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  1. I managed to use the slide glasses with success. I think I had to do it several times, but if I remember correctly the glass fits on the inside, not in the opening. I’ll get some close up pics later. About to go into an online meeting until 11:30. For tiles elsewhere, I actually cut out individual tiles from Evergreen stock, glued in place and then shaped them into place with a jewelers file and then fine sanded them.
  2. I painted this one with Yellow Ochre acrylic. I managed to snag a few bottles just after Testors discontinued the color.
  3. Nice! I built this one about 5 or 6 years ago using the Dutycat cap as well.
  4. If I run out, I have this fuzzy guy I can use. But he might get upset getting bathed so often.
  5. Are you kidding me? A modeler bored?? I started this three weeks ago Thursday. I thought it was going to be a 6 month build. It’s the Fisher AD-5W conversion. On deck next is the Tamiya Blue Angels Phantom I’ve been putting off for years.
  6. Someone has time to build! I’m envious. I see a lot of build models I still have in kit form.
  7. Still kicking my butt for selling that kit years ago. And it was one of those Hobby Lobby 50% off deals when I bought it. Just trying to justify paying $100+ for one now.
  8. I lost count of how many of those cars I panted back in the early '80's. I worked for a shop that bought wreck totaled Trans Am's and Z-28's and we rebuilt them and sold them at auction. Places like that is why they started issuing salvage titles. Some came out great, some, not so great. But putting the big sticker on the hood was no fun!
  9. Just watched the Galileo 7 episode today during my lunch break. I've decided that I needed to go back through the series since I last saw them back in the mid 1970's. I had forgotten how many advanced technology ideas were born on that show. FYI, there is some great details of the Galileo for modelers in this episode. I did notice as it was leaving the shuttle bay, the Columbus was parked there near it, but as they show the Galileo leaving from an outside view, the bay is empty. Also, I had forgotten about it burning up, and was wondering why all I remember was Galileo II. Good stuff for us nerds.
  10. Now that Revell is bringing back out the old 1/32 GR.1 Harrier maybe its a good time to make some corrections to the intakes (including fairings) and exhaust?
  11. This is what usually drives me to build up my stash, especially within the aftermarket community. And when discontinued, one pays a premium price. As soon as Zacto came out with his A-7 correction, I bought two. One has been built, one is waiting. But the full correction kit is no longer available. Fisher Models. Hit by a tragedy and most likely to never rise from the ashes (literally!) I bought his AWACS Skyraider kit and some correction parts for the 1/72 Connie and before I could get another order in, Paul's entire career went up in smoke. Just last week I snagged another Skyraider conversion someone put up for sale and a few weeks before the fire I got a second hand Panther kit at a reduced price. I've decided to spend the rest of this year building my 3 Fisher kits. I was made on offer by another forum member years ago for a Wolfpack Kai-Panther Phantom conversion and the Tamiya EJ kit. For the package deal I paid what the conversion kit alone is selling for. I think after my Fisher builds, it's next. G-Factor landing gear, grab them when you can find them! Rhino Models resin, grab them when you can find them! If you even slightly think you want an XXXX from YYYY aftermarket company, buy it now!! So far this year I have completed 2 builds. Nothing special or complicated. a 1/48 U-2 and a small SyFi kit. But with my hands getting worse, I'm starting my higher end kits and not waiting until retirement now!
  12. Mstor, well said! My wife burned almost all of my vacation time last year due to travel. And watching the elderly on the ships or in an airport, I have to agree. The trouble they have to go through just to board a plane or a bus or ship is quite a struggle. We did a cruise this time last year to the western Caribbean, Jackson Hole in June and got snow, our usual Myrtle Beach in July and then an Alaskan cruise in September. she want to see as much as we can before we get too old to enjoy.
  13. If I live to 250, good chance. I’ve got about 200 in the stash. Just no idea where to put them all when built. Also have too many hobbies as well. Woodworking, my ‘66 Mustang GT, shooting and gun collecting, Photography and then throw in all the lawn care, home maintenance, keeping wife happy, travel, etc.....
  14. Awesome news!! Also have an old kit with questionable decals. I'm in!
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