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  1. Indonesia also flies Block 25s taken from surplus USAF stock. That may be an easier option since you can build it straight from the T-birds boxing. Jake
  2. Hi Kevin. Yes, a Michigan C-model is available on the link provided above. Welcome! Jake
  3. I just wrapped up the artwork for the 32nd Texas Heritage Viper. Cartograf is closed for the holidays, but this will go to them as soon as they reopen next week. Artwork can be found on the Reid Air Publications FaceBook page.
  4. jmel

    F-16 ADF

    You are very welcome! Let me know if i can be of any further help! Jake
  5. jmel

    F-16 ADF

    I totally forgot about the Italian jets, Tom. Those were all ex-ANG Vipers repurposed after sitting at AMARC for many years, and flying combat 10+ years later. How cool is that? Sadly, most of them have now been re-re-purposed into QF-16s. Maybe they'll send you down to Tyndall for a Combat Archer one of these days. 🙂
  6. jmel

    F-16 ADF

    The ADFs were so cool. 1) Very similar, but the ADF had a few items not found on standard A-models, such as HF radio. There are panels present inside the cockpit for these systems. 2) They had the Falcon STAR plating over the fuel cells and many had additional plates aft of the cockpit. 3) Accurate load, in theory, but seldom actually carried. AIM-120 didn't come around to the ADF community until 92 or so. 4) Depends on the era. If you're looking for that Hooligans' jet, it would be AIM-120A and AIM-7M. 5) No. It's unique to the ADF specifically for the AI
  7. Usual? Or during the pandemic? People are shipping more than usual these days, especially for christmas, so the delivery services are extremely backed up. I was told today at the post office that they're running at least a week behind on Priority Mail. Possibly even more for slower methods like Media Mail, which is how I ship the books. Jake
  8. No way. Make your Hog filthy. That's a happy jet that's been shooting its gun a lot. They came back to stateside absolutely FILTHY. Guard Hog was there. He can tell you. Jake
  9. Better get your Tamiya Vipers and ZM Phantoms ready. I shot the Spads' Heritage Viper last month a few days after it returned from the paint shop in Waco, and decided I had to build it. So I figured why not draw up a sheet and add a bunch of other cool options from the Spads' history? I wanted to add a THUD or two but ran out of room. This will be in 1/48 initially, but will also be available, albeit with far fewer options, in 1/32. Off to Cartograf this morning. Hoping for a release shortly after new year. This will be available in the release to include the Heritage Eagle
  10. From left to right Two AIM-9M LITENING AT targeting pod GBU-12 GBU-54 GBU-31 AGM-65 2.75 rocket pod GBU-12 This was a very standard load when the Hogs were beating up on ISIS a few years ago, flown by Idaho, Baltimore, ft. Wayne, and DMAFB jets. This particular photo is a DM-based 354FS Hog. Jake
  11. You should see it in person on a bright sunny day. The challenging part of the scheme is its ability to change hues and subtleties based on lighting condition. The Viper looks fantastic in this scheme. Jake
  12. There are two types of pylons, and you're the very first person I've ever seen to notice that Tamiya has them molded per the lesser common of the two types. They are not incorrect, per se, but definitely not as common. Tamiya molded the Lockheed Martin pylons, but most jets still use the Sergent Fletcher pylons. See page 197 in the book. Jake
  13. Wow, Drew! This is exactly the type of stuff I love. Great attention to detail!! Jake
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