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  1. LOL! You do realize they are shut-in at home as well? Everyone is hurting. My son’s car needs a new cylinder head but Ford cannot get it now.
  2. Gray changes very easy under various lighting. Just go read about what color gray is on the Star Trek Enterprise.
  3. I’ve used their own thinner, lighter fluid and lacquer thinner. I’ve started adding a few drops of japan drier to speed up the drying process.
  4. And now they are discontinuing the lineup all together.
  5. Another example of this would be Dukes of Hazzard. The General Lee was actually A Corvette Red that was close to orange. The test paint of orange actually looked yellow on film.
  6. I was at first “OMG!!! Please do this in 1/32!!” Then I saw it is for a B model. Already shelled out $165 for one B conversion, can’t swing a second. But very nice addition for 1/48 Phantoms.
  7. Yea, I’ve seen it too. I need to dig up pics. Wow, looking at the link pics, it looks nothing like that in the show. I just finished watching the series and didn’t see nearly as much green weathering on it that shows up in the link.
  8. Trying not to hijack the threat Captain started, but the discussion of the main color came up. I did a lot of internet searching and reading and also read that plastic is molded in the right color as well. Two colors I came up with. One I saw built the guy used Light Ghost Grey Tamiya spray lacquer. The kit recommends the Tamiya XF-12 with 10% white added. So here’s my comparison of both. Using a spare cowl I sprayed each side with each color. FYI: My mix was 20 drops of XF-12 and 2 drops of Flat White. As you can see, the XF-12 on the right side of the cowl almost matches the plastic the saucer is molded in. To the naked eye, it’s a perfect match. In the photo, unpainted plastic appears a little lighter. And this kind of coincides with what I read about angles and flash making a difference in colors and difficult to make a call. For me, its settled. I now have 5 cans of Tamiya Light Ghost Grey I need to find a big project for.
  9. Dai, what are the measurements? I build just about nothing but 1/32, so I might need one like you just bought.
  10. Hey Capt., I read up on the 11" restoration, but they recommend a latex Benjamin Moore paint as the base. Not too sure about that on a model. I did see one post where someone used the Light Ghost Grey and it did look good, but to my eye just not right once I did my spray sample. What was your base? Did you custom mix or find something straight out of a bottle? Your saucer shading is dead nuts on the money! (well, everything is!) I just hope mine comes out half as good as yours did.
  11. If God didn't want us to mod cars, he wouldn't have had man assemble them with bolts! Oh, and back to something related to this thread..... My Tamiya Light Ghost Grey came in the other day. I sprayed a sample piece and I'm just not too happy with it at this point. It's just too black and white grey. I've ordered a bottle of the Tamiya XF-12 that needs a 10% white added to it.
  12. Nope. Kind of glad because I didn’t want a 100% restored, but a modified restoration. No way I would have modded a K car. It has a Rod & Custom Motorsport Mustang II coil over front suspension, 4 link rear, 5.0 with a T-5 trans, custom TMI seats and gauges I designed myself. Also has Classic Auto Air A/C system.
  13. I went with the Tamiya Light Ghost Gray in spray cans. Saw one built using this color on one of the Syfi websites and it looked great. Paint was delivered today, but I’m away at the beach. I’ll shoot a test panel first to make sure it looks good in person before committing.
  14. Here you go... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07R3WDS9M/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. Thanks Captain! As far as the interior lighting brightness issue, I see where a lot of builders use lights in the 6000K (daylight) where I feel that 4000K looks more natural. I actually had a hard time finding 4K LED dual density ribbon lights last week.
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