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  1. Thank you again so much for the information. Carrying the X does not necessarily mean the presence of the JHMCS. Of course for best employment of the weapon the JHMCS makes the difference. I guess I will go for a build without the sensors and use the Mikes as they are better looking on the model.
  2. Awesome! That validates my thoughts on the air-ground ordnance. I thought they carried LMAVs and GBU-12s but now I am sure of it!
  3. Neils You seem to know a lot about that subject. So I will ask you 3 more questions. 1. Do you have information or photos that the jets carried two JHMCS sensors on the canopy rails? 2. Do they carried AIM-9X or AIM-9M during combat operations? I beleive that they should have received the X by 2007. 3. Birdslicers on the nose?
  4. That is awesome Niels! Many thanks. Very usefull information. So I guess I will use the blue ribbon and forget about pilot names.
  5. Happy new year everyone. I wish you all health, joy and many models! I wanted to ask a question about F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-225 jets that operated in the squadron's last operational deployment in Iraq, 2007-2008. It seems that they are no photographs around to show the jets' markings. I have purchased the Model Maker decals sheet 48054 but there is absolutely no timeframe reference in the instructions. From the photos I have seen on the web it seems that the jets carried the same style of markings from 2009 until their retirement in 2019. However no infromation for the 2007-2008 period are ava
  6. Thank you! Yes F-15 is in my plans. Right now the Viper is already available. Have a look http://scaleindetail.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=328
  7. Thank you! Too bad I cannot post pictures here. I am limited to 100KB for some reason.
  8. Dear fellow enthusiasts. EagleAviation is in the privilege to announce a unique piece of aviation spirit, the F/A-18 control stick in resin replica 1:1! A superbly detailed highly accurate replica of the jet’s control stick. Pre-order now and choose your own customized placard for US Navy, US Marine Corps, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Spain, Finland and Kuwait. Expected delivery 27th of January! http://scaleindetail.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=376
  9. Looking for FTD48021 1:48 Fightertown Decals F-18C Hornet Blue Bandits VFC-12 NSAWC #48021. I am offering trade with FTD48010 1:48 Fightertown Decals Ultimate Hornet Adversaries 2 with a part of FTD-48009 in it. Alternatively, I am also offering Afterburner decals F/A-18C Ragin Bulls AD48-035 .
  10. When pre-order opens you may buy at http://scaleindetail.com/ or at https://the48ers.com/ Meanwhile you may take advantage of our massive books discount for Black Friday! http://scaleindetail.com/desktops
  11. Soon to be released! This is a decal set in 48th scale (#48-001) that includes markings and full stencils for up to 4 F-16C/D Block 52+ and 16C/D Block 52 Advanced in service with Hellenic (Greek) Air Force (HAF). This magnificent, printed by Cartograf Italy, A4 size (approx.. 210mm x 297mm or 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in.) decal sheet allows the modeler to build a model depicting one of the following HAF squadrons: 337 “Ghost” Sq., 340 “Fox” Sq., 343 “Star” Sq. (operating F-16C/D Block 52+) as well as the 335 “Tiger” Sq. and 336 “Olympos” Sq. (operating F-16C/D Block 52 Advanced Vipers). Also, f
  13. F-14D engine turbine blades. This is an original piece of the F-14D Tomcat's engine (F110-GE-400). It is a turbine stator section. 95 euros including shipping!
  14. F-16 1/32 Aftermarket sold as a lot. Asking for 37 euros FREE SHIPPING anywhere
  15. Thank you guys for all the information!
  16. Hey folks I am thinking to start an F-14A in 1/48 using the Tamiya kit and Fightertown decals "Tomcats At War Pt1 REDUX". I was reading the Osprey Combat Aircraft No 70, "F-14 Tomcat Units of OEF" and found an interesting load out. AIM-54C and AIM-9M on the port wing station, AAQ-25 and AIM-9M on the starboard and two GBU-16s on the forward BRU-32 pylons. The jet I am considering to do is either the CAG bird (montex AJ100) or the CO jet (montex AJ101) as seen in October 2001 at the start of OEF. However I am a bit confused about the bureau numbers. Osprey gives the AJ100 as 16127
  17. Apology accepted. My business is small. I mainly sell my books, (well know all around the world) and models, accessories etc. There is no such thing "registered Eduard seller". Any legal store can order from them. I have done it in the past many times. I know the Tornado is sold out. I asked to get it in my shop more than one month ago. That is what I explained at the beginning of this post.
  18. I am a legal store selling models, accessories and books. I pay my taxes and had never disappointed any customer. What do you mean by "selling his stash"? I think you should get back your word sir, its insulting!
  19. I am in the unfortunate position to say that Eduard's sales department treated me with the worst possible manner. I asked information on the new Tornado 1/48 at the beginning of February with the intention to order it for my shop (scaleindetail.com). I was never explained the terms of pre-ordering although I specifically asked for it. I was only told the price. And when the time came for me to complete my order, they said that they are no longer accepting orders for the Desert Babe. I complaint by sending them the e-mails we exchanged but no reply at all. I called at the sales department and t
  20. Eagle Aviation is in the privilege to announce the release of the Jaguar's attack aircraft Control Stick 1:1 replica. Available at http://scaleindetail.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=349 The legendary Jaguar attack jet, a true masterpiece of engineering, a marvel of the skies! Acquire a piece of history on your desk. A superbly detailed highly accurate replica of the Jaguar’s control stick in physical size, 1:1 scale attached on a real oak wood base. Each copy is hand made to perfection using the finest materials. Original copies are numbered and comprise the si
  21. I received my copy superb as always! Great job!
  22. I am looking for a set of the Mk 1 Design 1/72 F-15 C/D/E/K P&W Exhaust Nozzle Set (Closed) at a reasonable price. I can trade or pay for it.
  23. For sale rare Fightertwon decals 1/32 32013 VF-213. Rare! Asking for 35 euro, no trade, please.
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