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  1. Looking at a three view drawing it shouldn’t be that hard to replicate them. I roll up strings of silly putty and lay them out in place and tape up in between. Eliminates the hard edge too.
  2. Years ago there was a Miller Beer commercial on tv that had an F-16XL painted up like the NASCAR Miller Racing car. I actually thought about doing that with my XL kit.
  3. Also…Look at the 1/32 Tamiya F-16 Thunderbird kit. I understand there were some copyright issues with the Thunderbirds, but kit it as a regular earlier block F-16 with multiple decal options.
  4. I also find it very odd when a company announces another all new kit while there are 6 others already on the market. Or they don’t produce a new run of an older out of production kit still in demand. Speaking from the 1/32 side of things, look what a Kinetic/Italeri F-86 kit is fetching these days. Or a few older Hasegawa offerings like the Thunderbolt or the P-40k. What is considered a production run these days? 5,000 kits? 10,000 kits?
  5. Ben, this is great info. I built my first BA Jet earlier this year. Didn’t quite mail all the details. I used the Yellowhammer decals for the ‘69 season. In all the pics I found they had sparrows in place with the fins. Here’s my effort. Finding the right color was my hardest task. I have a can of the Krylon blue, but I don’t like using it on models. Gets very brittle when cured. I went with the Tamiya TS-15 blue rattle can I decanted and airbrushed. I’m planning on doing a Thunderbird E next.
  6. Problem solved! Tim at B&B resin that took over AMS resin from Harold has them.
  7. Thanks Dave. After I posted this I was doing some reading and found out the RF-4C has the hard wing. I have that kit and could simply swap and build an RF-4E. But I need two sets. Now I’m wondering if I can find someone with a scanner and 3D printer if I cannot find wing tips out of a Revell kit.
  8. I’ve got a handful of these kits in the stash and I’m thinking of using a couple to build the Last Samurai white and black planes. Biggest difference is the hard wings that come with the Tamiya kits. Not buying any more Phantoms with something like 9 kits in the stash. EJ’s have the hard wing and I need to figure out if I can make that happen. I’m finding plenty of AM slatted wing conversions for the Tamiya, but no way to go the other direction with the Revell kit.
  9. As the old saying goes….”close enough”. Besides, do you really think someone is going to say they were there and saw the real thing? LOL! I kid!! Anecdotal story…. I worked at the Univ. of South Carolina for 29 years. We had a film transfer department that owns 1/2 of the Fox Newsfilm footage from the beginning of Newsfilm. I had a VHS copy of the air races where Doolittle won the race in his Gee Bee. In that reel there was footage of the Hall Bulldog racer flying around the pylons showing the top of the wings. A guy on another forum had a lifelong argument with a friend of hi
  10. That’s going to be a tough one. I looked at a vintage wrapper on eBay for ideas. https://www.ebay.com/itm/314932209411 And then Google showed me another package that’s a little bit lighter. https://www.peggyfeltmate.com/social-history/lucky-strike-its-toasted/ The ebay wrapper looks more like a hunter green while the other pics almost look like a subdued Kelly green.
  11. USPS has been a hot mess lately. I ordered some small parts for my mower back in January. I live in a small, podunk town out in the middle of nowhere. Tracking showed the package hitting the hub in Columbia and then to my small PO. Then surprisingly it posted as “forwarded on to next location.” Instead of out for delivery. Went to the PO, no idea. They lost it. eBay refund and reorder. Watching a set of decals I ordered off eBay out of South Georgia right now. Was supposed to be here yesterday. Stalled in Atl GA processing. This morning it was sent to Palmetto GA, south west
  12. Outstanding! Cannot believe this kit hasn’t been rereleased.
  13. Great thread! I have the old 1/48 DC-130 kit with drones in the stash. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to get my hands on the old Cutting Edge DC-130 nose for it.
  14. Wish I could make it. Already have family commitments that weekend.
  15. Good job! When I finished my new build area after the move I made a pact with myself to only build one at a time. I’ve only broken that rule once because of supplies on backorder and I couldn’t sit still waiting. After each build, I do a total clean up before the next kit is opened. Becoming organized has me enjoying the hobby more than ever. I use to spend 20-30 minutes digging through drawers and boxes looking for small items that I now have at my fingertips. I built a plywood window filler with a dryer vent door for my booth vent. I finally got around to installing some
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