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  1. Modern Viper Guide 2nd Edition

    Sadly, no. I am still hoping for a dedicated book on the F-2, but getting through the language barrier with the JASDF has proven to be, um, challenging.
  2. Marines Hornet VMFA-242 decals

    Are you looking for that squadron? Or that particular airframe?
  3. I was taking my annual inventory count today and was astonished to find a new, unopened box of The Modern Viper Guide. I sold out of them way back in 2013, so finding these ultra rare gems is great news A box contains 30, so anyone who still wants one better hurry. $46 shipped inside the United States. Paypal is the only payment option, and the book will not be listed on the Reid Air Publications website. If you'd like one, email me direct at jmelampy2@att.net to make sure I have one left before sending payment.
  4. Modern Viper Guide 2nd Edition

    Absolutely. Polish, Greek, Turkish (Block 50+), etc.
  5. Modern Viper Guide 2nd Edition

    It'll cover Block 52s, but not the 389th specifically. The 389th were just standard Block 52 Vipers.
  6. F-15D MSIP rear cockpit?

    The Modern Eagle Guide has a few, Niels, if you can't find any online. Jake
  7. Modern Viper Guide 2nd Edition

    No, thank you. I have all that I need.
  8. I'm not quite sure what it is you think I'm trying to do, but whatever. I'm the one that offered to send you my images of an active, airworthy, flying F-15A for YOUR book, to help YOU put out a better product. If you don't know why a maintenance trainer makes a bad example as a modeler resource, then, well, that's on you. I'm not the only one saying it isn't the best idea.
  9. Which means it probably isn't the best candidate to use in a book as a reference for modelers of an active jet on a typical flying day.
  10. Modern Viper Guide 2nd Edition

    Hey, Mark. Early 2018. I'm about 75% done with the page layouts. USAF and export models are covered. Jake
  11. No, not this time. AV-8B and subversions only.