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  1. Steve, if you need more, I know a guy that may be able to help. Planning a Modern Vark Guide at some point. I, too, love the F-111. Especially the EF. They were frequent visitors here at Wright-Patterson when I was a kid. Jake
  2. Got it! Thanks Dave! these look amazing. Jake
  3. Dave, I can't quite tell in the pics. Do these have the ablative coating of the USN/USMC? Or are they USAF? Great work! Jake
  4. Judging by the yellow tail flash it looks like a 336th Fighter Squadron jet to me. Probably on deployment during Operation Enduring Freedom over Afghanistan. It's definitely not terribly recent. Jake
  5. You can order it just about anywhere now. It's been available since right before Christmas. https://www.reidairpublishing.com/books/the-modern-prowler-guide-the-grumman-ea-6b-exposed
  6. jmel


    ACMI pods aren't really carried by the 144th guys unless they're using a range so equipped (Nellis, for example). Around Fresno, it's a mix of CATM-9Ms, -9X, and CATM-120s. They also have an alert duty, so load them up with live ordnance if you'd like. For a walk around of Eagles, try The Modern Eagle Guide. https://www.reidairpublishing.com/books/the-modern-eagle-guide-2nd-edition
  7. Yes. It's a lot. New cockpit panels, and a lot of antenna on the airframe. Full details are in The Modern Phantom Guide.
  8. I'm waiting for a resin conversion. Once that happens, we can proceed with the sheet, but I have no power or say-so with any resin maker.
  9. You realize I don't set shipping prices, right? Complaining here does no good. I actually charge substantially less than what it actually costs me.
  10. That's awesome!! Great work!!! May I share these on our Facebook page? Jake
  11. I've been curious to see how long it's taking these days. Thanks for the feedback!
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