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  1. Hello! Here are some photos of one of my latest efforts! The model is the famous F-86F-30 Sabre. The kit is Eduard`s offering as a limited editions and my friends... it`s well worth it! The box contains 87 well moulded plastic pieces (Hasegawa), which turns the project on a fast ans hassle free build. Then, to top it off, Eduard throws inside two sets of PE metal, (one coloured and one plain),an resin ejection seat and gourgeous decal sheet beautifully printed by Cartograph. I leave you some in-progress shots as well as photos of the finished model. A detailed article was publ
  2. Thanks a lot for the comments! Have a great New Year!
  3. Thanks for all your feedback! It is much appreciated! José Pedro
  4. Thanks a lot for your feedback guys! It is much appreciated. Merry Christmas! José Pedro
  5. Hello! Here are several photos of one of the kits i finished this year. It`s the Kinetic offering, which is highly recomended. The paints used were: Lifecolor UA 113 Italian Light Blue Grey 1 (FS 36307) UA 034 Light Gray (FS 36251) UA 145 French Blue Grey (FS 35237) This model is published in this month issue of Airfix Model World. I wish you all a great Christmas! José Pedro
  6. Hello! Thanks a lot for the feedback! It is highly appreciated! Hi Romain! This airframe was built to depict Frenbh Mirages tasked with a Close Air Support role with a secundary air defense role. They flew from the airfield of Cervia, Italy, during the operation deny Flight. I also agree with you... it`s "different"... There`s a link on the beginning of the thread, with a boat load of in progress pics... Hello Steve! These were made using an old Panasonic DMC FZ5, with a 4MP sensor.
  7. Hello! Here are some photos of one of my latest projects. This project was published on this month issue (July 2014) of Airfix Model World mag. It`s the Kinetic kit, together with Syhart decals, in order to portray this specific airframe. The wing root angle was altered in order to depict the characteristic anhedral look of the Mirage 2000 family. I used both Lifecolor and Vallejo acrylic paints. Here http://josepiresmodelismo.blogspot.pt/ you can find detailed pics of the construction and painting process. My best regards!
  8. Hello! All your work is stunning! I´m looking forward to see more of it! José Pedro
  9. Hello Joel and Terry! Thanks for your comments! They are very appreciated and respected. In fact, i had a lot of trouble with the front windshield. But with some insistence, it became acceptable. My best regards! José Pedro
  10. Hello! Here are some photos of a model i built for Airfix Model World. It is published in this month Magazine (March 2014). It is the Great Wall Hobbies kit, with the adition of True details engine and magneto covers, engine cowls and props. Painted with Tamiya acrilics. Here are some photos. If you get curious, the detailed proces is here on my blog: http://josepiresmodelismo.blogspot.pt/ Hope you like it! José Pedro
  11. Hello! Here is my new project. It`s the Academy kit, enhanced through the use use of some photo-etched parts from an Eduard Zoom set. Until now the work done consisted of: Black primer, followed by interior green, both from the Vallejo Model Air Range. Next, the detail was painted with various Vallejo Model color acrilics, and several sessions of drybrushing and aplication of oil filters delivered this result. My best regards from Azores! José Pedro
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