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  1. I used these in my paint booth. They come with a pigtail that ties them together for one power cord. You could clip the main power cord and tie it to your switch as well. I used 8 of the 36” tubes in my garage. https://www.amazon.com/Linkable-Ceiling-Workshop-Workbench-Basement/dp/B085QJYHKQ/ref=sr_1_5?crid=337L2M0ZLH5EY&keywords=24%2Binch%2Bled%2Blights&qid=1669850551&sprefix=24%2Binch%2Bled%2Blights%2Caps%2C249&sr=8-5&th=1
  2. Think clear coat paint. There is no pigment in it. There is no thinner (Mr. Color) until you add it. But yet when it dries there is a clear film left on the surface. If it was just thinner or reducer it would be gone once it evaporated. There are many chemicals mixed together to make paint, I cannot sit here and give you all of the ingredients because I don’t know. But there are color pigments, solids that build up the paint, binders that hold it all together (the glue in the paint) and thinner that, well, thins it out so it will go through an airbrush or paint gun and kinds of helps to
  3. I’ve seen the light. The lacquer light. I would never go back to enamels.
  4. I just bought this 1 gallon ultra quiet from Harbor Freight Tools. Works great and nice and quiet. https://www.harborfreight.com/1-gallon-135-psi-ultra-quiet-hand-carry-jobsite-air-compressor-64592.html
  5. Man, those caps would be great with my arthritis.
  6. Mostly 1/32 and now that I’m retired my builds are averaging a month instead of 4-6 months. As much as I would like to cut that 30 days in half, just too much that needs to get done in the summer time. Well, and play time too. Let’s see what winter brings me.
  7. Great news, Chris! Lots of interest in the modeling community on how you have been doing after the covid banner you put up on your website and then radio silence. we moved about 18 months back and I too am a long way from my local PO. I never dreamed I’d be living so far from populated areas. But I love it!
  8. Great builds! Man, I wish someone would kit the Mohawk in 1/32.
  9. FWIW, I had no idea Revell had a paint line. 🤡 I’ve recently gone to lacquers and I’m loving it. I loved the look of my old Testors Model Master gloss, but it took forever to dry. I’d have to spray one color and let it sit a week before handling if I didn’t want finger prints. Started using a hardener but it still took a long time.
  10. On a few of my builds I have used a semi all over and then came back with a flatter clear on top to add a sun faded look.
  11. I’ve got 5 1/32 F-16 Thunderbirds that are probably going on 8 years now if not more. No yellowing I used Tamiya white spray bomb primer and then their gloss white in spray can. As mentioned above, Duplicolor has a white lacquer primer at auto parts stores that works great.
  12. My 1/32 Tamiya build using GT Resin conversion.
  13. I bought a tool chest from Harbor Freight to sit beside/behind me as I build. The top 4 drawers are for sprues of the kit or kits I’m working on. The rest of the drawers hold all the small tools that use to clutter up my bench all the time. Between builds my bench is cleaned off 100% of everything, all tools put away and everything wiped down. Of course I’m only on my 3rd build with this new system. Let’s see how long it lasts. LOL! Another tip is to ”Flag” the sprue with tape and write the sprue number on it with a marker.
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