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  1. Chris, I'm very interested. But I already have the B-29 kit. How much are you wanting? Any trade interests??
  2. eBay policy stupidity

    From a users standpoint, just this a.m. I got an email for a search I've been following. It was for a Milwaukee M18 Impact wrench that normally sells for $220 listed at BIN for $88 CA or $69 US. I clicked on BIN. I knew it was too good to be true, but I took a chance. It was the US website, but CA currency conversion, figured it was someone like you. Lives across the boarder, but sells in the States. They also shipped from a US address. I looked at feedback, and they haven't been active until this morning for over a year. I contacted eBay around 11 a.m.. While I was doing the online chat, the auction was pulled and I got a refund notice that this persons account was hacked by a third party. If the funds were immediately transferred, eBay would have been out $1700 with the amount sold in a few hours.
  3. So this is from Star Trek The Motion Picture. What is the differences between this craft and the Klingon Battlecruiser in TOS? I know this one has much more surface details, but other than that?
  4. Email sent on 1/32 Trumpeter F/A-18E Super Hornet Box 03204
  5. A very famous sub

    I keep eyeing the Masterpiece Models 31" on eBay. One day I'll pull that trigger! Price keeps jumping around from $179 to $200.
  6. New eBay strategy by a buyer?

    I've screwed up royally on ebay by either over bid, or bought the wrong item. I sucked it up and paid for my mistakes. Seller didn't know anything other than they sold what they wanted to sell.
  7. Overwhelmed with orders once again

    Got my order Saturday. Thanks again!
  8. Canopy painting

    Building a 1/48 H-21 Shawnee right now. Last week I spent about an hour trying to mask two of the areas on the canopy. Got so frustrated I almost threw it in the trash. Ordered the Eduard masks and did the entire canopy in under 30 minutes. I'll never attempt to tape up again.
  9. Tamiya 1/32 F-15E - Getting ready for airbrushing

    I have two different tricks. Single engine models, I have a mic stand with the weighted base and a flexible gooseneck adapter. Bend goose neck down and hang the model. For twins, I have a sheet of plywood with two dowels I can slide the model down onto. On my Phantoms the engines are so close together that I use the mic stand and let the model tip a little. I guess this is why I have shied away from props lately. Gotta rethink the whole thing.
  10. Magnifiers for small details

    Just got my Optivisor with a #4 lens and the loupe on Saturday. Before that I was using a desk lamp with the magnifier. Problem was, I kept trying to blow off dust through the lens. I don't know how I went so long without one. Oh, and I discovered the 10" focal length is from your eye, not from the surface of the lens. So I'm holding my work about 4"-5" in front of the Optivisor.
  11. Revell/Monogram 1/48th scale A-10

    That plane was flown by Jill Long, but you have a different pilot decal? I know Jill personally, and she autographed my box top and I have it framed and hanging in my shop. Great build!
  12. Tamiya USA. Go to their website, look up the kit and open the instructions. Get the part number of the kit and the decals and give them a call. I bought 5 or 6 sets of 1/32 T-Birds and they were under $20 a set.
  13. That's great! I work for a State agency and approval for weather related shut downs sometimes takes weeks to get. Filling out and managing my employees time cards are a real PITA during these times.
  14. January releases

    Order placed as soon as I saw it posted on Hyperscale. Thanks again!
  15. During past shut downs, wasn't back pay given? Anyone hear about this time yet?