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  1. Scott Smith

    Revell 1/32 P-51

    I submitted March 5th. Never heard anything. Another modeler had an extra and hooked me up though.
  2. Scott Smith

    My mother passed, but

    Hey Bob, already have the Medical authority and Durable POA. Only thing I didn't or won't do is a conservatorship over her. Basically because my brother started all this process and that's when we had the discovery of him stealing from the trust and setting up a situation where he put her in AL and took her home and moved into it. So far, biggest issue I had was her sending money off to those mail in games where they promise her big winnings. They took her for $7K. Could not convince her it was a con job.
  3. Scott Smith

    My mother passed, but

    Duck, I'm not too far from the same situation. Dad did stay on Mom while he was with it. But about 10 years ago my brother relocated to the other side of the state. About a year later, Mom & Dad packed a suitcase and moved next door after buying two houses. They left the old house looking like they day them left for many years. Dad passes, brother pulled some underhanded tricks and sold the old house after calling in the junk guys to haul off everything. Fast forward, brother is out of the picture now due to his underhanded tricks. But I had to move Mom out of her new home and into assisted living, and deal with her hoards. She's now 83 years old. Mostly QVC crap, kitchen gadgets, Tacky yard decorations, lawn chairs, etc. She's paying $200 a month storage fees for complete crap or duplicate kitchen appliances. To make matters worse, out of sight, out of mind, she keeps ordering more of the same thing off TV. So far we have counted 4 air fryers, 3 kitchen aid mixers, 3 or 4 hand mixers, 4 food processors. Every closet in her tiny apartment is slammed full of QVC boxes. I try not to remove them, but open all the doors when I visit so she sees her quantity. One of her biggest downfalls is the hoarding of junk mail. She will fill QVC boxes full of junk mail to the point where she's now falling because her walker gets hung up and won't move. I've had strong discussions with her about this junk mail issue, but she insists that she has to either read it all, saw something in one of the magazines and she wants to save it, or shes afraid to have her name and address in the trash. One excuse after another. When we come over, she spends about 30 min in the bathroom getting ready for us. I usually take this opportunity to quickly grab boxes of junk mail and run out the door with them. Now she wants a bigger apartment on the other side of the complex they just built. Nope, no way will I help her have more room to fill up with garbage. When she passes, its going to be one hell of a yard sale to shut down the storage units. Probably will take a rental truck and 3 months of weekends to even start to liquidate. The rest will go to Goodwill or some charity.
  4. Scott Smith

    CorsairMan is going to Nats!

    I went to the one in Columbia a couple years back. I regret not bringing more cash. I only had enough to get in the door and pick up a couple items from Eduard. They offer deep show discounts. BRING CASH! MORE THAN YOU EXPECT TO NEED! I was lucky enough to find a couple of dealers/vendors that took either CC or PayPal. I simply PP'd them the funds and showed them my phone where it was sent. I only met a couple of the guys I know from online. It was a great experience. If you are flying in, you might want to have some sort of shipping home to yourself arranged or look into it. Never know what kind of big kits you might luck on to.
  5. Scott Smith

    Wolfpack 1/32 F-4EJ Kai 8th Sqn. 'Black Panther'

    Oh no, not me then. I did a search through my email as well and cannot find who I got it from. But my deal was the Panthers set from Wolfpack with decals and the Tamiya kit. Got it all for less that what the F-4EJ kit sold for new. I've devoted this year to building WWII and props. I'll start back next year with jets. This one might be the first up!
  6. Scott Smith

    Wolfpack 1/32 F-4EJ Kai 8th Sqn. 'Black Panther'

    LOL! I think I may have been the recipient of that Wolfpack conversion with the F-4EJ kit. It's still my "Grail" Phantom kit that will be the next Phantom I build.
  7. Scott Smith

    One less Phantom in the world..

    That link has a virus! Went into an audio loop that tells you not to shut down your PC. I had to shut it down and run our virus scan.
  8. Scott Smith

    Gigantic kit boxes

    Even worse, shipping costs. For the manufacturer, its a big bill board on the shelf. Good for them. But they are paying a price, or someone is, on delivery costs.
  9. Scott Smith

    Revell 1/32 P-51

    I'm on week 6 wait. Nothing yet. Wondering with the shakeup and closing of Revell here in the States, if I'll ever see it. Germany sent to Revell USA, and they send out to requests in the states.
  10. Scott Smith

    Differences between the F-8E and F-8J Crusader ???

    I spent all morning trying to find this info on the web. Came here and found it not even looking for it! LOL!! Great thread. Glad it's here.
  11. Scott Smith

    Revell 1/32 P-51

    Yea, those Tamiya rattle cans are great! I have only had one issue. Trying to top coat using acrylics. Rattle cans provide such a slick surface, I found out I need to tape off and scuff before adding any top color stripes. Proof right there they are a great paint. I used them to paint 5 1/32 F-16's white for a Thunderbird display I did. Nice and shiny with a deep gloss. A few months later I did another white airplane and for some reason I didn't get as high of a gloss finish. All I could figure was different paint batch or weather conditions, although I was inside an air conditioned room painting them all.
  12. Scott Smith

    Revell 1/32 P-51

    Did you fix the concave flaps? I bought the resin flaps but they are warped like a banana. I'm going back with the kit flaps and using Tamiya putty to make them flat. FWIW, I did clean up the raised ejector pin locations and still had to shave down the side corners of the interior section.
  13. Scott Smith

    Revell 1/32 P-51

    I'm building two currently. It's not all that great of a kit as far as parts fit goes. Seems to be a new approach to kit design as far as Revell is concerned, but I'm spending a lot of time getting seams cleaned up and gaps filled. I mean a lot of time too The intake scoop under the wing is really bad and the bottom piece at the cowl in front of the wing was really bad as well. Minor issues are the front of the wings where the inner leading edge and machine guns are. I had to use some Evergreen card stock to fill in some gaps. Of course all of this seam fitting comes with rescribing panel lines too. Flaps are another issue. They have really bad indentations that have to be filled. Another issue is the packaging. The canopy and clear parts sprue should have been in a smaller box to protect them. One of mine arrived split right down the middle. Sent the email to ROG and awaiting arrival of a replacement. I'm building one with the aftermarket resin fillet tail and using the same guy's flaps. So far not impressed with those parts either. I've had to do a lot of reshaping to them so far, and some parts were just unusable. Hold off for the Revell late D model. EDIT: Also forgot to mention that the built up cockpit/inner structure is a hair bit too wide. Could not get the fuse halves to close up all the way until I filed down the outer corners of the inner structure where they contact the halves. Had to remove about .030 at most from each corner.
  14. Chris, I'm very interested. But I already have the B-29 kit. How much are you wanting? Any trade interests??
  15. Scott Smith

    eBay policy stupidity

    From a users standpoint, just this a.m. I got an email for a search I've been following. It was for a Milwaukee M18 Impact wrench that normally sells for $220 listed at BIN for $88 CA or $69 US. I clicked on BIN. I knew it was too good to be true, but I took a chance. It was the US website, but CA currency conversion, figured it was someone like you. Lives across the boarder, but sells in the States. They also shipped from a US address. I looked at feedback, and they haven't been active until this morning for over a year. I contacted eBay around 11 a.m.. While I was doing the online chat, the auction was pulled and I got a refund notice that this persons account was hacked by a third party. If the funds were immediately transferred, eBay would have been out $1700 with the amount sold in a few hours.