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  1. Very nice job. Thanks for using my decals!! Jake
  2. It covers ICAP II and ICAP III very thoroughly. Earlier 1970s jets, not so much, or at least not their cockpits.
  3. Among the very first jets to receive the new style paint was a Block 10 way back in 1991. Jake
  4. Yes, except the radome. It doesn't have an FS number. Use the "that looks about right" method. Jake
  5. No, not at the moment.
  6. Great job Collin! Prowlers are just so COOL!! Jake
  7. That is so COOL!!!!!! Great job! Jake
  8. Correct. The wheels were introduced in the early 1990s. The ADFs were introduced in the late 1980s. The jet in primer you posted is an MLU. If it helps, there is a reference book available that details all of the mods to the ADF and MLU that may be very helpful to you. The Early Viper Guide by Reid Air Publications Hope this helps. Jake
  9. Sorry Derek. I do not. Jake
  10. It depends on the timeframe of the ADF. These were introduced around the early 1990s. Jets earlier than this would have the original wheels. Jake
  11. Wow!!! Incredible work John!!! Jake
  12. It's certainly a possibility!!! I will be out there next month taking some pics so we'll see.
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