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  1. These are awesome. I'd love to see some USAF F-4 pilots for the 60s through the '90s!!! Jake
  2. i have a lot of it drawn, but there is so much to choose from. ANG, PACAF, USAFE, TAC. Nose art, mission markings, zaps. Do i keep it USAF or add ROKAF, JASDF, HAF, etc? I also want to wait a bit to see the Z-M RF-4 kit so i can size the artwork appropriately. Jake
  3. Nice work! Thanks for using my decals! Jake
  4. Interesting. What did i miss? Anything good?
  5. What is your name and order number? I'll take a look and see what happened. Jake
  6. I LOVE it!! Thanks for using my decals. Jake
  7. You are ABSOLUTELY correct. Thank you for setting me straight! The DMAS was part of the upgrade in the mid 1980s. Jake
  8. All F-4Gs had DMAS incorporated during their 'sex change' from E to G. the only difference from 'early' to 'late' is the APR-38 to APR-47 computer system(s), none of which is going to be visible in the cockpit, aside from some labeling of switches. Jake
  9. I have a sheet drawn up with a lot of interesting options. I will work it into the queue as soon as i can.
  10. Probably not, to be honest. It wasn't a great seller. Sorry Jake
  11. Differences? Yes. Major? Not really. As with anything else, it depends on what your threshold for accuracy is. There's a few books (The Modern Viper Guide, for example) that has pics of all the various cockpit layouts. As you mention, the HUD frame and glass is the biggest difference, along with some wire bundles that lead up aft of the ejection seat. Most of the rest won't be visible, even in 1/32. Jake
  12. The Block 40 community began carrying HTS as early as 2015 when i first visited Osan and Kunsan. I later found them in the ANG Block 40/42 community. One of the goals of CCIP 20 years ago was to bring the 40/42/50/52 Viper community to the same standard/capabilities. Jake
  13. Great job!! Speed Hunter Graphics decals? Jake
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