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  1. Scott Smith

    Differences between the F-8E and F-8J Crusader ???

    Sad news. 😥 unfortunately with forums in general we never know when a fellow member passes unless we have close friendships with members off the cyber grid. Of all of the forums I participate in, modeling, woodworking, guns and cars, I know no one on a personal basis that would be in the know if my ticket was punched.
  2. I've got a J kit I'm replacing with the new 1/32 on the horizon. Got two small issues though. One blade is broken from one of the props, still in the kit, and this one had the tractor in the kit, but it's gone now. Worth $25 + postage to you?
  3. Scott Smith

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J/D Liberator

    On pre-order already. As well as the Lancaster. .....I'm going to need a bigger display case.
  4. Scott Smith


    Gee Bee R-1 & R-2 Ford Flivver XF-85 Goblin shown above Enough power and you can make anything fly!! Keep wing loading down, even better.
  5. Scott Smith

    LTB C-17A 1/144

    Shoot me a PM with an offer. I've got one NIB I'm sure I'll never get to. Especially since I have another built about 98% on the shelf of doom. Shipping shouldn't be too bad since we're just a state away from each other.
  6. Scott Smith

    My 16" NAUTILUS build/diorama/special effects

    Very nice! I just finished up the 31" from Masterpiece Models.
  7. This is it during construction. Just before stain went on it and all the mirrors in the back and all the glass. If you want current pics, I've gotta clean up the shop first or you will see my disaster in the mirrors!
  8. I built a really big display case as well. It got me started in the wood working Hobby as well. I will have to build another one day for the big bombers now. Gotta wait until my oldest gets a bigger home so he can get all of his car stuff out of my way first.
  9. Go big or go home! For some reason I've always been attracted to larger scale models. Even when I flew RC, I built and flew Giant Scale. I do have smaller scales, but only because no larger option.
  10. Scott Smith

    Supercarrier going down

    I'm sorry, I just read this in a pirates voice after you started out with "Argggg...."
  11. Scott Smith

    Our Names

    Did he look at you and say, "John, my dong is in your hand."
  12. Scott Smith

    More Ebay giggles...

    Uninformed seller. No shortage of those on evilbay.
  13. Scott Smith

    Our Names

    LOL! I use a "handle" on the other board and my actual name over here.
  14. Ernie, Postage quote for 29208 zip code for the HK B-17G? Scott
  15. Scott Smith

    USOS Seaview

    Any updates on the build? I just ordered this kit yesterday off eBay.