
  9. Giving up beer for a month

    I use to love my beers. It always had a side effect of making my face and neck flush. Other than that, no problems. In the past year or so though, it has started causing severe sinus blockage about the time I start my third. About 3 months ago I gave it up except for the occasional one or maybe two with dinner. No longer can I sit on the beach all day and enjoy 6-12 beers like I used to do. Recently wine has been giving me one hell of a headache if I drink beyond 3 glasses. So I'm falling back on my old friend Scotch. But just this past vacation my future daughter in law introduced gin and tonic to me. hard liquor seems to sit well with me. Three months back I gave up all diet additives and all sodas. Leg and foot pains are now a thing of the past. Amazing how much better I feel getting those chemicals out of my body.
  10. 1/144 C-5 Galaxy decals

    Wow. I think I paid about $8-$13 for the Otaki kits when I was a kid. I'm just hoping it's packed with details so I can build one with flaps extended or an open cargo bay with details.
  11. 1/144 C-5 Galaxy decals

    Seriously? The windows are so small you would never see anything unless you had an electron microscope. OK, slight exaggeration. But it's really, really small.
  12. 1/144 C-5 Galaxy decals

    If memory serves me correctly, the Otaki kit was the white and gray scheme molded in white. Testors was the Lizard scheme molded in green.
  13. 1/144 C-5 Galaxy decals

    Rumor I heard was the dies went down in the Sea of Japan aboard a container that fell off the ship during a storm.
  14. 1/144 C-5 Galaxy decals

    Want to borrow one? It's the green plastic kit since I already built my white one.
  15. CD48127 - 1/48 H-19 Chickasaw

    Well count me in too!