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  1. Was that jet engines hanging under the wings?? Serious question. Looked like engines where tanks are usually at.
  2. I'd be all over a 1/48 Sky Crane! I think I built two or three of the 1/72's as a kid.
  3. Thanks for the info. I'll probably live with it too. More of a novelty kit for me.
  4. Oh great. I just ordered the kit two hours ago.
  5. Check out GoPro. They have a free downloadable editing package that is very powerful. I haven't used it, but saw it a few years ago at the NAB convention.
  6. I guess that's better than the guys that receive the item and lie about it to get a paypal refund. I refuse to sell on ebay anymore because of this practice.
  7. Amen brother! My 17yo daughter was totally freaking out with the crap she was taking in on Twitter. I kept telling her to turn it off and ignore everything for at least two weeks. Ha! That was funny. A 17 yo without her social media for two weeks.
  8. Years ago I had an iPhone 4 at work. Upgraded to a Galaxy 5. Hated everything about it. Could not grasp the software and functions, just confused the crap out of me. Switched back to an iPhone 6 and was back where I belonged. Upgraded my personal cell from a flip to a 6S and love it even more. Only complaint is is the lying battery life meter. Apple is pulling a trick from Volkswagen on this one.
  9. I've got the C-5 kit with instructions. I can try it for you tomorrow.
  10. That's all I've got.
  11. We have a season here from either Aug. 15th or 31st to Jan 1, depending on if you live in the upstate or low country. We are infested with over population of deer. There was even talk of keeping the season open longer at one time. Fewer hunters are in the woods these days. One article said it was mostly due to private properties being leased out to wealthy hunters from other states where these properties were hunted by locals many years ago. Hunting is a big business here in SC, but according to DNR, fewer hunting licenses are being sold to residents, more to out of state. Locals are cashing in, but fewer hunters mean more deer to get in the roadways, eat gardens and basically encroach into cities. We had a buck get into a local Subway sandwich shop a few years back. He wreaked havoc in that store and it was in the middle of Columbia. I spent numerous hours planting fields to feed deer year round. Lots of fun working with friends doing this. Maybe one day I'll pick it up again. Still have the Marlin .30-30 in the safe and the orange safety vests.
  12. I tried hunting years ago. Friend has a 140 acre farm with 6 stands throughout the property. It was enjoyable at first just to sit in quiet and enjoy nature. But after a couple years all I could do was think of this time being spent at the bench building. It got to the point of being frustrating knowing I had a list of other things I wanted to do at home. I could swing by Kroger, grab a steak and grill it and be back at my bench in the time it took me to drive to the farm.
  13. Order sent! Dad was the NCOIC of the 437th in Charleston from 1970-1977. I'm almost positive he flew on both of those Charleston planes.
  14. I had no idea there were civilian Chinooks. Learned something new today!
  15. I know I'm tip toeing around the no politics rule, but this is a great idea with anyone running for any office. Career politicians are out of touch.