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  1. As promised, here are the Hogs!!! sized for the HB kit, and ready for the upcoming resin goodness coming from Phase Hangar, here are some cartogram-printed A-10C markings. Ladder door artwork: check. Mission markings: check. Ejection seat markings: check. CATM-65 markings: check. LITENING pod markings: check. ANG jets: check. ACC jets: check. Test jets: check. Combat ops: check. Options for 16 jets total. Look for this in early May, hopefully, although Cartograf's schedule seems to be a little in flux.
  2. Absolutely fantastic in every way. Perfect attention to detail. Perfect paint work. Perfect ordnance. I'm so excited to see a HARM that isn't painted white. Outstanding work!! Jake
  3. Absolutely. I posted details and cover artwork for the 2nd Edition on the Reid Air Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Reid-Air-Publications-177633712268219 Jake
  4. I think maybe you're referring to the Georgia state profile? That's the paint barn stencil. It's on all Eagles painted at the depot. It has the paints used, date, etc. written inside.
  5. No worries, Kursad. Any pics of it are going to be mine. The idea was to show it off around the country during the 2020 airshow season, but, of course, the world ended before it could go anywhere. I flew with them in Feb 2020 for air-air shots of it. It's a fantastic-looking jet. Jake
  6. I really don't know to be honest. They sent out a request throughout the base for ideas and suggestions on a paint scheme. I think they took tidbits from a lot of different people. When I first saw the jet in photos, I wasn't too sure on it, but when I saw it in person, and especially in the air, it's gorgeous.
  7. Dude. I'm embarrassed to admit how long I messed with this. Man, what an idiot. Thanks!
  8. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I cannot get any images to upload here anymore. I've posted pics of the artwork and instructions on the Reid Air Publications Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Reid-Air-Publications-177633712268219/photos/pcb.4031657103532508/4031656680199217/
  9. You're welcome to use my photos, but if you do, please don't crop out my name.
  10. Phew! This has been a long time coming. I flew with these guys a year ago and took walkarounds, fully intending to release the decals right away. Then, bam! Pandemic. I had to wait forever for the paint shop to confirm the FS numbers of the paints used, and on and on. These are FINALLY back on track and are with Cartograf. Eagle lovers rejoice! <img src="https://i.ibb.co/dp5BDjw/48024-instructions-Page4.jpg" alt="48024-instructions-Page4" border="0">
  11. Now shipping!!!! https://www.reidairpublishing.com/decals/spads-heritage
  12. What is the subject jet you're looking for? There are several 1/32 A-10 sheets currently available with ODS markings options. Jake
  13. It's a range/telemetry pod, most often associated with testing duties. Jake
  14. Definitely A-models in 2008. Just not A+. They went to Cs beginning in 2010. Jake
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