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  1. That's really great to hear. I struggled for a long time with how to protect them during the overseas trips. I still get some that get destroyed by the postal service, but it seems like I've gotten it mostly figured out. About time!! Thanks again, guys! Jake
  2. Hmmm. I'm really not sure. I've been told the ZM and Academy kits are very similar in dimension, but I'd be worried about the Michigan and Oregon markings. Jake
  3. Hey, Ian. I really appreciate your great feedback! With regards to the Harrier book, it will cover the AV-8B (and those versions (radar, B+, etc) and the GR7/9 in British service. Jake
  4. Excellent feedback! I really appreciate the kind words. Thank you! Jake
  5. I have a dedicated sheet for the Test F-16. Perhaps another would do well to include the F-4s, A-7s, T-37, T-38, etc. Thanks for the idea! Jake
  6. As Neils said, it's REALLY easy to use decals for the E and stick 'em on a D. You can find NJANG tail flash on the USAF Gunfighter Phantoms sheet. Same badges, same tail flash, same tail codes. Find some black spare numbers to make the serial you'd like and you're in business. Jake
  7. Sized for the ZM kit. Me, too! And it's a MiG killer! Yes. All D-models with a straggler F-4C. I have no idea what Caracal or anyone has done, but I can say this is done correctly. With crew names, correct badges, etc.
  8. Coming very soon! These are currently at the printers. I'm hoping for a January release. www.reidairpublishing.com
  9. Speed Hunter Graphics has a sheet for the Trumpeter Super Hornet. www.reidairpublishing.com
  10. Looking like this week!!!!!!!!!
  11. jmel

    F-16DJ SEAD

    It's going to vary greatly by timeframe and location/conflict. Even which squadron, to some extent. Jake
  12. I'd love to but since there are no more flying examples I don't think it's possible. Museum jets are notoriously bad examples to use as reference. Jake
  13. I shot a few Niagara jets with great artwork on the nose gear door prior to heading to the boneyard in 1990. They stopped here at Wright-Patterson for fuel. I've been trying to think what I should do for the next few sheets in the Speed Hunter line. Maybe it's time to knock out some more ANG/AFRES Phantoms!! Jake
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