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  1. This is it during construction. Just before stain went on it and all the mirrors in the back and all the glass. If you want current pics, I've gotta clean up the shop first or you will see my disaster in the mirrors!
  2. I built a really big display case as well. It got me started in the wood working Hobby as well. I will have to build another one day for the big bombers now. Gotta wait until my oldest gets a bigger home so he can get all of his car stuff out of my way first.
  3. Go big or go home! For some reason I've always been attracted to larger scale models. Even when I flew RC, I built and flew Giant Scale. I do have smaller scales, but only because no larger option.
  4. Scott Smith

    Supercarrier going down

    I'm sorry, I just read this in a pirates voice after you started out with "Argggg...."
  5. Scott Smith

    Our Names

    Did he look at you and say, "John, my dong is in your hand."
  6. Scott Smith

    More Ebay giggles...

    Uninformed seller. No shortage of those on evilbay.
  7. Scott Smith

    Our Names

    LOL! I use a "handle" on the other board and my actual name over here.
  8. Ernie, Postage quote for 29208 zip code for the HK B-17G? Scott
  9. Scott Smith

    USOS Seaview

    Any updates on the build? I just ordered this kit yesterday off eBay.
  10. Scott Smith

    Long time lurker going active

    Ernie, You look familiar. Hehehe.... Good to see you over here too!
  11. One I know I'll never get to in the stash. Still in shrink wrap. $35 plus the ride. Boxed up and ready to go. Will add a couple of trades I'm interested in. I'll make up the difference in PayPal funds or MO. Moebius 39" Seaview Sub Just got one off eBay. Moebius 18" Jupiter II from the original Lost In Space TV series.
  12. Scott Smith

    A very famous sub

    This is all your fault ikar.....
  13. Scott Smith

    Revell 1/32 P-51

    I also had to shave down the cockpit framing and I got a good tight fit between fuse halves.
  14. Scott Smith

    Revell 1/32 P-51

    Not even the bottom scoop? I'm building two at the same time. Both scoops had very horrible gaps everywhere they join together. The wing LE where the panel is with the machine gun ports we also another issue. It lined up great at the LE, but the square where it cuts back behind the ports would not fit flush with the wing surface, but only on one wing half. flaps were so hollowed out, I had to layer up several coats of Tamiya putty a little at a time. Had to do lots of mods to get the bottom of the cowl to fit right as well as the wind screen in front of the cowl. It was actually the dash top, or sun shield, that was throwing the wind screen off. Tread on the tires would not line up, no matter how much I turned and twisted them. Now I'm starting to wonder if early production kits had some issues.
  15. Scott Smith

    Revell 1/32 P-51

    If you go back in this post I think I have posted my reasons for the dislike. In all honesty, personality I'd rather spend a little more up front and have less of a battle getting parts to fit, filling in gaps and chasing around replacement parts. Build time at my bench is very limited. I'd rather spend less time making corrections and building good fitting kits. Im not really concerned about details like 100% correct outlines or every panel line in the correct location. But when parts don't fit without several applications of filler, yea I have some dislike for it. If this kit was designed 10-20 years ago, or a one off design from an obscure cottage manufacturer I wouldn't say anything. But with modern CAD and other design systems from one of the industries oldest companies, no excuse. And besides, it brought lively discussion to the thread!