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  1. jmel


    No, nothing new. Waiting to fit it into the queue. So much stuff to work through.
  2. jmel

    Greek A-7E (and not A-7H)

    It is, for the most part. Only a few mods were made to the aircraft before delivery to the HAF. Most notably, the landing gear was modified. An A-7E used by the HAF is NOT the same as an A-7H. The H-model was purpose-built for the HAF, whereas the E was delivered from surplus US Navy stocks. This may help. The Modern SLUF Guide
  3. This sheet is at the printers now so expect it back in about a month to six weeks. At least one option from every base that ever flew the F-4G, ranging from 1978 up to the jet that led the final 4-ship combat mission over Iraq in 1996, with a heavy emphasis on early F-4Gs in SEA or SEA wraparound schemes. Look for a similar sheet in 1/48th very soon, and, of course, several of these options are scaled up from the already available Combat Weasels (48021). www.reidairpublishing.com
  4. jmel

    QF-4 Heritage sheet

    I haven't forgotten about this but it really didn't generate the interest I had expected. It's done and ready but not sure if I'll go through with printing it or not.
  5. Fantastic!!!! Really nice work. I'm glad you like the decals. Thanks for using them!!! Jake
  6. jmel

    August release #2

    Yes. 1/32.
  7. These are going to be tedious to apply, but they will look great on your SEA-painted Phantom! Each of these maintenance stencil decals were drawn from actual photos of actual aircraft. In many cases, the same markings on the real jets were white against green paint and black against tan paint, depending on each jet's individual paint pattern. Where differences in paint patterns occurred, we've supplied the marking in black AND white. In addition, multiple versions of common stencils such as Rescue arrows and ejection seat triangles are included to allow the modeler to depict a wide variety of unique aircraft. This sheet has specific markings for the F-4C, F-4D, F-4E, F-4G, and RF-4C. 16 pages of instructions are included to ensure accurate location and application for all variants. $20.95 www.reidairpublishing.com
  8. jmel

    August releases

    www.reidairpublishing.com First up is 48022 Wright's Flyers, which is a MIX sheet of 48th AND 32nd options. The 906th Tactical Fighter Group was based at Wright-Patteson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, from 1982 until 1994. During this time, they were recognized as one of the best fighter outfits in the entire USAF, and certainly flew the cleanest Phantoms anywhere in the world. This commemorative sheet provides decals in 1/48th for FIVE F-4Ds designed specifically to fit the new Zoukei Murai kit and SIX F-16As flown by the unit. In addition, it provides 1/32 markings for TWO F-4Ds and TWO F-16As. The 1/48th options are:1) F-4D 66-7660, SEA wraparound camo, City of Dayton nose art, November 19832) F-4D 66-7723, Euro 1 camo, Wright-Patterson AFB flagship nose art, July 19853) F-4D 66-7554, Hill II gray camo, double MiG killer/City of Fairborn nose art, December 19884) F-4D 66-7550, Hill II gray camo, MiG killer/City of Fairborn II nose art, July 19895) F-4D 66-7765, Hill II gray camo, 30th Anniversary special, summer 1989 **both sets of nose art included to depict this jet at London Air Show or Dayton Air Show**6) F-16A 80-0513, City of Fairborn III nose art, June 19897) F-16A 80-0474, City of Fairborn nose art, 906TFG flagship, July 1990😎F-16A 79-0407, City of Middletown, July 19919) F-16A 80-0474, City of Fairborn nose art, 906 FG flagship, March 199410) F-16A 80-0540, City of Marion nose art, July 199411) F-16A 80-0513, City of Cleveland nose art, March 1994The 1/32 options are:1) F-4D 66-7723, Euro 1 camo, Wright-Patterson AFB flagship nose art, July 19852) F-4D 66-7554, Hill II gray camo, double MiG killer/City of Fairborn nose art, December 19883) F-16A 79-0407, City of Middletown, July 19914) F-16A 80-0474, City of Fairborn nose art, 906 FG flagship, March 1994Includes extra decals for travel pods, fuel tanks, intake/exhaust covers, and even pilot shoulder patches.
  9. jmel

    Air Force Flying Arsenal

    ??? None are based at Nellis nor assigned to the 422nd Test & Evaluation Squadron, so we didn't include them in the 422nd TES photoshoot. Thanks guys! Yes, the shoot was last Tuesday evening. We landed just past sunset.
  10. jmel

    Inventory Reduction Sale!!!!

    Sorry, was out of town. Yes, the discounted prices are already reflected in the webstore. No need to use a code or anything. Thanks guys!
  11. We have a TON of new stuff planned for later this fall and winter and then continuing throughout 2019 soooooooo..... I need to clear some space and reduce stock of the older stuff. Select books and decals on sale. Stock up and save big. www.reidairpublishing.com
  12. jmel


    Outstanding! I can't wait to see it used!
  13. Without a doubt. It'll be done as a 2nd Edition. I've already done most of the new photography for it.
  14. jmel


    Well for one thing, SEAD Specialists is sold out. These are some different squadrons, different nose arts and different conflicts and timeframes. And, of course, different paint schemes.
  15. This sheet, printed exquisitely by Cartograf, features 20 F-4Gs from combat operations beginning with Night 1 of Operation Desert Storm and going up until the Phinal Phantom Phour-Ship combat mission from Saudi Arabia in January 1996. George, Spangdahlem, Boise, and Nellis jets, all covered, including their specific stencil details. Mission markings, nose art, and sharks mouths, it's all on this sheet!! www.reidairpublishing.com