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  1. Wow. I think I paid about $8-$13 for the Otaki kits when I was a kid. I'm just hoping it's packed with details so I can build one with flaps extended or an open cargo bay with details.
  2. Seriously? The windows are so small you would never see anything unless you had an electron microscope. OK, slight exaggeration. But it's really, really small.
  3. If memory serves me correctly, the Otaki kit was the white and gray scheme molded in white. Testors was the Lizard scheme molded in green.
  4. Rumor I heard was the dies went down in the Sea of Japan aboard a container that fell off the ship during a storm.
  5. Want to borrow one? It's the green plastic kit since I already built my white one.
  6. Well count me in too!
  7. I started an Imgur account (after the Photobucker extortion attempt) and then found out that another forum I'm on, Garage Journal, it won't work. Come to find out, Imgur blocked the website because it has a classified section, and they consider this using Imgur for commercial business. I'm now wondering if we're going to start seeing more websites blocked.
  8. Was that jet engines hanging under the wings?? Serious question. Looked like engines where tanks are usually at.
  9. I'd be all over a 1/48 Sky Crane! I think I built two or three of the 1/72's as a kid.
  10. Thanks for the info. I'll probably live with it too. More of a novelty kit for me.
  11. Oh great. I just ordered the kit two hours ago.
  12. Check out GoPro. They have a free downloadable editing package that is very powerful. I haven't used it, but saw it a few years ago at the NAB convention.
  13. I guess that's better than the guys that receive the item and lie about it to get a paypal refund. I refuse to sell on ebay anymore because of this practice.
  14. Amen brother! My 17yo daughter was totally freaking out with the crap she was taking in on Twitter. I kept telling her to turn it off and ignore everything for at least two weeks. Ha! That was funny. A 17 yo without her social media for two weeks.
  15. Years ago I had an iPhone 4 at work. Upgraded to a Galaxy 5. Hated everything about it. Could not grasp the software and functions, just confused the crap out of me. Switched back to an iPhone 6 and was back where I belonged. Upgraded my personal cell from a flip to a 6S and love it even more. Only complaint is is the lying battery life meter. Apple is pulling a trick from Volkswagen on this one.