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  1. Spot on Dave. Everyone is a little different. I was going to get the J&J, but Moderna was more effective and being morbidity obese I wanted the most effective.
  2. OK, you just had me spitting coffee out of my nose..... Especially with that avatar you have.
  3. I was fine all day Friday other than the feeling of almost a dizziness but it went away. Saturday we had a garage sale and I was out in the cold, 35-45 degrees all morning. Never could warm back up all day. Felt very feverish but no fever. Sunday I had body aches and very drowsy all day. Wife was yelling at me for laying around all day. Monday I had muscle soreness from all the aches on Sunday. Back to normal today.
  4. Just got it. Doing my 15 min wait to see if it kills me now. .....still alive!
  5. Exact same with my wife. My first is tomorrow.
  6. That's nice!! Even building yourself, glass has gotten very expensive lately. Shop around for "recycled" or used glass at second hand stores. I actually designed mine around two old bathroom mirrors that were in my house.
  7. Hey! I just got an appointment through work for the 19th of this month.
  8. HA! I could stock pile it in my model stash and the wife would never know! Because if she knew, she would drink it all. But then I would come home to all my Tamiya kits scattered on the floor where she was looking for more beer.
  9. I've got a bigger problem. For some reason my wife's phone is getting all the delivery notices sent to her phone and not mine anymore. Her phone number isn't even listed in my account. But I cannot sneak any Amazon orders in now.
  10. Oh man, I thought this thread was brought back up again to make fun of those folks that still have a garage full of TP in their stash.
  11. Backing off and misting it on is the biggest tip I can offer. And give it plenty of time to dry in between mist coats. After my white primer, sometimes I even do the same with flat white and then a couple of coats with gloss white. FWIW, in my early days of painting cars we use to have to paint cars the same way when using the old enamel paints. First coat was blown on thin and allowed to tack up. Once your finger stuck to the paint and not just wiped it off (yes, we always had a test panel, not the car) it was time to put on a heavier coat.
  12. Wife got her two stage back in January. Hospital employee. I'm eligible next week. Hoping for the new single dose by J&J since I'm also doing spinal steroid injections and cannot do both within a 2-3 week period. I'm not a big believer in trying something that came out this soon, but I'm a little more untrusting of catching the COVID. Daughter had it, mild fever for a day or two and 4 days of discomfort and no big deal. Teacher at the school across the street got it and died a week later. I'll take my chances of becoming a zombie.
  13. Mine is almost 2’ deep, 8’ wide and as tall as I could make it but still able to roll through a door. Used 2 old bathroom mirrors for the back. Red oak and tempered glass sliding doors. Used a lot of recycled glass for too and sides and I still dropped right at $2k on it including only 4 shelves. They run about $100 each last time I bought some. They were $65 at the time I built it. Hate to see the price now. It was March of 2015.
  14. I went down the rabbit hole of building one. Now I enjoy woodworking as another hobby that robs time from models.
  15. I just googled the Supercharge Stations and took a look at the map. NE US is really heavy with locations. I'm really surprised there aren't more along the I-95 corridor between DC and Fla. They are spaced out well, but never having been to one I have no idea how many charge stations there are. OK, if you click on the location, it tells you how many charge stations are there, what wi-fi to use, business that sponsors it, etc. Another question: The Supercharge Stations look like a Tesla owned operation. Are all electric cars welcome? or is that an exclusive Tesla location?
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