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  1. Not sure how the companies do it, but I have a friend locally that has shipped many large items to Africa to an orphanage/school he has helped fund. He either rents or buys an overseas container and then shows up at the dock location that rents them. They get it to the ship from there. He ships out of the port of Savannah GA. Once it Africa, the school shows up at the dock and they unload and transport items to the school. He has purchased a container and they delivered it direct to the orphanage with transportation fees of course. He did send a school bus a few months back. Too
  2. They got me for the 1/32 F-35A. Been eyeing it for 6 months. Could not resist after a few drinks the other night.
  3. I built a 1/32 D for my MD that is the flight surgeon for the SCANG unit. He flies the back seat for his air time. From the time I started to the time I finished it they repainted it HAVE GLASS with a Gamecock on the tail. When I gave it to him, I was like, oh well, already had these decals made up.
  4. Ron, What years were you in? Dad was on the C-5 Design and Test team. Also a Loadmaster. He retired in โ€˜77 or โ€˜78. Cannot quite remember. But his last duty was the NCOIC of the 437th Mobility Branch in Charleston, SC. Iโ€™m sitting here looking at my white and gray Testors/Otaki build in my family room right now. Takes me back to watching the first one fly into Charleston as it did a low pass over our heads after sneaking up behind us.
  5. Ordered a set of brass landing gear from Ali across the pond. Been watching the tracking. As usual, it has gone from our main hub to another small community on the wrong side of town. How the hell do they or the machine mix up 29229 zip with 29123 I'll never figure it out. Now I'll watch it go back to the hub and hopefully to my zip and not pinball back and fourth between the wrong zip. So now I'm looking at a one day delay at a minimum.
  6. I guess the larger hub probably has this system in place, but at my local PO you can watch them hand sorting bins from the window while you wait in line. These are individual bins for the route drivers. I had a package show up I had to sign for while I was at work. Got home, grabbed the tag and went to the PO. They could not find my package. Took my phone # and said they would call me. I got the call as soon as I pulled in my driveway. ๐Ÿ˜ Just told them to deliver it the next day since he took my signature. I'll give him credit, he kept looking for it until it showed up.
  7. Human mail sorting has flaws. Gets tossed into the wrong bin and then it as to go through the motions before correction. I've had several items show up at our central hub here in town, get sent to a small community in the opposite direction and then back to the hub before coming to me. I think I've had one package travel the country like that in the past.
  8. Imagine that, referring to an airplane on a model airplane forum. LOL! Yea, I've seen all the speed stuff for the Mustangs. My boys were bugging me to put a blower on it. Nope, been there, done that in my younger days. Not dropping another $10K on a toy. I just don't need 700+ HP to get to work. Hell, I have a resto-mod '66 GT Fastback sitting in my garage about 98% done. Can't get off my butt and finish the last 2%.
  9. Yea, but that canโ€™t get me to work everyday..... ....Mustang does.
  10. Just read that some postal employees have been arrested and charged for destruction of mail. Never could figure out why someone would take a job with the excellent benefits USPS offers, and then throw it all away by breaking all the basic rules.
  11. My 5D classic gets spots like that when the sensor gets dust on it. Nice pic!
  12. Seal Model has the SUFA for $109 plus shipping from Hong Kong. Just Google search Seal Model.
  13. Start your own business by advertising locally? I have a close friend that is a teacher and she does pretty good on the side as a tutor. I guess if your area has a Nextdoor App or Facebook would be a good place to start advertising? Even online is possible these days with the right gear.
  14. Every once in a while I would get the same result. Not sure why it happened, but I mix my paint and dump what I don't use now.
  15. Never been a big fan of football, but the wife is. I'm the football widow in the family. But the NFL has finally jumped the shark with the pandering to the players and not to the fans. And now with the canned crowd noise too, the ratings drop is real and for a reason. I can tolerate college ball, but there is starting to be a very fine line between college and pro lately. Starting to get turned off to it as well. As far as NASCAR, I gave up when they stopped using production car bodies/panels. '91 was the end of an era for me. Especially when they did away with Winston Cup.
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