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  1. My biggest problem with anything of the Vietnam era is references. They're hard to come by, and I don't have nearly enough. Jake
  2. With the rising costs of paper and shipping, there won't be any books printed in the near future. I'm not really sure when books will resume, to be honest. It'll be a typical 2nd Edition--lots of new photos and text. It'll cover USAF and export versions. Jake
  3. Very much simmering. I started a new business last month and it has taken up ALL of my time. Jake
  4. Sadly, no. I just started a new business and it's been taking up ALL of my time. Jake
  5. Not yet. Cartograf was closed for a while for their Holiday. I'll reach out and see if i can get an update. Jake
  6. Use the Tamiya Block 25/32 kit and you'll be all set. Jake
  7. now shipping!! https://www.reidairpublishing.com/decals/heritage-eagles
  8. Bob, it is designed for the GWH kit.
  9. I got the shipping notification from cartograf. Look for these by mid next week!!!
  10. The new paint looks very different in different lighting. It takes on a whole new hue and sheen in direct sunlight. It's nearly impossible to replicate it exactly but i think a lot of people have done a great job coming close. Jake
  11. A couple of these jets were pulled straight from the existing 1/32 sheet Chuck. Jake https://www.reidairpublishing.com/speed-hunter-graphics-132-decals/big-scale-hogs
  12. Nope Not this year.
  13. As promised, here are the Hogs!!! sized for the HB kit, and ready for the upcoming resin goodness coming from Phase Hangar, here are some cartogram-printed A-10C markings. Ladder door artwork: check. Mission markings: check. Ejection seat markings: check. CATM-65 markings: check. LITENING pod markings: check. ANG jets: check. ACC jets: check. Test jets: check. Combat ops: check. Options for 16 jets total. Look for this in early May, hopefully, although Cartograf's schedule seems to be a little in flux.
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