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  1. That SC ANG bird in 1/32 would be awesome. But I understand you're out of the 1/32 game? Besides, I'd probably be the only one wanting them. At least the kit comes with the Myrtle Beach wing decals.
  2. Fed up! Highly fed up!! After almost 29 years I'm ready to retire or get fired on purpose. I've set my retirement date for Feb. 14th, 2022 just so I can keep the peace in my house with the wife and I can say I put in 30 years. She's a little envious of me staying at home. I think I pushed it too far with the boss Monday. He's an executive director and all of the ED's were "up all night on the phone" because the internet crashed on campus. I was throwing shade at him asking why? What could y'all do anyway? It's the boots on the ground fixing the problem. Did anyone offer to take
  3. More like the victim of a system that you just cannot change. The stories I could tell about forced red tape and unnecessary work that higher ups dream up to justify their existence in the system to keep drawing that large salary.
  4. We've perfected it! And I work for the Government at the state level.
  5. Cannot answer your question, but tagging for interest since I have the kit in the stash. Well, looks like I found the answer. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/trumpeter-03205-boeing-f-a-18f-super-hornet--102802
  6. And just when I thought my stash was complete. Oh manohmanohmanohman….I gotta have this.
  7. My wish list, all 1/32 of course: Grumman Duck T-38 in Thunderbird scheme F-111
  8. I should buy this to totally nerd out when building my syfi kits.
  9. Wow, lots has happened since I last posted in this thread. Packed up our home and we moved back in May. All my models are packed up in moving boxes still, some in storage, some in my garage loft I built. No way I’ll be sitting at a bench until probably this time next year with so many projects needing to be done here at the new place.
  10. And no T-38 or a Grumman Duck in 1/32. Not just an inaccurate one, but none at all. I guess some subjects won’t give a return on the investment. I had hopes that Kitty Hawk would have taken on these subjects since they finally gave us the T-6 Texan and a Kingfisher. I was doing my part to try and keep them in business. 😪
  11. Break the cycle. Grab a kit and a tube of testors glue and put it together along with the required glue fingerprints and sloppy no pre-fitting parts and gaping wide seams with tube glue squishing out. Then brush paint everything making it look like it want on with a mop. Make sure you get fingerprints in this as well. Then apply decals making sure half of them are incorrectly placed and crooked. And for good measure, “forget” to clean your paint brush and let the paint harden so you have to throw it out and buy new ones. …….Aahhhh the good old days when we didn’t care.
  12. Wife had a patient yesterday that is only 11 years old. Covid has caused blood clots all over his body. Altered mental state due to clots, bad clotting in his legs causing extreme pain. They went in yesterday to remove as much clotting from his legs as they could. Obviously due to his age, he was not vaccinated. She had a 41 yo male, non smoker, non vaccinated and in great health come in after symptoms started. He died 2 days later. It was the D variant. it works fast and works efficiently doing what it does. These are not rumors. These are my wife's patients i
  13. Glad to say my daughter went in last Friday and got her first shot. He husband still refuses. Stubborn. Had some friends over couple weekends back. One guy has had the first strain twice. Still no vaccination because he said he only had the sniffles and lost taste. He’s not worried about the D. Told him good luck with that. I’m hearing too many bad stories about the young and healthy dying quickly from the wife working in the hospital.
  14. I tried that. Now I have a couple of helicopters and a few cars on the shelf of doom.
  15. I agree. OCD can be crippling to just having fun. I watched my mother go through this where a simple task would either take her days, or she would just never do it because she knew it was a project she was not ready to tackle. It was obvious with her ceramics hobby, her cooking, writing a letter, etc.. I've often thought about just putting a big old glue finger print on a new model to just get it out of the way. I try my hardest to select kits to "just have fun" with and build them. And I have a few I want "done right" but I never seem to get around to building those. W
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