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  1. Michigan ANG 100 year Anniversary A-10C

    Me, too. The devil on the fuselage kills it for me. I also don't like all the mismatched fonts. Still, though, it's great to see a squadron care about their history enough to spend time and money honoring it. It will be an eye-catching model!
  2. Here is the artwork. Hopefully it can be turned around at the printers pretty quickly. I had some extra space so I put the 127th Wing flagship on this sheet, as well, along with other nice additions such as ejection seat, LITENING AT, and CATM-65 decals.
  3. Michigan ANG 100 year Anniversary A-10C

    Done and to the printers. Look for them in about two month's time, maybe less. These will print with the 1/32 F-4 stencils and 1/48th War Weary Warthogs. www.reidairpublishing.com
  4. Moving Sale!!

    Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the sale. It really helped ease the workload during the move. Thanks!!
  5. 1/32 A-10 decals

    It's possible. A Hog buddy sent me the walkarounds when it was first painted a few weeks ago, so maybe I'll do a combined 1/48th & 1/32 sheet. Not sure yet.
  6. Moving Sale!!

    I am moving my inventory to a new location. To ease the workload, we're offering a 20% discount on ALL currently available books and decals. The coupon code is 'moving' (do not include parentheses) and MUST be entered during the checkout stage in the coupon box. This sale is set to run through the duration of the moving process, which will be at least through the weekend. Come on over to www.reidairpublishing.com to see how much you can save!!
  7. New F-16 color schemes

    That isn't a new scheme. It's just back from depot and will be going into the splinter scheme soon.
  8. OK, you twisted my arm. I had an ANG Hog sheet already drawn and ready, so I mixed that sheet up a bit and created War-Weary Warthogs, which includes all the cool Boise jets from last fall, their Maryland replacements, these Bulldog jets, and even the Michigan and Indiana jets from a few years ago with their impressive anti-ISIS scoreboards. aaaand, I had some extra room, so I included some Myrtle Beach A models from Desert Storm, England AFB A models from Desert Storm, and some Pope/Moody jets from OSW/OIF. Aaaand, I still had room, so I threw on some Pennsylvania and Massachusetts jets from OIF. Sheet is drawn and at Cartograf. I'm leaving town later today (off to go shoot some more jets!) so profiles and artwork samples will have to wait until I get back.
  9. I couldn't make the link work, but if you're referring to the Bulldogs that came home last week, then yes, I do have them. With Boise, Baltimore, and the Bulldogs racking up impressive scoreboards against ISIS, that may be an interesting sheet.
  10. Phantom stencils

    Pics of the sheet are on the Reid Air Publications Facebook page.
  11. Phantom stencils

    I believe so. What a pain in the nuts.
  12. How about something desperately needed? I get requests all the time for "correct" Phantom stencils, because so much of what is out there is fiction. This 1/32 sheet includes all the maintenance stencils for Phantoms from the late 1980s through the end of USAF ops in 1996. It includes markings specific to the F-4C, F-4D, F-4E, F-4G, and RF-4C in USAF service, covering SEA wraparound, Euro 1, and Hill Gray schemes. It also includes markings for fuel tanks and weapons pylons, a variety of walkway colors and styles, and correctly sized low voltage formation strip lights. Look for this very, very shortly. http: www.reidairpublishing.com
  13. Nice A-10 weathering reference

    Nah, the DM jets are in a state of flux with jets moving from one squadron to another. The jet just hasn't gotten its Bulldogs markings yet.