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  1. The A-10 is from Italeri (1/48) with resin parts (cockpit, gear bays and engine). Propeller comming soon (P-51D 1/32) ;).
  2. Thank, in 2012 I'm going to finish my P-51D Mustang (Tamiya 1/32), F-16C T-Birds (Tamiya 1/32), F-18C (Aca 1/32) and maybe I will buy this beautiful Skyraider in 1/32 (Z-M)...
  3. Thanks for all and...HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D Marek, thanks for comment! :)
  4. Thanks, I'm glad :D So... few more pics:
  5. Thanks! Now I'm waiting for better weather to make new pics. Regards! :D
  6. I made this trolley yesterday and finished my work with MiG. See you in gallery ;) : http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=242618
  7. Thanks, I will show it in "The Display Case" soon. :)
  8. I finished RS-2US missiles. My MiG allmost done...
  9. Lovely built but in "painting case", are the panel lines not too dark?
  10. Thanks. Now I'm making rockets and within this week I'm gonna finish this project. I hope so. :) I know it's not a perfect work, but this kit is not easy...
  11. Today I finished external fuel tanks:
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