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    Step away from the computer!

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    Columbia, SC USA
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    1/32 aircraft, gun collecting, hunting, restoring the old Mustang GT!

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  1. Scott Smith

    Do you have a hobby addiction?

    🤪 yea. Ok.
  2. Scott Smith

    Tamiya America Customer Service Question

    Call them. Much better communication and personalized.
  3. Scott Smith

    Do you have a hobby addiction?

    About 300 large scale kits in my stash? Yea, I have a problem.
  4. Scott Smith

    Tamiya America Customer Service Question

    Very easy to work with. They actually pulled a part off a sprue I needed and gave it to me for shipping.
  5. Scott Smith

    Maine anyone ?

    Not from Maine, but i have a Maine Coon if that counts? https://imageshack.com/a/img923/4861/LlQzO3.jpg
  6. Scott Smith

    1/32 B-24 kits received!

    I’m adding an addition on to the house.
  7. Scott Smith

    1/32 B-24 kits received!

    There is plans for new vacuum formed turrets by a guy over on Hyperscale. Got mine yesterday as well. I'm really concerned about the plastic landing gear with all that weight long term. I'm hoping Ernie Gee steps up on this one. Other than the nose turret and LG, I'm really excited about this one. EDIT, also the airfoil is not correct. Diehard B-24 guys are really not happy with this. It is one of the obvious features of the B-24. Shocked a modern manufacturer got it so wrong. But it won't slow down my enthusiasm.
  8. Scott Smith

    What makes a good/bad fitting model?

    Yea, I've whined enough on multiple forums about them. Others have agreed, many have said they encountered no issues. Not sure if it was a hit or miss production run, or what. Decaling one now, other is ready for paint.
  9. Scott Smith

    Airbrushing with Future

    Yep, just like we sprayed old non-catalyzed enamel on full size cars 30+ years ago. We would put down a very light coat and let it flash off until tacky. Second and third coats were laid down with good coverage.
  10. Scott Smith

    What makes a good/bad fitting model?

    All of my Tamiya builds have been a joy to assemble. I’ve only built two of my Trumpeter kits from the stash, A7-E and F-105. A7 I did the Zacto conversion, but those two also went together great. My nemesis has been the Revell P-51’s I’m building.
  11. Scott Smith

    Panther Canopy Question

    I’ve done similar outlines in yellow using chart tape. Comes in many colors. Look at office supply stores.
  12. My Dad was the Loadmaster that put the first cargo on one at Langley when Lockheed did the demo to the USAF brass. He asked for a load spreader to protect the floor. Lockheed engineer told him the C-130 didn't need no damned load spreader. Dad put the wheels of the load through the floor. Engineer had to go back to the drawing board. And this is just one of the interesting stories Dad told us late in life a couple of years before he passed.
  13. Scott Smith

    Wingnut Wings is doing a Lancaster!

    Well, maybe, maybe not. Is that photo of a restoration with new skin that has not been stressed yet? If it's original skin with the paint stripped off, I agree.
  14. Scott Smith

    Quality of life tools?

    I ditched my magnifier light for an Optivisor. Still use the light. Flashlight on the bench. Comes in handy to find that tiny part that just bounced off your lap and onto the floor. An apron that snaps/velcros to the edge of the bench so above small parts won't make it to the floor. Just remember to detach before you get up. ( I still need this one) Old jig saw with an Erwin micro clamp in place of the blade to use as a paint shaker. Variable speed saw works best turned down as low as it will go. Cup hand around bottle and squeeze trigger! Padlock to lock myself in my hobby room and no one can get to me. Subscription to Amazon or Netflix so the wife can watch chick flicks and leave me alone. Have the kids come over with Grand to occupy grandma so I can go hide. A yard man so I don't have to waste valuable time doing yard work. (This one is a dream. If yard man was working outside, wife would give me a list for indoors) Cat toys or an empty box to occupy kitty when he wants to spend time with me while in the workshop. Otherwise he is trying his best to climb to the highest point in the shop, and that usually involves using a model as a stair. And this is why I like brass landing gear! He had a ball climbing in and out of my Revell 1/32 P-51 box.
  15. Scott Smith

    CO2 tank regulator help

    Might be a spare O ring seal. If it is, not your typical O ring.