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  1. I think this is only available in 1/32 from the Revell F-15E kit. Anyone got the kit and won't be using the gunpod? Thanks! Jake
  2. I've received the shipping notification on this sheet. Links should be turned on by early next week, if not sooner.
  3. I just got the shipping notification for this sheet. Links should be hot by early next week if not sooner!
  4. I have absolutely no idea from what material the vent is made. The ASP is found on all Eagles.
  5. Here is the completed artwork for 48017 covering QF-4Es in the Heritage Flight schemes. Options for 6 jets are included dating back to 2009, and covering jets from Tyndall and Holloman. All 6 are in 1/48, plus one option available in 1/32. This is at Cartograf now and will print with the batch sent last month. Available at very soon.
  6. Looks like the Warbird artwork is missing some stuff, too.
  7. That's looking like the route I'll take. I'll finish this layout in the morning and post profiles and details. I'll send this to Cartograf this week and have it printed with the batch that is already there. Thanks for the input, guys.
  8. Is there an interest in this sheet? I've shot walkarounds of every QF-4E Heritage jet ever painted, but most all look identical with the exception of tail numbers. I've thrown this sheet together over the past week and it includes a variety of the standard jets in the SEA camo, but also has some of the unique jets in Hill II, SEA wraparound, and Euro 1. It also covers the two Heritage jets that flew the phinal mission on 21 Dec. I have some room left on the sheet, so maybe I could include a 32nd option? 1/48 travel pods? I'm not sure. If there is interest, I can send this over to Cartograf now and have it included with the sheets currently printing. Understand that these are QF-4s, so they require a bit of scratch building to use on a model. Let me know your thoughts!!
  9. Sure thing.
  10. There were several jets deployed, Anthony, consisting of aircraft from the 9th and 28th. I can probably get you tail numbers. I'll reach out to some guys I know.
  11. I've done the current 44th flagship double MiG-killer in 48th and 32nd. I'd like to scale them down to 72nd at some point but not sure when. Jake If you're into kadena, I've also written a book on this awesome base.
  12. It seems split right around 50/50 on the format. Half love it, half hate it! All good feedback, though.
  13. I have shot walkaround pics of every TD and HD Heritage jet ever painted if you want them. Jake
  14. I also have it as the 55th Fighter Squadron flagship and 20th Ops Group flagship, but I ran out of room. Look for them in 1/48 soon.
  15. Sorry, Don, it is too late. Out of all the Moody Hogs I've shot over the years, I didn't have solid refs for even a single 75th jet. I'd have door art but not crew names, or crew names but no paint barn stencil, or just distant shots where I couldn't read crew names. Frustrating.