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  1. jmel


    Outstanding! I can't wait to see it used!
  2. Without a doubt. It'll be done as a 2nd Edition. I've already done most of the new photography for it.
  3. jmel


    Well for one thing, SEAD Specialists is sold out. These are some different squadrons, different nose arts and different conflicts and timeframes. And, of course, different paint schemes.
  4. This sheet, printed exquisitely by Cartograf, features 20 F-4Gs from combat operations beginning with Night 1 of Operation Desert Storm and going up until the Phinal Phantom Phour-Ship combat mission from Saudi Arabia in January 1996. George, Spangdahlem, Boise, and Nellis jets, all covered, including their specific stencil details. Mission markings, nose art, and sharks mouths, it's all on this sheet!! www.reidairpublishing.com
  5. jmel

    Modern Viper Guide 2nd Edition

    No not yet. I'm working as fast as I can.
  6. jmel

    The Modern Harrier Guide

    You have great timing. I just posted some page samples on the Reid Air Publications Facebook page.
  7. jmel

    VFA-213 Color Accuracy

    I've double checked the artwork and all of my sheets that I've looked at do show them to be blue. On the real jet the blue is on the victory stripe is very dark so I'm honestly pretty happy with how the decal looks. I wonder how much it'll lighten up once applied to the model?
  8. jmel

    VFA-213 Color Accuracy

    Hey, Blain. No, it should be blue. Lemme take a look at some sheets.
  9. jmel

    1/32 & 1/48 F-15E Stencils

    Which era are you looking for? Speed Hunter has markings with complete stencils in 1/32 and 1/48 for a modern jet. For 1990s era, you'll probably do best with a Super Scale sheet. Jake
  10. jmel

    Phantom stencils

    32013 They should be back from the printers this summer.
  11. jmel

    Kinetic 1/48 EA-6B Prowler

    YOU ACTUALLY FINISHED ONE???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's just unthinkable. 😋
  12. jmel

    F-4 C Model Spooks Sheet

    Outstanding! I look forward to seeing it when you get it done. Thanks!
  13. jmel

    Viper MiG killer sheet?

    The 77th jet is on Speed Hunters Weasel Vipers sheet, depicted in 2014 and from its victory down in 1999.
  14. 1/72?????!!!!! Wow. That is fantastic. Jake
  15. jmel

    1/48 F-16 BDU sprinter and 2B decals

    Agreed, but even that isn't a certainty that they'll match. I've found recently that Microscale's FS colors are a much better match than Cartograf's.