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  1. I got burned when I ordered something like 3 or 4 sets of 1/32 Phantom legs for my Revell kits. I was horrified I spent that much money on rubbish I had to throw away. I refused to return them to Sprue Brothers since I should have read a few HONEST reviews on them before ordering. If I ever owned a hobby shop or an internet mail order business, I would never offer these products.
  2. I've had a few claims with PP and I did indeed get the funds returned to me. Took a few days, but it showed up.
  3. I've seen this one too. Guy sure comes up with a lot of product! I will say this about aftermarket. If you think you might need it, buy it now, stack it deep. Small cottage industry businesses like these seem to disappear without notice. Decals, brass landing gear, resin, etc.... One small business that provides a great product hangs on the balance of the owners health, a natural disaster like a fire, etc...
  4. I don't think it was Dmold or any other business accusing him, I think it was modelers that were branding his products as counterfeits. I've lost a lot of brain cells since.....
  5. It was Rhino. I bought a set to compare to others. Sure, they all look alike because they have to fit the model they were designed for. Rhino's look a lot like Dmold's. But they fit better. With Dmold I had to put some slight tweaks into the bottom wing half of my Tamiya Phantoms. Rhino was a perfect fit.
  6. Congrats!! Don’t believe folks when they say build time is gone now. I got more kits built when I had a house full of our 4 kids than I do now as empty nesters. Just find a balance between hobby and momma getting a break from baby duty.
  7. RHINO RESIN has the habit of not responding to letters. From time to time he appears on E-Bay, and then you can buy his products. Be patient and check your e-bay regularly
  8. Anyone know if these guys are still around? They put out a vacuum formed BoP in 1/350 scale a few years back. The one email address I found on line bounced back as undeliverable.
  9. I was checking out his auctions a few months back and didn’t see anything listed either. I really like his Phantom intakes. They fit better than any others I have tried so far. Glad I stocked up!
  10. Amazing work!!! I built the 31" Nautilus from the Masterpiece Models kit and it was tough enough. Can't imagine scratch building it.
  11. Josh helped me out. https://www.bedlamcreations.com/custom-waterslide-decals/custom-model-plane-waterslide-decals/
  12. I’ve got one of the old “429 Corvette” kits in the stash. Box is a bit sun faded on one end though.
  13. Sweet! Does that stand come with the kit? I still have another Otaki to build, but those flaps......Ohhhh.
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