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  1. Wouldn't it be easier to find pics of the real jet rather than to assume a model manufacturer got it correct?
  2. I find it simply mind numbing how clean and crisp your work is. My work is a glob of plastic and glue by comparison. Astonishing work, my friend. Jake
  3. Hey, Scott. I tossed two E-models on the current BigScale Eagle sheet. That'll have to suffice for now. That sheet isn't exactly setting the world on fire with sales, so I've no plans for any more Eagle sheets in 1/32, unfortunately.
  4. The thing is, you're not doing a Block 15. NSAWC jets are Block 15 OCU,which is a very unique animal, with a blend of F-16A and C parts. It was built on the assembly line alongside the F-16C, so shares a lot of similarities to that airframe.
  5. If you're doing a Block 15, you need the Early Viper Guide. The Modern Viper Guide is C/D Vipers only.
  6. No, it's the reunion jet from a month or so ago.
  7. It's free shipping on orders over $100 for Domestic customers.
  8. With a firm arrival date of 8 May, I will now accepting preorders. However, this date may fluctuate a few days either earlier or later than the 8 May target date. Thanks everyone!!
  9. Yes, they do. Great paint work on the cockpit. What are you going to do to make it correct for the NSAWC jets?
  10. Harrier won by a couple hundred votes on Facebook. The Modern Harrier Guide, it is. The Modern Viper Guide, 2nd edition will be later. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts.
  11. Looks like the Harrier is pulling away quite briskly. In 12 hours, it has nearly a 50 vote lead on Facebook.
  12. Well, that's very subjective, but also quite untrue. There are still plenty of Viper versions not fully documented, and the only book to this day that explains the different Blocks is long out of print.
  13. Alright guys. You get to choose. I have 100% of the required photos to do two books. Popular vote wins. Choice 1: The Modern Viper Guide, 2nd Edition: This will cover all Vipers from Block 25 through Block 52+, USAF and export. Big spine D-models (and F-16I), Greek beauties, Polish, etc. Choice 2: The Modern Harrier Guide: The AV-8B is lacking a good reference book, and this will cover all versions of the AV-8B and TAV-8, as well as the British GR7 & GR9. Let me hear your thoughts. Thanks!