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  1. If/when I take preorders, I'll make sure I announce it on all the forums, the Facebook page, etc. Thanks for the interest!
  2. Not until I have a very firm delivery date from the printing company.
  3. Back by popular demand, the Modern Hog Guide is now at the printers. Like The Modern Eagle Guide's 2nd Edition, the 2nd Edition of the Hog Guide offers more/better coverage of all A-10s, but especially the older, pre-LASTE jets. It also covers the recent upgrades to the jet since the original edition was published 10(!) years ago, such as the SATCOM, Scorpion HMIT, and AAR-47 system. The 2nd Edition has 172 pages (compared to only 120 pages for the original release), and 1,013 full color images. Nearly all of those images are new for this edition, with only a handful of repeats that are found in the original. It's now at the printers. Depending on their schedule, I expect it to be available by early May. It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since the first Hog Guide came out!!
  4. It's hard to believe this is a model. Just incredible work, my friend. Jake
  5. Absolutely, but it won't be a simple reprint. It'll be a new 2nd Edition like the Eagle and Hog Guides with new pictures and more/better coverage.
  6. Sure it would, IF I could somehow predict how many to print. I printed 6000 Super Hornet Guides and they went extremely fast. I printed 3000 Kadena books four years ago and I have over half still here. With regards to the Scale Viper reprint, I wasn't sure how many people want it that missed out last time. Since it's a basic reprint, as opposed to a newer 2nd Edition such as the Eagle Guide and upcoming Hog Guide, there's really no reason for anyone who bought the first print to buy the reprint. That leaves me needing to find new customers that I didn't reach last time. It's a guessing game. I'd be very surprised if anyone is buying a $400 book. It's always a gamble. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  7. Those are the original, non-NVG friendly lights fitted to Vipers through Block 52.
  8. Those lights are unique to the Block 50+/52+. Earlier Blocks are drastically different, and different again if we're discussing the original parts or the more recent parts modified for compatibility with NVGs. Jake
  10. NOW SHIPPING!!! Order from the Reid Air Publications/Speed Hunter Graphics website. This sheet features markings for some of the more unique and colorful F-16s in use around the world. Stencils are full and accurate, and offer enough to model two complete F-16s in 1/48. Decals are sized for the Tamiya 1/48 F-16. Options include: 1) 1615 (12-0012) Balad AB, Iraq, Iraqi Air Force, October 2016 2) 91-0008, 192 Filo,Balikesir, AB, Turkey, Turk Hava Kuvvetleri, June 2015 *MiG killer* 3) 88-0033, 152 Filo, Merzifon AB, Turkey, Turk Hava Kuvvetleri, June 2015 *helo killer/"Savasan Anka" nose art* 4) 1601 (82-0904), 53rd Fighter Squadron, Fetesti AB, Romania, Romanian Air Force, October 2016 5) 4062 (03-0062), 6th Aviation Squadron, 31st Tactical Air Base, Poznan, Polish Air Force, August 2013 *Tiger Meet markings* 6) 210 (98-2021) 1st Fighter Wing, 2nd Fighter Squadron, Isa AB, Bahrain, Bahraini Air Force, January 2016 7) TS-1631 (84-1274), Skadron Udara 16, Roesmin Nurjadin AFB, Indonesian Air Force, August 2016 8) TS-1642 (85-1417), Skadron Udara 3, Iswahyudi AFB, Indonesian Air Force, August 2016 9) 076 (93-1076), 341 Mira, 111 Combat Wing, Nea Anchialos AB, Hellenic Air Force *60th Anniversary markings*
  11. The leading edges of many jets, including Vipers, are covered with 'speed tape' which is often a shade or two different than the paint/coating. Jake
  12. I always appreciate feedback, Gianni, especially when it's good!
  13. Yes, from each of the current FT squadrons, and 347th MY tails, too.
  14. The 144th Vipers were tasked 100% with air-defense missions. Same as the Eagles. No air-ground taskings coming for the Eagle any time soon, despite the Sniper's introduction to the fleet. Jake