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  1. Nah, the DM jets are in a state of flux with jets moving from one squadron to another. The jet just hasn't gotten its Bulldogs markings yet.
  2. Outstanding guys. Thanks!! Jake
  3. Not sure. Maybe you need to spend less time living life and more time browsing the internet??
  4. We are. AV-8 and GR.7/9.
  5. Sorry, guys, I missed this. Once I get all the Hog Guides shipped, I'll be sending another batch of decals to Cartograf, including this one.
  6. Not much longer, but no definitive schedule just yet.
  7. Hey, Dave. Absolutely. My first 32nd Viper sheet is doing very, very well, so it's earned a spot for another sheet. It'll be done very soon, with options from all previous 1/48 Viper sheets, plus some new jets that haven't been done before.
  8. I love watching your updates John. Great work, and thanks for sharing your progress and photos.
  9. A bunch already have and I'm working on getting all the preorders filled. It may be another couple of days before I'm caught up, however. I apologize for the delay, but I promise I'm going as fast as I can.
  10. Shipping begins tomorrow (18 May)!!!
  11. I'd love to but I'm short on reference material. If anyone has them, please send them over.
  12. Yes, they were shipped last week.
  13. I was hoping to have The Modern Hog Guide in my hands by the end of this week, but it seems it is still stuck in US Customs being x-rayed. This delay is irritating, but happens about one out of every three times I have a shipment enter the US from the printing company. It looks like it will be another week, fellas. sorry about that.
  14. I'm waiting for an update from the shipping company to hear when the Hog Guides will return. It should be any day now. Thanks for the bagillion preorders so far!! You guys are awesome.
  15. I believe 'current' or 'recent' were the two key words he was looking for.