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  1. Question about AIM-120 training version

    Yep, although that was first published in The Modern Viper Guide. I first came across the blunt live AIM-120 on an Eagle pulling alert duty a year or so ago. I *think* it some type of upgrade or mod to the missile but obviously nobody needs to be talking about the specifics.
  2. Question about AIM-120 training version

    That used to be the case, but not anymore. You can even find a blunt nose on a live missile.
  3. Aviano F-16C Tamiya

    Very nice. Got any more pics of it? Whose decals?
  4. 48021 Phantom walkways

    No, not really. It's on the back burner. It didn't really seem to generate too much interest so I was reluctant to spend the money to print it.
  5. I'm surprised there aren't more sheets already available for the Trumpeter kit, but Speed Hunter will have this sheet available soon. Options include 166663 VFA-213 CAG May 2015 166682 VFA-213 USS George H. W. Bush July 2017 168912 VFA-87 USS George H. W. Bush July 2017 166850 VFA-41 Gulf of Sidra commemorative jet June 2015 168493 VFA-103 75th Anniversary December 2017 This sheet is shipping as of today. You can find them at www.reidairpublishing.com
  6. 48021 is now shipping. It includes a variety of colors/style walkway for F-4s from Vietnam to modern day. Sized for Hasegawa and the new ZM kit. www.reidairpublishing.com
  7. F-4 White Stencil Decal

    https://www.facebook.com/177633712268219/photos/a.188705841161006.45778.177633712268219/1804530459578528/?type=3&theater New white stencil sheets a'comin'
  8. Modern Viper Guide 2nd Edition

    No, not yet. I'm working as fast as I can.
  9. GWH F-15C Oregon ANG kit not having missiles?

    Well not really. The squadrons aren't allowed to use the special scheme jets purely for the airshow circuit, so they fly typical sorties during the week. In the case of K Falls, their anniversary jet was in the daily schedule training the kids with the rest of the jets. Ordnance loads depend on the phase of training and point in the syllabus. Jake
  10. F-16 decals

    Which squadrons and/or timeframe are we looking at?
  11. they are technically dark gull gray, but I use dark ghost on my Viper cockpits. I think dark gull is too dark in 1/48th. Jake
  12. The only one I have a complete walk around of is a Hill II jet that had nose art drawn on its nose gear door for its journey from New York to Davis-Monthan and retirement in 1990 via Wright-Patterson and Tulsa. I shot it as a kid on the ramp here at Wright-Patterson.
  13. Oooh, I've been wondering about that. No late-model RHAW for the nose fairing?