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  1. Please, not the Sky High kit. Thanks! Alex
  2. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Civil-Model-Aircraft/212678115454788
  3. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Civil-Model-Aircraft/212678115454788
  4. Merry Christmas! Could anyone tell me who built this 1/72 Blackburn Kangaroo based on the Contrail kit, shown at SMW2006? Thanks! Alex
  5. Hi, Can anyone help to identify these aircraft? Thanks.
  6. OK disregard, I just found that:;cd=1&gl=us
  7. Many thanks Vince! Is there any link to the competition results? I've been searching for weeks. Best regards, Alex
  8. Thank you very much Vince! (I assume Aris Polyzos is an IPMS Hellas member) And , any idea for the Fox Moth?
  9. Hi Josepedro, I thought you might find interest in this lovely 1/48 Heyford at Telford last November. By the way, has anyone an idea of the builder?
  10. I use Humbrol Satin varnish Spraycans. I do not use glossy finishes on airliners as they look like toys this way. By the way, real airliners loose very quickly the shine of their livery, and can even be as dirty as warbirds in operation.
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